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Fisting – It feels like an electric tension goes through my nerves, my muscles, my skin!

Hello Axel. It is a pleasure to talk to a French fistee who is living in Japan now. I know, you’re a real fist lover, and you are also acting in several porn movies. So, your fist cunt has become quite famous. Why do you like fisting? What is the sensation you love when you get some hands inside you?

Well, to be honest, my first approach to fisting had nothing to do with the S&M side of it. I was probably 14 when I first saw a fisting scene and I got shocked. Probably disgusted. But also fascinated. I could never forget the intensity in the eyes, they looked like possessed. Then I saw an amateur video of two guys wearing soccer socks, baseball caps, sneakers, real jocks. And the fist was slow, sensuous. No scream, no pain on the fistee face, far from the leather/bears/daddys clichés I used to have. It was a real delight. Again, they also looked possessed. But heavenly happy.

I’ve always been curious, drinking my pee or playing my ass since very young. So I had to understand what fisting was about. I started stretching, pushing random things in it. I would get fuck once in a while, but living in France’s countryside, without Recon or gay app at the time, I was on my own in this process. Until the day the whole wrist slept inside. And I came, right away, without touching my cock. A huge amount of cum. And there was no turning back.

Every time I would take a cock, there was this feeling, this heat, coming, taking me higher… But I would never reach that point. With a fist, a huge toy deep in my cunt, I reach it and i go further. I come, I cum. Inside, outside. I lose control. And I pee a lot. I’m not sure I can call it an orgasm because, since then, it became so easy for me to have them ! But yes, once you tasted those, you want them bigger, deeper. Now, I fist myself every day in the shower, just to be sure I’m sloppy enough to take anyone, anytime.

It’s all about knowing my own body, feeling it. It’s an introspection. That’s why I don’t do chems!

It sounds that it has become a real passion. Is it just a feeling of losing control of your own body, or are there also other feelings you associate with being fisted? And can you also tell us, what you feel when you are fisting a guy?

It is a passion ! I love to share about it. I believe my Tumblr and my Xtube pages tells about it. When fisted, there’s a paradox for me. It feels like an electric tension goes through my nerves, my muscles, my skin. And sometimes, I drown in it. No more control. Cum, piss and spasms.

But somehow operates a new connection between my brain and my body. I often compare fist-fucking to yoga. The way we fix our thoughts, the way we focus on our goals. Deeper, larger, faster. At some point, in a good session, I find peace. I wouldn’t call it satisfaction because I always want more… but it’s a unique state of mind. It’s relieving. I used to be a quite anguished guy. Exploring my cunt helps a lot to get rid of everyday’s stress.

That’s why I don’t do chems. Poppers would help, I love it but I don’t need it. It’s all about knowing my own body, feeling it. It’s an introspection. I see guys slamming to lose control and finally take a fist. That’s not the way I enjoy it. The action alone gets me high and put me in a trance. I would advise anyone to give up on those substances and try their best to let go by themselves.

I’ve heard guys talking about surrending to take a fist. I understand what they mean but as for me, it’s not a submissive attitude. I’ve been told I’m a quite agressive bottom. I move a lot. In Japan, they call “maguro” (tuna) the excessively passive bottom. They don’t move, they just lie on the bed or the sling and wait. I don’t enjoy that. I’m not a slave, I’m a slut. I know what I want and I take it from the top.

As we said, it’s a passion. It’s about sharing, and this is why I enjoy being fisting as much as being fisted. I usually prefer versatile guys to top only. Because we know how it feels, why it’s good and how to give it back. Again, as a top I wouldn’t turn in a “master”. We are equals and give pleasure to each other. It’s no punishment, it’s a gift. It’s a fusion between two bodies. To do so, I listen and feel the breath, the heartbeat, study the moves of my partner. And more importantly, his eyes. It’s about trusting each other, and it can be very sensuous. On the other hand, even the toughest fists request this connection. And I do love a bloody hard punching.

Yes, the fisting is a very intense action and trust is really the base of it. As a top, sorry, I’m not versatile, I always say that there is no other sexual action as fisting is in which the bottom is topping the top. As top, you have to know, that you are not allowed to fist against the body of the bottom because that could be very dangerous. You have to feel what the cunt needs, and it is your job, as top, to play with it and to tease the cunt so that it gives you the permission to go deeper. What is in your eyes a good top?

A good top has to be attentive. The bottom needs to be comfortable. Some of us need time to open, others are always ready to swallow the hand right away. Some like stretching, large plugs, double fisting, some like depth exploration… We fistees are all different. I like it all but punching is definitely my main thing. A good punching requires a rhythm. That rhythm comes from both partners, but the top is in charge. He needs to learn the fistee’s reactions to every move. He would start slowly, let the hole get comfortable with the shape of the fist, then start the action. It’s like music, find a tempo and stick with it for a bit.

If the top is hesitating, the hole feels it. If the top goes to slow, or too fast, or both without any regularity, the hole can’t relax. It’s like a drive on the highway, better go smoothly… Until the hole gets used to the rythm. Then you can go slightly harder, or faster. If you suddenly slow down or stop, you break the rythm and believe me, nothing worse than that. Being attentive to the breathe, the look in the eyes, the body language and, sometimes, the smile.

I had the chance to play with Amerifist for He is one of the best top I ever met. His hands are enormous and yet, his technique makes it sweet and soft as cotton candy ! It is a hard stretch but he really listens to my cunt and owns my whole body right away. His deep voice, his warm skin and the way he twists in me are a delight. Every top should learn from his videos.

Music is also something which can help you. Try as top to slowly adjust the rhythm of the bottom’s hole to the rhythm of good and deep music, and the bottom becomes totally relaxed. It helps you as top to play, even with more variety. How do you see it? Do you have more advices for tops?

I’d agree on that. I’ve got complaints from viewers of my videos, saying the music disturb the action. But it does help our brain to connects to the flow, get into the mood, lose ourselves in the tempo. Although, I might be a bit picky about music. I was once on a sling in a SM club, and they suddenly decided to play ABBA. Big turn off on my side… I love playing on Royksopp, Sigur Ros or John Grant. Their songs are perfect for me. I discovered the last one during an orgy with a bunch of very good friends in Paris. Grant’s voice literally obsessed me and I had such a great moment, my hole gets wet every time I listen to it.

Music, lights, smells… Same as massages, a good fisting session requires a good mood. I’m not saying it has to be cosy and smell like a beauty salon, hell no. Again, everybody is different. But, especially for beginners, the more relaxed the cunt is, the bigger it will open; so the bottom needs to feel he’s in his element. That’s why for me getting fisted is not a submissive position. If I feel good, relaxed, you’ll get everything from me. If I’m somehow uncomfortable, don’t expect me to swallow your elbow…

Also, some don’t like it but it’s essential to me : kissing. You can piss in my mouth, you can make me gag on your dick, you can spit on me, I will thank you for that, but if you don’t kiss me, my cunt might keep dry. I love when the top looks at me in the eyes, work my hole and finally kisses me. The tension is released and the energy explodes in me. Once you kiss me, I’m locked on your mind. My hole is yours.

Now, I let you imagine what happens if you drink my piss, eat my rosebud, spit in my mouth and kiss me with all those juices…

Hehe, I see some kisses and juices are the key for your heaven’s gate. 🙂 What kind of advices would you give to newbies who really want to train their ass?

Patience and devotion are their best friends. It’s been almost ten years I fist myself every day. I can do it anytime, without lube, just because my hole knows my hand by heart. I play a lot with all sort of toys. When I was a student, I would use fruits or vegetables, it’s the cheapest way to fuck yourself, and still very efficient, haha.

To become loose, beginners needs first to learn how to relax and to control their fear of the pain. And if there’s pain anyway, to stop. It’s important to know where the limits are so breaking them can become a goal. Never rushing, never pushing and tons of lube. The fistee is his own master.

A good hygiene will help to relax. If the fistee is unsure to be clean, you can be sure the feared accident will come. Shit happens to all of us, it’s no taboo. Douching is essential. It’s a long but necessary process. It has to be gentle so the colon is not stressed out. And if you love to be wet like I do, you might begin to enjoy it. I became a big enema whore. I love douching, the feeling when I squirt it out… And if someone’s watching or even doing it with me it’s even better. Now, there’s that clip on my Tumblr when I fuck my cunt with a big shower head… Beginners, don’t try this at home ! It took me years to swallow like this.

Fucking myself is a way to learn and understand my body. A knowledge of the human body does help, but exploring my guts with my fingers, then my hands, did teach me everything I needed to know about myself and what I want/need. Now, if someone needs more specific tips, I can give private lessons…

I’m sure you would be a good teacher. 🙂 Can you tell us, why you love to present your talented cunt in porn movies?

Simple, I’m an exhibitionist. Being watched always been a turn on since my young age. And the more extreme the action is, the more I want to show it ! I remember taking videos of me drinking my piss when I was still a kid. I played on webcam since I got internet. And now, I love outdoors, public toilets, or taking heavy punches in front of random people… I keep doing all those things on my Xtube videos or on my Cam4 shows.

As I’m a filmmaker, I started experimenting in some amateur porn. I didn’t plan to post them online at first. But once I got in heat, my editing done, I wanted the world to see how I work my cunt. I posted it on Xtube, and it got lots of views. I was surprised, even a bit scared by how viral it went. From the beginning, it was clear I had to show my face. In the dirtiest videos, the face would always be the biggest turn on for me, the expressions and all. So I never wanted to hide it. I wanted to be seen. And recognized as the slut I am. I am quite proud of the success of my home videos. It’s always been a way to experiment and as I go more and more arty, followers keep following and complimenting. I get tons of messages from people all over the world, in many languages, saying how much they want to destroy my pussy and how they’re cumming several times a day to my videos. I’m very lucky.

I started in 2014. In 2015, Falcon Group contacted me, asking if I would perform in their next Club Inferno Dungeon fisting movie. I got super excited and said yes right away. I went to the US for my first time, not on vacation but to show off my hole and take punches in it. My passion was valued, I was so happy ! On the same trip, I met Amerifist for Studfist. That scene where you see me taking his big fists, being unable to stop peeing… Knowing the amount of men, and may be women, watching this makes me wet everyday. Few months later, I got invited to come back to Club Inferno’s studios for a second movie while the first one got released : they decided the title was “The Abysse” ! That’s the american dream, haha.

The American French pussy dream! 🙂 I’ve to end the interview with one of the stupid questions, I’m sure you’ve been asked a lot of times: Does your cunt still feel when it gets fucked, and can you enjoy it?

I do get that a lot. I still enjoy being fucked. I don’t need lube for a cock. Any cock. That’s very pleasurable. I love being piss fucked, I love double penetration… Still a lot to enjoy with cocks ! Of course, my cunt still feels everything ! But… It’s true it’s very hungry and a cock can’t really satisfy me like an orgasm done by punching would. The best is being destroyed by a really heavy fisting until I’m all wrecked. Then I would sit on a cock, my lips would squeeze the dick as I would have spasms from the punching, it’s a lot of fun… All sloppy and wet, it really feels like it’s a pussy and I’m proud of it.

Thank you, Axel. It was a great and deep pleasure to talk with you. I’m sure we will talk again soon, and meanwhile I wish you a lot of punching pleasure. 

Axel Abysse


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