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Interracial – Black Slaves & White Masters

A talk with two different black guys, ngrboy4whttops and Zentaiboi.

MasterMarc: Hi ngrboy4whttops. You are a black submissive guy and you like to serve to white top men. On Tumblr you have your own blog with the title “ngrboy4whttops”. I have also the experience with some black session slaves and it was allways a little a lottery if i can use the N word or not. Some of the guys have become even hotter and others really felt offended. Can you explain me that?

ngrboy4whttops: Yes, Sir, it is a gamble. Not all black subs are into any reference to race when it comes to servicing White Top Men, while others, like me, in a certain context, get completely turned on by it.  Like any other scene. Some people are into it and some people are not.  It is a gamble for me as well. i have had sessions with White Top Men who have felt uncomfortable with the idea of racial sexual domination as well. For some, on either side it can be for very personal reasons. For others, it can be for fears of perpetuate some very real social ills.  Others believe that in a certain context, it is no different than other types Dom/sub role plays, like a woman who may enjoy BDSM or rape scenes with a verbal component.

Picture by Zentaiboy27

MasterMarc: I understand what you mean. It is difficult to explain to people who are not into it, that it has not a bad meaning if I say it. It is like I would never hurt somebody I dont like or humiliate a guy I don’t have a good image of him. As you say, it is a game. What is for you as afroamerican the special turn on to serve a white top?

ngrboy4whttops: I would be lying if I said that part of the turn on had nothing to do with the naughty/taboo aspect of it. I think there’s some of that in most fetishes. What i also find appealing is that it doesn’t require me to pretend to be something that I am not already physically, like if i were involved in an age play, Dad/son or genderfuck scene. i’m  not pretending to be a younger age, someone’s offspring or female, unless pairing it with the race scene. He’s White, i’m black and, especially here, as well as some other countries, there is a real power dynamic that exists that we can play off of sexually.

MasterMarc: Do you prefer to do such kind of games with a guy you feel that he is kind of racist or do you prefer a guy who sees it just as a part of the game? And can you explain us why?

ngrboy4whttops: Good question.  it would depend on the overall relationship i have with Him. If it’s just sex, and i’ve never met Him before, most times i’m not going to know.  The fantasy for most fetishes is that there is some reality involved, so the idea of finding that White Man who has racist ideas but wants to take it out on me sexually sounds hot, but i guess it doesn’t really matter when it comes down to it as long as the scene feels real to me, and not contrived. There’s nothing worse than it feeling like a bad porn with a horrible script.

MasterMarc: As you know there are a lot of guys who are really interested in this game of black and white. What do you think are other turn ons of the interracial sex?

ngrboy4whttops: I agree. There is definitely some interest out there. When i started my blog, i never imagined attracting more than a few followers. i don’t claim to have a huge following by any means, but I do get quite a few contacting me, both White and black, requesting me to help Them find Them a nigger of Their own, or a White Daddy or Master they can serve wherever they live. Still, i think more are interested in chatting online about it than actually in-person experiences. Unfortunate for me, i find that there are more White Men interested in being a sub for blacks.

Other turn about interracial sex, aside from fetishism, for some could just be the aesthetics of it. The contrast of skin tones can be hot.

MasterMarc: What are you looking and can you tell us some of the hottest interracial experiences you’ve ever had? And is there still a phantasie you want to realize?

ngrboy4whttops: The first time was the hottest, of course.  i was 18 years old at a sex club and came into contact with a tall White Man came up to me. We started fooling around and I ended up on my knees sucking His Dick. When i looked up at Him, without any warning, he said, “You like that White Dick, don’t you, nigger?” He grinned and spit in my face. i was stunned and so turned on, but had stopped sucking His Dick. So, He grabbed the back of my head and said, “Keep sucking nigger…and show me your hole.” I did what He said. He moved me outdoors to a patio and proceeded to pick and choose other White Men at the club to fuck my ass, while He fucked my face. He had no problem referring to me as nigger and coon to other White Men as He offered up my ass to Them. When He was done letting other White Men breed me, He took me back to His place and fucked me while I wore a leash and collar.

Hmmm…an interracial fantasy i would like to experience. That’s a hard one because i have fulfilled just about all of them. Well, i have yet to take a fist, so i guess the only thing i could think of is something that involves being in a sling in a room full of White Men with a well-fisted hole and the group of Them taking turns fucking me, spitting and pissing on me.  i would remain there until They are all satisfied.

MasterMarc: Your experiences sound hot. Can you explain me what you’re missing when you will be used by another black guy?

ngrboy4whttops: Thanks. They were pretty hot. What turns me on so much about being used by White Men that is different from black ones really has to do with what explained earlier. Being a black sub to a black guy doesn’t give me that physical, and undeniably defined difference that feeds the uneven power dynamic that i strive for in a scene…if that makes sense. It’s not enough for me for him just to be a Dom or Master. It would require using other differences, whether it’s age, height, build, attire, his masculinity v. my forced femininity, if that’s what he’s into, but the racial thing is another layer on top of those things. It’s one more way to submit.

MasterMarc: I think in that context it would be interesting and important to ask you, what your opinion about the historical slavery is and what the important differences to the sm slavery are?

ngrboy4whttops: The important and obvious difference is consent and abuse.

Also, my racial submission, for the most part, is mostly connected to my sex life, for now. i recognize the difference between a scene and reality. I fully recognize the realities of slavery and the racial issues that continue to exist. Not identical, but similarly, it is common for women and gay men to fantasize or participate in scenes of submission to straight men, but it doesn’t mean that approve of the real abuse of women and gay men.

MasterMarc: The consent and respect are really most important in SM relationships and also sessions but of course we are all playing with our fantasies and we try to make them real. It was really nice to talk to you. I understand your desires and out of my experiences, black slaves and this tight rope walk at moralic borders can be hot and very exciting

If you want to know more about ngrboy4whttops than visit his Tumblr blog.

Zentaiboy – another black bottom’s view

Picture by Zentaiboy27

MasterMarc: Hi Zentaiboy, you are a young, 21 year old, black pup and bottom. How do you like interracial action?

Zentaiboy: Yes I am and I love interracial, mainly with young white guys or white kinky doms, I prefer sex with white guys as I prefer white guys more than black guys, I’m not really attracted to black guys.

MasterMarc: Can you explain us, why it is more attractive to be used by white masters? 

Zentaiboy: I prefer white masters because I’m more attracted to white guys so it’s more enjoyable for me, it’s my sexual preference and in my mind it’s just hotter than same colour

MasterMarc: What is your opinion about the N-word. Is it a turn-on, does it offend you or is it totaly unimportant for you?

Zentaiboy: It’s a turn off for me as I just find it inappropriate and it would kill my horny mood. If ever doing verbal that’s the one word that would kill the mood for me.

MasterMarc: Thank you Zentaiboy. It shows us, how desires can be different. There are no standards in SM. The most important thing is the consent between the people who are playing together! If this consent is given, it is not up to us to judge other fetish guys. 

Zentaiboy: Yeah it’s down to the individuals I don’t judge others we all get off on different things, no one is the same, consent and trust are the most important things in kink play, that way everyone involved has a great time.


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