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Hey everybody today we get to talk with MrYours truly. You just got your first time in chastity, right? How is it to feel having your cock locked away? 😉

MrYoursHello, it’s my first time in a Carrara chastity belt yes. I’d dabbled in chastity before with a holytrainer but I had the keys so it wasn’t as fun or anywhere near as real. The belt I’m currently locked in is owned by the keyholder (Recon member Jayge1951) and he lives a 2 hour drive away from me. I originally went to try one on and ended up being convinced to leave with the belt still on and no keys. It’s incredible, the belt is so tight on my body, impossible to remove and incredibly restrictive!

I’ve had to learn from scratch how to sit down, walk, kneel down, put socks on, go to the toilet and clean since I’ve been locked. So it’s got practical implications as well as sexual. I’m raging horny all day everyday and I can’t do anything about it!

It turns me on more…I wish for relief…I can’t get it…

Haha its sweet torture isnt it? How do you feel the horniness in your daily life?

It is sweet torture. Absolutely! In day to day life, you are constantly reminded of it on your body, so you think about it often, then you get horny because you’re thinking about it! Made worse by your inability to wank or cum, so you’re living a perpetual cycle of:


p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>Oh, I can feel the belt…Mmmm it turns me on…Now I’m horny…I’m trying to get hard
It turns me on more…I wish for relief…I can’t get it…

Over and over and over. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced. In the words of my owner, Recon member JamesBondageSX: “Wow, so quickly has the belt turned you into a submissive beast”.

XD so it changed your behavior as well then apparently?

Yes. Definitely! As I’ve got older I’ve become increasingly hornier and hornier. But the belt took it one step further. I crave submission 24/7, it’s on my mind all day. I can’t shake it, the feeling and the reality.

More willing and more submissive absolutely! I never was into pain much. But the torture of being locked in the belt means I feel a strange pleasure from pain I never got before! I was always very submissive anyway, it just makes me even more so!

For me it was similar. Though I’ve been slightly into pain beforehand too :)) but it surely increased my threshold. How does that “added” submissivness show itself? Do you have any stories?

I went over and I was tortured so hard I cried. But it was incredible.

I sure do. A local guy to me has a big interest in pain torture, he’s big into using pegs on skin, sharp pinwheels, flogging. Anything to cause pain! I had met him once or twice in the past but not for the pain torture he was desperate to give out. However, since being in the Carrara I’ve massively craved it!

So I contacted him and he was so excited to finally hurt me! He couldn’t believe my sudden change of desire! I went over and I was tortured so hard I cried. But it was incredible. So much so I went back for more the very next day and did it all over again!

My owner has also noticed the sudden change in me from the belt too. He regularly tells me he’ll do whatever possible to keep me in it indefinitely!

Wow and that after just two weeks. For me it took about 3-4 till my submissive craving phase came out. Looks like your urges are stronger 😉 I gotta say, you also got an absolute luxury cage to live it out in. Though they always struck me as quite big. Do you notice it under your clothes?

I’ve always had very strong sexual urges and this belt just takes that up a few notches.

The Rolls Royce of chastity isn’t it? I think people know that too and I’ve gotten a lot of attention due to being in one from the online community and even just my family and friends. Everyone is intrigued by it! I’m constantly asked questions about it, so it must be something many people desire.

It seems big in pictures on its own but under a pair of jeans or shorts, it’s almost invisible. If they’re tight it can make you look like you’ve got a big one! Only the arms over the hips and the part round the back are visible. I’ve often worn just a t shirt in public and people could clearly see the metal work over my hips when I move or sit down. I like the idea of people seeing it, wandering what it is, and some may even know.

Oh yes the feeling of some people notic….wait alright, alright, we got to take a little sidetrack here. You showed the carrara to your family?

I sure did! My mum at first thought it was a jet pack haha, but she’s seen most of my tumblr posts so she soon knew what it was. My sisters, well, they’re easy going and we’re all very liberal! My sisters partner however is more conservative, from Italy and he also was very intrigued, asking all the usual questions people ask when they find out about it.

My friends and colleagues love it too! They all know about my life as a sub/slave and they’re all 100% supportive! Possibly some are inspired too.

It’s similar to coming out as gay, telling them all means you’ve got nothing to hide. You can be your true self.

This is my true self. I’d always known it, it just took me time to realise it and become it.

She follows you on tumblr? Oh my. I imagine it must be a very freeing feeling to be able to do that. My Mother would probably fall into a coma. Or actually maybe just laugh maniacly, I couldn’t really say ? Isn’t it a bit embarassing though sometimes if they all know/see everything?

She doesn’t follow me on tumblr, although that’s a good idea, an extra follower haha. I regularly show her pictures of my most recent antics, and she embraces it. As long as she knows I’m looking after myself, that’s all she cares about!

It’s not embarrassing at all, if it was, I wouldn’t show them. But they usually ask to see more. Especially the girls in the office, all desperate for a peak at what I got up to! I think many people fantasise about fetish, bondage, S&M, etc… and probably due to their own circumstances feel they can’t do it, or can’t tell anyone they want too.

I want people to see me and see my experiences and think “I can do that!”

That’s an inspiring viewpoint. I hope you can do that for them. So, they all found your cage interesting. And to be honest me too. How do you manage your daily life with it? You said you had to adjust the way you do things? Can you do sports/gym with it etc?

I hope I can inspire people too! I once thought I wasn’t good enough for fetish, kink, etc… I used to wish I was a part of it but couldn’t take that step. Until I met JamesbondageSX. He changed everything, he pushed me, he tortured me, he made me cry! But mostly he gave me the time of day and the courage I needed. He gave that chance. He opened up this world to me and for that I’ll be eternally grateful to him. He made me the sub/slave I am today!

Daily life is fine with the Carrara. I have to do things differently, and I’m not so flexible in it. I don’t any sports or gym, as I’m lazy hehe, but I think it could pose a problem. But without trying I can’t say for definite.


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Cleaning is a little bit of a faff. You have to take extra time to clean inside the belt. It has a plethora of little holes which are good for letting the water out and cleaning. I used a strong cleaner I was recommended by the belts owner and I’ve had no problems so far. The key is to dry it thoroughly with a hair dryer to limit the moisture left inside!

The inconvenience is the luxury of being locked in a Carrara!

Hehe one can definitely see your dedication to him. Its joyful and sweet. And for sex and play, are you restrained from certain things with it? Can you still get used and fucked properly?

I’m very dedicated to JamesBondageSX. Before we met, he saw me as a project. To bring out the sub/slave he saw in me, that I didn’t even see in myself. The confidence I’ve gained is down to him and how he’s made the world see me. I’m even being made to grow out my hair to show off the colour as he loves it. Now it’s a part of my image. He refers to me as Ginge and it’s suits me!

For sex and okay the belt doesn’t hold me back much. I guess the one thing it takes away is CBT which I was just starting to get in to! But access to my arse is easy and getting fucked is awesome when you’re in one of these!

You crave being fucked more, for the hope of it making you cum, and to experience pleasure. Everything is heightened in the Carrara, my desires, my submissiveness and as I mentioned before my tolerance to pain and torture!

It clearly gives you a special experience. How is it for you get a boner in there? Does it chaf/pinch anywhere? And last but not least question: How long will you stay in chastity? Your owner said as long as possible, right? 😉 Cause it clearly seems to fit you.

No pain at all when I get a boner! In fact it’s very horny, as you can feel as you get hard, your cock travels further down into metal which is cold and it feels nice hehe. So any excuse to turn myself on and get hard. Sleeping is a dream too, no pain from getting hard overnight!

For now I have no end date. JamesBondageSX and Recon member Jayge1951 who owns the belt want me in it forever. Practically that is possible, except for rare occasions I need it off, which I’ll travel to get unlocked. Then return to be locked again after!

It fits me very well, everyone seems to love the Carrara on me so why take it off! I would be happy and honoured to live in this belt for JamesBondageSX, Jayge1951 and everyone else who wants me locked!


Well then lets hope you stay that way ;)) Thanks again for all the time you took for us MrYours, and I wish you a happy locked serving time.


  1. WOW !
    I relate to this post more than anything i have seen so far in any group.
    Thirty years ago i looked a lot like you but was a very active dom who
    foolishly allowed a sub of mine to lock me in a Bill Jones chastity belt
    on a bet. I lost the bet that i could and would remain dominate and
    ended up locked in the belt unless secured down for three years.
    Below is a story i wrote about the experience which changed my life.
    Sorry ….
    for some reason i can not cut and paste the story

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