Ever wanted to energise your orgasms, or achieve multiple mind blowing, whole body convulsing climaxes?

Time you mastered the pleasures of the prostate!

Whenever I watch a bottom boy being ferociously fucked while frantically jerking his joystick, I can’t help but feel disappointed at what he’s missing out on by directing all that sexual energy through his cock rather than enjoying the myriad subtle and sublime sensations he’s receiving by having his prostate pleasured.

One of the greatest joys of bottoming is the intense pleasure that can come from stimulation of this small gland, which in turn can lead to amazingly intense hands-free orgasms, dry orgasms, whole body orgasms or even that elusive multiple male orgasm!

So what and where is the prostate and how can I master this magical ‘P spot’ of pleasure?

The prostate gland is responsible for producing that milky fluid that makes up the majority of your cum load, the easiest way is to locate it is to lie back and insert a lubed finger all the way into your hole so it’s facing back towards your perineum, then rub your finger up and down, just by applying light pressure you should be able to locate a slight bump about the size of a grape against your bowel wall. Congratulations you’ve just discovered the male body’s best kept sexual secret!

So now I’ve found it how to do I realise my prostate potential?

Massaging gently with your finger is a good introduction and great way learn the optimal pressure needed to experience the sensations and sensitivity of your prostate, however to develop its full potential and get on the path to achieving mind blowing full body orgasms, it’s well worth investing in a dedicated prostate massager, these take the form of small butt plugs anatomically designed to perfectly caress the desired area.

My first introduction to the wonders of the prostate was watching a video of a guy having out of this world, whole body shaking convulsions of orgasmic ecstasy, all without touching himself with just a small toy inserted.

I decided I had to experience this for myself and after a little research discovered he was using a massager called the Aneros.

Unlike a dildo these devices aren’t designed to be thrusted in and out, in fact best results are achieved by lying back, relaxing and doing nothing other than a few anal contractions or kegels (clenching the muscle you use to stop your pee mid stream) to gently manipulate the massager.

Unlike a quick jerk off, this isn’t a quick path to orgasm, but given dedication the results can completely blow you away, with orgasms being far more intense and much longer lasting, even leading to multiple dry orgasms, called “Super Os” – intense whole body orgasms where you don’t physically cum, so therefore don’t have the usual refractory period and can go on to orgasm again and again!

Once mastered, the prostate has the power to completely redefine the way you perceive the potent potential of male sexuality, becoming a whole body experience something more akin to the female orgasm.

A few tips on achieving success with a massager:

  • Firstly and most importantly, ejaculation and orgasming are two separate events, even though they usually occur together. Realising you don’t need to cum in order to orgasm is your first key to success.
  • Your cock doesn’t need to be hard to orgasm. In fact you almost need to rewire your body to forget you have a cock all together as touching it will just divert energy away from your prostate and may lead to a ‘game over’ wet orgasm.
  • Relax and give yourself time; I usually allow a minimum of  an hour for a session as it usually takes about 20 minutes for the sensations to kick in, firstly a warm shower to help relax before laying back on my bed with my knees up and massager inserted, then just clearing my mind to an almost meditative state with no external distractions while focusing on the subtle internal sensations that start to radiate from my prostate to envelope my whole body once the waves of pleasure kick in.
  • Finally If you don’t achieve orgasmic bliss first time, don’t give up! Results can vary between people and are often not immediate, depending on your relaxation and arousal levels, so try again another day, patience will pay off!

Is it safe to stimulate my prostate in this way?

Yes absolutely! In fact massagers were initially designed to keep the prostate healthy, (the sexual bliss that they were found to deliver was an amazing side effect!)
Check with your doctor if you have existing medical issues with your prostate, otherwise massaging will help keep it in shape, especially as you get older and can even lead to stronger erections and bigger more powerful ejaculations!

Even if you don’t have the time to settle down for a hands free dry orgasm session with a Aneros massager, there are plenty of other pleasures to be had experimenting with prostate stimulation, for example it can help to relive tension while locked in chastity and keep your prostate healthy by miking seminal fluid or inducing a hands free ejaculation while remaining soft.

Or during normal masturbation why not try using prostate play for extra powerful ejaculations!

Tops – don’t let the bottoms have all the fun! Try having a massager inserted, stimulating your own prostate at the same time as fucking can really intensify your orgasms.

As a bottom being fucked, (or having some quality dildo time), try forgetting your cock and instead focus on those internal pleasures, get that top aim for your prostate or adjust your position then imagine waves of energy radiating internally up from your P spot through your whole being. Imagine the satisfaction for you both if your top manages to induce you to a hands free orgasm!

So have fun and experiment, pretty soon you’ll be discovering a whole new and incredible sexual awakening once you’ve unlocked the secret pleasures of your prostate!

The prostate massagers I’ve tested:

Click on the pic to get more info about the product

The Helix Trident is the perfect model to begin your adventures into a world of orgasmic euphoria!

Don’t let its smaller dimensions make you think it’s any less effective , this model has its bumps and curves in all the right places, perfectly proportioned to tickle your P spot of pleasure!

The ideal model for the beginner and even those completely new to anal play due to its slender size and smooth surface, making insertion a breeze.

Even for experienced anal players I still recommend starting with the Helix as it’s the model that first opened my eyes to just how amazingly intense the male orgasm can be, giving me my first “Super O” with virtually no effort and for that reason it’s the one I always return to!

Click on the pic to get more info about the product

The Progasm Junior is suitable for beginners to intermediate prostate players, the Progasm Junior’s glossy, elegant onyx like finish makes this an object of artistic beauty rather than just another sex toy (which it most certainly is not!) You’ll be wanting to display it as an object of sculptural art rather than keep it hidden away in a bedside drawer!

Soon enough however you won’t be able to resist finding a more personal hiding place to experience its full mind blowing orgasmic potential!

More fulfilling than the trident yet still agile enough to dance on your prostate it’s the perfect model to get you riding those waves of ecstasy with minimum effort.

Click on the pic to get more info about the product

The Progasm is the big brother to the Progasm junior, this model is one of the larger in the Aneros range, ideal for those more experienced and looking for something a little more fulfilling.

I found it remained in place better than some of the smaller models that have a tenancy to wander off centre, although harder to achieve some of the more subtle sensations the smaller models provide as it needed more anal contractions to achieve results.

Despite its larger size, the glossy smoothness of it’s surface makes it just as easy to insert, and like the Junior and Trident models it’s firmness ensures it applies just the right amount of pressure to really hit the spot

Interested in learning more about the power of the prostate?

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