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Fearslave: Hard Whipping in SF Citadel

Master Bob invited my Master to take His slave to SF Citadel to enjoy the place privately. On a Sunday evening, Master drove to the city with me for the invitation. i knew Master Bob’s slave, eric, would also be there, and i was looking forward to meeting him and curious what would happen.

Master Bob greeted us at the door and we followed him to a quiet and empty SF Citadel that was just cleaned after an event.  A series of floggers and whips were already laid on a illuminated desk which looked cool and sexy. Two Masters then chatted when examining the whips, and i was following quietly enjoying an interesting feeling.

Eric came soon after, a young and tall slave who acted formally and properly. He participated in examining the whips and inspected my Master’s single tails like a pro. Then he started preparations by moving the bondage rack and checking the lights, as it turned out the plan was to have me whipped by him as a starter (at least i thought so at the moment).

To be whipped by another slave strangely turned me on. i was amazed by eric’s skill of wielding whips when he started to warm up. It was totally professional level which must have taken years of practice to achieve, things like wielding over-the-head or double-handed. The whips cracked and it sounded louder in such an large empty room, which must be terrifying to many people but only exciting with some anxiety to me.

i got stripped, Master put leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles and eric attached me to the rack. i was hooded and it helped me concentrate. Then the whipping began.


In the beginning, the two whips in eric’s hands whistled over my back, sometimes scratching my back gently, and once a while hitting mildly. Master usually whipped me hard from the beginning, and i’ve learned to cope with the most difficult first dozen. Eric’s warming up was nice, which even gave a misconception that it would be too mild, but later it was proved to be totally wrong.

Gradually the whipping was getting more intense, and before i noticed it was all hard hitting. i always describe a good whipping experience as a kind of “flying” (and i was spread-eagled at the moment), you open your wings and relax instead of fighting it back, and each lash, if done right, just becomes the wind under your wings that lift you higher. There is a delicate balance though, which could be lost when you get too tense to ride the wind. i was flying nicely with relaxed body and stable breath, and it kept pushing me higher.


Eric alternated through about six or eight whips – all single tail – and they felt different each time. Some of them were not leather but nylon, eric’s favorite, and i found them stiff and deeper impacting. The both-hand whipping gave a higher frequency than i used to, as the pain hit-subside cycles were short, but i adjusted to that well.

After about an hour of whipping, i was worked over well. Eric took his 7-foot bull whip and tried that on me. The brutal whip roared and landed on my back horizontally, leaving a long strip of burning pain with a loud crack. i internalized the pain and exhaled them, synchronizing with my aggressor without moving a muscle. The stimulation finally overwhelmed me and i started to shake uncontrollably, not that i felt bad or fear, just the body started to respond that way.


i was released from the rack and given more heat to get warmer. Master checked on me and decided to continue. i had never struggled in the constrains and bondage, so it was not really needed except to look good. i just held a pillar for some support and more whipping started. Eric went full-blow with single tails, and hit my upper back precisely with more real impact and brutally loud crack. i finally started to moan and groan and shake with my brain overloaded, an extreme experience that took some time to subside.

Eric whispered “you are amazing” when he came and release me. i smiled with pride and thought an amazing whipper made that too. It was a special dialogue between us. Master was pleased and proud, which made me very happy.



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  1. This is a beautiful account of a good, hard whipping. Singletails were once only my fantasy, but having played with them for a few years now, I can fully relate to the slave and this experience. Nicely written with good detail. I am glad to read a story in which both players were in touch with each other and that they approached this session in what seems to me to be reasonable attitudes with solid expectations. Again, we’ll done and thank you for sharing this experience with us.

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