Kinky Art: My Mom Was Angry At Me Cause I Didn’t Make Any Notes But Drew All Over The Copy Books

Hello, dear Readers ? Today we’re Talking to Ryuuji, a Slovakian Artist. Ryuuji, can you tell us, how/when did you get started with drawing, and what was your Inspiration?

Well… I started to draw as a child in kindergarten. It was just something that I really like to do. I was a really weird child :D. All kids liked to go out and play with ball or something, but not me. I liked to watch cartoons, and every character that I liked I tried to draw. I also watched movies, mostly, as weird as I was as a child, horror movies and sci-fi. I loved the stories in those movies. Terminator, alien, cyborg, gremlins, critters, guyver etc… those were my childhood movies 😀  At school my table was always dirty from drawings, and at home my mom was angry at me because i didn’t make any notes at all but i drew all over the copy books :D.

When I became older, I found out that there was this thing called anime and manga. My First anime a saw was Hellsing on a TV channel called Viva where they spoke only German… I didn’t understand a thing XD, but I loved the way it was drawn. So I started to learn to draw like that. Slowly, I learned a thing or two and started to create my own characters with their own story. When I was 15 I started to buy comic books with my pocket money. I fell in love with Spider-Man and still love him to this day. He was my favourite comic character. Until that day, I drew just for fun… But when I got 17 I started to dream …

“What if I create my own comic book?”

So I started to create characters, story and everything and began to draw. At first, it was really hard for me. It was something new. But I created something. But still it was just for me. I posted some pages on the internet and showed them to my friends, but that was it. I never really published it.

As the years went on, I graduated and found a job. But when I started to work, I didn’t have much free time for drawing any more, so I kinda quit with it. For a few years, I drew nothing any more. But I still love cartoons, anime and stuff. And 2 years ago my dream somehow came back to me, and I started again. I’ve become older, smarter (I think XD) and now I want to fulfill my dream to be an artist and to publish my own comic book.

Hellsing? The Dracula series where blood just splatters everywhere was your first childhood anime? Wow, XD It’s cool that you restarted chasing your dream again. How do you go about drawing when you start? Do you just start drawing and see where it leads you? Or do you have a pose/character in your head and go from there?

Yup, that’s the one XD. When I was a child, my parents didn’t make it a big deal, and they let me watch bloody movies and animees… But I also liked duck tales and other Disney cartoons, XDDD. Only thing they didn’t let me watch was sex and stuff… Before, I used to just draw and not think about what I’m drawing…

Then I tried to draw everything that I saw… That I know…

…those pictures were kinda messy :D, but it’s a way to learn how to do it. Later I wanted to be better at this, so I started to draw pics with references and started to become better. My pics started to look good, and I was happy how it went.

Now, when I want to draw something, first I try to imagine what I want to do. In what kind of situation the character will be, and then I started to sketch it. In one way, that’s a good thing. You think about what you want to do. But it’s also a bad thing, cause when I start thinking too much, I get an art block and cant draw a thing any more XD.

There were times when I wanted to draw like someone else. When I wanted to start my comic, I really wanted to draw like Kubo Tite, mangaka of Bleach. I really wanted to copy his style. But that’s something I’ll never be able to accomplish. After years, I developed my own style and I kinda like it 😀 but there are still things that I can get better at.

The best way to get better for me is to use reference of real people. It’s important to learn human anatomy if you want to draw. And it works for me. Many of the pics I posted were drawn with reference. I found good-looking guys on the internet and just drew them. And it helped, because now I can draw a looking bodies without reference.

Absolutely, you need to know how it is built to truly draw it. Now, I know it’s a bit of a mean question 😉 , but what are some of the things you can/want to get better at and improve yourself?

It’s not mean 😀 Well… Sometimes I have a really big problem with hands… It’s really hard for me to draw them well in some poses XD… Then there are the feet… I don’t know if I should mention it, but I kinda got a fetish for them, so I’m not always happy how I draw them and always lose much time redrawing them… They just must look muscular and sexy XDDD.

On some angles I have problems with abs, sometimes they just look flat, and so I have to redraw them a few times till they look how they should… But the thing I really want to get better at is colouring… When you look on my Tumblr you can see that i tried different coloring styles, some of them look better, some of them are awful…

I’m kinda still looking for a coloring style to fall in love with XD. I tried different programs, different brushes… Well I am still learning 🙂

From what people tell me, drawing is a never-ending learning experience. And we are a fetish magazine, I think you are safe telling us 😉 What are some other parts/scenes you would find interesting or also hot to draw/get a commission for?

Uff… Its hard to answer this, because any kind of art is interesting… And the artist is the one that should make it interesting or hot looking, you know? 

Every time this is a challenge for me, but I am always happy and I’m looking forward to “fight” it.

Someone asks you: “Can you draw this guy to do stuff with this guy/girl/thing?” and it’s on the artist to create the poses and composition of the page etc. Every time this is a challenge for me, but I am always happy and I’m looking forward to “fight” it, 😀 So any kind of commission is OK.

A Year ago I didn’t know there was this pup play thing, but my BF is into this stuff, and he showed it to me … so I draw a picture for him and people like that pic pretty much… Actually, i want to draw more of this kind of pictures because I’m starting to like this stuff XD. Those boys are super cute.

But first I need to finish some other projects. The day should be longer now, so I have more time for drawing XD. And we actually want to buy those masks, but It’s hard to get them here in Slovakia. Aaaaand he’s gonna kill me when he finds out that I write this XD

Aww, It’s alright, just pet him a bit, then he’ll forget about it and be happy again 😉 So, does that mean you maybe will draw a kinky comic some point in the future?

Yup… It is highly possible ;). Right now, I’m working on two comics… One is mine (the one I wanted to do for years) and one other which is a little bit perverted XD. The erotic one I’m doing for one of my followers. I did a few commissions for him with his OC, he liked them a lot (thank god XD) and asked me if I can do a comic with this OC for him. I will start to post them in a short while, as soon as I got a few more pages  finished, and I’m really looking forward to peoples reactions… I hope they’ll like it 🙂 

That’s the fuel for me, and it’s pushing me forward to continue this art journey of mine.

Because the best thing for an artist is when people like your art.