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Humiliation gives a very clear picture of power dynamics … and i like that

Hi leatherkinkboy. Leather is one of the very popular fetish but there aren’t so much young boys into leather. Can you tell us, why you love to wear leather? What kind of sensations does it give to you?

Yeah, I noticed too, that leather is not as popular with young guys as rubber and latex is but i can’t give you a reason for that. What I love about leather is the softness and on the other hand the thickness. Wearing skintight hard leather already feels like being in bondage a bit to me. The smell and sound arouses me too, it‘s very sensual to me. people who wear leather in public, even if it is just a jacket or boots always catch my attention.




The perfect superior would have to give me a feeling that I feel safe with him and to trust him no matter how crazy the sessions go.

How old have you been as you realized that men in leather have a special attraction to you?

i think i was into leather as far as i can remember. Even in kindergarden i used to secretly wear belts when my parents weren’t home. It wasn’t sexual though of course at this point. And from belts it went to jackets and then pants. I don’t remember a certain moment that got me into it but my parents had some older leather clothings in their closet and that was always very alluring for me to secretly wear it.

Now we have really to ask when and how your passion for leather has got sexualised. When did you realise that normal sex is not satisfying you totally and what have been your first steps into kink?

Well the interesting thing is that i discovered kinky sex before vanilla sex. My first time masturbating was with 15 in full leather gear and my first sex with 17. I drove 3 hours with the train to a guy i have been texting to for a while and he tied me up, gagged me and used me and that’s how i got deflowered. I enjoy cuddly vanilla sex as well, but i always knew that i can’t live without kink and it will be my preference forever.

You’re a submissive guy and you seem to love to get used. Is your desire to serve men just a sexual desire or is it more?

I think it goes along with my personality. I always want to please people and make sure they are okay. When there is a problem i always blame myself first and think how i could have acted in a better way. I want to be a good person/boy and try to learn as much as i can. And i think that shows also in my kinky life then. It turns me on to serve men and to put their pleasure before mine. That’s why chastity is very appealing to me as well. It makes me happy to be of use for them and to be used even when it means pain or uncomfortable bondage positions. Punishment also plays an important rule in that. I always feel that i get punished only so that i become a better boy. So yeah it is not only a sexual thing to me, it is strongly connected to my personality.

That are the boys I like. Do you think that to be an inferior is by itself something humiliating or is it something you can be proud of?

Well i like the aspect of humiliation that i am the inferior one. It gives a very clear picture of power dynamics and i like that. And if a dom likes to humiliate me for that “inferiority” playfully then i am totally in. Being proud of that is absolutely important though too. I think a lot of subs including me at one point in there life feel bad for being a sub. We are told by society to be exactly the opposite of a sub as a man. And even within the gay community most of the jokes are at the cost of bottoms/subs about them being greedy, unfaithful etc. I often get messages that people want to be dommed by me (probably the leather makes me look like that) and at one point i felt bad when a cute total sub texts me and wants to be my sub but i‘m mostly a sub myself. Then there is that „wants to please“ side of my personality again. There is a part of me that is dom, but i could never have a slave or a longterm sub. And i actually felt bad for being a sub myself because i felt there are more subs than doms especially amongst young guys(idk if you have that feeling too) and that it would be better if i would be more of a 50/50 switch or dom. So i really tried to do that part more but it didn‘t work out of course. Then i just realized i am totally ok the way i am and that i don‘t need to be ashamed or feel greedy to mostly be a sub.

You are totally right. And there is nothing to feel ashamed about. In my eyes there is nothing judgemental in being submissive or dominant. It are just two character traits. And as a Master I can just be happy that there are subs who complete me. But of course it is also part of the “game” to intensify the feeling of inferiority of your subs. How has a guy to be so that you can accept him as superior?

I don‘t really have a type but i noticed i feel more comfortable if the dom is older than me just out of experience. The perfect superior would have to give me a feeling that i feel safe with him and to trust him no matter how crazy the sessions go. That i know he would never want me seriously harmed. Mutual respect and appreciation for the submission and dominance for the other is also very important. He clearly can show me my place and control me in a lot of ways but also has an open ear for when i have concerns or am feeling sad. A collection of gear and toys is nice but not the important part. Control of the mind is much stronger than that of the body anyways.

Oh yes. And important is always also the motivation. A good master is not looking for power, he is addicted to responsiblity. To controle, guide and protect a boy is not only fun but also a lot of work and you have to be ready for it as dom. Your submissive has his needs also at days you aren’t feeling well. It’s like a pet … if you buy a dog you have also to go out with him at days you’re sick. But now you have to tell me what makes a good slave? What kind of characteristics should a slave have?

Exactly. Difficult question, i think a dom could answer that question better probably. I think though honesty, a will to talk and to find compromises are crucial to every relationship.

I know it is a question which normally Doms should answer. But it is always interesting to know a slaves view of a good slave.

hmm i think a good slave is attentive, respectful, can read his masters wishes from his lips and also can be there for his master when the master is sad. Some subs think masters always have to be strong and “male” but that is some toxic masculinity bullshit. And for my own dom side I can say that i like it when the sub is as extreme as i am when subbing 🙂

You’re an extreme sub? What does that mean?

That i do enjoy severe bondage scenarios, go for total power exchange situations and also not so easy to handle pain. For me i can almost enjoy everything if it happens when i am tightly bound and can’t do anything to stop it. That’s when i drift into total subspace.

What is the attraction of being delivered and totally powerless by restraints and bondage?

In my everyday life i kind of feel like i am responsible for everything and it sometimes stresses me out. In bondage my fate is completely in the hand of a dom and i can’t do anything about it. It is ironically freedom for me to be in bondage because i am free of responsibilities and stress. And it to be completely in the hands of another is very intimate and requires a lot of trust and connection and that is really beautiful and strong.

Do you like the responsibility you have in your everyday life?

I am very ambitious with my work and i enjoy it most of the times but sometimes i fantasize if not everything would be easier if i would give myself completely to a master. I have to figure out though if i want that kind of a strong master slave relationship where the dom controls everything or one where he mostly only controls the sexual aspect. I do fantasize a lot about it.

I understand your desires. Out of experience total slavery is something great but it needs a lot to realize it. But let us talk more about sex. Tell us about your best kink experience you’ve ever had!

It is hard to say what was the best but one definitely doesn’t leave my mind. I was tied up on the floor of a befriended dom when suddenly another guy also entered the flat. I told my friend that i had the fantasy of another guy also using me without me knowing in advance but i didn’t think that this would actually happen. They mummified me, made use of both of my holes and gave me a lot to drink because they wanted to give me my first watersports experience. I was hurt a lot and after a while i was fucked and then made my first experience with watersports. Due to me having heavy muscle aching and a kind of running nose and all that new experiences though it was a definitely not easy session for me so i had s breadown and cried for half an hour. Those two guys then were very sweet to me and cuddled me and made me food. In the end that really strengthened our bond and now we can go further than ever because i know when i’m down he is gonna lift me up again. He said he can’t wait to make me cry again and neither can i.

Do you still have some sexual fantasies in mind you haven’t realized yet? I’m sure you have. Tell us about!

Oh i have lots of them! One of them is to be kept in bondage for a week or so, of course in lighter bondage for lifes necessities but never completely free and sometimes in really challenging positions. Another is to wear chastity without having the key for a longer period of time. Then i would like to be tied down and then fucked by several men who only my dom approved, but not me and i can’t do anything about it. A sissy fantasy i have is to wear a latex maiden outfit with high heels and a corset and i have to do chores like that the whole day. Then it would be hot to be sent for groceries in locked on leather. To be left alone in bondage, to be stored in a box in bondage and hidden while vanilla visitors are there, to be locked to two fuckmachines mouth and hole. A dom controlling my phone, gps tracking me and blackmailing me etc etc etc. My fantasy is endless and i can go really crazy with them.

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