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I Hate My Master (26)

“I need to piss, get up here.”

“Yes, Sir” I responded automatically, moving to obey. It took a bit for the corner of my mind still under my control to figure out what was happening. Buddy had used his foot to smack me. I must have fallen asleep holding his cock in my mouth and slumped to the floor. I was robotically swallowing his morning piss until it stopped. He stretched out commanding me to blow him. I got right on that.

His crotch had a strong smell, stale sweat and that mustiness that all men had. I kept up my work until he shot into my throat. “Now stay on it. I’m going back to sleep. Hold it in your mouth, no sucking.”

This was a boring task. Eyes on his pubes and no movement. He fell back to sleep quickly. Who knows how long I was stuck there until Zane walked in naked and hard and ordered his own blowjob. I turned and did as I was told.

Zane let me get started then grabbed my head and started to face fuck me. His big cock rammed my throat as I knelt there taking it. It didn’t take him too long to shoot down my throat. He plopped down on a chair leaving me where I was.

Buddy had woken up again, and they exchanged words like I wasn’t there. Zane left and came back, he had a marker and ordered me to my feet. He wrote words all over me. Later in a mirror I saw “Loser”, “Cum-gobbler”, “Piss pig”, “Faggot”, and more.

“Take this.” He held out the felt pen.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Cover your cock and ball in the ink.”

“Yes, Sir.” I got to work. It was humiliating to do it. I had to concentrate to comply. Stupid order, and it took a whlle. I had to pull my junk around to do it. I got it done, then stood at attention.

Eventually Zane saw me and grinned. Not saying a word, he got up, found a book, came over to me and slammed the book over my cock and balls. It hurt, but I couldn’t react. Buddy and Zane laughed.

Zane moved around, cocked his head and looked at Buddy “You know what?”

“What’s that?” Buddy replied.

“He’s under real tight control, and I want to beat his ass.” Buddy laughed at Zane’s words and I recoiled in my mind. My body didn’t react at all. “Spread-eagled, that door.” Zane pointed at the door to the kitchen.

“Yes Sir.” I got up and walked, putting my hands high on the jam, feet to the edge. I waited while they moved around.

“I can’t believe I didn’t think of this last night. This fucker needs a good beating.”

“Fuck yeah.” Buddy was getting into it. I heard something leather hitting a hand. This was going to be bad. I was right, it was. The first strike was on my back to ass. The sharpness was vicious, and I couldn’t react. I had to stand there. I wasn’t even bound, I was holding myself in place by the force of his orders and Chris’s mind control.

“Damn, that felt good.” Zane said sending five more in quick succession. Each one seemed to go through me and come out my front. Zane was strong and he was using his muscles for this. Buddy came by me getting a close up with his phone. Recording me and I had no doubt he’d be showing it to people. I started to think where this would end up. Who would see it. More display.

Zane belted my back, my thighs. Most especially my ass. Each strike was a new line of sharp heat that boiled on my skin. I felt hollow, the beltings echoing in an empty body. Nothing in me but pain.

“Yo, can I?” Buddy asked.

“Sure, have fun.” Zane handed the belt over and Buddy got to work. The impact was sharp, cutting over punished and new skin. Haphazard as he hit me to hit me. My body was shaking now. An automatic reaction even Chris’s mind control could not stop. My legs were losing their stiffness, ready to collapse. “Stay there.” Zane said, he and Buddy coming up to feel the heat radiating off my skin.

Their hands were like blades, pinpricks of edges up and down my back and ass. I wanted to whimper. Tears were rolling down my face. Zane noticed and wiped one up, looking at the moisture on his finger he got a satisfied grin on his face. “Suck.” He whispered, placing his finger on my lips. I tasted the salt of my own tears, able to see his triumph with the corner of my eye. In a low, menacing voice Zane said to me “Now we are going to hurt you in a different way. Crawl and follow me.”

“Yes Sir.” Damn it hurt to move, hurt more to move. Stretching my skin to move sent new tendrils of pain through my body. I could not crawl smoothly, my body jerked as it was forced to obey.

Zane made it to his chair, sitting until I made it to him. “Lay on your back, face to me.”

“Yes Sir.” Damn damn damn. I moved, twisting my body and sending more pain. New pain as my back settled on the floor. The weight of my own body causing my tortured skin to scream. My voice had to remain silent. Parts of me rose up involuntarily.

As I settled, desperately adjusting to the pain, Zane put his feet on my face. “Lick you asshole. Lick my feet. I’ve beat you red, now you will clean my feet and think how I am so much your better. Now, and forever.” His toes entered my mouth when I tried to acknowledge.

My back hurt, only the small of my back having any relief, and that was the part least in pain. Beyond my physical pain this hurt my pride even further. My tongue worked through his toes.

“I should have you do this in a meeting. Get down on the floor in front of everyone and bare your ass that I’ve beaten and suck my feet. Let everyone see you in your proper place. Let everyone laugh at you. Offer your ass up for anyone who wants to beat it. All those people you’ve been such an asshole to now able to take their revenge. Fuck, they could film it and show it to new hires on what happens to twats. Oh that would be so sweet. You need to be the poster-child for punishment.”

That hurt. My body wasn’t under my control. More videos of me had been made of me degrading myself. I was in pain, deep pain. I heard Buddy come back, and some shifting above me. I couldn’t see past Zane’s feet and legs. Buddy took a seat and his feet found my cock and balls. His feet played over them roughly. Crushing my balls and pinching my dick. I was stuck in this horrible position. Zane’s feet stank, and I had no choice but to lick them. I was tonguing him mechanically and not able to react to Buddy screwing with my junk.

I was left that way for a while. They talked and enjoyed my humiliation. “You know, I didn’t get to see him outside in almost nothing.” I heard Zane say. I had been ignoring most of what they were saying, but that got my attention.

“You got him all tagged up now bro.” Buddy crushed my balls a bit harder. I was covered in the degrading words Zane had covered me with.

“Who the fuck cares? Not me for sure.” They both laughed, then got up. I was left on the floor until Zane returned, tossing a pair of shorts on my chest. “Put those on.”

“Yes Sir.” I stood up and put the skimpy thing on. White and mostly transparent. No doubt I was going commando, with my dick darker than it should be. Zane’s earlier writings on my body were on full display.

“Let’s go slut.” Zane was excited to be making me do this. “Walk between us.”

“Yes Sir.” Out the door we arranged ourselves as he instructed and started walking. It was daylight, so everyone could see me almost naked and marked up. I couldn’t say a word and I was cringing inside. The street seemed empty right now, but I had no doubt someone was seeing me out the windows.

“Wish we had a leash.” Buddy joked at Zane.

“Fuck yeah, that would be great. Take him to work that way. Shit, that would be off the wall. Make him sit at my feet at my desk at work. Spit in his mouth whenever I wanted. Hell, I’ll do that now. Open up faggot.” I opened my mouth and Zane spit in it, then went back to chatting with Buddy. “See that’s how it’s done.”

“Get him under your desk blowing you all day.”

“Oh fuck yeah, drag him out and make him service my friends around, crawl from desk to desk. I’m generous, I’ll share him around.”

“Damn straight. Shitheat, carry this in your mouth.” Buddy said the last bit to me and put a stick in my mouth. That added stupidity to my humiliation. “That’s better.”

“Ha! I guess we are out walking our dog.” Zane was talking so loud.

It seemed so minor, this new addition, but it hit me hard. I was being dragged lower and lower. Lower still, I saw a jogger heading towards us. Zane and Buddy shifted to more normal conversation and had shit-eating grins on their faces. As this guy got closer, I watched him come out of his zone enough to see he needed to go around us, then focus in on me, his eyes grew wide. The jogger misstepped, almost taking a header into the pavement. I couldn’t read his expression, but it wasn’t good. He could see it all, all my humiliation, plain as day.

“That’s right dude, he’s that pathetic.” Zane guffawed. We kept on walking. Cars went by, some honked. How many people were seeing me like this?

We came up on someone out in their yard. A guy in his late teens, saw us and took a few steps closer, like he wanted to be sure of what he was seeing.

“All that and he sucks a mean dick.” Zane had noticed the teenager.

“I got a dick.” The teen grabbed his crotch.

Zane took the stick out of my mouth. “Get to it slut.”

“Yes Sir.” I headed to the gate of the yard, the teen’s eyes getting big. It was too exciting for him to notice my robotic movements.

“Hot Damn!” The teen exclaimed when I knelt in front of him, my hands moving to his pants. “Shit. Get over this way.” He took me over to the hedges, Zane and Buddy coming close as well. Partially hidden, I got to work.

His dick had a smell to it, like it had been a while since he had a shower. I tasted the smell when his cock made it into my mouth. His pecker got hard and he thrust into me. I couldn’t believe I was doing this out where anyone could see me. Well, yes I could. No degradation was too much for me to believe any more.

Another hefty dick. A hefty, smelly dick was fucking itself in and out of my mouth as I sucked and used my tongue. My implanted orders to do my best job was driving him wild. His thrusts got deeper and more erratic. The teen was making grunting sounds as well. He was getting a full adult suck him off in the front yard. He had to be feeling great. He got rougher, and I felt some drool going down my chin.

Zane and Buddy were encouraging him to keep going. Like someone his age needed that to fuck a guy’s mouth. There is a feeling that balls give to a chin. I was focusing on that and the teen musk this guy had. It was almost normal to have a cock in my throat. His hands were gripping and moving over my head. I was a fleshlight for him, and he was able to use me in front of his whole neighborhood. I was a hole for a strange teenager to use to get off and that was all.

My tongue glided over his shaft as I was reamed by him, my throat spasming. The teen was getting close, I could tell. I hated that I could tell how a man was ready to cum now. Not a skill I ever expected to develop. I kept up my work, my throat being invaded over and over again by this teen dick. Then the cum erupted into me. His legs shaking and his hips jerking back and forth. His hands gripped my hair and pulled. Zane and Buddy cheered him on.

The teen grinded his hips in my face as I sucked down the dredges of his cum. His breathing came in spurts. “Fuck that was fantastic.” The teen did a couple half-hearted thrusts.

“Blowjobs are like that.” Buddy laughed.

“Back here boy.” Zane ordered, also laughing.

“Yes Sir.” I stood up and stiffly obeyed. I could still taste his cum. I had been used again.

“Got that bitch trained up right.” The teen was impressed and satiated. When I returned to my place, the stick was put back in my mouth. The teen laughed more. Buddy slapped my face in a medium strength.

“There is nothing like having a bitch, you need to get yourself one.” Zane reached down and squeezed a nip.

“Fuckin right I do.” The teen rubbed his jaw.

“They’re everywhere. Keep your eyes open.” Zane started to move, Buddy and I followed. The next block, Zane took the stick from my mouth, looked at it and tossed it ahead of us. “Fetch bitch.”

“Yes Sir.” I sped up to obey. When I reached down to pick up the stick Zane ordered me to use my mouth. When I returned to Zane, he repeated the operation. He was treating me like the bitch-dog he was calling me. This amused them to no end as they kept it up. I was up and down on my knees as they tossed the stick. Who was watching us? How many people saw me doing this, and it was so obvious it was not a group of guys out for a casual walk. No one could see what I was doing and not know that I was humiliating myself. I’m sure I caught images of someone through every window.

Zane and Buddy would toss the stick different distances, all so I had to get down and get it in my mouth to bring it back to them. Then they would toss it again. It was so degrading. I definitely saw some people, I was sure of it. And the additional effort was causing me to sweat. When I bent down, I could see my sweat was making the shorts even more transparent.

We made it to a park. The stick continued to guide me as we headed through. I saw runners and bikers around. They must have seen me acting stupid. How many complete strangers could see me? Written on and fetching a stick like a dog. Like a bitch. Now, I was having to pick the stick up from dirt. I got dirt, leaves, all sorts of muck in my mouth as I picked it up. The programming I was under prevented me from trying to push them out.

We made it into a wood, it seemed isolated, but it was still in the city, so the woods were not thick. We were not going fast, but I was glad to be away from prying eyes. I was relieved of that, but growing afraid of what they were planning. I knew Zane had some idea, since he was going with determination. It didn’t take long to find a small creek. “Strip bitch.” Zane barked at me.

“Yes Sir.” This order didn’t take long, and I was naked in seconds.

“Get down there and cover yourself in mud.” Zane had a wicked grin on his face.

“Yes Sir.” I got down and started to rub mud over myself. I felt dirty, literally and figuratively. The men were laughing at me. At least it obscured the insulting words on my body. I was having to be grateful for that, as demeaning as it is.

“Rub it in your hair too.” Buddy added that.

“Yes Sir.” I took a lump of mud and put it in my hair. It was more degradation on top of what they had done to me already. Mud is gritty, cool. I felt the dirt, wanting to find a shower, or even lay in the shallow creek I was beside. But I had to make myself a pig in front of these two. Because they ordered me to, and Chris’s mind control meant I had to do it.

Covered, Zane ordered me up to wank. I hated doing this, no will of my own. Zane pulled a branch off a tree, looking at it, then hitting his palm a few times with it. “Bend over bitch. Show you an old fashioned switching.”

Buddy laughed as I turned around and bent over, while still stroking myself. I heard the switch rip through the air a few times before the first impact hit my ass. My bare, mud-covered ass. Zane delivered over half a dozen strikes before handing it over to Buddy who did the same, hitting my thighs as well. On top of what I had taken it was excruciating. My legs pulled forward involuntarily. The strikes were sharp and dug deep. Nothing could keep my legs from shaking, All my back was in extreme pain, I was degraded and hurt. Zane had to be really feeling he was a king.

Buddy hit me again and the branch snapped. I was hoping this would be an end to it, but they both took one down and began to hit me from two sides. One strike would be followed by another. Two men swinging at the same time gave me a new level of torment. I saw a pain-tear roll down my face and hit the ground. My body was wracked in agony. I could do nothing to defend myself, having to take everything they dished out.

On top of the welts from earlier, this was excruciating. I wondered if they would break the skin. I took it until they decided to stop, Everything hurt. Pain leached to the parts of my body that had not been struck. Even though I wasn’t being hit, I was still bent over since I hadn’t been ordered up yet. After what they did to me, you wouldn’t think it felt so stupid to stay bent over but it did. Emphasized my helplessness.

“He’s such a pig. Covered in mud and bruises.” Zane gave my ass another strike with the switch in his hand. I heard a cellphone camera go off. Multiple times.

“Pick your shorts up in your mouth and follow us.” Zane ordered as he and Buddy started to head back.

“Yes Sir.” I had to crouch down to get my shorts. One or both of them had ground them into the mud while I was being whipped. So I got mud in my mouth. It tastes horrible. One more degradation. Would they make me walk all the way back to Zane’s like this? I could get arrested. Oh fuck, I remembered I had rainbow pubes. I had to be the saddest, most pathetic creature in the universe. Both took pictures.

As we got further out of the light woods panic rose in me. Was it better to be naked and covered in mud or simply naked? Carrying my shorts made it all moot anyway. Fuck what were they going to do to me now?

We were out of anything I could consider cover and I knew people could see me before the order to put the shorts on came. They kept walking, leaving me to try to catch up, which I couldn’t do as my robot-like movements didn’t speed up without orders. I could be out here alone, not connected to them as far as anyone knew. Including cops. Would I be able to say anything or be arrested with no resistance? Whatever happened, I was screwed.

We didn’t stop on the way back. I guess the teen was still reliving the blow job I gave him and not expecting my mouth to pass by again. Back at Zanes, we went around the back where I was ordered out of my shorts and they took more photos of me. Some sweat had mixed with the mud and created some streaks.

Zane went into the house, returning with a dildo. “Catch.” He tossed the dildo to me.

“Yes Sir.” My body obeyed, holding where I grabbed it.

“Give it a big smooch.”

“Yes Sir.” I brought it to my lips and made big kissing noises. They took pictures of me with their phones. I was naked, covered in mud, kissing a dildo. I felt stupid.

“Suck it faggot.” Buddy laughed at me.

“Yes Sir.” I said sticking it in and sucking. More pictures. They were going to use them against me somehow. I was humiliating myself covered in mud. Why they needed them was beyond me, they knew how to make me obey. Or they could talk to Chris and make me do it without whatever triggered this.

“Deep throat it, fuckface.” Zane laughed at me.

I couldn’t say anything, titling my head back to force the plastic dildo further down my throat. I gagged some. Hard plastic is different from a living dick. I got chuckles from my gagging. It amused them. What I needed, them getting their jollies off of me. I was facefucking myself, fleam flowing out of my mouth. They were filming

“Now fuck your ass with it.” Zane laughed.

“Yes Sir.” I said once my mouth was empty. How much were these two going to do to me? They seemed to have endless desire to degrade me. I bent over and shoved it in roughly. Chris’s programming meant I had to do everything to please my rulers as best I could. I wanted to let out groans, but my body was not having any of that.

“Tell everyone how much you love getting fucked up the ass and you want it to be our big dicks. Beg us for our dicks.” Zane ordered me. I could see his face out of the corner of my eye. It was an expression of full victory, he had me where he wanted me.

“Yes Sir. I loved getting fucked up the ass. Big cocks like yours are my favorite. Hitting deep in me and railing me into next week. Fuck me, fuck me long and fuck me hard. I love it. Being a fuckhole for you is what I need most. I’ll open my legs and you can fuck me as long and hard as you want. Do me rough. I’ll take it all. I’ll open my holes for you to use all you want. Over and over. Pass me between yourselves back and forth. Use me to take your cum. Drain your balls in me. It’s all I need.”

They were laughing hard at me while they both recorded me on their phones. “Damn, I need to bust a nut now.” Zane said.

“I’ll take it, use my mouth, use my ass. Do whatever you want to me.”

“Suck me bitch.” Zane pulled his shorts down.

“Yes Sir.” I crawled forward and got to work on his dick. Still being filmed. So degrading. I’d be shown off anytime they wanted. It wasn’t them who was being used. Once I got Zane off, Buddy got his.

“Got to send him back.” Zane looked at his phone. “His actual owner wants him back.”

“Damn. We got to get him back.” I glanced up to see a wicked grin on Buddy’s face. “I better hurry up and nut.”

“Yeah.” Zane gave out a snort. “This guy says to send him back naked and hard. Sucks to be him.”

“Who the fuck cares? Funny though.” Buddy rammed his hips faster into me.

I was sent home naked and hard. I had to carry my clothes in front of my chest letting my hard dick swing out in the air. I could tell some of the other drivers could see not just shirtless, but bare-ass naked and with a boner. Here I was in my car wanting so much to escape from Chris and all the hell he gave me. But there was no way to get around it. I couldn’t simply take off into the sunset, if there was a way I could get out of this, I would, but it was impossible. Totally impossible.

To be continued …

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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