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It felt so right, i didn’t want to take it off.

Hey readers Se7en here with cute doggo Connor. Can you tell us a bit about yourself Connor? What kinda dog are you, what do you all like and are you into?

woof! Yeah i’m pup Connor! From the holy land of Israel. I’m active in the Pup Play scene for about 2-3 years (secretly for more haha).I’m a little corgi – way to active for his size. As I might present myself on social media as a very sexual focused doggo, i’m much more into the social play and hard role playing. Very playful and a little bit destructive haha.

I have my own omega puppy who is also my boyfriend, with him i engage also in sexual play. And I founded and still administrate the Israeli Puppy Play group, that aims to bring to israel the fetish scene and the same safe space that other pups are already enjoying around the world!

How did you first got in contact with the world of fetish and what made you wanna try stuff out?

First i discovered the Furry Fandom at the age of 16 (accepted myself as a furry to be exact. how the Internet and my friends viewed furries defiantly didn’t help haha). But something wasn’t ‘perfect’. The fandom is about animals who act as humans, and I was more attracted to the idea of not just looking like an animal, but also to act as one.

Ever since I was a kid i made a lot of animal noises, sometimes acted as one. I even used to bark at school haha.

Through the fandom i discovered Pup Play and everything took a turn. i’m still a furry, but suddenly i had a word, a definition, and other people that share that same mentality that expresses what i felt. It was so exciting at first and still is!

Also i found that the pup headspace was a great way for me to feel more comfortable and confident to try out more and more things and to fulfill those fantasies through the mind of a puppy. it’s a great headspace that can help make every act a bit lighter and fun.

Hehe I used to do the same kinda role playing as a kid. Pretending to be a zoo animal and such. In retrospect such a teller isn’t it?

How did you get into the scene, what were your first experiences actually trying it out like? And how did you get into the community build later on? What inspired you?

After i found out about the whole Pup Play scene, and how social it was I started to search for other people in israel who share the same fetish, and found just a few…most of the people, even in the BDSM community never had any experience with a puppy, either because they never met one or because they never even heard of the fetish before. I was so eager to get out of israel to a place like Berlin where the scene is developed. I also had almost no gear, just a tail buttplug and a collar that i got from a pet store. I was planning on getting my hood first thing when i get the chance to go to berlin.

Thankfully, a few months later, my entire family decided to go on a family vacation to Berlin. I WAS SO HYPED. I found out about the Berlin telegram group and also found out they will have a pup meet at a bar at the same day i arrive to Berlin. First day me and my family arrive to Berlin, we all have a tour of the city. As soon as it was over i rushed to the stores i looked up online to get myself some gear.

I go into one store, and there you have it – a wall full of pup hoods, waiting for me to try them. I choose to try the orange one and put it over my head. I don’t think i can even describe that first time with a hood. it felt so right, i didn’t want to take it off.

It felt like that missing piece of a puzzle. it’s only a hood and much of being a puppy is not the gear for me, but the headspace, but it felt like i can finally truly communicate what i am and to fully commit to the play.

That night i went to that puppy meet at the bar. there wasn’t much playing (like a mosh), it was just a bar. But it didn’t matter to me at that moment. I saw a few tens of people all dressed up with puppy play gear, feeling free and safe to express that side of them. Talking and drinking with each other. I met a few people, drank too much haha, but most of all – i felt that power that a community has. The safe space.

I went to that bar every night for the rest of the trip. i never felt good at bars/parties, but this was different. i was always very socially anxious at bars, but when i was a puppy, suddenly all of this anxiety was thrown out the window for a much lighter and confident me. i guess i always felt judged at bars, but once you go down on all 4s and drink beer from a bowl on the floor – nobody can judge you anymore haha.

When i got back to israel i felt alone again. what i experienced in berlin made it even worse, i wanted to go back there. i wanted to feel what i felt there again. that freedom, community and safe space. This is when i realized –

I wasn’t dreaming of going to berlin to escape myself, i wanted to go because that place made me truly FEEL LIKE MYSELF.

But it shouldn’t be like this. israel is my home country, and this is where i should feel the most comfortable.

I opened up a Grindr profile for Connor as a puppy, i started to gather the few people that are into pup play that i knew of. i started talking to people more and more about pup play. people who saw my new profile at Grindr, facebook etc suddenly showed interest. i built a telegram group for new people to come and talk, and we started to slowly grow in count.

This is when i found out that the Israeli Leather community is about to start social meets. i went there just me and another one who was ‘born’ as a puppy that same night.

The leather community, as small as it is in israel, welcomed us with open hands. As the time went on we became more and more pups. from 2 to 4 to 6 to 15.

Now we are currently 50 pups in the israeli pup group, and about 20 more who decided that the social scene is not for them (more focused on strictly sexual), and we are growing all the time!

The amount of awareness that we raise is also growing, and a lot of people are on board with us, which is amazing!

Hehe I always say that puppy play doesn’t need a hood, but it does make a great Catalyst. That you built up such a community is wonderful. And even more that they interact with each other.

So, as someone from center of Europe pretty much all I know about Israel in the gay sense is that Tel Aviv is a good holiday place and it has a cool Pride. Now you told me a little more about the pup scene and leather scene. How is it all integrating into the fetish scene there, what does the fetish scene look like there in general? And what would you wish to see there once?

Yes Tel Aviv is very gay friendly and a very nice holiday place for gays from all over the world.

Our pride is one of the biggest, most open and celebratory in the world! It may all seem like sunshine and rainbows, but it’s all just a show to bring in tourists, in my opinion. This is not a good representation of the rest of Israel regarding gay acceptance… Still, in israel, gay couples can’t marry, and i won’t even start about adopting a child and trying to lead a normal family life. The fight for gay rights and acceptance in israel is FAR from over.

Same thing about the fetish scene, we are still in our baby phase. Tel Aviv is the only place where all the fetish parties are happening. This limits the places who accept kinks and fetishes to only a few. The community is also very small because of that…we are growing all the time, but the work has only started.

2 years ago the social fetish scene in israel, as all of Europe/US are enjoying, wasn’t even a thing that existed! The global pandemic did take its toll on us, but we will fight to keep the community alive.

We do have a meet in between lockdowns and ofc a lot of the pups found and developed their own friendships with people they met through the group and social events. Again, we are just getting started, and as soon as the pandemic is over we will be on high speed again to grow even more!

I wish you all the best of luck there 🙂

What style of play do you prefer more btw.? And what does make good puppy play for you? Whether in the partner or in general?

i’m definitely more into the role playing itself. I usually don’t involve sexual acts in the actual session, it takes me a little out of the experience to.

For me a good puppy play session is basically anytime that i get to act as a pup haha. Either outside and playing at the park with bio-pups or at home with my partner.
I support any type of safe, consensual play and love to introduce others to all views on pup play that i know of. They can form their own opinion and find out what they like and don’t like.

As for me personally, the best puppy play sessions are with people who actually expect from me nothing more than they would expect from a bio pup. when i get into the headspace the world seems a little different and even sound is a little muffled. the handle’s job is to just help me maintain that headspace.

I even try to separate myself in a session from the basic popular communication positions because bio-pups don’t communicate in that way.

The handler can have rules that he can train me to follow, but trying to teach me how to communicate a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ takes me out of the experience. i love playing with toys, drinking/eating from a bowl and just be treated like any other bio-pup haha

Did you also find other kinks through pup play? Or has that simply fulfilled your fetish desires?

Let’s say that the pup play has given me a great way to explore much more of my kinks and fantasies. Being a pup makes it a lot more fun haha. It also gave me a lot of confidence to try them out! I discovered my exhibitionist side, which i practice a lot at the proper parties or online, if it be twitter or Telegram.

Pup play has also gave some other kinks, that i already had, a heighten level of importance to me – like watersports. It’s not just about the smell or the sensation now, it’s also about marking territory haha. Same thing about my Sports gear fetish. it’s not just about the clothing or the shoes anymore- a shoe can be a chowing toy!! until somebody take it away and tells me to stop destroying the shoe….

Also stuff like leather rubber and other fetish clothing can be fun. apart from my love to the way they feel on the body or what they represent, It’s customizing my puppy character like in a video game haha

GEAR DEFINITELY DOESN’T MAKE THE PUP. it’s all about getting into character and headspace and just having fun with the idea – i just wanted to make that clear haha, but it is a whole lot of fun when you’re into that and can afford it once in a while.
Also Pup Play is a great gateway to other types of pet play. recently i’ve been very eager to try out Pony Play, but i wanna study more on in before i try it out.

I think those are some great sentences to end on 😉 Thank you very much for your time doggo, and I hope you’ll soon be able to not only grow your community online but to be able to engage with them in bars and more again 😉

Pup Connor


Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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