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ABDL – Enjoying The Relaxing Comfort Of The Childhood

Today I’m talking to a sweet little submissive boy from Florida, a guy who is into a lot of kinks but he is considering ABDL as his main kink as it is something he lives also even if he isn’t horny. I think that is an interesting guy we should really visit to know more about him.

Hi Dexter. Nice to have you with us. Please excuse me …. probably I’ll ask you some stupid questions as adults do sometimes, but the ABDL world is not really mine. I’ve learned from my ABDL friends that it is important to know how old your age-play me is and what kind of boy are you?

My pleasure, MasterMarc. I’ve never been asked to give an interview about my abdl side before! Well my little age (as we call it in the community) is pretty fluid. I range between 2-10 years old depending on the headspace I’m in and the circumstances. For the most part, I probably stick around 3-5 as I’m more of a toddler. I prefer the boyish aesthetic rather than the baby one. With my age versatility comes my ability to be both a little and big brother to my diaper boy friends. I have a big bro and little bro I talk to regularly, and am always willing to help out new diaperboys find their place in the community. I’m very patient with my little bros and pouty and playfully naughty with my big bros hahaha. I also fall into the category of a “middle” which is between a little and a big, kind of like a young pre teen or early teen. I like that for the humiliation aspect as being a little is rarely sexual to me. As for my personality, I’m very friendly and playful and always like to cuddle!



Florida (U.S.)

Let us talk about the sexual aspect a little later. First you’ve really to explain us how the relationship between such brothers is. Can you probably make some analogies to other kinks?

Sure, so the best comparison I can make is like for those in the pup community having alpha;beta pups. It’s not really a dom sub dynamic, it’s very much just like being brothers! The big bro acts as a guide and may give some rules or tasks and lots of teasing. The little bro is just that, the little bro. Hes the baby and is treated as such. But at the end of the day, they are both little boys hehe. Having someone like a daddy or babysitter is more the dominate role in the situation.

Can you tell us how such an afternoon with other littles looks like? What do you do? And what is the fun you get out of it?

Oh the possibilities are endless! We play with legos or other toys, color, watch cartoons and movies, lots of cuddling of course Haha. Just anything to enhance the headspace. We make little food like dino nuggets and mac and cheese, and have sippy cups of juice or milk. We may take laxatives or suppositories to encourage us to make messes in our diapers hehe. Of course we change eachothers wet and messy diapers (if comfortable with messy ones of course) and clean up with bubble baths! We may go out and about and have competitions as to who can humiliate the other more, like pulling up their shirts or giving really obvious checks and teasing. It’s all very playful and makes one feel at ease. It puts you into a very vulnerable position and to hang out with other littles is relaxing and comforting, it’s a very accepting experience. I love hanging out with my little friends because you can be you’re true 100% authentic self with them. But I’ve to say, that padded sleepovers are the best.

Hehe. That really remembers my childhood. 🙂 Ok, probably I’ve got the healthier food … But if we talk about kinks, it has mostly also a sexual side involved. Can you explain how the abdl lifestyle you’re living becomes sexual?

As far as the sexual aspect of abdl, for me it’s all about the humiliation. Being deprived of bathroom privileges is very degrading and I just love that. Being put into the sub/slave boy headspace while diapered is a lot different than little space. Being forced to stand in front of a dom and wet and mess yourself while they laugh at you makes me feel some type of way hahaha. However when in little space, being edged and diapered is super frustrating and drives me crazy, kept right on the edge and denied keeps me feeling little and pathetic, cuz everyone knows little boys dont make cummies hehe. I also enjoy being kept in chastity and having my little butt stuffed with a big plug. I have had my wet diapers (and others wet diapers) shoved in my face while I’m serving as a good bottom boy, my diaper has served as a urinal for other men, I’ve been asked to hump my full loaded diaper but not allowed to cum and that’s an amazing feeling.

I also love verbal, I love being called names like baby boy or stinky butt and made fun of for being a bedwetter and diaper wearer

Most of the sexual action you have told us was mostly in combination with another headspace than the abdl. Is it correct that if you are in the little headspace, you are less sexual than if you’re living one of your other kinks?

Yes definitely. For me, abdl is more about forgetting adult problems for a little while, just being stress free and relaxing with the comfort of childhood. As with many abdls I know, it’s an intrinsic thing to us that goes back further than our sexual desires. For me personally, I knew I was abdl before I knew I was gay. I would be fascinated with seeing diapers on tv as a kid and would stuff my undies with toilet paper for the cushion and pee in them while standing in the bathtub, I was probably 8 or 9. Around age 11 or 12 I was taking diapers from my little cousins diaper bag and putting them on in the bathroom but they never fit. Unfortunately I was never a bedwetter so I didnt get the excuse to have pull ups or dry nights or anything. I tried dry nights on at a friends house with him one time when we were about 12 since he was a bedwetter and I said I would wear them with him to make him less self conscious and we slept in them, guess that would be my first time chilling with another boy in diapers hahaha.

When I got my first computer at 14, I was looking up diaper boys and stuff online, there was an old website called experience project which was kind of like the wild west at the time and I would download diaper boy pics off there, ended up giving my computer so many viruses hahahahaha.

Diapers fell to the wayside for me for a few years after that out of fear, but I finally discovered abdl on tumblr when I was 20. I remember I cried a little because for the longest time I thought something was wrong with me. To find out thats not only was I not alone, that I was far from it. Theres a massive community out there and its constantly growing. So I am a bit of a late comer to the community but I think it came at a good time. I’ve have embraced it fully ever since and made amazing friends along the way.

Oh you have really mentioned something important: How to get the personal ABDL equipment. Ok. with your 160cm of height you have probably the advantage that you can buy some of your cloths in a normal department store but taller guys have more problems to get their ABDL cloths. But I can also imagine that it could be a little shameful if you are in the children clothing department trying out things for yourself. I think that is a little a shameful feeling you share with a lot of lingerie lovers.

Haha yes there are perks being a really short boy when you’re also abdl. Like I said, I like more boyish clothes than baby clothes. So I get mosy of my clothes from stores like target or carters. They make super cute boy undies I like to wear if I’m not able to be diapered. I fit in boys size large most places. It can be embarrassing to shop but people dont notice usually. For all they know I’m buying gifts or something. Abdls get very anxious that everyone knows what they are up to, but in my experience most people just go about ther business and dont even notice or care.

However it is a bit scary to have to try clothes on in the store and they have to check the merchandise I take into the dressing room. My go to excuse is it’s for a theme party hahaha

It would be funny to know what theme parties and bets have been used as an excuse for. 🙂 Do you have other advice you could give to shy abdl newbies?

The biggest issue I see lots of newbies have is not being able to get diapers or not having a place to wear them. A lot fear getting found out, and that is totally understandable. My advice is, Safety first. Whatever their current position is as to why they can’t get dispers or wear them, it will change as they get older. They will have access to more privacy and income as well as learning to just not care what others think. As long as you are not hurting yourself or anyone, you should embrace whatever makes you happy!

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