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I Hate My Master (25)

More faggy clothes. I had to go to work dressed up in the crap Timmy had picked out. Lavender shirt. I had a fucking Lavender shirt. My orders were in place, so I had to wear it. More looks and snickering. I was losing it at work. I got a snide comment from my boss that worried me, but my humiliation was too great to really fix things.

After my cocksucking lessons, I had to go to the grocery store for supplies. As I put them in my car I saw Zane approach me. Exactly what I needed. “Well, look what we have here. Showing off a bit, are you peacock?” I heard the contempt in his voice.

“Fuck off.” I shot at him. I didn’t need him around me.

“You’re the one that looks like you need a good fucking. Ready to put your legs in the air for any man who comes by with a big dick.”

“I said fuck off.” I rushed my groceries, I wanted to get away from him. I’d get punished if I was late getting back to Chris. I put the last of the bags in the car and considered just leaving the cart where it was so I could get out of here. With the taste of cum in my mouth, dressed like this and Chris waiting, I needed to go.

“Now, Marky, don’t be a bitch, admit you want a big dick.”

I didn’t know what happened, my arms went to my sides, I turned to face Zane and the world seemed unfocused. “I want a big dick.” My voice was monotone. What was happening? Why had I said that?

Zane seemed to trip on his tongue in shock. “Fuck, what?”

“I want a big dick.”

“So you finally admit it? You’re a faggot?”

“No but I must obey.”

Zane let out a loud laugh. “Say you want a big dick again.”

“I want a big dick.”

“You want my big dick”

“Yes, Sir, I want your big dick.” I couldn’t move, only answer his question.


I shouted “I want your big dick.”

Zane laughed. “Hop on one foot and pat your head.”

“Yes Sir.” I started doing the stupid trick. Zane chuckled.

“Oh, fuck, this is fun. Shake your booty.”

“Yes Sir.” I tried to shake my ass while hopping on one foot, and I fell down. Zane started to say something but I scrambled up and tried to hop, pat, and shake all at once again. I didn’t do any better, and fell again.

Through his laughter, Zane said “Forget it, you can’t do it.” He looked at me, as I stood at a loose attention. 

“Let me see your dick.”

“Yes, Sir.” My hands opened my pants on their own, showing my junk and still-colored pubes. I couldn’t see anyone who could see us right now. But here I was exposing myself in a public parking lot.

“Damn are you always obedient in parking lots like this?”

“No, Sir. You found the trigger phrase, I must obey.” Fucking Chris. This was something else he did to me. Now I was standing here out in the open and I knew there was nothing I could do to resist anything Zane was going to want from me. My dick was out for the world to see.

“Follow me bitch, I’m going to use this new power over you.” After a pause and a few steps, he added “Pull up your pants, dumbass.”

“Yes, Sir.” I followed as he headed back to his car, leaving my car unlocked. I was trapped in my head unable to say anything. I was screaming in my head. This was going to be bad, so bad.

“Get in.” Zane snapped his fingers at the car he unlocked with the fob on his key.

“Yes, Sir.” My voice flat, I moved like a robot.

As he started his car, Zane ordered me “Open your pants and squeeze your balls hard.”

“Yes, Sir.” My hands went on their own to undo my pants and deliver the pain. Fuck that hurt. But I couldn’t make a sound. Not even twist in the pain.

“Harder. Harder.” Zane kept ordering me, and I had to obey. I have muscles and no will of my own it seems, and the pain was making my vision go white. The hurt became so great I let a grunt out. Zane laughed. “Damn you are under. This is great.” He didn’t make me squeeze harder, but did not let me release. When he pulled into a driveway the bump caused more groans from me. “Get out, keep that grip on your balls.”

“Yes, Sir.” It was so hard to get out and walk, hurt as my grip on my balls was painful. My legs shook and I could barely move them. Zane was still laughing at me.

Inside, Zane flopped on a sofa and ordered me to stand in front of him. “Twist your balls.”

“Yes, Sirrraarrrgh.” Lighting flashed in my eyes and I had to bend forward as I obeyed. I was helpless in front of him, as he laughed and enjoyed my predicament. Fuck, if he’d only pick some other way to torture me, I could get some relief. My balls, my poor balls. But no, he sat there and reveled in it.

He was in no rush, why would he be? I was the one in pain. “Let go and get hard.”

“Yes Sir.” I was moving like a robot. My hand went up my entire length and back. I stared straight ahead. I realized I didn’t have a choice even where I looked. I didn’t notice when I was in pain, but now I realized I was unable to look wherever I wanted. This could be some sort of robot mode. That sounded like something Chris would do to me. Not that there was much he wouldn’t do me.

Zane got up, leaving somewhere and returning with a beer. I was still jerking my dick. “I wonder how much I can make you do. Someone fucked over your head good. I don’t know if it was something I said or the universe making it right, but I’m not going to complain. Get on your knees.”

I dropped with a “Yes, Sir.” Zane walked around me, pulled my pants down and I heard the all-too familiar sound of his pants opening. He was going to fuck me. I got fucked all the time, and now it was going to be Zane. I knew he wouldn’t keep quiet about this at work. I was fucked there as well. He pushed me down and I felt his cock at my hole. Then in me. He shoved in an inch or so before he pulled out and headed somewhere. A few moments later the reason was clear. He had gotten lube. He had a better time getting in.

Once in, he rode me hard. It was a grunge fuck, Zane had me taking his cock and unable to resist any of his commands. He had to feel like the king of the world. I was the pussy getting railed, and it was all too frequent. All these guys got to take their aggression out on me, and I was the one one who ended up with a sore hole and a busted ego. I was looking down at the carpet moving under my head since my eyes would not move. I was stuck screaming in my mind. And my dick was hard. At this point, I didn’t know if it was Zane’s command or Chris’s making me hard when I was used. Fuck my life.

There was his hand. He was spanking me as he fucked me. He was getting all his anger out on me. I was a tool again. A fuckpuppet. A sex robot. How many men would Chris have fuck me? It never seemed to end. Zane hurt my ass. He was big, but everyone seemed so big when they had their pecker up my ass. He was shoving into me so vigorously that it felt like I was being torn apart. And I couldn’t do anything about it. His dick was a weapon ravaging my ass.

From the sounds he was making, Zane was having the time of his life while raping my hole. He must be enjoying this to no end. I was being his fuckhole. And he was taking all his aggression out on me. He didn’t even doubt any of this, he used me. It hurt, and he finally came.

He pulled out, I heard him take a couple of breaths, then I heard a new sound, was he getting naked now? No, he was belting me. I took the first strike and knew it was going to be bad. He struck me over and over again. Great, it wasn’t only fucking he was going to take out on me, but punishment. My ass hurt. I know I was getting welts brought up as he passed the red stage and it stung like fuck. I couldn’t move to try to protect myself. I had to take his anger on my ass as long as he wanted, and he wanted to go for a while. I was not going to be able to sit for a week. I wanted to cry out, but I couldn’t. I was stuck being a whipping post.

It fucking hurt. I could feel the heat coming off my ass as Zane wailed on me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. At last his arm got tired or something and he stopped. I thought the skin had been flayed off my body. “Kneel up, jerk your dick and cum.” Zane went to flop down on his couch again.

“Yes, Sir.” I raised up and started to beat off. He calmly sipped a beer. He had ordered me to cum, so I did fairly quickly. It was an order, so my body obeyed it without question. My lungs did breath deeper, but no other indication. I couldn’t groan or anything.

“Do it again. Keep doing it until I say stop.”

“Yes, Sir.” Fuck. My dick was sensitive since I just came, but my hand didn’t care, I was acting like a robot, so it stroked up and down in blind obedience to Zane’s command. And it was going to hurt more and more until he let me stop. I still couldn’t move even my eyes without him ordering me. I was ramrod straight up on my knees, staring straight ahead with only my right arm moving mechanically trying to get another cum out of my abused dick. Chris had fucked me up good.

Chris. Fucking Chris. Not only had he done this to me, but by now he had to be wondering where I was. And when I did get back, he’d punish me even if it was his fault I was in this mess. And he would. He loved punishing me. I came again and my hand didn’t stop since my orders were to keep going. Fuck me I was fucked. Zane got another beer.

I kept on. My dick felt like it was on fire. I wanted to cry out in pain but I couldn’t. My screams echoed in my own head alone. Apparently this control of me kept Zane heated up as he stood and shoved his dick in my mouth. “Suck” he ordered and I did, still pumping my dick. I could taste my ass, and I hated that I could identify it. I had to suck the best I could, more programming from Chris. Zane was enjoying it all. I was stiff as a board, unable to react. And for fucking Zane. I decided I hated him now. I had made him look bad at work because it was possible, now he was getting his revenge.

Zane’s cum shot down my throat, and he fell back on the couch grabbing his beer. My mechanical body kept jacking my dick. I came again which caused Zane to laugh at what must have been a pitiful dripple. No stopping, I was not allowed to stop my own body. Zane watched me with a superior smirk on his face. I and my dick were exhausted, Not that it mattered. It took a while and I mentally wilted under his gaze, it was humiliating.

It was bad, but my next cum was dry, and that hurts a whole different way. It was not helping that Zane was laughing at me. Shit. I was in his hands entirely. And I had no idea how long.

My blank action kept him amused and no matter how excruciatingly painful it was, I was still jerking. My dick felt like I had pulled the skin off, but my hand kept going over it. I hurt so much. And my ass was still on fire, how was it that my dick was in so much pain my ass wasn’t my primary concern.

I was in pain and humbled at my situation when another dry cum actually forced a groan out of me. Zane held his sides as he laughed, I had no choice but to continue beating my meat. The pain got worse.

Suddenly, my body stood up, I was shocked, and so was Zane, who moved forward. I found my clothes and pulled out my phone showing the time exactly at 9:00pm, then hitting the screen to dial Chris. I wasn’t in control of my actions. As the phone rang, Zane got up and came to stand next to me.

“Where are you bitch?” Chris answered roughly.

“Trigger executed. I am under control.” I answered mechanically.

Chris’s laugh came over the line. “Who’s there?”

“Zane has control of me. We work together.” I still sounded flat.

“Zane, Zane talk to me, are you enjoying my slave?” Chris asked.

“Yo, sure am. Don’t know how I did it, but he’s like a sex robot.” Zane laughed.

“Trigger phrases. I thought it would be fun if someone stumbled on it. Where’d you find him?” Chris still had a laugh in his voice.

“Parking lot of a grocery store. Let me tell you, Mark is one hell of a dick. He’s been paying for that.”

“He is a dick. Do whatever you want to him. Send him back to me tomorrow. If you enjoy using him, I’ll let you play more with him.”

“Nice, I bet he’ll be less of a dick to me from now on.”

“Oh that’s for sure.”

“Fuck, I made him leave his car in the parking lot.”

They both laughed. “How far away?” Chris asked.

“About 2 miles.” Zane replied.

“Make him run to get it, in just his underwear.” Chris suggested.

“You heard him.” Zane said, taking the phone from my hand.

“Yes, Sir.” I quickly found my underwear and put it on. Fuck, the pressure of the fabric pressmed on my so sore dick. I’d rather be naked for the sake of my dick, but I did not want to be running naked. There was no good answer for me. I grabbed my keys. Not having orders for shoes, I turned to the door and headed out. I heard Zane start to describe what he had done to me. As soon as I got out the door, I started running. I’m glad it was dark. My feet hit the concrete of the walk and I was glad the neighborhood didn’t have a lot of streetlights. I tried to tell if I could hide if someone saw me, but nothing. I was running at a good rate, naked except for the black bikini briefs that had been laid out for me this morning. I was as good as naked, but it would keep me from being thrown in jail. Hopefully.

The concrete hurt my feet, but there was nothing I could do, I was under orders. My ass was red from the beating Zane had given me. This was humiliating.

Shit, someone else turned the corner and headed my way. Another runner. I could tell he was shocked when his steps fumbled. I couldn’t change course or shout out anything. We passed each other and he tried to greet me, but I couldn’t respond, being on single-minded mode, with a goal of getting to my car. I knew I was blushing all over. It was only going to get worse.

I got closer to the store my car was at, there was more traffic, and I knew everyone could see me exposed like this. I got some honks. I tried to run faster since my body was not letting me try to avoid crowds. That had no result either. I was stuck in whatever demonic commands Chris had put in my brain. I was fucked. More people could see me now. At least I was in good shape, with luck, people would think I had lost a bet or something. Damn I hated being stuck like this. I was glad my dick wasn’t hard with all the exertion I was making.

My face was as red as my ass, I’m sure of it. I could see people watching me, turning to check me out, to leer at my sweat-drenched body. I couldn’t even turn my head, I couldn’t glance around so I was spared seeing more but I was sure they were there. I couldn’t do anything. At last I was in the parking lot, my goal almost in reach. More lights, there was no hiding now. I was on full display under bright lights in my bikini briefs. A group of teenagers shouted at me, making rude gestures. I would have humiliated anyone I saw doing what I was doing. In my head I cringed. Shit. Nothing was hidden. I was totally exposed. The bikini briefs didn’t hide anything. For all intents and purposes, I was a naked man. Because fucking Chris set me up to be screwed over by fucking Zane.

I couldn’t go faster. I couldn’t do anything but go straight to my car. I couldn’t even flip them off. It was unlocked. I slid in but didn’t have the satisfaction of taking a deep breath. I could look around to drive properly. And I had to go back to Zane’s for whatever he wanted to do to me. I had no choice at all.

I went straight back to Zane’s, with the jerky, robotic movements I approached his door, knowing more horrors were waiting for me.

Raging in my head I walked into Zane’s house. Stiff, robotic. Zane had an evil smile on his face “Get those panties off.”

“Yes Sir.” I stripped them off. Zane snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor in front of him, lifting his feet. Great, I was going to be a footstool.

“Footstool. Now.”

“Yes Sir.” I hadn’t moved when he snapped his fingers. I guess this mode required verbal commands. Like that helped. I got in place and waited. I could not move a muscle. Zane would occasionally use his foot against my face or balls. I could tell he was waiting for something.

The doorbell rang. “Crawl to answer it. Kiss the feet of my guest.”

“Yes Sir.” I moved mechanically. Zane had planned to show me off. Great, I wasn’t surprised or thrilled. At the door my arm reached up and opened. I couldn’t look up, all I saw was the shoes and bent to kiss them.

“Shit Zane, he is all slave like.” This new guy was laughing.

“Yeah, totally under. Acts like a dumbass robot. Get on his back and ride him in.”

“Fuck yea.” The new guy swung a leg over and plopped on my back. “Giddy-up horsey!” I obeyed stiff-limbed. He stayed on my back, kicking his heels on my thighs. Zane busted into laughter joining this new guy. I brought him to the couch and he got off, flopping down.

“Watch this.” Zane said to his buddy. “Bark like a dog.”

“Woof. Woof. Woof.” I started barking. I couldn’t stop. I had to obey orders. I sounded mechanical even doing this. They rolled in laughter. I kept on humiliating myself. I heard the new guy ask if he could feel me up, and the answer was naturally yes.

I was on my hands and knees, frozen in place since I didn’t have other orders and looking up. He went right for my cock and balls. Of course he went right for my cock and balls. He manhandled them, stroked me. Squeezed my already agonizing balls. My body was available to anyone Chris wanted to give it to. I couldn’t move, couldn’t react. I hated it.

He squeezed my ass cheeks. Then squeezed my asshole. It was weird. Fingers on either side, he brought them together to squeeze my hole. It was crazy. What was this guy doing? Zane laughed harder when he figured out what was happening. I was an object for them to amuse themselves.

I had to take it. The new guy landed a smack on my ass. “Go, ahead, fuck him.”

“I’m not hard yet. Not all the way.”

“Suck my buddy.”

“Yes Sir.” I turned as Buddy undid his pants. My mouth opened as he targeted it and I started my work. He was getting a great blow job. Better than I ever got. All my lessons had turned me into a great cocksucker. Fuck. Was I feeling pride in being a good cocksucker? I couldn’t, I fucking couldn’t feel that. It didn’t take him long to get rock hard. He moved around to now target my ass. Like I needed yet another dick in me.

I couldn’t react to the invasion. This stupid robot mode Chris had me in kept me from grimacing. I had to stare at Zane who was gloating so much I thought he would burst. I was being fucked by some stranger while on my hands and knees in front of him and I was completely at his mercy. Nothing I could do to stop anything. I was stuck. I was fucked, figuratively and literally.

I was fucked like a cheap whore. The only difference is whores get paid. I was offering it up free all over town. I was getting railed. Zane got up and said something I couldn’t make out. Zane moved away and Buddy pulled out. I stayed in place.

“Turn around, get over his dick and put it in your ass.”

“Yes Sir.” I crawled around to see Buddy had laid back on the floor, hands behind his head. I finally got to see what he looked like. He had a grin that revealed he knew I was screwed. I got over him, lifted up, put my hands behind me and guided his dick into me. A further indignity. I was having to put his dick into me by my own actions. It was horrible.

“Fuck yourself on him.” Zane made it worse. I did as instructed, and rode his pole up and down. This was worse. So much worse. I was the opposite of a fucking machine, not giving it, taking it. Up and down like a, like a… whatever that was. Zane walked around, lording over me. Must feel really great getting his revenge on me this way. I was unable to resist or do anything but whatever he wanted.

“Stop about half way down his cock.”

“Yes Sir.”

“He has a big cock, doesn’t he?”

“Yes Sir, he has a big cock.”

“You like fucking yourself on his big cock.”

“Yes Sir, I like fucking myself on his big cock.”

“Tell him you love his cock.”

“I love your cock Sir.”

They both laughed at me then. I was a joke to them. I was a joke to everyone. I felt Zane’s hands on my ass, what were they doing to me? I felt something else. Shit, it was Zane’s what was he doing with his cock? I got the answer when he started to shove in. He was putting his dick in my ass when it was already full of Buddy’s. It fucking hurt! And I couldn’t cry out or make a face or do anything but take it.

So much pain, and I was stuck in place. I could not get out, I could not stop them. He pushed in and I could tell it was tough on him, he was straining. Not as much as I was, but it was work for him.

“Jeez fuck, that’s tight.” Buddy arched his back. “Feels like a vice, a fucking vice.”

“Hot as shit though, isn’t it? He’ll just take it, we could do this all night.”

“Pussy is arrrghh… damn I’m turned on.”

“Open that pussy faggot. Let me in you bitch.”

“Yes Sir.” I was as open as I could be, clenching would be bad for me. Why Zane thought I’d be making it worse for myself was beyond me. I don’t know if I could open up more, my ass was well over capacity. Chris had put in absolute control over my body with his orders. Maybe this command from Zane would do something to my body, let it hurt less.

No such luck, not that I could tell. He was invading my ass and there was no stopping him. One little hope I had, Chris’s command of my body, and it didn’t work. Fuck, now I was wanting Chris’s inhuman body control. I was so completely fucked.

Zane was working to get all the way in my abused ass. I was looking impassive, no way I could do anything to protect myself. They were getting to both shove their dicks in me at the same time and didn’t have to give me a second, much less a first, thought. My ass was burning like fire. The two dicks were big and my ass was not designed for one little dick, saying nothing of two big ones. Hard cocks in my asshole. They were the assholes for doing it to me. Who would do this to someone helpless like me? They got to use my body for whatever they wanted to do to me, and they took full advantage of me.

“I’m in. I’m fucking in. Shit I’m in.” Zane left things a moment, and I wanted to adjust. I didn’t get a chance to. They joined in a count of three and both started to thrust. It was not very successful for them. Their cocks were stuffed into my hole tighter than sardines. There was not enough space, and there was too much friction for them to move, either individually or together. It was painful. They pushed and grunted, but could not get the motion of true fucking going. Two guys do a chick, there is pussy and ass. Two dicks in one guy, it’s all ass. They were encouraging each other, working hard to thrust into me and not getting far. Not that they stopped or slowed down. It hurt all my ass inside and out.

“I’m so fucking hard. I could cum.” Buddy was trying to jackrabbit me.

“Do it bro, we’ll fill this bitch up together. Have him keep our seed in him and know we fucked him good.” Zane leaned over and I could see them give a high-five.

“This bitch will be walking wide.”

“Faggot say you love being stuffed with our gigantic cocks.”

“I love being stuffed with your gigantic cocks Sir.” They both laughed at my degrading admission. My voice was flat and my face didn’t change. I was an obedient robot, bereft of will.

“Keep repeating it stupid bitch.” Zane ordered, pushing harder than before. Buddy did as well as I said the humiliating phrase over and over again. They were getting off on my degradation, taking both of their cocks. And my mantra did it for them. Buddy shot first, and Zane was right behind. I could tell from their sounds. I was stock still. They pulled out, that hurt as well. I felt my ass staying open, not closing. They had gapped me. My hole was letting air in, I felt it. I had fallen so far. “Shut up and fetch us beers, bitch.”

“Yes Sir.” I got up and headed to his fridge.

“Look at our seed leak out of him.” Buddy was joined in laughter by Zane. I walked stiffly. When I returned with a couple of beers for them, they were leaning on the furniture.

“Kneel, hold your hands out, palms up.  You’ll hold our beers.” Zane ordered me.

“Yes Sir.” I did as instructed, even with my hole still burning. They were kicking back, having a beer, and recuperating from a cum. I was back at work, being a slave and not able to do what I really wanted, which was crawl somewhere and hide. I didn’t have the fight in me to even wish to beat these guys to a pulp. I so wanted away. Try as I might, I could never think of a way to escape. Chris had me trapped.

Zane put his beer in my hand. Palm up, I grasped it. Buddy laughed and put his beer in my other palm. So I was here being a table for them. Naked, freshly fucked, and unable to move. It’s difficult to leave your arms extended without something in them, vastly harder if there is weight. A couple of beers doesn’t sound like much, but it does not take long to get painful. I was straining again now. I was so tired after everything, this was not helping. Fucking programming kept me perfectly still. They would take swigs of beer, so the load lightened, but not enough, my arms strained under the weight in an unnatural position. They were at ease, I was hurting and rapidly approaching a point where I would not be able to stay in place.

Even Chris’s programming of my body could not completely overcome reality. My arms started to shake. A little at first, then more. It was noticeable when Buddy reached for his beer. “Look at the bitch.”

Zane looked over and joined Buddy in laughter. My shaking got worse. My muscles were rebelling against the unnatural function they had been forced into. I was trying to obey, but my body had no chance of continuing in my orders. I was shaking the beers. It was getting noticeably worse, so it was a relief when they took the beers from me and Zane said I could lower my arms. “Gotta save the beers.” Buddy chuckled.

Zane slid up to sit on the couch and put his feet on one of my shoulders. Buddy liked the idea and got up on a chair putting his feet on my other shoulder. They would play their feet against my lips, ears, chest, ass.

“Insult yourself verbally, degrade yourself. Keep going until I say to stop.” Zane flipped a toe over my lips.

I started in a flat tone “I am a stupid fucker. I am a dumbass. I like to suck balls. I’m a loser. I kiss your feet, I will lick them real good. I’m a pig. I’m a shitface.” They broke out laughing. I continued. “I’m an asshole. I’m a dick. I am a fart face.”

“Lower the volume so we can talk.” I dropped how loud I was speaking and they got to talking at how pathetic I was. I let words flow out of my mouth. I blocked what I was saying out and let Chris’s programming handle it. Another fucking thing I was somewhat glad of what Chris had put in my head.

I had phased out, letting the programming handle it all. I came back to consciousness to see Zane standing in front of me. “Open.” I opened my mouth and he stuck his dick in my mouth. I thought he wanted another blowjob when his next word shocked me. “Drink.” Shock and realization slammed into my head as the stream hit my tongue. I was in robot mode so the vile liquid went down my gullet. Zane and his buddy laughed hysterically. I wanted to crawl out of my own head, but I couldn’t believe he was pissing in my mouth. And I was having to drink it. I was drinking his fucking piss. Who thinks of this type of shit? Fucking robot mode had total control over me and was chugging it down like good beer.

Zane did this like it was the most natural thing in the world. I wanted to kill him. He finally finished and took a small step back. “Now lick the tip and say thank you.”

I licked the tip of his cock, getting one last taste of piss. “Thank you Sir.” My flat voice entoned.

Buddy jumped up. “Now me.” He put his dick in my mouth and let it rip. I swallowed gulp after gulp. My eyes staring straight into his pubes. Doing this crushed me. They laughed. I was nothing to them. Buddy finished, actually shaking his dick in my mouth like I was urinal. He dropped back on the couch and put his feet back on my shoulder in triumph. I had to stay kneeling there impassive as I tried to deal with the fact I had just drunk the piss of two guys.

Zane snapped his fingers “Get back to insulting yourself.”

“I’m a stupid shit. I fuck up everything. I need a real man to tell me what to do. I need giant cocks up my pussy.” I kept this going while they kept talking. I had piss in my stomach. I had piss in my fucking stomach from two guys. Chris has programmed me to do anything I was ordered to, and that meant I had to drink piss. It was totally dehumanizing. You’d think I would be used to it by now. What the hell was I thinking? Used to being degraded? How did I get to thinking such thoughts? I can’t believe what my life was.

Buddy used his foot to hit the back of my head. “Suck me fag boy.”

Both sets of feet came off as I said “Yes Sir.” I moved over between his legs and took his hardening cock into my mouth. Less chance I would get piss if he was hard. Shit another comparison where I was better off sucking dick. My tongue was going all over his shaft and he was moaning in pleasure. I had standing orders to do my best and I was giving him the blow job of his life. Deepthroating him had him raise his hips up and let out gasp. I kept his dick in me until I had to have a breath. He was totally into it.

I felt something in at my ass, and figured Zane was about to fuck me again. It felt different. Took a moment, but I recognized it as a dildo. Zane was fucking my ass with a dildo. Treated me like a sex toy. Zane was laughing at me. Buddy was in bliss. I was in torment. The dildo went in and out roughly. And could get to angles not possible with a real dick. The abrupt changes of angle wasn’t possible with a real dick either. It hurt. Zane was hurting me. I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t do anything but take it. And give Buddy a great blow job.

I was exhausted. I hurt. Was this night never going to end? Being in this stupid robot mode meant I couldn’t do anything with my ass being invaded by the dildo. So many dildos had been in me. Zane was being rough on me. I was delivering a great blow job while I didn’t react to the dildo being used on my ass. Buddy came in me and I swallowed. Zane went on a bit longer then tossed the dildo aside. “Come give me a slow blow job.”

“Yes Sir.” I crawled over to him and took his cock in my mouth. It was a little chubbed. I let his cock rest, with little stimulation. That is what he wanted. At some point, Buddy fucked me for a bit, he didn’t even cum in me, did some thrusts in and out for a while and that was it.

“I’ve got to get some sleep.” Zane said pushing me off. “You can have him.” Zane left.

Buddy lay out on the couch “Get your mouth on my dick. I’m sleeping that way.”

“Yes Sir.” I got my mouth on his dick. No thought of how I would sleep. I held his cock without moving. Eventually I fell asleep.

To be continued …

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.


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