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The Fuck Club (4)

Both men carried on looking at me as I sprawled there naked, on the floor.  Then, very reluctantly, Joey reached for the can which they’d told me contained the anaesthetic spray, and went to hand it to Todd. 

“NO, please….”, I shouted again, “Look, you’ve got to believe me.  I’d have gone to the cops before now if I’d meant to do it.” 

“Actually, I don’t care all that much”, Todd told me. “The way I’m hurting now I’ll be glad to toss you into the creek.  Serve you fucking well right…” 

“But I’ve explained that  that was a mistake.  I didn’t know what to do… I’ve never fucked a guy’s arse before.” 

“You knew that I’d stretched and lubed you though, didn’t you?” 

“Yes, but I thought that was part of the show… Something you did to make it extra exciting for the audience.  I didn’t  realise you had to do it to fuck arse…”  

“Dad, I believe him”, Joey interjected.  “I think he’s telling the truth.  He seems like a nice enough guy, and he could have called the cops before coming here. And perhaps he didn’t know about lube and everything….” 

“Stay out of this, son.  Now, any last little request, fucker?  At least you’re going to have it painless: as soon as I spray you, that’s it.  You just won’t wake up….” 

“No, please….”, I shouted, and I tried to escape across the floor, but naked, with my hands cuffed behind my back, there was absolutely no chance.  Todd just go up off the sofa and came and stood in front of me. 

“Dad, please… Let’s let him go.  We don’t want to be involved in murder… That’s a capital crime here. I don’t want to lose you, dad….” 

Todd stopped, and thought.  He looked at Joey, and said “Well, there is just one other way, I suppose. It would probably protect us, and it might make him reluctant to go to the police, even though he says he doesn’t want to.  But it’s not all that great for you…” 

“That’s OK, dad… I’ll do anything.” 

“OK, son… Get undressed.  Everything….” 

Joey did as his father told him, and was soon as naked as I was. 

“OK, son, lie across the arm of the couch, and spread your arse.  I’m going to have him fuck you, and I’m going to take photos – lots of photos.  Make sure you look in pain, and angry, when he’s right inside you, so that if there is any trouble we can swear to the police that he’s a sadistic pervert who likes to prey on very young men, and nearly rape them.  That should take the heat out of any allegations that he might make about us raping him!” 

“No!”,  I shouted.  “I’m not going to fuck him. ” 

“OK, then, bud.  Here goes….”  Todd pointed the canister at my face, and, just in time, I shouted “No, Stop….” 

“So you’ll do as I say?  I can’t see the problem – you’ve fucked me, after all.  So where’s the harm in going up young Joey?” 

“But I ‘m not doing it for fun!  I only fucked you to get revenge…” 

“Joey fucked you before I did..” 

“But he’s a kid, just obeying your orders that night.” 

“Whatever…  I don’t care why you did it,. The fact remains, you did.  And if you can do it once, you can do it again.  Now, get up, unless you want me to go ahead with plan A.  I still think that might be best….” 

I struggled to my feet, and Todd pushed me over towards Joey. 

“Wait!”, he barked as I stood there, and he went onto the bedroom and came back a few moments later with a bottle of  lube.  As I watched, he applied some of it to his fingers, then started to massage and stretch Joey’s hole.  I couldn’t help but watch as his bronzed, strong fingers teased and kneading at the tender flesh of his son 

“Right – you next!” 

He reached down and his slimy fingers took hold of my dick.  They felt strong and warm as they curled around me, and he started to stroke me erect. 

“Come on, fucker… Get hard!”, he said.  I really didn’t want to, but how can you resist?  When you’re naked and cuffed and a guy’s stroking your dick, there’s not much you can do about it, is there?  In spite of myself I felt my dick starting to strain towards the sky. 

“Right, bud… You know what to do…. But take care, as I love my son, and if you hurt him, I’ll beat the shit out of you…” 

I moved gingerly towards Joey, and stopped between his outstretched legs.  I inched forward very gingerly, and Todd called to Joey to reach back and pull his arse cheeks apart.  I could see his dark pink pucker then, and I very gently positioned myself so that the tip of my dick was just touching it.  I didn’t even need to think of artificial simulation then, as the moment my flesh made contact with his something happened – that thrill went through me that I’d felt when I fucked Todd, and it was as if my whole body changed gear – my heart started to pound, my breathing got deeper and faster, and a sweat started to break out all over me.  

No more prompting was needed.  It was as if my body knew instinctively what to do again, and I pushed to get through his sphincter, then started to rock gently backwards and forwards once I was inside him.  I was amazed how easy it was with the boy lubed and stretched.  I was fucking away properly then, every nerve in my dick  thrilling to the sensation.  No, not just every nerve in my dick – every nerve in my body. Ass the sensations flooded through me I knew my heart was racing, my breathing got harder and deeper, and a sheen of sweat broke out all over me.  I had my knees bent in order to be at the right level to fuck Joey, and I got that delicious, tingling, straining sensation in my thighs as my body held the position and at the same time thrust me in and out of him. 

I knew Joey was enjoying it, but prompted by his dad he started to scream and wriggle and moan.  His father had a camera out, and he told Joey to turn his face towards him, and he snapped away as I  carried on fucking.  I just knew that anyone looking at the pictures would never believe that it was all a put-up job:  they’d see a big, strong guy like me, his wrists cuffed behind him as if I was enjoying really kinky sex, and a poor young guy skewered on his dick, looking as if he was in real pain.  I’d never be able to talk my way out of it, and no one would ever believe that I wasn’t raping him, or something. 

What could I do, though?  I carried on fucking him, but I was actually enjoying it so much that I suppose it wasn’t too bad.  I was worried, though, that I might be doing it too hard – I guessed that Todd could still carry out his threat, and anaesthetise me and kill me if he thought that I was hurting his son. 

Without the frenzy that I’d been in when I’d fucked Todd, it took me much longer to get to a climax inside Joey, but all good things have to come to an end.  I felt myself getting ready to shoot and I was breathing harder and harder and pistoning in and out quicker and quicker until I felt it all happen: I pushed myself forward one more time and left myself buried in there, as far as I could, my shaft sunk fully into him, as by balls contracted and my dick pumped my semen up inside him. 

I pulled myself out of Joey, and stood there, feeling pretty foolish – well, I mean, when you’ve fucked, you don’t usually stand there start naked in front of someone else, do you?  My dick was all slimy from my cum and Joey’s ass juices, and I felt a chill sweep over me as the sweat evaporated from my heaving body. Todd just smiled an evil smile, though, and snapped a couple of close-ups of my dick, covered in Joey’s shit. 

“Right, guys – get cleaned up!”, Todd told us.  Joey pulled himself to his feet and Todd kind of shoved at me to follow him, as we went through their bedroom and into the bathroom.  Joey wasn’t at all embarrassed about his body, evidently, as he got into the shower with me and soaped me all over.  I just wasn’t used to having other men touch me like this, and I have to say I found it thrilling to have his strong young hands sliding all over me, then down my arse crack, and then gently, oh so gently, soap my dick and wash it clean of every last trace of his shit. 

He had to towel me dry, too, and then he dressed, and father and son stood there looking at me. 

“What now, dad?”, Joey asked. 

“Well, if it’s going to work, it’s going to work.  So we may as well un-cuff him.” 

He went around behind me, and took the cuffs off.  I stood there, massaging my wrists and trying to get a bit of movement back into my arms,  Then, almost instinctively, I suppose, I held out my hand to Todd and said “Look, sorry, again, OK?   Are we all square now?  Shake on it?” 

Todd’s face broke into a half smile.  “Well, I suppose so…. Now, where are your clothes?” 

We went out to dinner together – nothing fancy, just the local pizza place.  It seemed odd to be sitting there with two guys I’d fucked, and who had fucked me.  I kept thinking that the other customers would see something odd about us, and might start to point us out as freaks, or something.  But I suppose we were depressingly normal looking:  two blue-collar workers, both looking fit and healthy, and a High School student who looked as if he took care of himself, too.  

Todd and I had a beer, but he wouldn’t let Joey have one, saying that it was bad for him.  “Someone’s got to look out for him”, Todd explained to me.  “Since his mom died, I’ve all he’s got in the world, and I want him to grow up properly, go to college, get a good job…. Not be like me, stuck labouring for the rest of my days.” 

“Aw, dad!”, Joey cut in.  “I’ve told you it doesn’t matter.  I’d rather be like you, healthy and happy, than stuck in some office somewhere, worrying my guts out….” 

I don’t really remember what we talked about.  Except that Todd was really proud of Joey.  “There’s not many guys of his age who are working away like him and making so much money for his college fund”, he told me. 

“But you’re making Joey fuck in public…” 

“No, not making him, Steve.  Joey wants to do it. Ever since his hair started to grow he’s really wanted to fuck, but I made him wait.  Now there’s no stopping him, though.  He’s a natural.” 

I thought back to the way that Joey’s  dick had felt up my arse, and I wondered if that was “natural”. Still, I didn’t like to criticise, as the two men had obviously got it all worked out between themselves. 

“It’s good to see a dad and his son get on so well”, I added, and then realised I was in a terrible dilemma about how I finished the sentence.  “But…, well…, you know…. A dad and his son….” 

“Oh don’t be so old fashioned, Steve!”, Todd cut in.

“If a few more fathers were as close to their son as I am to Joey, there’d be a lot less problems in our society.  Joey isn’t going to go out getting drunk in order to get up the courage to screw.  He isn’t going to force himself on some young girl.  He isn’t going to father a kid before he’s ready, just because he’s eager for sex…  And, you know, when we’re in bed together, when we’ve finished fucking, he finds he can tell me all sorts of things and I can advise him. When two guys have fucked, it’s amazing what they can tell each other, you know.” 

Well, I didn’t know, actually, as I’d never experienced it.  And most of the women I’d fucked had been quick “wham, bam, thank you, Ma’am” kind of things.  But I could see that lying next to someone you’d been intimate with would make you very relaxed and ready to talk. 

After dinner we went back to their place, and Todd and I sat on the couch and had another couple of beers – he sent Joey off to do his school work for the next day.  We sat there and talked as guys do about cars and sports and stuff, and we got on really well.  For me, it was almost like having an older brother – someone who had the same interests as me and liked keeping in shape, and with whom I could shoot the breeze, just chatting away.  After about an hour we got to talking about sex, as you do, and Todd told me how he’s been almost shot-gunned into marrying Joey’s mom when he’d knocked her up after a casual  fuck following a dance.  “Her old man and mine got together and made us do it”, he said.  “Don’t get me wrong – she was a nice girl and a good fuck, but not the sort of person I could live with.” 

“What happened to her?” 

“Well, when Joey was four she went off with another guy – they were wiped out on the highway on the way back from a bar.  So that left Joey and me, and that’s the way it’s been ever since.  It was tough at first, but I managed somehow – they wanted to take Joey into care, saying that a dad couldn’t look after him by himself, but there was no way I was going to have that.  A man needs to take care of his son, doesn’t he?” 

“And you never wanted to get hitched again?” 

“Hell, no!  After his mom died I went out with a lot of women, but when they saw I had a kid, they all shied away from me.  And then of course I  discovered men… And once you’ve fucked a great arse, why would you want women?” 

“But how did you do get into all of that?” 

“Well, the usual way, I guess.  I was in a bar, had a couple of drinks, started chatting to a guy, and one thing led to another.  To tell you the truth, the first time it was because this guy wanted to feel my dick – offered to pay me for it and, well, you know, money was short…  It didn’t seem to be doing any harm, and he gave me the best hand-job I’d ever had. The next week I met him again, and he wanted to blow me – well, why not, I thought.  The money was useful, and one pair of lips around your dick is very much like another, isn’t it?” 

“He took me to a party one Sunday, and it was full of guys – no women at all.  I was stupid, really – had too many drinks, and before I knew it, I was stripping off  as some sort of dare, as they were having a party game about who had the best body.  I won, of course, as I was the only one who worked at a manual job and my body easily beat all those gym bunnies:  but not before I was totally naked.  That was the first time I felt the power – you know, having all those guys looking at me and marvelling at my body, and wanting to touch it and hold it.  I was so proud of myself that I didn’t bother to put my clothes back on, and as I stood there I soon felt the guys’ hands starting to slide over me  – cautiously at first, just brushing my butt as they went past, and so on.  But when I didn’t object they soon got bolder, and, well, you know how it is, one thing led to another….” 

Actually, I didn’t know how it was!  But I didn’t want to interrupt Todd’s story, so I let him run on. 

“That party was the start of it, I suppose.  A few more beers, and I ended up with three or four other guys in bed together – a big heap of sweating, fucking bodies.  I knew that I didn’t like taking dick, as the moment someone tried to push himself up my arse I almost hit him.  But it didn’t matter – when you’re built like I am, and have got a dick like mine, there’s so many guys want to be fucked by it that it doesn’t matter.” 

“So you’ve never been fucked, before I did it?” 

“No, never.  As I said, I don’t take dick.  But it doesn’t matter – there are so many more guys who like to take it that a top like me can always find a partner for a bit of fun: a nice, tight arse to fuck.

There’s an awful lot of it around….   Anyway, that’s it, really – once I became ‘known’ to the guys around here, a lot of them used to hire me.  Well, I mean, it’s not as if there are a lot of guys for rent around here, is it?  And it wasn’t like that really – I wanted to get laid, they wanted to get fucked.  They had a lot of money, and they knew I was just a labourer with a kid to support.  So rather than take me to dinner or anything, they’d give me a ‘present’ – just a few bills, discretely, at the end of the evening.  It  all worked fine – a real win-win situation.” 

“And so you brought Joey up all by yourself?” 

“Yes.  It was tough, juggling sitters and everything as I  worked all day, and was out ‘on business’ most nights.  But I did it.  And he’s grown up fine – never any problems with drink or drugs or anything.  He works hard at school, and he’s a real athlete, too. I’m determined he’ll go to a good college, and we’re saving hard.” 

“But what about that place… The Fuck Club?” 

“Oh, well, it was just an accident really.  One of the guys who I used to fuck regularly was a member, and one day he asked me to go along – he liked the idea of being able to sit there and fondle my dick whilst he watched the action.  It was simpler in those days, of course – none of this audience participation, or anything.  Just the prey, dragged in off the street, and a guy to fuck him.  I was so amazed to see it that I remember that it only took a couple of strokes to make me cum, and the guy I was with was really pleased when he saw that he’d managed to get me to climax through my Jeans – he even gave me a little extra cash, I seem to remember.” 

“The next day I went to see the management, and when I stripped off and they saw my body, the rest was history, as they say.  Well, I did have to audition for them, of course, and fuck one of the waiters whilst they watched, but that was OK by me.” 

“But Joey….”, I asked. 

“Look, when a dad an son grow up together, you can’t have secrets.  I’ve never been ashamed of my body, never hidden it from Joey, and he was used to seeing me getting in and out of the shower, and so on.  And he was the same – it was normal and natural in our house.  When he was twelve and I could see the hairs beginning to sprout, I told him all about sex, of course – I didn’t want him upset the first time he shot his load when he was asleep, or anything.  I remember him coming into my bedroom so proud when he’d jerked himself off the first time, and he wanted to know a lot more.  It’s a father’s duty, almost, isn’t it?  I didn’t want him growing up worried about sex, or thinking there was anything wrong with guys enjoying each other, so I explained everything to him:  showed him how to jerk off properly, suggested he played with his tits and finger his arse to increase his pleasure, all the usual stuff.  And, of course, he wanted to be close to me, so he started creeping into my room in the middle of the night and snuggling down in my bed.” 

“That was very bad for him, I thought, as it kept him awake, listening out to hear when I got home, then carrying on listening  until he heard me go to sleep before he crept in.  So I had to stop it – and it seemed only sensible to let him sleep in my bed all the time:  when there’s just a couple of guys, after all, you can do without all the extra work of laundering more sheets and all that stuff, can’t you?” 

“So you had sex with Joey…?”. 

“No, of course not!  Do you think I’m some sort of pervert, fucking a young kid?  Not that Joey didn’t want me to, of course – most kids want to feel their fathers’ dicks, don’t they?  And he was always trying to get me to let him try fucking my arse.  But I never allowed it (and, anyway, as I’ve said, I don’t take dick).  So it was just harmless fun, really – a couple of guys sharing a bed, who have urges.  Well, I mean, when I hadn’t been out fucking, I needed to jerk off, didn’t I?  And Joey needed to do the same.  Just harmless play.” 

“But you introduced him to the Fuck Club…” 

“Sure, why not?  Look, I’d rather he was enjoying himself fucking arse there than be knocking  up some girl from school – I don’t want history to repeat itself.  He needs to get experience, and it’s as  good a way as any to do it.  I think he likes it, actually – well, it is kind of exciting, isn’t it?  And it’s something we do together, real father and son bonding.    And the money’s excellent, of course – Joey really feels ‘ownership’ of his college fund, now he’s making such a big contribution to it himself.  A kid ought to be like that, don’t you think – not have it all spoon-fed to him?” 

As he’d been talking, Todd had been stroking his crotch as guys do when they’re comfortable and relaxed, and I could see the outline of his dick straining now against the fabric of his Jeans.  For some reason the same thing was happening to me, too, and Todd saw it and grinned at me. 

“Are we going to sit  here with our dicks straining, or are we going o do something about it?” 

“Hey, man, I don’t know… I’m not a fag, you know, I just wanted revenge…” 

“What’s all this about being a fag?  I’m just suggesting that a couple of studs like us need to relieve ourselves:  it’s painful having your dick rammed up against tight Jeans, and it doesn’t do your balls any good to have all that spunk floating around… Come on….” 

He rested his hand on my crotch, and I thought I would shoot there and then!  But with his other hand he took mine and rested it on his fly, and I got that incredible feeling that you do when you first fell the throbbing excitement of another man’s dick waiting for you. 

It was only seconds after that, it seemed, before we’d both slid down our Jeans and were sitting together on the couch playing with each others dicks.   Todd almost brought me to climax several times, but each time he stopped, just  at the crucial moment, and it felt fucking marvellous.  He played with my nips, and I did the same to him:  I soon realised that this was like a game of  “follow my leader” – Todd would tweak a nip, or dart his tongue into my mouth, or lean over and nibble my earlobe, or gently kiss my eyelids, or something, and he expected me to do the same in return.  I just hadn’t ever realised that two guys could do such things together, and it could be such a whole lot of fun. 

Look, it was difficult for me at times, too, though. When Todd bent right over and raked his lips up and down my dick shaft, I knew he wanted me to do the same to him.  But I’ve never sucked dick, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to start.  But Todd was gentle, but insistent.  He held my head, then half guided, half forced it down into his crotch.  I got my first smell of that intoxicating odour of pure maleness, that special scent that exudes only from around a guy’s dick and balls, and I  was lost – I  sucked hungrily at him, wanting to take him right into me, and I was soon rewarded by that special taste of pre-cum as it leaked out from him and flooded my mouth. 

Todd didn’t  suck at me, though, and I stopped working at his dick after  a couple of minutes.  We sat next to each other, breathing hard, and he said “Why did you stop?” 

“I’m not a cocksucker!” 

“Don’t be fucking stupid, Steve!  That’s just a silly name that men who aren’t sure of themselves  use to try and hide the fact that they’re scared.  What’s wrong with sucking a guy’s dick?  Didn’t you like it?” 

I thought for a moment, and said “Yes…. But why aren’t you sucking mine?” 

He didn’t answer me directly, but instead stood up, and pulled me to my feet too.  “You haven’t got to get home, have you?” 

“No – I’m just staying in a cheap motel. On the other side of town…” 

“Come on then – let me show you what sex is really all about…” 

“No, Todd, I’m not sure…. ” 

“Hey, Steve, just relax, will you?  You were enjoying playing around a few moments ago, weren’t you? ” 

“Yes, I guess so.” 

“And I know you actually enjoyed fucking me.  And going up Joey’s arse wasn’t so bad, was it?” 

I blushed, as I knew what he was saying was true.  I kind of mumbled “No, it was OK…” 

“So stop pratting around, then.  Come on….” 

He led me into the bedroom, and it was actually fun to have another guy help me take my clothes off, and for me to help him.  We collapsed onto the bed, and soon Todd’s hands and mouth was all over me.  There didn’t seem to be a square inch of me that he didn’t explore, and I couldn’t help laughing and then shouting at his insistent probing at all parts of my body – it was at once sensuous, and tickling, and erotic, and…. fun!  I could only try to do the same to him, and I wasn’t nearly as expert, but when I went to  scrape my finger over his arse hole as he’d just done to me, the mood suddenly changed.  His whole body went rigid, and he stopped laughing. 

“Todd… I’m sorry… Are you still sore there, from the hospital and everything…?” 

“No, Steve, but I’ve told you, I don’t take dick. Some guys just don’t.  Some fuck, some get fucked, and some are versatile and do both…. But I just fuck.” 

I reached down and fondled his balls again, marvelling at how sensuous it was to feel the firm yet spongy balls inside their warm bag.  It showed me how much Todd trusted me – all guys are so sensitive about their balls, aren’t they, and to allow someone else to hold them and to fondle them shows that you really trust the guy – after all, one tiny squeeze too hard, and you’re in agony, aren’t you? 

Gradually Todd seemed to assume control – more and more he kissed me, played with my nips, then slid his fingers up my arse and started to tease and stretch me.  In one way I wanted him to stop, but in another I wanted, no, needed, him to carry on.  I don’t know how it happened – one moment we were lying next to each other, and the next I was lying on my back with Todd kneeling between my legs.  He picked up my ankles, and put them on his shoulders, then I felt his dick probing at my hole. 

“No, Todd….”, I whispered, but I don’t think I meant it. 

“Shhhh…, Steve…. Easy now, boy….” 

He leaned forward so that his shoulders pushed at my calves and my legs went back towards my head.  I knew instinctively that this was exposing me fully to him, and the next instant I groaned in ecstasy as his dick head slipped through my sphincter.  I gave a little shout – was it pleasure, was it pain, was it protest, or was it joy?… I don’t know. 

Todd was firm but insistent, gentle but masterly.  He looked down into my face, and just whispered again “Shhhhh, Steve.  Easy now, boy…..” 

And then he was fucking me, fucking me in a way that I could never have imagined.  He was a virtuoso,  and he watched me so intently, staring down into my face as he was on top of me, that I knew he must be tailoring his actions so that we both got the maximum pleasure possible.  He did short, quick strokes, long slow strokes, strokes where he slammed into me so that as his hard body slammed into the sensitive areas around my arse and balls I grunted with the shock;  and occasionally he stopped, and just hovered there above me, smiling faintly, sweat dripping off his torso onto me. 

It went on and on, and I became almost delirious with the pleasure his actions were causing me.  I was gasping, panting, crying out, moaning and just laughing as he fucked me, and I wanted it to go on for ever.  But Todd’s body tensed, he gave one last heroic thrust into me as if he wanted to bury as much of his shaft in me as he could, and gave a great shout.  I knew he must be pumping his seed up into me, but I felt nothing. 

Todd fell forward onto me, letting go of my legs, and some primitive instinct cut in for me – I wrapped my legs around his waist and squeezed tight, holding him in me so that he couldn’t pull out even if he wanted to.  Our sweat-soaked bodies almost slid over each other as he wriggled luxuriously to make himself more comfortable, and we lay there, laughing at each other in the complete exhaustion and joy that follows really great sex. 

It was only a few minutes later that we realised Joey was standing there, and presumably had been for some time, watching us. 

“Dad…. “, he began, and his voice sounded almost faltering.  “Dad…. You told me that you loved me, that I was the only guy you’d love….” 

“Hey, Joey…. I’m your dad, right, of course I love you.  But a guy’s got to have sex with other guys sometimes you know – we do it all the time at The Club.” 

“Dad, it’s not fair… At The Club, we just fuck the prey.  But you were making love to Steve, and it’s supposed to be you and me, dad….” 

“Joey, grow up, boy!  Of course I love you.  And I always will.  But a man needs other men too, from time to time.  Steve and I were just doing what men do, enjoying each other.  There’s nothing more to it – just a bout of good, healthy sex.  It doesn’t alter anything between us, son… But I do have urges, and….” 

“You always said I was great in bed, dad… Now I know you were lying….” 

“No, son!  You are great.  I love fucking you.  But a man needs variety – men aren’t suited to fuck one other guy all the time, it’s built into millions of years of their genetic make-up.  All guys fuck around, as you’ll find out.  You will, too, one day, as soon as you meet someone you fancy.  You just can’t help it – you see a guy you like, and  it’s natural to want to fuck with them.” 

“Dad… It’s not right!  It’s meant to be you and me, not some guy you dragged in….” 

“Shut it, Joey, before I slap you!  And mind your manners!  Steve isn’t ‘some guy I dragged in’,  he’s a really nice guy, as you told me yourself, earlier. Now, start to grow up!  I think perhaps I’ve made a mistake by letting us get too close – perhaps I should have pushed you out and made you find more of your own friends to fuck…  Now, once more, you’re my son; you’re special to me;  you always will be;  and we’ll always have great sex, whenever we both want it.  But we’re men, we have urges, and it’s bad for you to deny yourself.  So there!” 

I lay there, not saying anything.  I didn’t want to come between a father and his son, did I?  But I began to feel awkward, as the two men continued to almost glare at each other.  “I think I’d better be going…”, I said, and tried to push Todd out of me so that I could get up. 

“Hey, Steve, don’t be so fucking stupid!”, Todd said. “You’ve been drinking, and there’s no way I’m going to let you drive away from here tonight.  You’re going to stay here, and, anyway, we haven’t finished yet… I can feel my dick stirring again…. 

“Dad…”, Joey cut in.  “If he wants to go, let him go.  You and me….” 

“Joey, I told you to shut it!  Steve’s our guest here, and we treat guests with respect in this house.” 

“Please, Todd, I don’t want to get between you and your son… Let me go… It’s not far, I’ll walk…” 

“You’ll do no such thing, Steve.  But getting between a man and his son sounds good idea…..”.  Turning to Joey, he said “Come on, son… Strip off, and get in here with us. 

A big grin almost split Joey’s face, and he almost tore his clothes off and threw himself into the bed with us. 

Well, it was the best night I’ve ever spent so far.

Id never realised how many more things three guys can do together than two can (and most of those were new to me anyway, of course!).  The following morning, though, Todd had to get up to go to work, and Joey and I lay there, comfortably wrapped up in each other, as we watched him towel himself dry, then pull on his Jeans and T,. 

“Now, you two…  Remember, Joey’s got school today. I don’t want to come back tonight and find that he’s skipped off in order to fuck with you, Steve.  I trust you to make sure you kick him out of bed in plenty of time, OK?” 

I was so happy, and as Joey gently teased my dick as we lay there, I just smiled back and said “Sure, Todd.” 

He did skip school that day, of course, and we spent most of the day exploring each other.  Joey taught me a lot – he liked kissing, he was used to fucking, and to being fucked, and I suppose I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. 

The rest is history, I guess.  Todd was a bit surprised to still see me there that night when he got home, but it soon seemed “natural” that I was going to be there permanently.  Todd talked about clearing out the spare room for me,  but what was the point?  Joey wanted to sleep with me and his dad,  and I wanted Todd’s body,  so it seemed easier for us all to share the one room.  By the end of the week Todd had taken me to see the foreman on his site,  and after I’d told the guy I was experienced in construction,  he gave me a job. 

I couldn’t believe the transformation that came over me –  I’d been kind of lonely before, snatching an hour of furtive sex here and there, and now I was happy and settled,  with as much sex as I wanted. 

Todd introduced me to the management of The Fuck Club,  too.   “Look, Steve”, he told me,  “It’s not right that Joey and me get all the money:   you deserve to be able to put a bit of cash aside, too, and you’re never going to be able to do it by labouring, are you?”  “But Todd, I can’t fuck in public…..” 

“Of course you can!  And,  let’s face it,  most of the members have seen you anyway,   so what’s different? ” 

“Yes…  but the prey…. Well, they don’t like it…..  It’s not right….” 

“Oh come on, Steve!  You were prey,  and you ended up by liking it,  didn’t you?  We’re doing these guys a favour really, you know, showing them new experiences.” 

So that’s it, really:  you can’t argue with a guy like Todd, can you – especially when I suppose he’s right!

Now I’ve got money in the bank,  a day job that keeps me fit,  two guys for sex,  and once a week I get a real thrill from going down to the club and performing.  Sometimes I do it alone, sometimes Todd and I do a duo, especially if it’s a really wild prey, and sometimes Joey and me fuck the prey:  they call me his uncle, as that seems to be more erotic for the members. 

Just a few months ago I couldn’t have imagined that I’d have such a good life.  It just shows you, doesn’t it?   

– The End –

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