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The Shetfield Pony Academy

Chirenon presents a new kinky photo story.

Rosamund Criddle has decided their her stepson Devon needs to learn obedience. On threat of disinheritance, she enrolls him in the Shetfield Academy. which he quickly learns is quite different from Cambridge.

After being enrolled in the Shetfield Academy by his wicked stepmother, Devon is taken into his new home in the stables by Mr. Coxworthy. Introduced to his fellow students, Devon sees for the first time what’s in store for him.

At the mercy of Mr. Coxworthy and his assistant, Devon is stripped and bound to begin his training as a pony boy. He is given a new name “Floppy-Prick” and groomed with a noxious chemical which denudes him of all his bodyhair.

Devon, renamed “Floppy-Prick,” has lost all of his body hair and has begun his pony boy training. However, when he finds out Mr. Coxworthy’s intentions, he finds it impossible not to protest with human language.

Since Floppy-Prick is unable to confine himself to making pony sounds, Mr. Coxworthy decides he must be gagged. He’s also fitted with his hoofs as his training brings him ever closer to becoming a real pony boy.

To be continued …

Lord Chirenon
Lord Chirenon
For nearly a decade, I’ve created original stories through photomanipulation with comic captioning. I’ve helped to popularize male chastity, providing inspiration and Rules for boys to follow. I have a much broader range of fetish interests that include overturning power dynamics: these themes include top-to-bottom, muscle-theft, age regression, gender transformation, and other role reversal and transformation themes. Enjoy!

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