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I Hate My Master (28)

I was sucking Chris off, enthusiastically since he had ordered it that way. I hated doing this, and I was moaning in joy and slobbering. Chris knew I was seething under the happy face. The smirk on his proved it, and proved how much he was enjoying it. Chris loved degrading me and forcing me to look like it was my favorite thing. My dick was hard, due to his order, I hope it was his order. I don’t think I could deal with it if I was doing this and getting hard on my own.

Chris was hard as a rock, I had gotten a lot better at sucking cock, and he knew Zack was destroying my work life. Chris had to know I had been escaping some at work, and now that was gone. Every minute of every day was being dominated by him. He had total control over me, loaned that control out to others. So easy for him, he just snapped his fingers, gave an order and I went right at it.

Chris farted. And laughed as it didn’t slow me down at all. Chris tapped my face with his palm a few times then slapped me full on. I kept my cheerful work going. Chris lay back taking my service. I was sucking so many guys off every day. My entire mouth was sore every night, like my ass was. I wanted to get away from that, but I didn’t want to get used to being used like this.

His pubes filled my vision, when I didn’t look up to his face. It was a vision I was very familiar with, I could recognize it from anyone else’s. Another depressing thought. A hard dick down my throat and I could tell he was finally getting close to cumming. So many skills I never wanted to have. Telling when a man was about to cum. Chris was nearly ready to cum. Finally. Any amount of time was too much for sucking a dick as far as I was concerned.

His cum flooded my mouth. I swallowed it down, like I had been commanded. I suckled his cock as it deflated. Once Chris had his breath back, he pushed me to the floor, kicked my legs apart and landed a few swift kicks to my balls. With that, he went in to shower and I crawled to get his breakfast started.

While I was under the table licking his feet and Chris was enjoying his meal, he gave a kick to my face. “Zane has bent you over a desk and fucked you good in the office, hasn’t he?”

“No, Master.” I responded, as that had not literally happened.

“Stupid faggot, I know he’s done that to you. Not yet at least. But he has fucked you good there. He’s told me all about it. Would have loved to have seen it. How did it feel giving him that account in front of everyone? You can speak freely now.”

“You fucking bastard! Best thing that’s happened to me in that office and you made me give it away.” I kept licking his feet, since that was an order. “It was humiliating to give it to him like that. I had worked hard for that account, and in front of everyone I gave it away. Taking the shittiest one we’ve got. Now he’s making me fetch him coffee in front of the entire office.” It’s not easy to talk while you are licking feet, but I managed it. I was so pissed.

“Too fucking bad. I don’t care how humiliated you are, how much work you have to do, who laughs at you, he’s the one who succeeds – and you do whatever you can to advance his career.”

“You don’t even fucking know him!”

“I don’t need to. You’ve got your damn orders.” With that, Chris stuck his foot in my mouth and shoved deep, keeping me from saying anything else. I tried, but only a garbled mess came out. Chris laughed at me. “Keep quiet until I get out of here.” Chris left me on the floor as he headed off to work, I had to clean the dishes, shower, dress, and get to work. I hated what I had to wear to work. Turquoise shirt and pants so tight you could count the hair on my balls.

I got Zane coffee and a nice pastry on the way in. Taking it to his desk gave me heavy steps. Zane was there already and didn’t acknowledge my delivery. I could see people grinning at me. Everyone knew I was whipped by Zane. Doing things for him. I heard whispered conversations suddenly come to a stop when I came close. Everyone knew, and it was the hot gossip. I had to dig into the horrible file, and fetch more coffee for Zane.

The Broward account got some problems springing up already, so I was trudging through all of that mess. Zane IMed me his lunch order, I had to go out and pay for it. On my way to the office, I got a text order to deliver it to him in a conference room. Damn. Zane saw me through the glass and nonchalantly waved me in. Zane with some of the higher management, most likely concerning the great new project, the project that should have been mine. I hated their eyes on me, the mild shock that I was doing this, and even worse, the dismissal as this is how I should be honoring Zane. I was crushed. My co-workers could see what I did, and I could tell it in their eyes. I was acting like his assistant.

Everyone knew I had beaten Zane in a few things in the proceeding weeks, now I was fetching coffee and lunch for him. They may not know what was making me do this, but they all knew it was something. I was miserable all day.

My misery did not lessen over the week. I was sucking cock and taking it up the ass after work, and in the office Zane kept me fetching things for him.

One of my co-workers, and former drinking buddies, Pete caught me in the hall on Friday. We’d banged a few chicks together, dumping them once we got off. Once we left a slut we’d double-teamed drunk in a park. “Dude, what has gotten into you? Why are you being a pussy for Zane? I thought you hated the fucker.”

I got really uncomfortable, I had to think of something, no matter how bad. There was no way I could tell the truth. “Long story. No way to go into details. It’s just what I have to do right now.” I tried to get by. He stopped me.

“You’re being his bitch. Has he got something on you? One of those sluts you banged give him something?”

“Nah, not like that. I have to get this…”

“No dude, I have to know. What the fuck it going on?”

“Drop it, not something I’m going to talk about.”

“Fuck dude, you’re looking like a pussy. A whipped pussy.”

“Look, I’m not going into it. Not one bit.” Someone else walked into the hall and I used that to slip away. Back at my desk, I put my head in my hands. Everyone knew I was being Zane’s bitch. I glanced up and saw Zane look at me and smirk.

Two days later, I got an instant message from Zane, telling me Pete would be over and I was to help him out, whatever he wanted. In a few hours, Pete is by my desk. I figure he’s working with Zane on the new project, and wondered what shit work I’d be assigned.

“Come with me.” Pete said when he arrived, cocky attitude and all. Great, I was going to be taking on whatever they didn’t want to do. Pete was a jerk, so he would be rubbing my nose in him getting to boss me around. Shit, Zane had been giving me grunt work to do on his project, and this would be more of it.

The dread of whatever paperwork it was kept me from noticing we made it to an empty office at the end of a hall. Fairly isolated. I snapped into awareness when Pete closed the door. “Get on your knees and suck me off bitch.”

My jaw dropped as my knees obeyed. I had to do whatever he told me to. Shit. Zane set me up. Pete was opening his pants “Fucking bitch you had better do a good job motherfucker.” I didn’t want to say anything. I was crushed. Pete was my bro, or had been. Now I was his cocksucker. Someone else at work knew I was taking cock. How many more would find out? My stomach turned to ice. There was no way Pete would keep his mouth shut.

Pete’s dick tasted a bit smokey. How was I tasting dicks like I was tasting wine? I wanted to choke it out of my throat, but I had orders to always do the best job I could. So my tongue was working hard while Pete had his hands on his hips. Damn, this was humiliating. I was going gangbusters on his cock, and he was doing that grunting/laughing thing since he was amused at me and getting great service at the same time.

“Where the fuck did you learn to suck dick like that? You could have been doing this for me all this time. Damn, how much I missed out on. Never knew you were a faggot.” I didn’t want to be a faggot for Pete, and it would not be the last time, I was sure.

“Oh, yeah drool all over my big dick fagboy.” Pete thrust his hips forward, making me work harder to keep my work up to suck him. I had beers with him, we’d bragged about getting pussy to each other. Now I was a pussy for him. I would never be able to look him in the face again. Work would be even worse now, always worse. It had gone downhill fast since Zane found a trigger phrase to order me around. And I had no choice at all, I was now on my knees sucking Pete off. Was I going to be the office cocksucker, I knew it. Zane must have had a great time telling my former buddy of my lowly status and knowing I would be forced to suck him off.

Pete shoved his dick into me like he was drilling for oil. The back of my throat was being pounded as he grabbed my head and controlled me, face fucking me like I was some slut. I was a slut. On my knees for him and without any choice. I was an object for him now. I wanted to throw up. Pete would be using me more, I knew it. This was the third guy I was servicing at work. Would I be servicing them all?

Pete gave a low growl as his cum flooded my gullet. I swallowed. I didn’t want to taste his spunk, but I did. It felt more watery than the other guys I was sucking off. He wiped his dick across my face before stuffing his junk back in his pants and leaving me. On my knees, alone and degraded. Damn. Chris had fucked up my life. I sat back on my ass, putting my arms over my knees. This was fucked up. My life was ruined. Zane was going to tear up what little of my life was left. I sat there a few minutes when the door opened. I looked up, it was Zane, opening his pants. I knew what I was going to be doing, so I got up on my knees and opened my mouth.

“Good faggot, you’re training up right.” He slid his dick in me and I started sucking. I was a whore. A used whore for these men, so they could get their rocks off whenever they wanted. Zane was having me do all the work, occasionally hitting me in the back of the head. I was working hard under the compulsion Chris put on me. “You should have seen Pete’s face when I told him. I knew right off he’d want to dick you. He was almost drooling. It was fucking great. And he didn’t waste a fuckin’ second, he went right at you. Damn fuck, it was great knowing what he was doing to you in here. I threw such a massive boner. And you’re taking care of it, you dipship. That’s all you’re good for. Getting cum out of real men, you bitch.”

Great, Zane had given my mouth away like it was a spare appetizer. Now he was taking me again, and we were both at work. He had no boundaries. He was going to ruin me here. My life was hell. Zane shot in me. Mixing his cum with what was already there. He slapped the side of my face and left me there. I sat back down. This was horrible. I was totally fucked.

It took a while before I could go back to my office. I felt everyone’s eyes on me. Like everyone had been watching me suck them off. I felt so exposed, so revealed. I couldn’t look up for the rest of the day. Everytime I had to talk to someone I cringed inside. This was terrible. My life was over. Well, my life had been over. This was more over. I couldn’t stand it.

Zane left me alone, so I had to go to Mike’s after for cocksucking lessons. My mouth was getting used more. The taste of dick never seemed to be off my tongue. I had to go back to Chris’s with several loads in my stomach.

Chris was sitting on the back porch. He summoned me to him, and tossed a dildo to me, ordering me to blow it. Once I had it wet, I was ordered to my back and to insert it. “Now, you will smile, sound happy and tell me truthfully how work was today.”

Chris knew. He had to know it all. “It was horrible Master. Zane told one of the dudes I used to hang out with that I was a cocksucker, and made me suck him off in an empty fucking office. Then Zane came in to get his. I spent the entire fucking day thinking everyone had been watching me. It was fucking hell. You have made my life a fucking hell. How can you do that to me.” All the time, I was smiling and fucking the dildo in and out of my ass. Chris loved making me do shit like this while I was angry with him.

Chris laughed.

“Master, it’s not funny. I’m getting destroyed at work! You and Zane are destroying my fucking life. He’s going to get me fucking fired and I’ll be out of a fucking job. What the fucking hell am I going to do then?”

“Maybe I’ll sell your ass on the street.” Chris took a nonchalant pull on his beer.

“I’m not a fucking whore Master. I don’t want to peddle my ass.”

“I don’t see where your wants come into this at all.”

“Damn it Master! You’ve made my life a pile of shit and you’re making it worse. I want out of this. Just let me go.”

“Nah,  you’re turning into a half decent cocksucker, and I don’t want to be looking for a new slave, so you’re stuck.”

“Master you bastard! You make me do all this fucking shit and you never let up. You pass my ass around like it’s nothing to you.”

“It is nothing to me. I use it when I want to, and share it with my friends.”

“You don’t even fucking know Zane Master. You’ve never met him.”

“I have actually. And I don’t see a reason why he can’t keep using you to do whatever he wants.”

“It’s still my fucking life!”

Chris leaned forward. “Wrong bitch. Your life is mine now. I do whatever I want, however I want. Now dog mode Tinkerbell.”

“Woof!” Dog mode shifted me, and I had paws, at least in my mind, so I couldn’t keep the dildo in my hands. My hands were still there, but my brain wouldn’t work them properly. I flipped over, dildo falling out of my ass, and looked up at Chris from all fours, my tongue hanging out. My mind had almost no control over my body.

Chris reached to pick up the dildo, tossed it into the yard and said “Fetch boy”.

I eagerly started crawling out where the dildo had landed. I was his dog now, and had to act like it in this dog mode. I made it to the dildo and took it in my mouth, long ways like it was a stick. Still on all fours I trotted back and sat on my ass, holding up the dildo to take it out of my mouth. Chris let me wait a moment before he took it out of my mouth and tossed it again.

Chris had me running back and forth fetching the dildo until my knees hurt. Not that he cared. He never cared. When he tired of it, he had me lick his dick up and down. I was still acting like a dog, so it was long licks. It was humiliating looking up at him with puppy like devotion. Once he decided his dick was wet enough he roughly turned me around and stuck his prick in my ass.

It burned as he shoved into me without lube. I was still in dog mode, so all I could do was whine. I was on all fours, Chis on his knees behind me, thrusting in me as I was rocked forward by the force he was fucking me with. I felt his hugeness in me, it seemed to be re-arranging my guts. His cock filled me, taking what little bit of my manhood I might have.

When a man’s cock enters you, you feel it throughout your body. I sure did. It’s not right, I shouldn’t be the one getting fucked. Getting battered inside and out. I hated it. Chris reached forward and grabbed my hair, pulling my head back. My hips widened to get him in, all my muscles tensing as he used me again. I had more dicks today, dicks I didn’t want, It was horrible. Once he came, shooting hot cum in me, Chris leaned back, and ordered me out of dog mode and to make him dinner. Used and sent to work so his life was easier and mine was hell. I hated my Master.

To be continued …

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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