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TUTORIAL: Sounding – The penetration of the urethra

Sounding – The practice of putting in a long, smooth and mostly metallic object into your urethra for the purpose of pleasure and sensation. In the following lecture, we introduce you to the basic know-how of this sexual practice.

About Sounding

You’ve probably stumbled upon it at least once in your kink life. Sounding. It’s something that a lot of people are very wary about. Which is very understandable. You usually don’t think about putting something into this hole, unless it’s for medical needs. But if done right, it can be a very pleasureful experience.

The feeling, to best describe it, is like when you have a full bladder and finally get release. If you’re horny enough it also starts to mix with the feeling of cumming, or at least leaking 😉 However, it’s following and focusing around the sound, so it’s a little confusing since it starts from the tip of your dick, instead the inside of your bladder, and goes down it from there. It can be very intense when you simultaneously stimulate him from the outside as well.

So, now that you’ve heard about it a little, and may even became intrigued. But still, it’s something down your dick. Your Dick! That’s still dangerous and scary, right? Well, hopefully at least, we can do something about the dangerous part, and like this also ease your uneasiness about it. So lets start with the tutorial.

The Sounds

Let’s get something straight: When it comes to sounding, you should not experiment or use household appliances. I’ve heard stories where people used wire… Please don’t do stuff like that. You’ll DEFINITELY injure yourself. So just use proper equipment. Then you’re gonna have a fun time 🙂

Ok, enough about this. Let’s talk about the sounds. There are many different shapes and sizes out there.

Metall sounds are the most common. They glide down smoothly and are cleaned very easily. They come in all shapes and sizes. A simple one of these like the 2 from the left is the most recommended ones for beginners. The rounder the end, the better and safer they are.

There are also the ones out of silicone. Although they seem safer, that is only the case if you know how to use them. The trait that they bend easily can both be useful as well as harmful. You have to be careful to not make accidental quick or big movements, go small and slow. Use a lot of lube when using these, and regularly reapply. Dry silicone irritates and rips skin and inner tissue.

Last, we also got the ones with vibrators or electro connectors. They provide some extra special sensations 🙂 But they are more for advanced play. If you still want to buy them, keep the following things in mind when using them:

  • Vibrators change the balance of the sound. If you use them, you have to be more careful with your movements. From the feel, imagine like when you have a pencil, and tape a big eraser on the upper end of it. If it has a curve and shape like the second one from from the low, don’t apply hard pressure towards that direction/end. Depending on the strength of the vibrator and shape of the urethra, it can be harmful.
  • Electro plays with the muscles. Your dick is basically swelling organs and muscles. High strength electro moves them. Depending on the dick’s shape, in unfortunate ways. Especially at the base, it can be dangerous. So keep all motions, yours and his, secured and controlled. Don’t move the sound around when applying shocks/signals. You may go against the convulsing muscle, which can make it tear. Lower the strength or best turn it off, then move, afterwards turn up again.

A tip from experienced sounders. Don’t use the smallest size. It may be tempting to if you’re a beginner or use them on one, but those are the ones with the sharpest edges, and the highest risk of injury. Piercing analogy again: Many Piercers say small/thin piercings can hurt more and be more uncomfortable, as when they press against skin/tissue, the force is applied on a thinner/smaller area. Same applies here. Most of the time when I heard about injuries with sounding, it was due to such things. Please don’t use them, unless it’s seriously the only one that would fit. Then, use it to stretch his urethra to the next size and then use that one.

Also, as mentioned a bit above already, try to find sounds with a round end. Not just rounded, round. These are much safer to use.

If you keep these characteristics in mind when buying, you can have a very good time 🙂


This is the most important part of the entire how-to. To be prepared well is the best way to minimize risks. For what things you need, we’ll go into detail what they are in a moment, but here’s the list:

  • Sounds (of course)
  • Latex / Nitrile Gloves
  • Disinfection wipes
  • Sanitizer / Disinfection Liquid
  • Medical lube
  • Soap
  • Surface to leave your things on (best with used separated from unused)

It’s best if you have the to be sounded person in a relaxed place and state of mind, ideally in a position where he won’t accidentally or impulsively is going to move around.

For our demonstration, we lent our model urbansub @pupse7en’s hood and strapped him down in our bondage chair. He seemed happy in there 😉

The rules of preparation for sounding are roughly the same as when you are in a good tattoo studio. You’re going to play with a very sensitive area, and internal flesh unprotected by skin. So it’s very important to always keep your toys and hands sterile and desinfected.

For that end it’s recommended that, before playing, you put on latex or nitrile gloves. That especially applies if you have a wound on your hands, like here. Maybe also clean your sub’s dick with soap.

Now comes the sound. Even if you store your toys very carefully, it is crucial, more a must that you desinfect your sound before playing. There are several ways to do that. Our preferred method is to use disinfection wipes. You can get them online and pretty much every pharmacy.

You can also use normal disinfectant. Put it on your gloves, and rub them along the sound. That generally is a good idea to do after you’ve prepared everything, as you touched a lot of things with the gloves now.

Wait a little while after you did that, to let the alcohol evaporate. It’s not a nice feeling to get that jammed inside your shaft 🙂 Also please don’t touch his balls with the alcohol. It burns like hell. Just use normal soap for his soft parts.

Lube up your sound. For that, use sterile / medical lubricant, again, available online/in the pharmacy. Don’t use your normal one, especially fancy with taste or silicone. These can nestle in areas , and can, when other things clamp together with it, cause infections and inflammations.

The Sounding

Let’s get to the action. First, we insert the sound into the urethra. Do this slowly.

A good method to insert it is this: After you’ve inserted the tip, hold it on the upper end. Let the urethra clench and release, depending on the strength even let him push it out a bit, then go in slowly.

After it has swallowed enough of the sound to hold it upright, just hold your hand above the sound. Don’t push, just hold it in place lightly to not let his dick push it all out again. But still let him have some give (some space to push against), he needs to get used to it first. Let him swallow it in small, slow steps.

The method mentioned holds some general good rules.

Don’t push hard against convulsing muscles. – This is the easiest way to do damage. If you want to put it in, wait until he has accepted the sound, or contracted the muscles and is relaxing, then push it in slowly.

Take your time – It’s not a quick game. Your sub needs to get used to the invasion, and stretch the hole.

Go with the flow – similarly to fisting, you have to follow the motions and reactions of your partner.

You also have to remember the shape of the urethra. You will hit a point where you can’t easily go any further.

This is cause of the curves the urethral canal has. Once you reach this point, you have to be very careful to not push too strongly or you can damage the walls.

If you want to try (please not on your first tryouts) to push deeper, bend your soundee’s penis downward to lessen the curve.


Once you’ve gotten your soundee used to the insertion, you can start to move it a little more easily. Push it in and out with care.

If the sound is curved you can also twist it a little for some additional stimulation (careful not to push the end it’s curved towards too hard against the inner walls).

There are also several other techniques how you can pleasure him. You could, for example:

Rub the underside of his dick, where his urethral canal goes along.

You can also rub along the glans and shaft to let your soundee push the sound out. (Can also hold the sound to prevent him from pushing out of course).

You can lightly shake his dick with the sound inside to let it stimulate the walls and also slide out.

And, another very intense thing to do, alternatingly with your hands, kneading down his shaft.

You can have a lot of fun with your play partner here. Experiment with him. His dick is, quite literally, in your hands. Just don’t make any quick, violent motions. Then you’ll be fine.

Once you’re done having fun with his front hole, slowly take it out again, put it on a tray or so, and wipe his dick off (not with the alcohol, just normal tissues). Give him some time to relax after this, it can be very intense. So don’t expect him to top right afterwards 😉 Go rinse of the sounds or something like that. Always a good idea. And maybe let him focus himself on some other bodyparts?

That’s it for this tutorial. I wish you a lot of fun trying. If you have or find some good techniques and tips, why not post them down below or write us a mail at ? If it’s good we’ll put it in 🙂 Or write us on twitter what tutorial you’d like to have next.

This lecture has been presented by:

se7en & MasterMarc

The (dick) model was:


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