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I Hate My Master (17)

It was another embarrassing ride. I was feeling Timmy up and begging to be fucked. I unzipped my pants and humped the air. “I need you to fuck me so bad Daddy.” I could see the driver grimacing, but he didn’t say anything. Timmy ate it all up, all my submissive horniness for him. I had been ordered to be the best date, so that meant I was going all over him.

When we made it to his building, Timmy said “Almost time for your fucking baby.”

“Oh, Daddy, I need it so bad.” I can’t believe my mouth put out such utter drivel. Timmy’s hands were in my pants feeling up my ass. When we made it to his door, he actually got a finger down to my hole and was teasing it a bit. “Daddy, you’re such a tease.”

“I’ll do more than tease, I’m going to plow you good.” Timmy pulled his hand out of my pants and landed a slap on my butt. We went in and Timmy pushed my shoulder. “Get in the bedroom and strip down.”

“OK Daddy.” I pulled my shirt off as I walked. I heard him hit the bathroom and take a piss. When he came in I was naked. He flopped on the bed and looked at me, arranging pillows behind him to prop himself up.

“Play with your cock and tell me how much you want to be my bitch.” Timmy had a big grin on his face.

“I need you to make me a bitch Daddy. Fuck me deep with your big pole. You just fucked me and I need it again. I’m a bitch and need to get fucked long and hard by a big, fat, juicy cock, your big, fat, juicy cock. Put it in me and ride me as long as you want until you dump your seed into my bitch hole and fill me up so I leak all over the place. Please, Daddy, fuck your little boy.” I was pumping my dick as I said all this. Where was it coming from? It must have been all the gay porn Chris made me read.

“All right boy, get over here and suck me up good.” Timmy chuckled at me.

“Thank you Daddy, I’ll suck you good, but please fuck me when you want to.” Such trash coming out of  my mouth. I used my hand to move Timmy’s dick into my mouth. He wasn’t as hung as Chris, but he was decently long. I gagged as I forced it as far into my mouth as I could. It was humiliating to have to suck off a dude, worse to not only gag but to force myself to gag on it.

Timmy laughed. “Yeah, gag on my big cock man.”

“Yaammmm, hmmmm.” I mouthed over his dick.

“Gag on it. Go on, gag on it you bitch.” Timmy ordered me.

I had no choice. I had to obey. Timmy thought I was a slave who chose to do this, whoever would chose to be a slave. But it was much worse. I was hypnotized by Chris to do all this. So when he ordered me to gag on his cock, I had to, I couldn’t balk at all. I was forcing my throat down on his pole. I was gagging hard, spewing stuff out of my mouth. I felt his cockhead hit the back of my throat as I shoved it into me by myself. It was like getting facefucked. But instead of having a guy force his dick in me, I was doing it all myself.

I was moving my tongue some, but it was mostly the back of my throat. Timmy was loving what I was doing for him. He was wiggling around and letting out all sorts of sounds. Well, I was making sounds as well. The noises were different. His were pleasure, mine was discomfort. I was forcing my head down fast. “I love feeling your throat spasm on my dick.”

I had to keep it up. It was want he wanted, and I couldn’t stop myself. I had no real control over my body, it was doing what whichever man had control of me felt like. How long did I do this? Quite a while. And it wasn’t just the long feeling that I got with the first second of a dick in my mouth. No, this was a serious long time.

“Time to rim me.” Timmy slapped my head and flipped over, his legs going wide.

“Oh, Daddy, thank you, I’m going to eat you out real good, I promise!” I sounded so happy to get to do this. I hated it. Of course I hated it. But I started out with big sloppy licks. I moved my head back and forth, putting real energy into it. I even shoved my tongue into his hole. Even if I didn’t want to, my body was going to do it’s best to pleasure him. I had grabbed his hips and was moving his ass around so I could really dig into it. I was making noises like I was having the best steak dinner anyone ever had. Timmy’s hole would open and close, changing my target and what I did to play with it.

When I was having sex with chicks, I’d do things for them just so they would do more for me. Just enough to keep them hot. They did the same for me, like blowing me. Sometimes I’d hold their head on my dick even if they tried to get way. But I could only go so far. Now I didn’t get to stop when I thought I’d done enough to keep them heated up. I had to go until they were ready for me to do something else. And if you’re getting your ass eaten out, why rush it? So I had to keep going.

Timmy lay there and let me work. Enjoying what he could make me do. Not only the pure physical pleasure, but the fact he was commanding a man. And commanding a man that ordinarily he would be bending over for and taking it up the ass. This twink was getting serviced by a fit, muscled man. An added turn on. So I was just a tool for him. I was a fucking sex toy.

Timmy pushed himself up. “I want to fuck now.”

“Oh, fuck me Daddy! Please fuck me!” I begged, rolling onto my back and pulling my legs up. I had been ordered to be into him. I bucked my hips a bit

“Damn fuck yeah.” Timmy said. He was rock hard and aiming for my hole. He did not waste any time, and pushed in.

“Aaarrrgghh! Daddy yes, stick it in me!” I couldn’t believe I was saying this shit. “Fuck me, fuck me. FUCK ME!!!”

“Yeah, gonna fuck you good, boy.” Timmy was already humping me. He had a shit-eating grin on his face. He’d fucked me a few times, even doing it to where all his friends could hear just so he could show off. But now he was doing it after ordering me around and using me for hours. He was getting off on it so much.

Timmy reached down and twisted my nipples. “Daddy, oh Daddy!” He was doing it to hurt. More than just playing with them like you would with someone you cared about.

“Tell me you like me fucking your pussy.” Timmy let go of my nipples and rutting into me.

“Daddy, I love you fucking my pussy. I love you going so deep in. I need to get fucked so bad, Daddy. Shove it in me Daddy.” The daddy part really bothered me. It was so bad that I had to get fucked, and frequently ask for it or do it to myself, but calling this twink daddy was just a whole new level of humiliation. Not that the humiliations ever ended. Every day seemed to be a new one. Or more. Everyone seemed to be into embarrassing me. Now I was on my back getting plowed by a guy half my size and calling him daddy.

He was going at it. Timmy was pushing into my ass like he was trying to punish me. He pulled my legs wid. I felt like he wanted to split me apart. He was fucking and battering me. Timmy was deep into me. I was tired of dicks in me, and really tired of big dicks in me. I hurt and I was feeling very emasculated. Plus my dick was hard. Chris had ordered my dick to be hard whenever I was serving men, and I was serving men all the time, it seemed.

Timmy put some new effort into his thrusts and I could tell he was about to cum. He had been getting to use me for hours and using me any way he wanted. He shuttered as he shot into my guts. His face went all weird and he fell on me. I go to let my legs down and took a deep breath. My duties kicked in and I reached over to clean his dick off. I hated the taste, but it had become so usual, I had done it so much.

I finished cleaning him off and Timmy pulled me up towards him, into the spoon position. He was the big spoon. “You get to sleep with Daddy.” He sounded tired.

“Thank you Daddy.” He was almost asleep, I could tell by his breathing changes. I fell asleep too.

I woke up with a dick going in my butt. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, I was here as a sex toy.  I wiggled my ass “Daddy, I feel something in my butt.”

Timmy let out  a chuckle. “That’s my morning wood. What do you think we should do about it?”

“Let me climb on it Daddy, please? Pretty please?” I was so insipid.

“No, I’m going to poke you this way. Get ready.” Timmy teased me a bit then started to shove in. No lube. It hurt. I was trying to relax my sphincter as much as I could so it would be easier on me. I was only somewhat successful. I was being used to relieve his boner in the morning. Timmy slapped my ass, the side of my hip actually, “Get your leg up, dumbass.”

“OK Daddy.” I moved my leg up. Easier for him to get in, and actually easier for me to take it. I guess I hadn’t done it before to make him work for it. I looked down, I could see my hard cock bouncing as I got fucked. Damn, I hated getting fucked. And this was worse, just being used for him to get off. Most men would just have to let it go down, or if they would need to convince whoever was in bed with them to work on it. Not Timmy, not today. He has me to deal with anything that made his dick twitch.

Timmy was switching between being lazy as it was morning and he didn’t want to do much, and rough, since he could be. I just had to take it and throw in a “Fuck me Daddy” every so often to keep him happy. That seemed to be enough for whatever programming was controlling me. I did manage to get my hand to my eyes and cover them,  hoping to block everything out. That was fruitless. But it was the little bit I could do.

I felt his pubes on my ass. Something else that was happening to me all the time. I didn’t need any more of this. But it was going to keep happening. Just like the feeling of a dick in me. So many men poking me. Timmy reached over and tweaked a nipple “Oh Daddy!” He kept fucking me. I wondered how long he would go on. Quite a while, it turned out. He didn’t have anywhere to be, and he could fuck me on his schedule as long as he wanted. He had me for… How long? When would he have to give me back? Not that I had anything better to go back to. I’d be a fucktoy any day I woke up.

Timmy finally came in me. I went to clean his cock, the second time, and I hadn’t left the bed. At least I got to sleep in a bed. “Go make Daddy breakfast.”

“OK Daddy.” I got out of the bed and made it to the kitchen. I looked through it to find something to make. Timmy came in and watched me as I finished and served it to him. I wasn’t sure what to do then, but he pointed to the floor. Damn, I got down and started sucking at his feet. He still like his game of making me chase them. I hated it, but what could I do but play along.

Timmy finished eating and pushed his chair back. I had to stay going after his feet. “I’m hitting my console. You’ll need to get back on my feet.” He just walked to his living room, turned on his console and plopped down on the couch. I followed him, got down on my hands and knees and got to sucking on his toes.

Mostly, he just let me just suck on his toes. But not always. He would move his feet to just to mess with me. Or slap me with his foot. I was long this for a long time. He was just playing his game. I wasn’t a concern for him, just something for him to play with. He was getting to use me and didn’t have to give me a second thought.

Dammit. Timmy, Chris. They all had this kick for making me do something for a really long time. No matter how hard or degrading (or both) it was. Easy for them. They just had to command me to do it, I had to perform the actual work. I could be compelled to do something for endless hours just because they had some whim.

Online games can go for hours, and young men can play them for hours. Timmy did. He’d had his dick taken care of and now was getting a man to suck his feet, so we was all set for as long as he wanted. Sometimes he would order me to fetch him a drink. I’d been mouthing his feet for some indeterminate amount of time when he just spat out “Balls now boy.”

“Right away Daddy.” I got between his legs and moved his shorts a bit so I could tongue his balls. Balls move around more than the other parts of the body when you tongue them. So you always have to be chasing them. It’s a pain, but it’s something I can’t resist doing. I was under orders, so I was licking some young dude’s balls just because he wanted me to. I would never have licked a dude’s balls before Chris turned me into a snivelling slave. I was doing things that I hated, over and over again. And this was worse than some bad task at work, it was humiliating and degrading. My tongue was at his command, just like every other part of my body.

This was emphasized when he pushed my head down and rushingly order me “Do my taint.”

“You bet, Daddy.” I chirped. I sounded so fucking happy to be licking that part between his balls and his asshole. Timmy had one leg propped up on the couch, making it easier for me to get to my target. Not that I cared if I had easy access, but  it did mean I didn’t have to strain to obey orders.

My tongue was tired. I’d been using it for a while. If I’d been eating out a chick, it would be pretty quick. Just enough to get her to go down on me. Now, I had to work out my tongue until he decided I could stop. I had no choice, my tongue was sore because I had been going for so long. In addition to this, I had to go all out on it. Chris had told me to be the best boyfriend in the world, so I was digging in and really going for it.

All of this while he just played his game and I pleasured his body. What more could he want? I just had to wallow in my misery, and pretend to be totally into it.

To be continued …

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.


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