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Super Bowl Party (16)

As strange as it might seem after thinking about how much had happened that day, I reminded myself that this was the first time I ever served somebody with Master Rob. I was used to bringing one of everything, usually either carrying it in my mouth or pushing it along the floor with my nose. I could see two beer bottles rolling all over the apartment if I did that now.

So I found a pot and put the bottles in it and then pushed that along the floor with my head until I returned to the bed. I have to admit, it was a glorious sight. Master Rob’s magnificent body, front-side up, and Nick’s almost-as-magnificent body, ass up, both of these hot men waiting for me to give them a tongue bath. 

“Start with my guest, faggot,” Master Rob said. “Then do me, then we’ll roll over and you can do our other sides.”

I started with Nick’s toes. HIs feet were hanging off the bed, so this meant basically sliding up against the bed and then taking his feet into my mouth. It was a bit awkward — if I’m on the floor, I’m generally facing the other way — but hearing Nick enjoy my work made the position tolerable. I spent a bit of time sucking each toe, then licked the soles of his feet from heel to toe a few times, then switched to the other foot.

“You are one lucky man, Rob,” Nick said. “A guy could get used to this.”

“You do, my friend,” Master Rob replied. “You certainly do. And the cool thing is there’s always more things a good fag can do for you. But right now, we’re going to enjoy every minute of this.”

After getting each of Nick’s feet wet I slid out from under them and stood up, leaning over the bed to slide my tongue up the back of his legs. It’s funny how some men really enjoy this while for others it’s just the road in between the good parts. Nick moaned softly but obviously wasn’t one of those guys for whom the back of the knee is a pleasure spot. But I can read a man pretty well, and so I didn’t waste much time working my way toward that awesome ass.

I had to admit, purely from an ass-eater’s perspective, Nick’s looked better than Rob’s. Both were beautiful and would be awesome to stare at for either a rimming fag or a top guy, but Nick was smaller, almost twinkish, while Rob had a real man’s ass, the kind that belongs in jeans. Nick’s belonged in running shorts.

I licked the crack of Nick’s ass without spreading his cheeks; I like to start slowly no matter where I’m licking a man. Then I pushed my nose into the crack and licked some. That got his attention. But a moment later I spread his ass open and moved my tongue in circles around his hole. He almost jumped off the bed.

“Holy fucking shit!” he exclaimed. “It’s actually better when you just let him do it his way!”

“Best thing about owning fags,” Master Rob said. “If you want to be aggressive and rape some faggot cunt, you can. If you want to relax and let the fag do what comes naturally, you can.”

“I thought you said you didn’t actually own him,” Nick replied.

“True,” Master Rob said. “But with this one, I can act like an owner whenever I’m here. Less responsibility for me that way, but no less worship from him.”

“Fuck yeah,” Nick said as I started to push my tongue inside him. “Deeper, fag. Get it in there.”

You know you’ve done a good job rimming when the next day the back of your tongue hurts from stretching it out to get really deep inside a man. The first couple of times I had that pain I didn’t make the connection and was wondering why I had pain there, confusing it with a sore throat. Now, if I don’t feel the pain the next day, I feel guilty about not properly sacrificing my own comfort for a man’s pleasure.

That was not going to happen Monday morning. I spread Nick’s ass wide and licked around the hole, then shoved my tongue in deep and licked as hard as I could. Then back out and up and down the crack, then back in. Guys who really get off on having someone eat their ass always have told me I was good at it, but I thought that was funny. How hard is it to eat ass? But it’s all about enthusiasm, I guess, and I had that in spades.

I licked my way up Nick’s back and sides, trying to get my tongue into his armpit, but I knew I would get them on the flip side, so I didn’t push the issue. A little on the back of his neck and I climbed off of him and moved on to the center of my world.

I started at Master Rob’s feet, but when a guy is on his back it is really easy to do a good job, so I took four of his toes in my mouth, the big toe sliding against my cheek, and basically facefucked myself with his foot. Master Rob had his pillow against my headboard so he could watch, and I looked up at him with the puppy-dog eyes he loved to see. He just nodded at me and I went about my business. Big toe, soles, gliding my teeth along them, then more four-toe facefucking, licking under his toes and finally kissing his foot. I moved to the other one, my eyes again locked on Master Rob’s handsome face.

I had been trained to avoid the crotch on the first pass of a tongue bath, leaving that for the end. Once a dick is in my mouth, there’s a good chance the guy won’t want to stop, so Master Rob has me lick everywhere else and do balls and cock last. That’s fine with me, because I really enjoy giving a guy a tongue bath and don’t want it to end too quickly. I lick my way up his thigh to his stomach, flat and lightly hairy, before I get to my third favorite place to worship.

Master Rob has extremely sensitive nipples, and I can drive him crazy by sucking on them. And, of course, you can’t gag on nipples, so it’s one of my favorite things, too. I can relax and focus on pleasuring a man, and when it’s Master Rob, it’s pure heaven.

An even better part is next. Master Rob is lying with his hands behind his head, revealing those awesome armpits. Hairy, but not too bushy, he always enjoys when I lick them, either fresh out of the shower or rank after two days and a trip to the gym. I have to thank another former man in my life for training me there. If he had nowhere to go — and he often worked from home — he didn’t shower. He was young and cute, but fancied himself a master-in-training. He invited me over one morning when he had not yet gotten out of bed and had not showered the day before. Licking his armpits and eating his ass were just about the most disgusting things I ever had to do, but it was such a turn-on knowing this kid knew he could make me do it. At the time, I thought my degradation could not get any worse, but looking back it was an essential part of my training, and I forever will be grateful to him. I still email him each year on the anniversary of the day he breeded me.

Anyway, I go at those armpits, really going into full-worship mode, and Master Rob is loving it. The first time I did that he really moaned in pleasure, but that was before we settled into our roles. He will tell me I did a good job afterward, but he doesn’t always show me he’s enjoying something while I’m doing it. Another mind game, I’m guessing, but it really doesn’t matter. That armpit is practically dripping by the time I finish and move on to the other one.

I’m still enjoying the other armpit when Master Rob pulls my head out. “Let’s roll over, Nick, and get the other half of our tongue baths.”

Nick takes another swig of his beer before rolling over, and I really stare at his chest. I didn’t notice how much I liked it before. Toned and defined but not really muscular, tanned even in February, hairy but not too much. He really was hot as hell, only his slightly smaller frame making him less impressive than Master Rob. So it was hard to resist not licking his chest right away, but I know the routine and want back to his feet.

After I was done bathing their second sides with my tongue, I slid back on to the floor, got up on my knees and gave Master Rob the puppy dog look, awaiting further instruction.

“Good job, fag,” he said. “We’re both hard again. Now get us both good and lubed.”

Master Rob always lubes himself when he rapes me, so I was a little confused. Maybe he just wanted Nick to enjoy watching me lube up their dicks. Or maybe he was genuinely curious how much I would think is appropriate, since I never get the chance to do this. But you damn well better believe I lubed them both up REALLY good, and their beautiful poles were shining proudly when I was done.

“Damn, Rob, I would have thought his ass was done for the day after that workout we all put it through,” Nick said. 

Master Rob just laughed. “We’re still here, right? We both only came once today, right? A fag is done when we’re done. And I have something new to show you. Turn so you’re diagonal on the bed.”

It suddenly became clear exactly what Master Rob had in mind. And even though basically the same thing had happened to me for almost an hour straight earlier, this somehow was different, and kind of scary.

“OK, now I’m going to get myself exactly opposite you,” Master Rob said. “Lift that leg up so I can slide under, and your other leg will be under mine.”

Nick got wide-eyed. “Holy fucking shit,” he said. “You mean we’re going to DP him without having to do any work?”

“Fuck yes,” Master Rob said with that same to-die-for smirk that made me want to drop to my knees. But that wasn’t an option at the moment. “I’ll hold our dicks together for him. Faggot, face your guest while you slide down on us.”

Now, you have to remember the only time Master Rob had me ride him rather than him doing the pounding was when he was administering punishment. And while I of course was passive as each of his guests got in on the double penetration earlier, doing this to myself made me pause for a moment. Master Rob always notices when I hesitate, but this time he didn’t yell at me. Damn do I love this man, and that flush of emotion reminded me that thinking wasn’t my job. I sure think a lot for someone who is supposed to just do what he’s told, but in the end it always comes back to how best to please this awesome man.

So I got up on my knees and hovered over the combined manhood of two of the hottest men I’ve ever met. Looking at Rob’s beautiful chest, I suddenly wanted to please him almost as much as I wanted to please Master Rob. And I started to lower myself onto them, giving Nick the same look I give Master Rob when I want him to see how obedient I am. I must have used enough lube, or maybe my ass had not yet recovered from the quadruple-double fucking it took before, because I slid down fairly easily on them. Sure, it hurt, but no worse than a regular pounding.

Then I was fully sitting on them, and now I was hurting. Both of them all the way in was easily the most dick that far inside me ever. So maybe no new spots were being hit, but how many spots were being hit that deep sure was new. I winced, and this time Master Rob took notice.

“I know we’re not too much for that pussy,” he said. “Now get to work.”

And I do, slowly at first but picking up speed as I realize this is not going to be in my obituary. Soon, I’m actually enjoying it, not because it began to hurt less, although it did, but because I knew I was pleasing both of them and it was a thrill to have them both deep inside me.

“FUCK THIS IS GOOD!” Nick screamed. “It’s like your dick is jerking off my dick. It feels amazing and I’m just lying here.”

“You have to get yourself a faggot,” Master Rob said. “Why don’t you reach up and play with his tits while he’s preoccupied.”

Nick reaches up with his left hand and starts to play with my nipple, first just kind of rubbing around it, then pinching it. His right hand joins in on my other nipple, and before long they are hard enough to twist. He twists, I whimper. 

“I love that sound, pussyboy,” Nick said. “You like whimpering like a little baby for me?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said. “I know men enjoy making us fags whimper, whine and even cry.”

“Damn right we do,” Master Rob said. “But you don’t have to think about your tits, Nick can handle that. You focus on riding us and taking two more loads inside that cunt.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I start going a little slower but with longer strokes, pulling almost all the way off on the way up and feeling pubes on the way down. Trust me, nothing makes you feel like a bigger faggot than double-penetrating yourself. It’s one thing to let men rape your faghole, but to be doing all the work and taking two dicks is kind of a statement. I’m holes. Just holes. 

But if I’m holes, I’m going to be the best hole they ever had. And after a few moments of the deep strokes I’m able to pick up the pace while going all the way up and down on each one. Nick Is obviously getting close, and I’m getting that load out of him. I look right into his eyes as I savagely rape my own ass with their dicks, and he chuckles at the pure submission he sees out of me. But the short laugh doesn’t stop the overall look of orgasmic pleasure that is mounting in him.

Seconds later, I get what I want. Nick’s body convulses, I can start to see the sweat on his chest — damn it looks good — and moments later he screams. “TAKE IT BITCH. TAKE EVERY DROP OF MY SPERM IN THAT PUSSY!” 

“Tell him when you’re done breeding him,” Master Rob instructs Nick, and after I ride with a few more long, slow strokes, he says I have it all. “OK, faggot, climb down and clean my friend.”

Master Rob flips over and gets off the bed as I go down on Nick to clean his dick. Once I’m satisfied it’s perfect, I start to lick the sweat off of his chest.

“Fuck you are such a fag,” Nick said to me.

“Just doing my job, Sir,” I say in between licks. I’ve always loved licking a sweaty body, and when a body is as awesome as Nick’s, well, let’s just say it’s not something you have to force me to do.

“All right fag, I think he’s good to go. Nick, you can either go get cleaned up or watch the final act,” Master Rob said.

“Rape that faggot pussy,” Nick said, switching positions to get a better view. 

“Fuck yeah,” Master Rob said, moving behind me. Considering what just happened, it was no surprise when Master Rob shoved his dick all the way in right away; if my ass wasn’t ready for it then, it would never be ready for it, not that being ready ever mattered much. Master Rob was already pretty far along, so I knew I’d be getting his load a lot more quickly than usual. And for once Master Rob seemed almost to be in a hurry, with quick, deep thrusts and primal grunting I normally didn’t hear from him. Either he was showing off one more time, or he was eager for the night to end. 

He starts slapping my ass — gee, I had a couple of hours without anyone doing that — and continues to fuck like a beast. He shoved it in porn-star style as he shot his load deep inside me. Damn a lot of dicks had breeded me today, I was thinking, but as long as I get this one nothing else mattered. Rob pulled out when he was done, I turned and dropped to my knees to clean him.

“Good work, fag,” was all he said to me. To Nick, “I think we all could use a shower. Faggot put out extra towels in the bathroom. Nick, you go first.”

Master Rob sat on the edge of the bed and put his hands behind his head. That was a signal, and I moved next to him and began to lick the sweat from his armpits. Damn did I love doing this, whether he was fresh out of the shower or totally rank after not cleaning up for two days. Pure male essence from an awesome man, and I was in heaven. 

“Other side,” Master Rob grunted at me. By the time I was done, Nick was out of the shower, looking hot as he was drying himself. 

Master Rob went into the shower and Nick came over to me. “Seriously, dude, is this what you enjoy? Being used by guys you don’t even know? Taking load after load?”

“I enjoy whatever will make Master Rob happy, Sir,” I said.

“Get out of character, bitch. Answer straight, no pun intended. You like this shit?”

“Sir, when I am alone, I can be my own person. When Master Rob is here, I am his. And even though I know I’m just a faggot cumdump to him, I love him. He’s wise and beautiful, and knowing I can please him makes me happy. So, to answer your question, yes, I really do like this shit.”

“Fuck. I thought guys like you only existed in gay porn,” Nick said. 

“Did you enjoy it, Sir?” I asked him.

“Can’t deny that. The orgasms were great, and it was a turn-on to be in command like that,” he said. “I love women, and I love fucking women, but you can’t treat a woman like that. At least none that I’ve ever met.”

“I’m sure there are some out there, Sir,” I said. “But I’m glad to hear you don’t treat women like that. My first master said that’s one reason real men need fags in their lives. We allow them to not only feel superior, but act on their superior station and take charge. For some men, the only time they feel in control ever is when they are raping fags or using fags in some way. And we feel useful.”

“Damn you’ve given this a lot of thought,” he said as he started to get dressed.

“Yes, Sir, but I’ve also had a couple of very wise masters to guide me,” I said.

At that point the water stopped running in the shower, so I put a finger on my lips. I shouldn’t have worried.

“You getting friendly with my faggot, Nick?” Master Rob asked cheerfully.

“I figured he was just some stupid slut,” Nick said. “But he’s pretty sharp.”

“Don’t get me wrong, stupid sluts are great,” Master Rob said. “But you get yourself someone with a brain in his head, and he’s a lot more useful to you. I’ve barely scratched the surface with this one.”

What the hell did that mean? Did he have future plans for me, plans which involved my mind? I would do anything for Master Rob, and the prospect of being able to serve him while dressed was almost as exciting as being his fucktoy.

“Get in the shower, fag,” Master Rob said. “But wait for me.”

“Yes, Sir.”

So I go in the shower and stand there. Master Rob and Nick spoke for a bit, I heard Nick go “Really?” and then Master Rob came into the bathroom. 

“Knees,” he said, and I dropped to a kneeling position, facing him. He aimed his dick right at my face and I opened my mouth. It’s a wonder he held it this long, as his piss was the almost tasteless result of several beers. The stream went into my mouth for a bit and then began to hose me down. It always seemed to amuse Master Rob to piss on my clit, and he did before he aimed back up again and put a bit more into my mouth. He moved closer so all of his precious fluid would reach me as the stream died down.

“Clean yourself up, fag. Including your pussy,” he said.

I make quick work of the shower, dry myself and go back by the bed and get in Faggot Service Position, looking up at Master Rob.

“Let’s repeat what we said a minute ago so the faggot can hear it directly,” Master Rob said to Nick. “Are you OK to drive home?”

“Drive? I live in this building.”


“Three floors down. My girlfriend and I moved in about two months ago. Great building.”

“Well, now that you know which apartment the faggot lives in, you can join me again some time. Maybe after a while, you can get a total access pass.” That was Master Rob’s phrase for a spare key.

“Awesome. I could get used to this,” Nick said. “Just one last thing.”

I turn toward Nick and open my mouth wide. 

“Fag’s got a good memory, too. He seemed shocked when I knew about this yesterday,” Nick said to Master Rob before hocking up a good spitwad and planting it on my tongue. He watched it slide around in my mouth a bit. “Now, swallow.” And I did, opening my mouth again to show him I swallowed all of it.

“Good night, faggot.” “Good night, Sir.”

“All right dude,” Master Rob, who was still naked, said. “Looking forward to doing this again.” They walked toward the door, high-fiving before Nick headed, well, downstairs I guess.

“You worn out, fagboy?” Master Rob asked.

“No, Sir what do you need?” I responded.

“No, faggot, I really was asking if you were worn out. I am human you know.”

“Just superior to most of the other ones,” I said, looking up at him.

“I’m starting to think you really believe that and aren’t just kissing my ass,” Master Rob said, patting me on the head. He grabbed the remote and climbed into bed. I crawled over onto my dog bed, but before I could settle in, Master Rob stopped me.

“No, fag. Come up here with me.”

I swear my heart almost jumped out of my chest. Really? I could sleep in my own bed with the most awesome man I’ve ever met?”

As I climb into bed, Master Rob grabs lube from the nightstand. No way, I’m thinking to myself. He just used me a half-hour ago, and that was the second time in a couple of hours. There’s not much chance he’s up for fucking me now.

But Master Rob had other ideas. He played with himself to get him just hard enough to get inside me, and with one arm around my waist he pulled me onto him. Although it was freshly cleaned, it still easily accommodated him after the beating it had taken, and soon he was all the way in, that wonderful feeling of a man’s balls against my ass taking over. 

He pulled the covers over us and then put his arm around me. I was now being spooned by the most amazing man ever, one who always had required I sleep in the dog bed on the rare nights he slept over.

Then Master Rob whispered in my ear. “You’re still my faggot, but you were really good today. I wasn’t sure how much you could take, but damn you are a keeper. This changes nothing, but I just thought you deserved a reward for your work.”

“Thank you, Master Rob. I love you.”

“You should, bitch. Good night, fagboy.”

“Good night, Sir.”

I don’t think I’ve ever had a better night of sleep.

– The End –

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