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Potholing … or the growing need of a greedy cunt

Everyone starts out small. For Assplay that is not only to be taken quite literally when it comes to size. It also lets one assume and implies that it’s all about practice. Today we talk with Harvyap about his ass-career.

Hi Harvyap. France is world-famous for cave systems like the Chauvet cave or the cave of Lascaux. Another one very famous is the cave of Axel Abysse. You’re posting a lot on Twitter and Just for Fans. Do we have to count your cunt also as one of the natural wonder of France?

Ahah very good question. If you put Axel’s hole on the list of the wonders of France, it will be difficult for me to compete. I think OliFF and Coccyxbroken holes are more deserving of a place on that list. At best mine can be a regional attraction, but not yet a national pride (but I’m working on it!)

But behind your question you point to the fact that more and more guys are showing their sexual skills on Twitter and this clearly makes it easier for people who share the same trips to meet each other. That’s why I created my Twitter account (I can’t thank OliFF enough for advising me to join this social network) and I can say that it worked pretty well!

Do you still remember the first time you played with your ass?

The first time I played with my butt… Humm I don’t really remember. But I can say that I was around 12. Every Wednesday afternoon I was alone at home and I took advantage of it to put stuffs in my ass. I had a beautiful orange flashlight that I really enjoyed playing with! Unfortunately I have lost it… So good memories! It was my only sexual activity for a long time because of many factors – I lived in a small village in the rural area and I wasn’t the best looking or the most outgoing teenager!

Hehe, I see that is the difference between bottoms and tops. In your age I tried to play with my ass too, but it was just a Stabilo marker and not a flashlight. 🙂 Do you still remember the feelings you’ve had playing with your flashlight and tell us more abou tthe good memories you have?

I also started with Stabilo markers! But I quickly moved on to bigger toys, ah ah!

I started playing with my ass because, as a teenager, I fell in love with a classmate, the stereotypical would-be male who claimed everywhere to be hung as fuck – apparently it was true but I never got to check it out…

It’s probably because of this guy and this little frustration that I developed an attraction for big dicks. My discovery of porn largely satisfied my interest in it. I was immediately fascinated by sodomy and the resilience of actresses’ anuses. I was literally hypnotised by their gaping holes. I wanted to have the same… hence my training with the flash light! I waited until the house was free, fetched some oil from the kitchen and moved into the bathroom. I got hooked on the first few tries – when I was still too young to ejaculate. Just to tell you how much bottoms enjoy butt play!

Besides the contact on my rectal walls, it was also the whole psychological and visual context that gave me pleasure. I would invariably remove my improvised dildo in front of the mirror and spread my buttocks wide to observe my dilated asshole. The more it was smashed, the prouder I was! Sometimes I was a little too ambitious but on the whole I never got injured. On the other hand, I didn’t hesitate to get a little hurt if necessary, to “pass a milestone” and to take in a toy that was a little big. For example, I remember a very large metal atomizer that gave me a lot of trouble. The day I finally managed to take it up the ass, I cried with joy (and a little pain I must admit). But seeing the ravaged state of my hole after a few back and forths was the greatest reward of all! It finally supplanted my beloved torch.

I think every ass player knows that a good cunt needs to be trained constantly. Three years ago you’ve started with FF but I’m quite sure that in the decade between your play with the atomizer and your first fist experience your ass hasn’t been without training. Am I right?

Well, yes and no. Of course, after that period of teenage onanism, I clearly revealed myself as a bottom who was especially good at taking the big cocks. But I didn’t have a string of conquests: I was pretty scared of STIs and especially HIV (this was long before PrEP) and I was totally absorbed in my studies – I was always the nice little guy at the top of the class, but who found it hard to drop out of his books. So I didn’t have much time to hang out on Grindr. Plus I wasn’t the most athletic and therefore not the most “fuckable” twink.

So I continued to work on my ass solo, this time with real dildos and plugs – thank you financial independence! I spent whole afternoons, naked behind my computer screen, masturbating and dildoing like a bastard! And as always, I admired my ruined hole in the mirror at the end of the session, with a feeling of pride mixed with dissatisfaction (“next time, I’ll take even bigger!”). Those were the good times.

Oh yes you have a nice toy collection. For guys playing with toys it becomes often a run for records. What is for you a good and interesting toy, and how has that changed during the years?

First of all, for those of you who have seen the extent of my dildo collection on Twitter, I want to reassure you that it took me years to build it up. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I started small with a dildo or two.

For me, a good dildo is a comfortable one (i.e. not with a strange design like we see more and more) that you are able to take (i.e. don’t have eyes bigger than your belly asshole). And now that I’ve discovered the delicacy of silicone compared to vinyl or PVC, I can only recommend this incredible material.

I regret not having discovered silicone dildos earlier. But it must be said that until a few years ago, there were very few brands that offered such toys, especially in Europe. And the price was much higher than traditional dildos, which was not an incentive to buy – especially for young students like me. Now we are literally overwhelmed by the choice (SquarePegToys, Hankeytoys, JohnThomasToys, ToppedToys, BadDragon to name a few that I have tested). Unfortunately, the prices are still high, but that’s the guarantee of quality. And I strongly encourage newcomers to the world of dilation to invest in such toys: the pleasure they provide and the ease of introduction will greatly improve your speed of progress compared to rigid dildos. You’ll see: trying them is adopting them!

What is for you the attraction of playing with your own hole? Can you describe us the feelings it gives to you?

For me the pleasure of ass play comes from two things: the pleasure of feeling filled by a big dildo/plug and the psychological pleasure of seeing your hole destroyed, far from its original appearance. This second part is very cerebral and I understand perfectly that some guys don’t share at all this perverse attraction for bottoms who destroy their anus by vice. I think it was really this visual attraction that led me to explore anal dilation.

Rectal pleasure on its own is quite difficult to describe (especially to an audience of tops) but it is very different from the pleasure of ejaculation. When I first started fisting, I would ejaculate almost instantly. Now I’ve managed to domesticate this pleasure and separate rectal and phallic pleasure to get the most out of both. One can have real anal orgasms without ejaculation (“assgasms”).

Three years ago toys haven’t been enough, and you started with fisting. How did it come?

The real question is: why did I wait so long?

I didn’t feel like trying it because 10 years ago fisting was still a confidential practice, more or less associated with the BDSM universe. The “logistical” part (preparation of the lubricant, installation of the playroom so as not to dirty everything…) seemed complicated to me and it’s true that without a “mentor” or outside help it’s difficult to start. Besides, I had read on the Internet that you couldn’t get fisted if you couldn’t handle an 8 cm diameter dildo (as if the rules were that absolute…). Especially as it all depends on the type of dildo: an 8 cm vinyl dildo is 100 times harder to take than a soft silicone dildo…

Fortunately a series of strokes of luck allowed me to discover the FFabulous world of fisting.

1st stroke of luck: one day in the shower, while preparing for a sex session, I realise that my hole is very open and that I can put 4 fingers in it without any problem. I decide to push the experiment further and BIM: discovery of self-fisting, crouched in an uncomfortable position, enjoying my ass like an idiot, waiting for a guy who finally won’t come!!! If I can do self-fisting, it means I’m ready for fisting, 8 cm dildo or not!

2nd stroke of luck: during a visit to my best friend in Paris, he told me about the Recon App. I realised that it’s quite easy to find guys who are into fisting (much more than on Grindr).

3rd stroke of luck: my first fister turned out to be a great mentor. An absolutely incredible guy who made me come like never before and taught me everything. Without him I wouldn’t be where I am today. I think there are certain encounters that can change a life and clearly he is one of those encounters. He and I had the best night of sex ever (we often talk about it because it was so incredible). It was so great that I have no memory of the week that followed (no idea what I did at work, I hope I didn’t kill anyone in hospital but I can’t guarantee anything…).

4th stroke of luck: this amazing guy had a lot more experience than I did, so he knew which guys were trustworthy and which ones were junkies to avoid (ah the ravages of chems in the fist community). So he introduced me to his friends OliFF and LanceFF, fist stars here in France. I had already jerked off in front of their videos on Xtube but I didn’t think I would ever be able to play with them for real! This meeting sparked my passion for group fisting and revealed to me the dark side of Twitter!

Since then I’ve met many fist people and even, with the invaluable help of Peter Wolfy, managed to convert my husband to fisting! He has become a fist addicted slut who loves getting his ass punched as much as I do! Together we organise parties and regularly introduce new guys to the joys of fisting.

How would you describe to a guy, who loves to play with toys, but who has never been fisted, the difference of sensations?

I think the main difference lies in the connection between the fister and the fistee. The fister, if he is attentive, will know how to relax his fistee and stimulate him skilfully, varying the movements and their rhythm to maximise the pleasure. There is a real cerebral side to fisting, both in the top and the bottom, and this is the real difference with dildos: the psychological pleasure of penetrating / abandoning oneself completely to the other.

I know out of experience that the guys who are moaning loudest are the fistees. So tell us, what are the feelings you get having a fist, an arm or two of them inside you?

So personally, I don’t moan! But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my ass, quite the contrary! Believe me there is nothing better than feeling a hand caressing your rectum or colon. Even deep fisting, which can feel weird at first, ends up giving incredible pleasure after some practice. Honestly, it’s like God himself coming to touch you from the inside. It’s absolutely indescribable and incredible and that’s why fisting is such an addictive practice.

I’d like to take this opportunity to put an end to the old stupid beliefs that say that you don’t enjoy anal sex anymore after you’ve tried fisting. This is totally false. I still get fucked and I still love it. Besides, combining fisting and ass-fucking in the same evening is a great idea: the hand stimulates the rectum well, which will be all tingly and much more responsive to the back and forth of a cock.

So what are your next goals in ass play?

The problem with fisting and anal dilation in general is that you can never get enough and you always want to go bigger and deeper (at least that’s how I feel).

So my future goals are double fisting (I can do it quite easily with small hands but not yet with “standard” hands) and elbowdeep fisting. Fortunately I’ve made a lot of progress with my new silicone dildos. At the beginning I only took the hand (not further than the wrist). Practice makes perFFection!

Last but not least you’ve to tell us, why are you so proud of your rosebud?

Rosebuds and prolapses are powerful “turn ons” for me and so I’m quite proud to have one, especially as I’ve noticed that relatively few fistee have one (gaping is more common). I think I developed it because I got early into the habit of pushing on my anus on to make it easier to insert dildos. I bought an anal pump recently to develop it further (I would love to have a real prolapse) but I haven’t taken the time to use it regularly. That too you can put on my list of goals to achieve!


1993 | 180 cm | 72 kg
Rennes (FR)


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