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Kink triggers of our youth: Pierre Radisson

Most of us likely remember experiences, books, movies etc. from their childhood, which in hindsight tend to make us realize that we already showed signs of our kinky needs quite more early than one could think normally. For me, it was the boy scouts with the rope games etc. but also movies like “Taps”, which I would nowadays almost classify as a fetish experience or epiphany for myself. Today, slave oneball presents such a kink trigger of his youth.

Hi oneball. Today you’ll present us a book about the adventures of Pierre-Esprit Radisson which has been published in 2019. Of course, two years ago you haven’t been a young boy anymore, but you’ve had contact with the story of Radisson during high school. Do you still remember how it was and what your reactions have been?

Not surprisingly, the source of the fascination with Radisson’s experiences goes back to an even earlier age. In elementary school, my best friend’s older sister used to strip us and whip us with a belt as part of our after school play time. I clearly remember the titillation of fear and pain from those afternoons. By high school, a new friend and I walked to school together, and it was then that we discussed the fate of Radisson as a young man as described in your history class. We admitted to each other that the details of his torture were sexually stimulating, and it won’t surprise you to know that those discussions led to sleepover torture ‘play’.  By high school, ejaculation accompanied the torture discussions and activities – and they continue to this day.

Oh, that sounds interesting … you’ve to tell us more about. What kind of torture games have you played and how sexual was it?

At puberty, the sexual implications of schoolboy torture took on a whole new dynamic – talk to action. My friend and I used to wrestle naked and to win the match you had to get control of your opponent’s testicles and squeeze until they gave up. To be honest, we took turns, so each match was predetermined, but skin on skin was part of the fun and eroticism. Once, you begged for mercy, you were tied down spread-eagled for the ‘torture’. We didn’t have any sexual toys or equipment, but we were creative.

We had rope and we had rulers. We used a plastic ruler on the nipples until they were sore and red and damn near bleeding. The ball squeezing went on until you confessed deep, dark fantasies – humiliating and arousing. The second option was the tried and true – spanking. We had a broken canoe paddle that we used on each other until you cried and begged – it hurt!

One day I was walking up to my friend’s backdoor and his mom was outside hanging out the wash to dry. She was using clothes pegs – ‘flash’, she had inadvertently presented a new torture possibility. I needn’t go into detail on what we did to each other with the clothes pegs except to say she had dozens of them! Nor will it surprise your readers when I tell you that each torture scene/session ended with a mind blowing ejaculation. 

Illustration by Nicolas Brunet

Sounds as if you have really had fun. 🙂 Before you’re going to present the book about Pierre Radission I really have to ask you if there have been some special games you played during your torture sessions?

One in every one hundred boys is born with an undescended testicle. I was one of those boys and only had one ball in my sac, hence the name slave one-ball. Such a condition lent itself to castration simulation. It was great fun to methodically and meticulously ‘remove’ your partners ball under the pretext of torture. We did a lot of research on the subject and learned the correct position to place the sharp knife and we also learned that the Iroquois castrated their prisoners – a task that was left to the women or boys.

Oh, there are many guys with castration fantasies. 🙂 But now we’re curious about what you got to tell us about the book you want to recommend us.

Growing up fast – and painfully

The practice of BDSM has generally existed on the fringe of culture.  Changes to society have moved what was once scandalous to the everyday and back again. The concept of torture elicits curiosity, but few want to endure its extremes, even within the context of BDSM. This article is a condensed version of the historical record concerning the capture and torture of a French-Canadian boy by the Iroquois nation.  The story is recounted in the novel Bush Runner: The Adventures of Pierre-Esprit Radisson by Mark Bourie (2019). It was not a fun time, but then in the seventeenth century, cruelty and barbarism were part of the lifestyle of the times. This recounting begins when Pierre is fifteen. Read on if you have a strong stomach

Pierre and two friends were typical of the arrogance of youth. They abandoned the safety of the local fort to hunt for food along the river and in the forests of what is today, Quebec. Pierre was adventurous yet impetuous and when the other two boys decided they had snared enough ducks, Pierre ridiculed them and continued on his own. Several hours later, loaded with fresh food, he began the return to the fort. He spotted more game close to where he had separated from the other two boys and started to crawl along the riverbank. To his horror, he came across his friends; both dead and naked. One had been pierced with arrows and struck twice with a hatchet. The other had been run through with a sword and brained with an axe.  Suddenly, Pierre heard war cries. He managed to shoot his gun and pistol but completely missed the attacking Iroquois warriors who quickly subdued him and made him sit next to his dead friends. But the Iroquois did not hurt Pierre. They had been shadowing him for hours and were impressed by his bravery and his effort to fight rather than run or surrender.

The Iroquois dragged him back to their camp, stripped him naked and fed him boiled meat. They put a rope around his waist to signify captivity, and then painted his face and penis with red ochre to indicate that he was to be a male slave available for adoption. They examined him closely to compare their brown skin to his whiteness.

Pierre-Esprit Radisson

Pierre was adopted by an old woman and aware of frontier culture he adapted to the Iroquois lifestyle quite well. However, he was a reckless lad and soon escaped only to find himself recaptured with another group of French traders. At fifteen he was about to find out what happens to ‘naughty boys”. He was tied naked on a scaffold. A fire was set underneath to slowly burn (not burn at the stake) the prisoner while young boys shot stinging arrows at him. All his body hair was methodically pulled out and four fingernails were yanked from their finger root. As night fell, he was tied to a post in a longhouse – still naked. A woman came in with her four-year-old son and encouraged the boy to cut off Pierre’s finger with a piece of flint. The child wasn’t strong enough to cut through the bone, but he gave Pierre a deep cut and sucked blood from the wound. Shortly after, an old man shuffled over and plunged the boy’s thumb into the red-hot bowl of a pewter tobacco pipe. The man continued with the procedure three more times until Pierre’s thumb was burned, swollen and black. A warrior heated a sword in the fire and when it was red hot, he ran it through one of Pierre’s feet. Another warrior tied himself to Pierre and then dropped hot coals between their bodies to show how brave the warrior was. On the way back to the scaffold, the tip of one of Pierre’s index fingers was crushed between two stones and he had the disfigurement for the rest of his life. Meanwhile, the other prisoners were being burned alive – slowly. Pierre was ready to die but miraculously his Iroquois slave mother bartered for his life and eventually nursed him back to health. It was a close call and Pierre learned his lesson. He became a ‘good boy’ and even went on hunting and raiding parties.

On one such raid, Pierre captured two slaves himself. Upon returning to his village, he gave the female slave to his ‘mother’ but the male one, as well as the rest of the prisoners, were soundly beaten by being made to run the gauntlet. Another male prisoner was tied to a post by his hands with his back to his tormentors. A small fire was lit and used to heat iron and steel weapons like axes and swords. For hours, the men and boys of the tribe burned the hands and arms of the victim. Eventually, they moved to his vital organs and then broke his teeth with clubs as they castrated him. They kept him alive with water and a little rest but when it was clear he was dying, the torturers brained him with an axe through his skull.

Pierre avoided participating in the torture but was aware of what was going on – bad memories of his own ‘coming of age’. He was growing up! I wonder how his experience compares to your sexual awakening at fifteen.

Slave-one-ball remembers with excitement and arousal all those torture games he enjoyed at sleepovers and summer camps before and after he turned fifteen.  Care to share your memories?

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slave oneball
slave oneball
One boy out of a hundred is born with an undescended testicle. I am one of them. Of course, it left me open to ridicule and humiliation at puberty when my older cousin took advantage of my missing part to subjugate me as his slave. He liked to spank and soon expanded into more ‘painful’ controls. What can it say, Master Max has taken over and perfectly controls its selfish desires with discipline and coaching? One ball missing but still a lucky boy!

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