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About human statues, bodypainting and oily action

Body painting has a very intriguing look, and we have already seen in several articles how sexy it can be to be totally painted. But it can also be the way to get into his headspace as a robot sex drone. One of these tech sex kinksters is my interview partner today. Hi Vudhi. Probably some of our readers are asking themselves what our topic techno sexuality (or ASFR) exactly is. Could you please explain it for these guys?

Hello everyone, I’m Vudhi K. from Bangkok, Thailand. First of all it is my honor to be in this interview and I would love to share my kink in technosexuality or ASFR. Well for this type of fetish it was defined as a fetishistic attraction to humanoid robots; also to people acting like robots or people dressed in robot costumes. But in my perspective, it would be more related with a transformation into a robot which is similar to agalmatophilia, an attraction to or transformation into statues or mannequins. My kink will be more into the transformation from human-being to metallic drone.

Yes, the bodypainted boys you have around you look realy nice in their metallic painting. Can you tell us though what exactly this transformation is for you and how does it look like? What is the attraction of this transformation?

It is always my dream to see how people change little by little using silver paint cover all of their bodies. For me transformation is somewhat an artistic form in which you can hide yourself temporary in the real world and just have fun with your superior silver bodies. Nonetheless, I also love the reaction when my drones see themselves in the mirror for the first time after the painting as they will look at their body thoroughly and see little details like their abs, their curves shining through the painting. My drones will always say that they look totally different and they feel more confident with their bodies. Another aesthetic of transformation is that you can see the variety of people through body painting. I mean in terms of their races, their body types, etc. Whenever they cover in paint, they are all the same.

Equalization makes people also replaceable … is that one of the goals?

Exactly, we do all the same no matter who you are, how they look like. I tend to paint with everyone, lots of people thought that I will choose only models body types but I actually paint everyone who has an interest in bodypainting and ASFR.

OK that is the positive way to see the replaceability. And it is important to see kinks as something positive. Another important point of your fetish is the dehumanization. Can you tell us about the attraction of it?

OK, so the dehumanization process starts when you are accepted to be one of my drone collection. I will then ask my drones whether they have any limitation in doing the bodypainting such as are they to shave their body hair, do they have any allergy towards oil or painting before, are they allow to take pictures during painting, etc. After we both agree in every condition, we then start the process of being my drone.

The relationship before we have the session will be pretty much similar to Dom-Sub relationship which I will order them what they have to do. Normally, I love to see my drone to be neat and clean as it will result in higher quality photos. I will ask them to shave at least their pubic hair, and sometimes I might ask them to not masturbate themselves. On the day of the shooting, I will start the day by picking up and bring them to hotel, then I will prepare things for the painting process. After finishing the preparation, I will ask them to take their clothes off and bring them to the mirror and tell them to see your normal body for the last time, then I will bring them to the shower area and start painting them.

In this process, if my drone agrees to enjoy with the dehumanization, I will command them to stand still as if they are statues. I will then paint them from their torso downwards to legs, back, butt, arms and then hands. After complete the body part, I will bring them to the mirror again in order to let them see the change of their bodies. After they enjoy themselves, I will ask them to stand still again, this time I will paint their crotch and then their face and hair. Once finish, I will let them enjoy their drone body in the mirror and simultaneously, I will start the photo shooting. At this point, they will feel as if they are not human anymore, lots of people claim that they feel like they are real drones or metallic statues in the department store. As a result, the feeling in the photo shoot will have that particular feeling of being drones through their expressions. After we finish the photoshooting, I will normally ask them to play with me. Playing means touching each other bodies and more into like an oil wrestling. At this point, they are totally one of my drones already.

Is that really all the playing you do? I know you are also into SM … do you don’t like to do other action than just touching with your drones?

That’s interesting question, I also have associated with SM lately. There were some sessions that I did some edging with my drones since the painting was made from oil so it can use as lubricant. I usually edge them and ask them to be silent at the same time since they are all drones, they can moan only if I command them to do so. The session was very kinky and fun. I always love to see them try their best to keep their mouth shut while I endlessly play with their things, if they fail to do so, I will punish them by pouring more paint into their bodies. (If they agree to let me pour the paint into theeyes, I will pour on their face and their mouth) I also tried to include rope bondage with bodypainting but it was still not that successful due to the slipperiness of the paint and the space limitation where we have to do on the shower floor.

Is it a health problem if the paint goes into eyes or enters for example into the ass?

The paint that I used was made out of aluminium powder, it is actually made for drawing, and then I mix it with baby oil. So it would be a lie if I say that it is 100% safe. However, the paint and baby oil is non-toxic and it is safe enough to play externally. It is also ok to pour into eyes and get inside the ass but I don’t recommend to do it frequently, because anyhow it is something that is not made intentionally for bodypainting uses. I will always tell everyone that they need to wash it right away after finishing the session.

Do you know if there is also safe paint you can use for example for a hot bodypaint fuck. If you’re body is totally oiled you could enjoy hot action without any other lubricant. 🙂

The safe paint that you can find is for example Mehron Metallic Powder. This paint was made for bodypainting uses and I think it is safe enough to do fucking session. Although, in my opinion I think Mehron tends to be dull when I did the photoshoot. it is also more expensive when comparing with aluminium powder that I use. The painting that is mixed with oil always good for photoshooting and playing with others but it will be super messy after finishing session since it will not dry.

How to clean a bodypainting mess

I can imagine that it is super messy. :)) Is it hard to clean? And do you have also experiences to clean sex toys or fetish cloths which have had contact with the painting?

The cleaning process is the hardest one hahaha. It will take forever if you don’t know how to do it. I had experience where I had to clean the room for whole 3 hours since the water ran pretty low and the hotel was not suitable for doing the session. The cleaning process normally takes around 1 hour to complete both your bodies and the room. For the body part, use paper towels to wipe oil from your skin first, feel free to use it as much as you can and it needs your partner to assist with the unreachable part. After wiping off with the paper towels take shower with strong soap. I’d recommend soap bar over shower gel as it can wipe off more oil. Also it is good to wipe from head to toe since the might be lots of paint inside your hair. After washing off your body, wash the playing area with dishwasher liquid and scouring pad. You don’t need to wipe it with paper towels but you may need lots of water to clean it off.

For the sex toys, I usually use baby wipes to clean the mess first and then I will clean it with soft detergent. It may not completely clean, so it is good idea to separate your normal sex toys with the painting sex toys. WARNING! Don’t use rubber or latex clothing with painting since the paint would never go off and it might cause your gear to tear apart (baby !! Oil !! and latex should stay away from each other) If your normal clothing got messed up, just clean up normally.

Lets go back to your ASFR fetish. It seems that rubber is the way to live your fetish without having to clean for hours. :)) What is the attraction of rubber?

Well, another kink that I have is rubber fetish. It is the remedy for doing the clean up job like you said hahaha. I started to have interest in rubber and latex since my ex boyfriend is one of the rubber gods in Thailand. I was trying rubbersuit for the first time back in 2015 and it was totally new experience for me. The feeling when you wore rubber is pretty indifferent from bodypainting especially when you sweat are over your suit. After that amazing session, I started to buy rubber suits and learned things about rubber from my ex. The good point for rubber is that it is like clothes, you can wash it and just hang in your closet. Moreover, you can wear it anytime you want or you can change anybody into rubber drone within blink of eyes. That’s why I start to do some photograph with rubbersuits too. I think rubber is quite mysterious since it can bring out your true figure throughout its silhouette.

Yes I understand what you mean and of course it is easier to play with less cleaning. But if you say that you’re agalmatophilia so it means that you have an attraction to humans acting as naked statues. Do you think this is also given with rubber drones?

My extreme fetish in terms of rubber would be the transformation of the skin into rubber or latex and in order to do that, I have to use liquid latex to cover all of the human skin, although liquid latex is somewhat difficult to use since the subs needs to be totally shaved plus they have to endure with strong ammonia smell. That’s why I have to avoid using it and invest more on rubbersuits. The rubbersuits that I bought will be pretty thin (0.25mm) so that it can attach to skin more tight and give the effect of being coated by rubber.

So again … the transformation is what you like. To have first a normal human being and make it the “thing” you like. If a boy has become an object he becomes your possession. Isn’t it hard to let him go at the end of the session?

It is not difficult for me to let them go at the end of the day because I already tell them that they are one of my drones/statues, so they can come to me anytime they want and I will make them mine again. You can see from my works that I do have name for every drones/statues I made. This mechanism works in terms of many perspectives. First of all. it is for their privacy yet it can be a code name that they can realize which photos I upload are them. Second, it is like a reminder for my drones/statues that they already made a decision to be one of my collections, so they still have like an invisible contract with me, as they see this name they should remember me with. Believe it or not, this code name tends to be working very well. Lots of my partners came back and did the second or third session with me. About the code name, every code name was made uniquely for every drone I made. I always use name of the Greek Gods to identify their characters or their memories they have shared with me during the session. For example, I name one of my statues as “Poseidon
since he loves scuba-diving and going to the sea. Another one I name “Amor” as we do have passionate chemistry towards each other.

I see, you own the human statues even if they aren’t with you. How does a human statue have to look and to act so that you would say it is a perfect example?

In my perspective, my statues can move by their own desire as long as they are with me. I love to have more interaction with my statues rather than petrified them on one spot. Moreover, the posture that I always tell them to do when I want to is to be standing besides the bed and just stand there, waiting for my command (or my photo shooting) Also, I love to tease my statues by forcing them to stand still and I do some edging. They have to be silent no matter how they feel and if they are fell to do, I will edge them harder. That’s how I normally play with those who agree to do.

Do you have still some “statuefication” or bdsm projects in your mind you haven’t realized yet, and can you tell us about these projects?

Of course! I want to do an outdoor project with my statues, but it is super difficult here in Thailand to do so. I have seen this kind of project made by Chinese and Japanese kinksters and I really want to have my own version too. Anyway, I have some amazing projects coming in this year, I am now trying to contact some professional models in which we will do some photo shooting combining between metallic body painting and rubber suit. Also, I am now trying new paints with some of my statues which is different from what I did before, i.e. non-toxic acrylic painting with Thai style colour palette. The last but not least is the session in a luxury hotel in Bangkok where I will do a photo session with rubber suit, spandex, and some BDSM gears. You will see this project on this coming July.



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