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T1gerdude’s Best Sessions

Social distancing in Corona times is more or less the opposite of a good sex life. So it seems to be time to look back to our hottest experiences and to start to make plans for the upcoming sessions. Today I’m talking with a cute Asian rubber boy from Downunder.

Hi T1gerdud3. Most of us are in lockdown now due to COVID-19. How has the current situation affected your libido? Have you been horny as hell or somewhat sluggish

The quarantine has made me really horny. I went from being really busy at work to having all the time to myself. At home, I would sit around browsing porn and chatting to kinksters every day. I would regularly end up in rubber and then start taking pics or getting frisky with others online.

Hehe. You seem to be having a busy time wanking. Do you cum often?

Oh yes. At least twice a day ; )

Only twice? … Hehehe. Our current situation feels so surreal, being unable to go out and meet other men. Before, we could have all the hot and filthy sex we wanted. I fondly recall many long, sweaty sessions myself. What about you, T1gerdude? Do you remember most of your sessions? If so, which one really sticks out to you? Which would be your fondest?

The first one that comes to mind was when I met a kinkster that I had a crush on. He was a rubber man like me and I was really attracted to him both in and out of rubber. It was our first time meeting in person when I arrived at his hotel close to midnight. We had been chatting online for weeks but that night, we got the chance to really know each other :).

We both got rubbered before kissing and feeling each other up. Oh, the foreplay was electric. I had been fantasising about him and all the things he’d do to me for so long. To have him in front of me was like a dream. He was very sensual; strong but gentle. We ground our bodies together, feeling each other’s manhood. He did not want to fuck so quickly after we had just met. I begged him to and as we continued, he could not resist himself. At last, he pushed me onto my back and hauled my legs over his shoulders. He entered me slowly while staring straight into my eyes. We made love like never before. He came first; he pulled himself out before showering me in his cum. As I jerked myself off with his cum, his stamina was renewed as he prepared himself for a second release. We kissed as we came together, our fluids and emotions mixing.

Wow! That sounds like a great night. It seems that emotions matter a lot to you in term of sex. Or are you able to enjoy your sex without any emotional connection?

The connection matters the most to me. I find it very difficult to have sex with someone I do not know or trust.

Besides the gear you’re wearing, what makes sex kinky for you?

Mostly the power exchange. I love being completely helpless and at the mercy of someone else. Or the opposite, where I have full control over someone and they can do nothing but beg for release.

Which of your sessions really delivered on that?

The hottest power exchange situation for me was being tormented while trapped in a vacuum bed. I had absolutely no control over that situation. I couldn’t speak, couldn’t communicate and struggling felt very humiliating. The rubber is stretchy so you can pull and push away from it. But once you tire out, it immediately pulls you back to your original position. You are truly trapped. My captor teased and flogged my body while I could only squirm and moan. He taunted me by narrated everything he would do and how I would be unable to prevent any of it. It was perfect.

When being completely restrained, you need to allow some time to pass to let that loss of power sink in. For those who aren’t into, they just find it boring. What do you think about, and what are you feeling during those long bondage sessions? How do you handle those “boring” moments?

Oh, I’m not into long term bondage. What makes bondage fun for me is the power exchange; handing over complete control of my body to someone else. I need them to take advantage of me and to flaunt it in my face for me to enjoy it. Otherwise, I’d feel like I’m in a waiting room. “Hmm I wonder when he’s coming back? Are we eating out later? Would be want me to stay the night or go home?”

That means you are one of those bottoms who constantly needs to be entertained 🙂 . In my life, I’ve experienced moments where I was so horny, it opened me up to kinks I never thought I’d be into. Have you ever had such moments yourself?

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve felt that way before. I’ve always known exactly what turns me on and I’m really honest with myself about it. If I’m not into a kink now, I don’t think I would be into it in the future. Or maybe I just haven’t been in the right situation yet. I’m still quite early in my kink life and there’s a lot more out there that I haven’t tried

Hehe. Never say never. By the way, what would you say was the most extreme session you have ever had?

The most extreme session I’ve ever was a breath control session. I was tied down to the bed with a gas mask attached to a rebreather bag. My Dom taped my mouth shut before pulling the gas mask over me. It started out easy enough, my Dom would remove the mask when I started struggling for air. However, he really wanted to push my limits and would leave the mask on longer and longer. I would start out calm, breathing slowly to conserve the oxygen in the bag. I didn’t panic when I started struggling for air. My composure did not last long as he tested my limits over and over again. I found myself thrashing and panicking in gas mask. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, he would allow me to breathe but soon the mask would be on again. I actually dreaded it going on again as I knew he would push me deeper and further each time. I pleaded with him using my eyes and begged through my gag but he would not relent. I was forced to the edge time and time again. I was in tears by the time he relented. It was too much for me and I haven’t done any breath play since.

Yes, when you’re doing breath play, it’s extremely important to have an experienced top who knows your limits and reactions well. Otherwise, it can lead to very dangerous situations. How about a time when you felt like you were well-used by someone else? When they turned you into their bitch?

I was really used by I met a man off Recon. We had barely talked but he convinced me to go to his house for a session. He was really big and strong; taller than me, at least twice my weight and he had the biggest tool I’ve ever experienced. I went to his house for a session but got more than I bargained for. He was really forceful and demanding. If he wasn’t getting what he wanted, he would just pick me up and put me in whatever position he needed. He made me worship his body, his cock and his feet. It was all about what he wanted and he didn’t give a shit about me. He force-fed me poppers until I was high out of my mind. The session went on for hours. I don’t remember much in between but it ended with him ramming his huge dick down my throat and eventually cumming on my face.

And how did you feel during this session?

I felt kind of trapped. I thought he was crazy and I wanted to get out of there but I didn’t know how. After he forced me to huff those poppers, it was like I was on a weird roller coaster ride while he used me how ever he pleased.

What did you learn from this session?

I learned not to trap myself in bad situations with people that haven’t earned my trust. Ever since then, I’ve always insisted on meeting and talking in person before engaging in play. I need to get a feel of what they’re like and how trustworthy they are.

I totally agree. Trust is the foundation of a healthy SM relationship, and that takes time. Thinking back to that evening, were there any elements that you enjoyed in that situation?

He was very handsome, had a great body and a huge dick. I was very attracted to him and I did enjoy worshipping his muscles and his cock. I also liked how he was strong enough to pick me up easily. I would have loved for him to just hold me against the wall and fuck me. Honestly, it would have been a great session if he cared a bit more about me and checked in on how I was feeling every now and again.

Last but not least, if you look back on all your experiences and combine them to make your ideal session, what would that look like? Would there be anything that you haven’t tried before that you’d like to incorporate?

If I could craft a future session from what I’ve experienced so far, I’d have a strong dom transform me into his gimp before teasing and humiliating me. I haven’t had much experience with elaborate bondage setups but I’d love to try suspension. I imagine a scenario like this:

I would arrive at my Dom’s dungeon to find a note and some rubber gear waiting for me. The note will inform me to put on the gear before kneeling down and waiting for him to arrive. The Dom would arrive shortly to inspect and feel me up as his rubber gimp. He would proceed to manhandle me into a straitjacket, lock a collar and leash on before leading me to the suspension rig. The harness would be slipped onto me, and I’d be hoisted up into the air. In front of me, there would be a mirror, so I can fully comprehend the situation I’m in. The Dom would apply ice to my cock until I lose my erection before locking a metal chastity cage onto me.

A fuck machine would be brought out and positioned underneath me. With each thrust, I’d be fucked by the weight of my own body. He would tell me how much of a rubber object I am, that this is my role and to take one final look myself as his rubber gimp before zipping a thick rubber hood over my head, leaving me in complete darkness. He would proceed to taunt me, degrade me, beat my balls, flog me, force feed me poppers and cut off my air supply whenever he pleased. I want him to cum into his hand and smear it all over the face of the thick rubber hood. I’d have to endure the strong smell of his cum while he forcibly brings me to orgasm with the fuck machine underneath me.



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