Today is 1st of LOCKTOBER. This year we start the reporting of this month full of challenge and frustrating with a talk with a kinky artist who loves to illustrate boys in chastity. Hi Locked Milked Cow, are you locked and are you ready for a month of chastity?

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Yes Sir, I am ready for LOCKTOBER! I’m very excited! This is actually my first time locking for a whole month at a time. I am still fairly new to chastity, and have had my own experiences of locking for a week or two at a time, but never a full month! I am locked and ready to go! I can’t imagine how heavy my balls will feel by the end of the month!

Probably you should weight them before and after. 🙂 What is for you the fascination of chastity? Why do you like to be unable to play with your own dick, boy?

Hehe! My fascination with chastity derives from the inability to have control over my own dick. No pun intended, it literally gets me hard when I’m locked and can’t do anything about it. I enjoy the helpless feeling of not having control. For me, it’s such a rush of adrenaline and hormones!

You get horny and hard to be locked? That sounds very painful. Explain us a little more what being locked makes with you!

Yes… I get horny and hard when just thinking about being locked. It’s not painful, but VERY frustrating! It’s natural for a man to stroke his dick, and when you take that away, (at least for me) it’s a mindfuck!

8 cm

17 cm



14 days

And how do you handle this frustration?

Well, as a dumb locked cow… I should wait to be unlocked and milked. But when the frustration gets to be too much, I tend to reach for my trusty dildo to ride. But… unfortunately… I’ve never been able to cum while caged… yet.

Belive me it is practice and the longer time in chastity which will bring you to the point you will be able to cum also without touching your dick, boy.

You’re here with us not only because you are participating LOCKTOBER but also because you like to do kinky illustrations in which chastity is a topic too. Why is chastity a motive you like for your art work?

For me, artwork has always been a form of expression (kink or not). As I dive into the world of kinky illustrations, I can explore situations I would either like to be in, or have experienced. Chastity (along with bondage in general) is motivation for my artwork because I get to share my inner deepest kinks on paper and share it with likeminded kinksters!

Tell us a little more about your kinks? What is the boy into and how do you live it?

Over the last several years I’ve explored some kinks and of course I enjoy chastity, but I’ve narrowed the others down to: Bondage (my favorite is hogtie), Gags, cbt, forced edging and milking, Master/Slave relationship, hypnosis, and sensory deprivation. Some of these kinks I can explore on my own, but some I need help with.

Let us talk about edging and milking. For many it sounds like the opposit of chastity but in my eyes it is a complementary fetish to it. How do you see it?

Oh yes… let’s talk about it! When I first was exploring edging and milking, I though the same thing. I thought that it completely contradicted the purpose of chastity, but it doesn’t. As you mentioned, I believe it is a complementary fetish to it. Anyone can have their dick edged and milked by someone else (and they do) and it can be a great experience. But… try doing that after one… two… four weeks after being locked in chastity. The feeling is magnified by 1000%! What I find even more erotic is that when finally being unlocked… I don’t get the chance to touch myself, but that duty is given to someone else… I STILL can’t control how fast or slow each stroke would be. SO INTENSE!

There are different point of views how the milking of boys in chastity should be. The first is, that is is like a reward and it should be a nice feeling with a great orgasm. Others think that it is better if it is something mechanical which should end in a runied orgasm, so that the boy stop more and more to see the orgasm as something nice and satisfying. Which is your point of view?

I have heard both points of view as to how a boy in Chasity should be milked. As a locked cow, I think it would be wonderful to be rewarded with a great orgasm… but most doms I have met argue that it is selfish, and a boy (or cow) should ONLY receive ruined orgasms. As a locked milked cow, maybe I have already even trained well enough to believe that a ruined orgasm is the only way a boy locked in chastity should receive it. A ruined orgasm reinforces why a boy is locked in the first place, as well as reinforces who is in fact in charge.

Probably some of our readers don’t really understand what we mean if we talk about ruined orgasms. Could you explain it and also explain us how it feels and what the differences are?

Great point! A ruined orgasm is not like a regular orgasm where you just explode all over yourself. It’s more of a start and stop stimulation. The feeling of a ruined orgasm (for me at least) doesn’t give me the climactic feeling of pleasure I would normally feel. The point of a ruined orgasm is about minimizing the pleasure one feels when you release. If I was being edged, a forced orgasm milking would include stroking my cock during my release (and even after it). With a ruined orgasm, stroking (or any kind of stimulation) is stopped right as ejaculation begins. It truly is a mind fuck!

Is it possible to transfer such emotions and sensations into your art work?

I try to convey my emotions and sensations through my erotic art, however, this can sometimes be hard to do. I think some of the easiest ways to do this is through facial expressions, body position, and of course… drawing a sub shoot their load.

I can imagine that’s not easy. Would love to see how you illustrate a ruined orgasm. 🙂 Btw. where can people find your artwork and what of upcoming projects do you have?

Ha ha, yes, it can be hard. For me, the best way I have found to draw a ruined orgasm is to draw the cum just leaking out of a chastity cage, or dripping down a leg. If I was to draw a forced intense orgasm, I would draw it shooting up to a subs chest!
As of right now (because I’m just getting started), my artwork can be found on my twitter page. I do plan on creating a patreon account VERY soon!

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