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The Kink Horoscope Spring/Summer 21 – Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces | Aries | Taurus | Gemini

If slave Luna is not serving his Master, he loves to read the stars. He studies the celestial body but also the cum stains of his Master to foresee your future and help you to enrich your kink life. This week we present you the kink spring horoscope of the first six zodiacs for spring and summer this year. And the other six you can look forward to next week.


22.12. – 20.01.

The current constellation of Mars and Pluto has its special effect: To confront in a constructive way is better than to hit the sensitive points.

As a top do not always hit the balls. It is much more constructive for a session to change things up. Try the back and ass.

As a bottom you have to accept the fact that also a hard ballbusting can be constructive. You can be sure that you’ve made mistakes even if you aren’t aware of it, and expanding limits is part of the future.


21.01. – 19.02.

In spring there is no ideal day for piss play. It is up to you to make the best out of all days. Of course the current position of Jupiter has a reinforcing effect to the current asparagus season.

But as an Aquarius you’re known as an unflinching kinkster and your imagination will help to make even this piss taste better than a good French wine.

It is the mentioned fantasy of Aquarius kinksters which makes the late spring the best time to try new bondage techniques.



For Pisces the spring/summer is the period of chances, desires and expectations. Jupiter and Saturn are responsible for your need of new things and changes.

For rubber boys it is the best season to buy gear in a new style. The Covid situation still doesn’t allow big events at the moment, so that you have plenty of time to start to feel comfortable in your new skirt and femboy outfit.

For ABDL it is the best time to change their Christmas diapers now to the spring theme.



In turbulent times, and Uranus has this effect to Aries atm, you’ve a need of an environment which gives you a feeling of safety.

As a sub you should really take the straitjacket out of your closet. Don’t hesitate to wear it in home office. The safety it gives will make you much more productive.

As a Master you should restart with construction projects in your dungeon. It is time to finish the black box project now.



Another quality of Uranus which makes Aries feel unsafe is that it offers surprises to Taurus. If good or bad depends on what you’re making out of it.

To lose the key of your chastity device by accident doesn’t mean that you have a problem. You just have to see it positive: It gives you the change to reach new records and to become a real pussyboy.

If your ass toy disappears in your bowel there is no chance to see it positive. You really should to visit a doctor then.



For Gemini the spring seems to be totally relaxed but that is a feint. The lunar node will let you feel unconsciously that there is something missing.

Don’t let the relaxed feelings you have cover your need to get humiliated and used. To be relaxed don’t mean to feel good as sub. Get out and live those urges, and you will feel truly fulfilled and good.

As a top you’ll see that the work subs give to you will make you feel even better than you feel now.

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We want to thank Pup Posejdon, formerly known as Bartek, for his great illustrations of the twelve zodiacs. If you want to see more of his funny kink illustrations and cartoons just click on the button to visit his archive here on sadOsam.

Are you a kinky artist and would you like to design the zodiacs for the next kink season horoscope? Please contact us.

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