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The Fuck Club (3)

I decided not to go to the police – I knew what they were like in our town, and there was precious little evidence to support what had happened to me.  Sure, I had the ring in my nipple, and a sore arse, but what else could I say to support my story?  They’d just think I’d been so drunk that I’d let a fag fuck me, or something. 

There was something wrong with me, though, I knew that.  Even after the pain from my arse had word off, if I wasn’t doing anything much my brain would slip into some sort of reverie and I’d remember the sensations that had flooded through me as Joey and Todd fucked me.  I ought to have been ashamed, I ought to have been appalled, I knew, but I couldn’t help thinking about it, and how amazing it had been.  I tried not to think about it, but the more I tried, the more I couldn’t help it and the more I found myself re-living the experience, and actually enjoying it. 

I tried to get over it.  I went out to the normal bars I frequented, and picked up women.  But then I had a problem – I found that I simply couldn’t get it up! Look, I’d never had failures like that before – I’m a virile, young guy with a rampant dick, and I’ve never had performance problems.  But now, I could go through all the chatting, all the buying drinks, and so on, but when it came to it, I just couldn’t get an erection.  After it had happened two or three times I saw the ladies starting to whisper to each other and point at me, and that simply made it worse.  Soon, I couldn’t even get a date for the night.  And when I lay there alone in my bed, instead of fantasising about the women I’d been with, I found myself thinking more and more about Joey and Todd, and the way that I’d been fucked. 

It would have been easy to get rid of the nipple ring, and almost my first day “home” I got a pliers out of my tool kit and went to snip through it.  But something made me stop – as I looked in the bathroom mirror I thought it made me look kind of, well, sexier, different, better:  the glint of the steel on my nip seemed to emphasise and enhance my pecs.  So I kept it, experimentally, I told myself.  But then I noticed how the other guys at the gym were looking at me – I’ve always attracted envious glances from most of the other men there as my hard labouring job gave me a tined, defined body anyway,  Now, though, it was more that that – it was almost as if they were looking at me with interest, as if they wanted to reach out and touch me.  You know how it is in locker rooms, too – unless you go with a buddy, you don’t usually speak to the other guys, especially not when you’re naked together in the showers.  You all stand there soaping yourselves, and generally minding your own business. My nipple ring seemed to change things, though, as guys I’d seen around but to whom I’d never spoken now started to talk to me as I stripped off, and sometimes, too, as the water splashed over us in the showers.  It started off with simple “How are you doing?”, but it seemed to get alarmingly frank very quickly – one guy went from a casual greeting to asking me if I’d ever thought of having a ring through my dick within a couple of minutes:  the way he was pointing at me and talking about it, I though he might actually grab my dick and show me where he was talking about!  Somehow, the presence of this nipple ring changed the perception of me that the other guys had of me. 

Well, it couldn’t go on like this, could it?  Jerking off’s all very well when you’re a kid, but a man needs proper sex.  I didn’t seem to be able to make it with the women any longer, and  in desperation I phoned one of those anonymous telephone help lines.  They said that I needed “closure” of the rape “incident”, as they called it, and that I needed to confront Joey and Todd with what they’d done to me.  I pointed out that it was anonymous and I didn’t know them, and they urged me to go to the police and have it properly investigated: but, as I’ve told you, there was no way I was going to do that. 

It did make me think, though, and I wondered if there was any way that I could find them.  Joey was sixteen, they’d said, and looked in very good shape – he must surely be on the football team, or in the track and field squad of his High School, I thought.  So I started to quit work early and hang around the sports field at our local High, hoping to see him.  Several weeks of close observation, though, showed me that if Joey was an athlete as I supposed, he wasn’t living in my town. 

There the matter rested, with me getting more and more frustrated and generally ill-tempered as I jerked myself off every night.  Look, I wasn’t gay, so why did I keep having these thoughts?  And why couldn’t I make it with a woman?  I had to do something, but what? 

I thought about paying a private detective, but they’re expensive, and a labourer’s wages don’t run to a lot of fancy professional time, and, anyway, I didn’t really have much information to give him to work on, did I?  I guess that matters might have stayed like this, until one evening, just as  I was finishing work, my boss called me over and asked me if I wanted some overtime – well, who doesn’t?  Apart from the money, I’d not got much else to do in the evening, after all, except go to the gym.  It turned out that there’d been a big water main burst in a town about fifty miles away, and that they were getting in crews from everywhere around about to help sort it out.  So me and a couple of other guys set off in the firm’s truck, and were soon working away, digging up the street and so on. 

Then I saw him!  Sauntering down the street with a couple of his buddies was Joey – tall, clean-limbed, fit looking.  It was so late that he must be on his way home after a practice session, rather than normal school, I thought.  Well, there wasn’t much I could do about it then, so I kind of hid my face as I worked and he went past, as I didn’t want him to recognise me – when I did get to Todd and Joey, I wanted it to be a real surprise! 

The next day I jacked in work.  My boss didn’t understand, and he pointed out that jobs were hard to come by.  But I needed to spend time fifty miles away, and there was no way I could work as well.  I threw a few things into a bag, and set off, and checked into a run-down, but cheap, motel. 

It was easy, actually – I just hung around the school an the sports ground, and I soon saw Joey.  Then I trailed him home, keeping well back, and making sure he didn’t see me.  They lived in one of those neat tract houses with a small patch of yard at the back, well fenced, and surrounded by dense shrubbery.  It was quite a quiet suburban neighbourhood, and I thought that me cruising up and down might looks suspicious.  But a workman in a fluorescent jacket, a hard hat and carrying a shovel might be doing anything, mightn’t he?  I walked along the street stopping every now and then as if examining the drains, and at Todd and Joey’s I slipped into the shrubbery. 

Only a little effort was needed to make a small hole in their fence, and as I pressed my eye to it I could see that the whole of their back yard was a pool.  It was late afternoon by now, and I sat down in the cool of the leaves, and just waited – but not for long!  I heard a noise, and the patio doors of the house slip open and Joey came out and executed a perfect dive into the pool, and swam several lengths.  As I’d imagined on that night those weeks ago, he did in fact wear long swimming shorts, and when he’d hauled himself out of the water, he went and lay on a lounger and seemed to be working at reading some sort of out of school assignment. 

He was oblivious to being observed, of course, and like all guys do, he occasionally scratched himself and even stroked his dick gently through hi shorts.  I could see him starting to spring an erection, and I wondered what he’d do – would he jerk off out there? 

I was so intent on watching Joey that I didn’t hear a car draw up at the house, so it was a bit surprising when the door opened again and Todd came out – a Todd as I remembered him, totally naked.  He and Joey exchanged greetings, but Todd then dived into the water and swam several lengths.  When he’d done, he held himself against the edge, where Joey was lying, and challenged him to a race. 

Joey got up, grinning, and called out “You’re a masochist, dad, as you know I always win….” 

“Come on, Joey – off with those shorts!  I’ve told you that it’s OK when you’re new to have a white arse, but as you get more experienced, the audience likes to see nicely-tanned muscles…” 

“Aw, come on, dad… The other guys at school will laugh if they think I’ve been sunbathing in the nude…” 

“That’s tough, son, but money’s money!  You’ll just have to set a new fashion.  Now, get those shorts off, and get into the pool, and let’s race. 

The two men were clearly affectionate rivals as they raced up and down the small-ish pool – I don’t think they really who cared who won: just competing against each other was the important thing.  Afterwards they hauled themselves out and sat, companionably close, on the pool edge, allowing the late afternoon sun to dry them.  Their backs were towards me, and I again saw how alike they were – that same, classic wide-shouldered “A” shape tapering down to the top of the arse crack, with the flare of their muscled arses then spreading out, as they sat there. 

I saw Todd reach over and do something at the front of Joey, and heard him say “Have you thought any more about this?” 

“Aw, dad, you know I want to keep it.  I like it when I jerk off, the way it slides…” 

“Son, we’ve been through all this before.  If you’re going to do a lot more sex work, you need to lose it. When guys look at you they want to see your dick head, all exposed.  I know they get to see it when you’re erect…” 

“Yes, and they can always skin me back, after all…” 

“That’s not the point, and you know it.  A lot of men are a bit shy, scared, even.  They won’t reach out and fondle your dick, and skin you back.  They’ll just sit there and feel cheated that they can’t see you properly.  And, in any case, when you fuck the virgins they give us at the Fuck Club, they’re never properly cleaned out:  you know how your dick gets covered in their shit.  It’s much easier to clean yourself up afterwards if you’ve been ‘skinned.  So let’s have no more argument – it needs to go.  I wish I hadn’t listened to your mom all those years ago, and we’d had you done as a baby.” 

“But what will I tell the guys at school?  They’ll spot straight away, when we shower, that I’ve been cut…” 

“Why not tell them the truth?  That you’re going to be a stud, like your dad, and it’s better for real studs to be ‘skinned..” 

They both laughed then, and Todd put his arm around Joey’s shoulders and hugged him close. “Anyway”, he continued, “I’ve made an appointment with a friend of mine for Saturday – after your match, we’ll go around there and he’ll do it.  Quick and painless.  And you’ll be healed then ready for the Fuck Club the following Saturday, when they’ve hired us a duo again.” 

“Aw, dad, please….” 

“Joey, let’s hear no more about it.  You’re my son, and at sixteen you still do as I say, right?  Now, let’s go and have dinner.” 

The two men stood up and stood there, naked, moving around from leg to leg as they dried their feet.  They went indoors then, without bothering to dress, and I stayed there, huddled in the shrubbery, for a few more minutes before deciding that I was going to learn no more that day, and went back to my motel. 

As I lay in my lonely bed that night I kept thinking about Todd and Joey, about how easy and natural their relationship was.  If only my dad and I had been like that – I couldn’t even imagine seeing my old man naked, let alone swimming with him in the nude.  And I think he’d have died rather than discuss something like circumcision with me.  My dick got hard, too, as I thought about the two bodies, sitting pressed so close together, and I remembered the way little trickles of water ran down their skin, and how the planes of muscles in their backs moved as they subtly shifted their position.  I suppose something inside me said “Hey, you oughtn’t to be getting a  fucking erection thinking about other guys”, but as I started to stroke myself towards a climax, I frankly didn’t care. 

I kept watch on the house and the men for the next three days, always remaining hidden in the shrubbery and relying on the hole in the fence.  When I learned that Joey was going to be at football practice on Thursday night, I decided to act. 

>From using a terminal at the town’s library I’d learned that there was an “adult toys” store in the town – in a seedy neighbourhood, admittedly.  So I drove there and slipped inside (funny, isn’t it:  I’m an adult.  I knew no one in the town.  There’s nothing wrong in going into an adult store.  And yet I still felt vaguely “guilty” somehow in frequenting this place, and I almost felt like pulling up my coat collar to try to hide my face as I pushed open the door).  I bought a lot of stuff, not sure of exactly what I was going to do, or how I was going to do it. Then I drove back to Todd and Joey’s neighbourhood and parked unobtrusively, and made my way again in my workman’s gear to their house. 

This time I quickly climbed over the fence into their yard, and then a screwdriver easily broke the flimsy latch on their patio doors and I was inside the house.  It was pretty unexceptional – slightly old-fashioned, slightly ‘tired’, but neat and tidy.  As I prowled around I found Joey’s room – typical teenager, with sports pennants, a PC and all that stuff, but looking curiously unused.  I found out why in the master bedroom – it was obvious from the way that the bed was rumpled, the clothes lying around, the two sets of toothbrushes and razors and stuff in the bathroom, and two different sets of books and magazines n each side of the big double bed, that Joey and Todd shared this room.  Although it was untidy, it was clean, and the bathroom smelt fresh and wholesome. 

I lurked around the house for the rest of the day, being careful not to let anyone see even my shadow through the windows, then as the normal time for Todd’s arrival home from work approached, I took up the position I’d chosen for myself:  right behind the front door, so that he wouldn’t see me as he came in, but I could spring on him from behind as it swung shut and he was moving away.   I stood there, my mouth dry, my heart racing.  I had a pain in my gut, and had to go and take a quick crap, as my body readied itself for action. 

He was totally unprepared.  Well, I suppose you would be, wouldn’t you?  You’re not expecting someone to leap on you as you get home and close the door on the world outside.  In normal circumstances we might have had a long, hard fight and I’m not sure who’d have won as we were pretty evenly matched in terms of height and weight and general power.  But the element of surprise, and, I guess, the fact that I might have been a bit faster than him as I’m ten years younger, gave me the edge.  Almost before he knew it  I’d managed to snap the cuffs I’d bought earlier around his wrists and secure him to the post at the foot of the stairs. 

It was so quick, too easy, almost, but my heart was racing, my breath coming in great gasps, and I was covered in sweat.  Without stopping, I reached down to pull his work boots off, but he kicked out at me viciously, shouting “Leave me alone , fucker… You’ll regret this…” 

I didn’t want to hurt him – yet – so I didn’t do the easiest thing which would have been to kick him in the ribs, or the crotch.  Instead, I threw myself down beside him and plunged a hand inside his Jeans.  I got a thrill like a shot of electricity as my fingers made contact with his warm, moist balls, and I squeezed them. 

“Right, fucker…. Kick at me once again and I’ll rip these off you… Understand?” 

He didn’t say anything so I squeezed again, much harder this time.  He gave a grunt of pain, and I snapped “I said, do you understand, fucker?”  “Yes.” 

Still keeping a wary eye open for trickery, I now pulled off his boots, and then I thought he was less of a threat – even if he kicked at me now, it might hurt if he caught a sensitive part, but there would be no actual damage.  I then pulled his Jeans right off, and as he had no underwear on, there was his arse and dick and balls all exposed to me. 

Look, I don’t know what I really intended to do then. Somehow, my planning for this had never got further than this point, when he was naked and helpless in front of me.  But something took over, some terrible desire for revenge; or a need to show him that although he’d fucked me at the Fuck Club, I was actually still in control.  Seeing him sprawled totally defenceless there on the floor triggered something, and almost as if in a dream I found myself pushing my own Jeans and boxers to the floor, then stroking my dick from it’s state of being almost hard into a rock-solid pole of hard flesh. 

I threw myself between his legs, hooked an arm under his belly and hauled his arse up into the air.  With my other hand I fumbled with my dick and his arse, and incredible sensation, the like of which I’d never know before, went through me as my dick head moved up and down his arse crack. 

“No…”, he screamed, “Stop….”   But there was no stopping me now.  I almost fainted with the exquisite sensation as my dick head – which I just knew must be slimed with pre-cum – first brushed against the corrugations of his pucker.  He was thrusting desperately, trying to get away from me, but with his hands immobile, my arm around his belly and my whole weight pressing down, there was no escape.  I pushed: look, I’ve got no experience of fucking guys, so I didn’t really know what to do.  All I knew was that he’d raped me, and I was going to take revenge. Nothing happened, so I pushed harder.  His struggles got more vigorous and his cries louder, and this only seemed to drive me on.  I pushed harder and harder, but the only effect was to make my dick even more sensitive.  Almost by reflex I pulled my hips back slightly, then rammed forward.   His cries turned into a great wail of agony, and I experienced something I’d never felt before – the incredible feel of a dick sliding into an arse for the first time. 

There was absolutely no stopping me now – I may not have fucked guys before, but I’ve done a lot of fucking.  Having him shouting and struggling underneath me just made it better – I thrust in and out with total abandon, and huge vigour.  I knew at once that this is what men were supposed to do:  to utterly dominate and control weaker men, and use them as means to provide them with pleasure. 

I could only manage about ten strokes before what was happening to my dick as it felt his hot, tight arse all around it had its inevitable result::  I felt the pressure building in my balls, then than extraordinary feeling as you know the semen’s bubbling up like a hot lava flow inside a volcano, that just cannot be denied release.  My back arched and my hips thrust forward as if I needed to bury my dick even deeper inside him.  I gave a great shout of “Fuck, yes…..”, and then my body spasmd and shuddered as my juice was pumped into him. 

I collapsed forward onto his body, feeling my sweaty chest sliding over his equally wet back.  My hands reached out and gripped his forearms and my legs twined themselves around his as if my body wanted to keep him impaled on my dick for as long as possible. 

My head was close to his, and I almost snarled “Now we’re even, fucker.  You raped my arse, and I’ve raped yours now.” 

He was no longer shouting, but it was almost as if he was sobbing.  He didn’t say anything in reply, and we just lay there for a couple of minutes.  It felt really good to be on top of him like this, so utterly in control.  I almost wished it could go on for ever, but I thought I ought to make good my escape, so I pulled out of him, scrambled to my feet, and kind of waddled, with my Jeans around my ankles, through into the bathroom so I could wash his crap off my dick. 

I thought of stripping off and taking a shower, but I realised I kind of liked the pure animal smell of sweat on me – somehow it was quite different to the normal “work” sweat just from doing hard manual labour under a hot sun:  this was harsh, and different, and sexually exciting.  So I stood at the hand basin and washed away his crap from my dick and from where it had dribbled down onto my balls.  There was a lot of blood, too, but I didn’t think anything of this at the time.  I was so intent on what I was doing that I only half-heard the hisss….. 

,,,,and when I woke up, I was lying cuffed to the stair post, alongside Todd! 

He was saying urgently to Joey “Search him for the keys to these cuffs, son… ” 

Joey stood over me, and I thought about kicking out at him, but what was the point?  He knelt down, and when I tried to turn away as I didn’t want him going though my pockets, he now grabbed at my naked balls and almost shouted at me “Easy, fucker!  I’ll happily rip these off after what you’ve done to my dad….” 

Look, when you’re cuffed, and a guy’s got your balls in his hand, there’s only one thing to do, isn’t there?  So I lay still as he reached down to my lower legs then fumbled in my Jeans.  

“Dad, they’re not here….” 

“OK, son.  Go out to the garage and there are some bold cutters… Quick as you can….” 

“But are you OK, dad?” 

“I’ll survive – but hurry… I don’t know whether I’m going to need to go to the emergency room….” 

As Joey rushed out, I almost snarled “Don’t be so fucking dramatic!  I only raped you, l just as you did to me at that Club…” 

He almost threw himself onto me – his body was half on mine, and his legs were grappling with mine to keep his hold.  We thrashed around a bit, then he let go, and we were again lying side by side. 

“See that?”, he said, and he gestured to my belly, where there were now streaks of blood.  “That’s what you did.  That’s my blood, where you’ve probably torn my arse.  What you did to me wasn’t like what I did to you – I prepared you properly, stretched you, lubed you thoroughly.  What I did was a show for the audience; what you did was real, vicious, rape!” 

I was stunned. It had just never occurred to me that something like this might happen.  I was going to say more, but Joey came back at that moment with a pair of bolt cutters, and severed the chain joining his cuffs together.  Todd struggled to get to his feet, then stumbled off towards the bathroom. 

Joey looked down at me and held the bolt cutters almost threateningly over my head.  “I ought to pound your face to a pulp for what you’ve done to my dad….”, he began. 

“Look, I’m sorry for that.  All I wanted was a bit of revenge – to humiliate him as he humiliated me… I didn’t realise I might do him permanent damage….” 

“Well perhaps I mightn’t realise that these cutters smashing into your face, or your balls, would do you permanent damage…!” 

We didn’t finish that conversation as Todd appeared back at that moment, now looking very uncomfortable, and wearing loose trainer pants.  “Dad… Are you OK…?” 

“No, son.  I’m still bleeding.  It’s the emergency room, I guess.  I’ve got a towel wrapped around me to soak up the blood, but we’d better go…” 

“What about him?” 

“Leave him there… We’ll deal with him when we get back.” 

Todd looked down at me and snapped “And you’d better behave… If you piss on my floor, I’ll kick your balls, understand?” 

I just nodded ,and the two men went out.  I heard them lock the door after them, and then their truck start up and drive away.  So here I was – Jeans around my ankles, dick all exposed, lying chained to their stair post.  I struggled to my feet – not easy when you can’t use your hands – then stood there, slightly bent as the cuffs would not allow me to move my hands more than about three feet up from the floor.  I did my best:  I pulled at the cuffs, hoping that the stair post might be weak.  I braced myself as best I could and heaved.  I shook it.  I tried to kick at it, but my Jeans really impeded any action like that.  I raged and struggled, but it was no use – I was held securely there, and there was no escape.  All I succeeded in doing was to make my wrists start to bleed from the action of the metal cuffs against them. 

I sank down to the floor again, and just lay there. Jesus Christ, I thought, what was going to happen when they came back?  I was completely vulnerable – cuffed, naked and exposed, I could hardly defend myself. These guys had been part of a group that hadn’t hesitated to capture me, stick a ring through my tit, and rape me:  yes, I had been raped, even though they said they’d made it easy for me;  so what would they do now?  All I could do was just lie there on the hall floor,  and wait. 

It must have been three hours before they came back, and as they opened the door they both looked a lot more cheerful and a lot less worried.  “Luckily for you”, Todd told me, “It’s only a small tear.  A couple of stitches, and they say I’ll be back to normal in a few weeks – although the arrogant fuck of a doctor told me that I needed to be a bit more gentle in my sex play!  It was as if he thought I took it up the arse voluntarily!  Still…. What are we going to do with you?” 

“Please… Whatever it is, let me take a leak!”.  I was desperate to piss, and I’d got a piss hard-on which was actually causing me some embarrassment as I lay there, with both of them looking at me. 

“Turn over!”, Todd snapped.  Then, when I hesitated, he rapped again “Over, fucker!  On your belly, if you don’t want a good kicking…” 

So I rolled over as best I could, although with an erect dick it was really tough. 

Todd almost leapt onto me – there was a sickening thud that knocked the air out of my lungs as he landed on my back and sat astride me.  “Joey – open the cuffs, then we’ll re-cuff him with his hands behind him.” 

“Dad, are you sure… Why don’t we just knock him out again:  here’s the stuff, in the aerosol.” 

“Look, just do as I say.  He can’t move, when he’s like this.  And if we knock him out, if he really does need to piss it will just release and make a mess everywhere here….” 

Joey bent over me ad undid the cuffs, and, in spite of my best efforts, Todd was right:  with him sitting firmly in the middle of my back, there was no way I could escape.  It didn’t stop me from trying, though, and I tried to strike out at Todd.  But he had all the advantages, and soon managed to have both my arms behind me, securely cuffed again. 

He half dragged me to my feet again, then told Joey to get down and pull my Jeans off.  He marched me into the bathroom off their bedroom, stood there, saying “Well, you wanted to piss, didn’t you?  Get on with it….” 

Look, I’m not piss-shy or anything.  I never have any problem in pissing in public restrooms or anything. But standing there, in their bathroom, in just a shirt and my socks, I felt so fucking foolish.  Todd and Joey showed no signs of leaving, so I shuffled up to the bowl and stood there, forcing myself  to “let go”.  I was still half erect, and that didn’t help.  It was a real struggle, but, you know how it is:  once you manage to get the first drops out, the rest start to flood out quite quickly.  It was a real relief, I tell you. 

Todd waited until I’d finished, then came and stood beside me and actually massaged the last drops of piss out of my dick!  No one had ever done that before, but it didn’t seem to concern him at all.  As his hand touched my dick I went to back away, but he put his other hand on my arse as if to restrain me, and just said “Easy, boy… I don’t want those last drops dribbling over the furniture….” 

He then kept hold of my dick, and used it almost as a handle to lead me out of the bathroom and across the hall into the living room.    He almost pushed me down onto the floor, then he and Joey sat together on a couch, looking at me. 

“We’ve got a problem here, boy”, Todd began.  “Now you’ve found us, what are we going to do with you? How can we make sure you won’t go to the police?  How can we make sure that the reputations of all those good men who enjoy a little harmless entertainment at The Fuck Club aren’t ruined?” 

“Look”, I began. “All I wanted to do was get revenge for what you’d done to me.  I’m not interested in going to the police…” 

“Well, I’m sorry, boy… What’s your real name, anyway….” 


“Well, I’m sorry, Steve, but that’s just not good enough, is it?  How do you expect us to believe you?” 

“Well, I don’t know.  Look, I only wanted to find you so I could fuck you just as you’d fucked me.  I’ve been having problems, and, and, well… Well I thought that if I got my revenge, everything would be OK again.” 

“What kind of problems?” 

I started to blush.  I didn’t want to tell this big virile guy, and his son, that I couldn’t get it up, did I?  I looked down at the floor, and said nothing. 

“I asked you a question, boy!  What kind of problems?” 

“OH.. Nothing… It’s OK…..” 

“So there was nothing wrong, and you just decided to come along and track us down?  As I said, I don’t know we can trust you…” 

“Dad”, Joey cut in, “What are we going to do with him?” 

“I heard that when it happened before, son, we just handed the problem over to the Club.  I think they just gave the guy a dose of the knockout gas, then dumped him into the creek… The inquest said it was an accidental drowning.” 

“Dad, we can’t do that…” 

“Look, Joey, stay out of this.  I need to decide what’s best for us.  You’ve got your whole life in front of you, and you don’t want it ruined because this guy makes a big stink with the police, and then you get sent to jail. Rape’s twenty to life in this state, remember!” 

“But that’s what he did to you, too, dad…” 

” Yes, but the police might not believe that.  And if the whole story comes out and they start arresting members of the Club, there’ll be hell to pay.  A lot of those guys are ‘connected’, and they have their own way of paying back people who fuck them around…” 

“Hey, look, I told you, there’s no problem… I’m not going to the police.  I didn’t go to them after that evening at the Club, did I?  Why do you think I’m here?  If I was going to go to the cops, I’d have gone to them as soon as I saw Joey at school, over a week ago.” 

“Hey, dad, he’s right, you know…”, Joey added, helpfully. 

“No.  I still can’t trust him.  Give me that can over, and let’s get this over with…” 

“No… Please…   

To be continued …

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