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Gay Fuck n’ Club Music

We all love to have some good beats to beat off and have fun to. But finding a fitting mix that really fits for session play can be challenging. Sure, some main stream music may kick you off, but to have something that brings out a good flow over a longer period of time, or has that “beat” that really gets you in the zone, that’s something else. So we took a look around the web, and asked some friends what secret go-to’s they got, to get a bit of a list together for you.

Note: This is a list based on popular dj, house and techno fuck sound styles and mixes. If that isn’t your sexual music taste, then I’m sorry, but that’s what I went with here and you may need to keep looking for your style. For the others, enjoy.

Fisting and Toy Music

The kind of music with the rythm you can push and contract to very nicely.

Seymours Unique 

A DJ music artist from Romania. His tracks are probably the most fisting focused sound you are going to come across. At least title wise. I mean, it doesn’t get much more on point than “Fistfuck”.


is a Toy Retailer mainly focused on the “bigger” anal lovers. They sometimes do some projects with DJ’s to make music that’s specifically fitting for fisting sessions. Slower intro, then more and more comes into it. Pays off to check them out.


is a talented furry music artist who likes to mix a bit on the harder- deeper beat style. They are great to hear to more intense sessions.

There’s a bunch of other furry DJ’s who’re also worth checking out too. But as we don’t want to make the whole post a thread of them here’s a short link list 🙂

Cruising Party Music

The kind of party music that is often a bit too much for straigths, but just right for gays.

DJ Brent Nicholls is DJ based in London who regularly put up at the famous Hard On nights. His mixes are very nice to go along to for parties.

DJ Brent Nicholls

is DJ based in London who regularly put up at the famous Hard On nights. His mixes are very nice to go along to for parties.

Alain Jackinsky

a DJ from Montreal but putting up music at gay parties around the world. Among other things he also lays up for the Rapido parties in Amsterdam and the renowned hot Circuit parties.

Tony Bruno 

He also laid up (and likely got laid) at quite the few well known cruising parties. A little excerpt from the list: Rapido, Revolver, Hustlaball, Sleeze Madrid, Fun House, La Demence… I think he got the equivalent of the “All High mile club” for the european party scene.

Rafa Nunes

a Brazilian DJ living in Paris, with over 22y in the business and 600h+ of music to listen to. He plays also at many of the mentioned cruising parties, and his spotlighted album is Titled: Muzik-D-Q (music for sex). Think that message is clear, isn’t it?

Sleazy Music

The kind of music where the feeling is just: “Everything goes and is done here.”


If you haven’t heard of Boris, you likely have never been to the Berghain in Berlin. He is probably the most prominent DJ of theirs, and his style is pretty memorable. The sleazyness it conveys, both with the beats and its association, is great for hard party and fun.

And since the music of the Berghain is quite iconic, and some may be interested in hearing the other also very renowned and notable DJ’s from there, here’s a short list.

DJ Bride

A swedish DJ whose underground music mixes always got pushing rhythm in them that just wakes up the inner carnal instincts. He’s fairly popular in the northern european clubs and now also got a good base in Berlin. He also hosts the Darkroom Confessions Podcast, where he invites and presents other dj’s to show what music they like to fuck to. A playlist worth checking out!

Jack Chang

Jack Chang has a few sides to him. For one he’s a known Circuit DJ, touring constantly around the world. Then he also has a techno side to him. More fetishy. And then there’s Ertönen (from the german word), where he put on his more minimal techno sound. Unnecessary to mention, he’s got talent on all those fronts.


A DJ from France. He says his mixes are like paintings made of sounds and tracks. And where normally one would say that’s just overly artistic nonsense, I have to say he gives each mix a unique style and attention. They also all have a certain sexiness, and hotness to them.


A DJ duo from London, David Hart & Claudio Girardi. Their Name is as straight as an arrow. Sexy beats to dance off and darkroom to.

Further Gems

There are of course many more mixes that are kink and sex themed out there, but sadly I can’t present all of them here on their own. I instead tried to make a gallery of what I found here, so you can have a listen.

The Labyrinth

used to be a very popular sleazy gay club in Zurich, where one could experience crazy times. And while the club sadly has gone in the meantime, the music playlists are still very often used by people who know about them during their parties. Good old progressive trippy sleazy fuck music.

Darklands DJ’s

We already told on a few occasions that we are fans of Darklands, the fetish event happening yearly in Antwerp. The DJ’s there of course also want to spread the atmosphere too, so it’s worth taking a look at their sets.

Hirsute Pursuit is an experimental gay oriented music artist who likes to play with in-focus vocal text and mooded hypno-rythmic background beats. Very unusual, but quite interesting.

Famous Club DJs but not necessarily Fetish

What’s your favorite sex music? Let people know in our new project, sadOsam’s K-net 😉

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