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Smoking Fetish at Fugger Cigar Lounge

A talk with Olaf, the organizer of the Fugger Cigar Lounge in Berlin.

MasterMarc: Hi Olaf. You’re the man behind the Fugger Cigar Lounge, one of the very special side events during the big get-togethers of the fetish scene in Berlin. Can I say that your events are focused on culinary sophisticated leather men who loves to smoke cigars? And what is the aim of the Fugger Cigar Lounge?

Olaf: Yes, you can say that! In a certain way they really are culinary sophisticated Leather men that are attending my Cigar Events and there had been quite a number of attendees last Folsom! Even though they are the perfect target group, i am also very much focussed onto new beginners and admirers of that pleasure in Cigars. It’s very inspiring to get together in an adequate location and have a great evening among likeminded Men sharing their passion for Cigar smoking.

The challenge was to find a place or bar that allows enjoying a good cigar and as you know smoking a cigar will keep you busy for almost an hour. This time you would not want to spend in a separated small smokers area in some bar – no, you want to have room of that and walk around freely! I think i managed to find a great location for that here in the gay area of Berlin.

One other reason to create that Cigar Event was also to give the fetish crowd another platform and location to socialise while they are wearing their fetish gear and living their cigar fetish. It is great to see all this masculinity wrapped in Leather! Also this event is a new attraction to all the international guests that like to come to Berlin to enjoy our liberty of being and showing who you are. All in all i think the aim was to enrich the fetish scene here in Berlin and contribute to its free lifestyle. And there is more to come!


MasterMarc: Why do you see smoking cigars as fetish and can you explain what the essentials of this cigar fetish are?

Olaf: Smoking Cigars for me is something that in a big way reflects masculinity. It is very exiting to watch someone delightfully enjoying a big cigar and that see that thick smoke coming out of the mouth – almost meditative and soothing – and it can somehow develop a sort of bond between two people. In the right location and for example while wearing full leather, for me it alway lays a very big emphasis on a sexual interaction.

There are also so many different activities involved in smoking cigars. Let someone cut and lightening up a cigar for you in a Master/Slave context for example, or using a slave as ashtray with some interesting devices you can buy for that. Furthermore the thick smoke can be exchanged in breathplay or even some delicate play on divers Bodyparts with the burning hot cigar might be very demanding.

As you can see, there is a very interesting wide field from mild to wild, or otherwise you can of coarse just lean back and enjoy…


MasterMarc: Do your guests also live this  kinky sides during your events? And would you say that to smoke a cigar is an expression of dominance?

Olaf: Oh Yes, most of them do enjoy and live the kinky side – even so i do not know all of my guests sexual preferences – but since my CIGAR LOUNGE is more of a Social Event the kink side is not the primary reason to attend. Some guests come by also to know more about the topic of Cigarsmoking. For them especially we do offer short Cigar Seminars at the beginning of the evening. Since my CIGAR LOUNGE attracts a very special focussed fetish group and also new beginners it might be very possible that later in the evening my guests will also enjoy the playful side of cigar fetish…

Smoking a Cigar for me is something very special, the size of a cigar, the ritual of preparing the cigar. Especially since the Cigar is mostly smoked by the Master! Nothing more exciting then watching a slave kneeling in front of you craving for a puff of smoke given by his Master or even better making sure that none of his Masters ashes will be wasted onto the floor. Well I guess that is representing what you call dominance.

MasterMarcFolsom Europe is coming in September. What can people visiting the Fugger Cigar Lounge expect during these days?

Olaf: During Folsom Europe the FINGER CIGAR LOUNGE  will be the only official Location for all Cigar smokers in Fetish. Every night from thursday till Monday always from 8pm onwards there will be divers gettogether of Men in Gear to enjoy the pleasure of Cigar and Pipe Smoking. Its also open for beginners and admirers and Who knows, what other pleasures will and can be fullfilled….if i only think of all the ashes…..

Friday will be a special BLUF Meeting meaning that on this night there will be a high density of men in leather Uniforms gathering. Saturday evening our Cigar Partner “Starke Zigarren” will be hosting a Seminar about cigars and will show how you can approach the cigarsmoking in the correct manner, like how to store, prepare, cut and light a cigar correctly.

Certainly every night we will have a cigar store on location so whenever you run out of smoking material there will be a place to buy a good variety.

So we are looking forward to nice talks, good Drinks, lots of smoke encounters and interaction at the upcoming Event.

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