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Stag Night

A kinky story written by Alex Nehling

Provided by | Illustration by Theo Blaze.

“Fucking A!” Mason howled. “I knew you’d come up with something awesome, bro!”

“Fuck yeah”, Kev grinned.

“Fuck yeah!” Mason laughed, giving Kev a bro hug.

Mason choosing Kev to be the best man for his wedding had been a no brainer.

The two 20 year old studs had been best friends in school, and that hadn’t changed when Kev had moved away.

Mason was a handsome guy, tall and muscular, with short dirty blond hair and a sexy smile. He was wearing jeans and a shirt that accentuated the great shape of his body. Back in school, Mason had been very popular with the girls, even more popular than his best friend Kev.

He had been dating his bride-to-be for a couple of years now, but Kev knew Mason’s dick had been inside countless girls, and Mason hadn’t been too secretive about it. He loved talking big and shooting his mouth off.

“Let’s go”, Kev grinned, nudging Mason’s muscular upper arm. “Let’s give you a proper send-off!” He laughed and adjusted the bulge in his chinos.

“Fuck yeah!” Mason roared.

“Fuck yeah!” Kev yelled.

They got into the white stretch-limo and Kev poured Mason a shot. “Here”, he chuckled. “To get you in the mood…”

Mason laughed and downed the shot in one gulp.

Mason had just arrived in town. Kev hadn’t told him what the weekend was going to be about – but Mason had had a hunch.

Picking Mason up at the airport with a stretch-limo was a great start for a wild, hilarious stag night.

“So what are we going to do?” Mason asked, smiling at Kev.

Kev leaned back, ran his hand through his brown hair and chuckled. “We’re gonna make sure that you’ll crawl back to Emma on all fours, big guy.”

Mason laughed, adjusting his crotch. “Fuck yeah!”

Mason was blessed with a big, meaty dick that made other men turn green with envy. It was slightly larger than Kev’s impressive tool, a fact that Mason loved to remind his best friend about, and Kev usually replied with a playful smack to Mason’s big, plump low-hangers.

The limo stopped, and the door opened.

“Mason!” Colin yelled, jumping into the limo to hug the groom-to-be.

“Party! Party! Party!” Ben hollered, climbing into the car.

Colin and Ben were Kev’s buddies at the dorm.

Like Kev and Mason, they were 20 years old.

Colin was wearing jeans and a polo shirt. A baseball cap was hiding his short dark blond hair.

Ben was dressed more casually, wearing loose sweat pants and a sleeveless shirt that showed off the black-haired studs muscular arms.

Kev turned up the music inside the stretch limo and told the driver to take them to the club house.

“The club house!” Mason laughed. “Fuck yeah!”

“You’re in for quite a day, buddy!” Kev chuckled, patting Mason’s shoulder and pouring him another shot.

A little while later, they arrived.

Zach was standing in the driveway, grinning from ear to ear. The blond stud was wearing blue jeans and no shirt, showing off his muscular chest and his six-pack abs.

Zach’s frat brothers were gone for the weekend, leaving Zach to look after the house. And what better way to look after it than to host the first stop of a wild bachelor party?

As soon as Mason, Kev, Ben and Colin got out of the limo, Zach handed each of them a customized t-shirt reading “Last Night Of The PLUMS! Mason’s Bachelor Party”, along with a crude black-and-white picture of Mason, passed out and naked, his impressive genitalia decorated with a black ribbon. A smaller caption below the picture read “Mason’s Balls, 1996-2016, R.I.P.”.

“Fuck, bro!” Mason laughed. “When did you take that picture?!”

Kev chuckled. “Remember when we celebrated your engagement?”

Mason burst out laughing. “Fuck you, bro! Fuck you!”

“Alright, guys”, Kev clapped his hands. “We have a lot of things planned for today. Let’s start things off with a nice little game of beer pong!”

The guys hooted and cheered as they changed into the t-shirts before Zach led them into the basement where a beer pong table was waiting for them.

“It’s the groom against the Happy Bachelors!” Kev announced.

“Damn, bro”, Mason chuckled. “I gotta play alone?!”

“That’s right”, Kev grinned. “And I know how much you suck at this.”

The rest of the guys burst out laughing.

“And to raise the stakes a bit”, Kev continued, winking at Mason who let out a deep sigh, “Whenever we score a hit you’ll not only drink but you’re also treated to a shot from each of us.” He paused, a huge grin on his face. “What kind of shot? A nut shot!”

“Bro!” Mason groaned as the rest of the guys whooped and cheered and high-fived.

Kev put his arms around Mason’s shoulder and ruffled his hair. “Last night of the plums, bro”, he grinned. “Last night of the plums…”

Mason let out a laugh as Kev smacked him in the nuts with the back of his hands, turning his laughter into a coughing fit.

“You go first, bro”, Kev chuckled. “It’s your big night.”

It became clear very early on that Mason was going to have a very painful night. After an out-and-out miss by Mason, Kev scored easily.

“Drink up”, Kev grinned as his buddies were cheering. “And spread your legs.”

Mason chuckled and downed the beer before putting his hands behind his head, spreading his legs wide apart.

His pants were bulging with his massive manhood, creating a very inviting target for Kev.

“I hope you’re not planning on having kids”, Kev chuckled before bringing his foot up between Mason’s legs, flattening his bulge and ramming his tender testicles into his body.

Mason doubled over, struggling to keep his hands behind his head, groaning in agony.

The rest of the guys burst out laughing.

One by one, the rest of the guys took their turns bashing Mason’s balls, and the groom-to-be took it like a man, grunting and groaning but refusing to go down.

After Colin had delivered his nut-shattering kick, Mason doubled over, clutching his crotch and groaning in pain.

“Fuck, that one was right on target”, he grunted to roaring laughter of the guys.

“It’s pretty hard to miss”, Kev quipped. “That’s the downside of having a monster cock, huh?”

Mason chuckled.

The second round didn’t go any better for Mason. He missed, and Ben scored.

“Damn”, Mason groaned, spreading his legs, rubbing his handsome face with both of his hands. “You have to go easy on me, guys. I need my fucking nuts if we’re going to go to a strip club later.”

Kev laughed. “What makes you think we’re going to a strip club? Your nuts will be trashed when we’re done here. No stripper in the world will be able to turn you on…”

The guys roared with laughter.

Mason chuckled. He had been to a couple of bachelor parties, and all of them had ended up in a strip club. He closed his eyes in anticipation.

Ben’s foot crashed into his manhood like a freight train, lifting him off the ground and squishing his hefty plums inside his pants.

Kev, Zach and Colin cringed in sympathy.

“Ooooooooh!” Kev chuckled, rubbing his own crotch. “God, I bet your kids will feel that one…”

Mason’s mouth was wide open and he let out a silent scream, his eyes slightly crossed, his lip quivering.

He was frozen in place, his hands cramping behind his head.

Kev let out a laugh. “Quick, get your kicks in before he goes down.”

Zach and Colin laughed.

Zach’s foot smashed into Mason’s nuggets, making him let out a croaky grunt.

Colin was next, bringing his leg back and kicking Mason’s balls with all the force he could muster.

Mason’s eyes twitched and he let out a miserable, high-pitched whimper.

Finally, Kev made him find his voice again. Kev’s foot rammed into Mason’s crotch, crunching his traumatized testicles flat, and eliciting a full-throated scream before Mason fell to his knees, clutching his crotch, his face a mask of pain.

Kev, Ben, Zach and Colin roared with laughter, and Kev raised his arms into the air as if he had just scored the winning goal in a championship soccer match.

His buddies high-fived him as Mason was writhing on the ground, clutching his groin, his face a mask of pain.

It took a little while until Mason was able to stand straight again. He was rubbing his crotch, grinning weakly. “Okay, guys, I think I’ll just give up, okay?”

As his friends protested, Mason grimaced and raised his hands. “Okay, okay, okay, what about this: You’ll each get a free shot at my nuts.”

The guys looked at each other.

“And you’ll drink all the beer on the table”, Kev said.

“Okay”, Mason grinned.

“And you’ll take off your pants”, Kev added with a grin.

Mason hesitated. “Underwear?”

“Underwear down, too”, Kev grinned at his best friend. “We want a nice, clean shot at your big fucking balls.”

Mason grimaced, adjusting the big bulge in his jeans. “Alright”, he mumbled. “Alright.” He grudgingly opened his zipper and pulled down his pants, revealing a heavily loaded pair of boxer briefs.

The guys cheered and clapped.

Mason chuckled and pulled down his underwear, slowly revealing his trimmed pubes and the root of his cock. His buddies were wolf-whistling and hooting, and Mason played along, moving his hips while exposing more and more of his limp, meaty dick like a stripper at a bachelorette party.

It seemed to take forever until the fat helmet of his oversized monster cock was revealed. His huge balls were hanging low in his reddened sack, slightly swollen, swinging lazily from side to side.

With his pants hanging around his ankles, Mason emptied the remaining cups of beer on the table, egged on by his buddies.

When Mason had downed the last cup, Kev laughed and patted the groom-to-be’s shoulder. “Time for the shots, bro.”

Glassy-eyed and with a slightly slurred pronunciation, he repeated, “Yeah, time for the shots.” Struggling to keep his balance, he took off his pants and spread his legs, a cocky smile on his face. “Bring it on!”

Kev laughed. “You want those shots, bro?”

“Fuck yeah!” Mason chuckled.

The rest of the guys laughed.

“Can’t hear you”, Kev grinned. “You want those shots, bro?”

“Fuck yeah!!” Mason laughed, putting his hands behind his head, his huge dick and his humongous balls dangling vulnerably between his thighs.

“You want those fucking nutshots, bro?” Kev yelled.

“Fuck yeah!!!” Mason roared. “Trash my fucking nuts!”

“You heard the man”, Kev laughed, turning to his buddies. “Trash his fucking nuts!”

Pumped with alcohol and adrenaline, Mason roared, “Fuck yea—“

A well-placed, hard snap kick to Mason’s juicy jellybeans made Mason go quiet immediately.

There was a loud, wet splat as Zach’s foot connected with Mason’s balls, smashing them into his body, followed by another, equally loud splat when Mason’s fat cock smacked against his abs.

Mason’s eyes watered and his eyebrows rose. His face went blank and his mouth opened to form a cute little O.

“Shit, look at his face”, Kev laughed.

“It’s like you can see his unborn children crying inside his eyes”, Colin quipped, causing the rest of the guys to roar with laughter.

“My nuts”, Mason whispered in a toneless voice, his knees shaking. “My fucking nuts, bro.”

“Your fucking nuts are gonna get crushed, bro”, Kev chuckled as he knelt in front of his best friend, balling both of his fists. “Get your fucking monster of a cock out of the way.”

Mason groaned and grabbed the tip of his dick, holding it against his abs as Kev started using his rapidly swelling spud satchel as a speedbag, making it swing wildly and eliciting all kinds of funny noises from Mason.

“Now, that’s what I call a workout routine”, Colin laughed, walking behind Mason as Kev delivered a series of rapid-fire punches to Mason’s nuts.

As soon as Kev had stopped smashing Mason’s marbles, Colin followed up with a hard kick from behind.

Mason’s eyes bulged and he let out an anguished wail as his nuts were flattened against his body like two meaty pancakes.

“One more shot and you’re done”, Kev announced, nodding at Ben who grabbed Mason by the shoulders and rammed his knee up between Mason’s thighs.

Mason let out a soprano squeal as his sensitive spuds were squished between Ben’s bony knee and his own body.

He gasped for breath and collapsed on the ground as his buddies cheered and laughed.

Kev brought a pack of ice that Mason gratefully placed on his throbbing testicles.

“Who’s up for a game of paintball?” Kev roared.

Ben, Colin and Zach cheered.

Mason let out a miserable groan. “Seriously, bro, anything is better than this.” He managed a weak grin as the guys grabbed him and brought him to the limo, leaving his jeans and his underwear behind.

The music was blaring inside the car as Mason pressed the ice pack against his aching nuts.

“You know”, he yelled, “you probably thought you took me out of the game with that beer pong stuff, right?” He chuckled and put the ice pack away, revealing his fat cock and his swollen nuts. Her jerked his dick a couple of times as his buddies laughed and cheered, bringing it to full hardness within seconds.

It was a very impressive tool, thick and fat. Mason grabbed it by the root and smacked it into the palm of his hand a couple of times.

“Everything’s working fine, see?” Mason grinned. “I’m gonna make one of tonight’s strippers a very happy lady, bro.”

Kev laughed and smacked his best friend’s nuts hard with the back of his hand. “Yeah, we’ll see”, he chuckled as Mason doubled over, groaning in pain.

A little later, they arrived at the paintball area. An instructor awaited them, handing them their equipment. Apparently he was used to dealing with bachelor’s parties: Mason’s nudity below the belt didn’t even make him raise his eyebrows. “You booked the rabbit costume as well, right?”

Kev grinned. “Sure!”

They changed into camouflage coveralls and protective helmets, but Mason’s gear was a little different from the other guys’. The most obvious difference was the color: All the other guys’ coveralls were grey, green and black, and the helmets were black. Mason’s coverall was bright pink, purple and red. His helmet was pink, with large purple rabbit ears attached to it.

But the most troubling difference, from Mason’s point of view, was the strategically placed hole at the front of his crotch, leaving his fat, meaty dick and his low-hanging balls uncovered and entirely unprotected.

“Guys”, Mason protested. “You can’t expect me to play like this!”

His friends were laughing their asses off.

Mason turned to the instructor.

“It’s the Rabbit Hunt”, the instructor said, shrugging his shoulders.

“More like the Egg Hunt”, Colin quipped to riotous laughter.

Mason blinked.

Colin aimed his marker at Mason’s crotch and fired. The paintball hit him point-blank in the left nut, making Mason yodel in pain as the left side of his sack was covered in yellow color.

“This is the safe zone”, the instructor said. “No shooting in here.” He pointed at the marked playing field. “Go there.”

Mason shook his head. “No fucking wayeeayeeeh!”

He shrieked in pain as Kev fired a paintball at his right nut, making the right side of his nutsack turn bright green.

“Sorry”, Kev grinned. “No safe zone for the bachelor.”

The instructor shrugged his shoulders. “Whatever.”

Immediately, all the guys were firing their markers at Mason’s crotch, making him scream in pain as his nutsack was painted in all the colors of the rainbow.

Mason turned around and ran away, his colorful nutsack and his big, floppy cock bouncing around wildly as he tried to escape.

His friends stayed behind, firing paintballs at his ass and his back.

“Hold your weapons”, Kev yelled.

The guys chuckled as they watched Mason run through the field.

“Remember, this is an Egg Hunt”, Kev grinned. “Don’t waste your ammunition on his ass. Go for his eggs.”

His friends cheered and they followed Mason, splitting up and surrounding their target.

Cornered, Mason made a run for it.

Unfortunately, he ran right into the line of fire, as Zach fired a series of paintballs at Mason’s wildly bouncing balls, making him howl in agony before tripping and falling down.

A moment later, he was circled by his buddies who emptied their magazines onto his aching testicles, eliciting screams and shrieks, grunts and groans.

“Fuuuuuuuuck!” Mason squealed as his ballsack turned yellow, green, blue and orange.

His buddies were laughing their asses off.

They quickly ran out of ammunition and made their way back to the car.

Mason was limping, clutching his multi-colored nutsack, groaning in agony.

When they returned the equipment, the instructor asked, “Everything go alright?”

Kev grinned. “The rabbit’s eggs are scrambled for good, that’s for sure.”

The instructor chuckled. “Have a nice evening, guys.”

Inside the limo, Mason grabbed the ice pack and pressed it against his balls. They were severely swollen now, and even though he had tried to wipe off the paintball color, they were covered in yellow, orange, red and purple spots.

“Okay”, Mason groaned, leaning back and closing his eyes. “We’re going to the strip club now, right?”

Kev chuckled. “Wanna show us if your dick’s still working?”

Mason opened his eyes and managed a weak grin. “My dick’s always working, bro”, he said before putting the icepack away and stroking his cock.

This time, it took him a little longer to get a reaction out of his fat, meaty monster.

Eventually, though, it was fully hard. Mason’s grin widened. “See?” A drop of precum oozed out, and he scooped it up with his index finger, showing it off to his buddies. “Fully loaded and ready for action.” He chuckled. “Strip club?”

Kev looked at Colin who was sitting next to Mason.

Colin nodded and brought his fist down hard on Mason’s nuts, making him wail in agony.

“Not yet, bro”, Kev chuckled as his friends burst out laughing.

The limo stopped in front of a sports ground that looked like it had seen better times. There were two soccer goals on the withered green, and they headed towards one of them.

“We’re going to play a round of ‘Beat the Goalie’”, Kev announced.

Mason chuckled. “You know I’m good at that, bro.”

“Yeah”, Kev grinned. “I know. That’s why we’re going to have a couple of additional precautions.”

Zach, Colin and Zach grabbed Mason and pulled him towards the goal.

Mason struggled to no avail. “Wait— What— Bro—“

They tied his hands to the crossbar and spread his legs wide apart, tying his feet to the posts.

“Holy shit, this is going to hurt”, Zach chuckled.

“Bro”, Mason groaned, his swollen balls and fat, limp cock dangling vulnerably between his thighs. “Come on.”

“Where are the balls?” Ben asked, looking around.

“Oops”, Kev grinned. “Seems like I have forgotten to bring any balls.” He chuckled and reached between Mason’s legs, tugging on his swollen nuts before giving them a playful smack.

Mason let out an anguished yelp.

“Seems like we’ll have to make do with these”, Kev grinned.

The rest of the guys hooted and cheered as Kev took a step back and brought his foot up between Mason’s legs.

His instep collided with Mason’s balls, ramming them into his body and making him scream from the top of his lungs.

“Gooooaaaal!” Kev roared, high-fiving his friends as Mason struggled against his restraints.

One by one, they kicked Mason’s nuts, erupting in cheers and applause as Mason’s nuts were crushed time and time again.

Colin proved to be a particularly good goalscorer, hitting both of Mason’s fat low-hangers dead-on with every kick.

Mason’s face was contorted in agony, his eyes clenched shut, his mouth open wide as he screamed from the top of his lungs.

His balls were black and blue, adding entirely new range of colors to the keepsakes of the paintball adventure, and his dick had suffered quite a bit of collateral damage. His massive schlong was dangling heavily in front of his low-hanging babymakers. But instead of offering protection, the pesky appendix added to the pain in Mason’s manhood. The fat head of his meaty dick acted as an amplifier, crushed between the guy’s feet and his traumatized testicles.

Finally, when Mason’s voice turned hoarse and raspy from all the screaming, the guys had mercy and untied him, allowing him to curl up on the ground, nursing his battered balls and his bruised cock, whimpering in pain.

His buddies joked and laughed, drinking beer and waiting for him to recover.

After what seemed like an eternity, Mason raised his head, his face a mask of pain. “Strip club?” he croaked.

His friends roared with laughter.

“Fuck, bro”, Kev chuckled. “You really want to go to the club, right?”

Mason grinned weakly and got up, tentatively stroking his sore cock until it was fully hard.

“Yup”, he grinned, pointing at his erect member. “Definitely.”

“Alright”, Kev chuckled. “Let’s go!”

The guys cheered and hooted as they entered the limo that drove them to the Wet’nWild Emporium.

Before they got out of the car, Mason pleaded with his best man to let him put on pants so he could hide his swollen nuts and his bruised, floppy cock.

“What, you’re shy all of a sudden?” Kev chuckled, opening the door.

“Please, bro”, Mason grimaced. “I—“

“Come on, man, you’re proud of your fucking cock”, Kev chuckled. “And rightly so! It’s a nice, big piece of meat.” He reached over and smacked Mason’s limp cock. “It’s a fucking monster”, he continued with a grin as Mason’s dong swung from side to side between his thighs. “The girls are gonna go wild…”

Mason managed a weak grin. “You think so?”

“Fuck yeah”, Kev chuckled. “Right, guys?”

Colin, Ben and Zach laughed.

“I dunno”, Mason mumbled. “I mean, it’s the girls that are supposed to be naked, right?”

“Look at it this way”, Kev chuckled. “As soon as one of the girls gives you a lap dance you can slide right into her…”

Mason’s dick hardened instantly as the other guys hooted and cheered.

“Alright”, Mason grinned weakly, his dick fully hard now. “Let’s do this.”

They got out of the car.

The parking lot, dimly illuminated by a huge neon sign that promised “XXX 24/7” below a a big-bosomed girl whose nipples were blinking, was filled with cars, and men of all ages were walking past them, heading for the entrance. Muted, thumping music was emanating from the strip club.

“Fuck yeah!” Mason roared, raising his hands into the air, his hard, bruised cock pointing at the building, his swollen, battered balls dangling below. “That’s what I call a bachelor party!”

“One more thing”, Kev said. “We have one last game to play before we go in.”

Mason stared at him. “No more fucking nutshots, bro!” He grabbed his nutsack and weighed his precious, oversized jewels in his hand. “I don’t think I can take any more nutshots.”

Kev chuckled. “Alright.” He looked at Colin, Ben and Zach. “No nutshots, okay?”

The boys nodded, grudgingly.

“We’re going to play a game of dares”, Kev said, handing everybody a piece of paper.

The rest of the guys, including Mason, cheered.

Everybody wrote down a dare.

Mason chuckled. Now it was payback time. He folded his piece of paper and smiled.

Kev reached inside the car and asked for the limo driver’s hat to collect the pieces of paper. But before doing so, he hesitated. “You know what?” Kev grinned. “Backfire!”

Mason paled. “What?!”

“Backfire”, Kev grinned.

Mason gulped. “Wait, bro. You can’t just—“

“Sure I can”, Kev grinned. “That’s the rules, right guys?”

“Right”, Ben chuckled. “When someone calls backfire we all have to do our own dares.”

Colin and Zach nodded their head, grinning.

Mason blinked nervously. “But—“

“Let’s start with you, Zach”, Kev grinned.

Zach let out an exaggerated sigh and unfolded his piece of paper. “Let Mason kiss on you on the cheek.” He pretended to be embarrassed. “Damn”, he said, his huge grin giving him away. He closed his eyes and cocked his head, offering his cheek to Mason.

Mason groaned.

“Come on”, Kev grinned. “Rules are rules.”

Mason grimaced and gave Zach’s cheek a quick kiss.

Zach chuckled as the others burst out laughing.

“You’re next, Ben”, Kev said.

Like Zach, Ben let out an exaggerated sigh. “Let Mason kiss you on the biceps”, he read, shrugging his shoulders.

Mason stared at him.

Ben flexed his muscles, looking at Mason expectantly.

Mason rolled his eyes and kissed Ben’s biceps.

The rest of the guys cheered and laughed.


Colin’s sigh was even more exaggerated than Ben’s and Zach’s, and he couldn’t hide a wide smirk. “Let Mason kiss you on the—“ Colin’s eyes narrowed. “Damn, I can’t read my own writing…”

The guys burst out laughing as Mason shifted nervously.

“Oh, right”, Colin chuckled and looked at Mason. “On the ass cheeks. Both of them. Make it nice and sloppy.”

Colin turned around, bent over and pulled down his pants, revealing his naked butt.

The guys erupted with laughter.

Mason groaned. “Guys…”

“What are you waiting for?” Kev grinned.

His face filled with disgust, Mason leaned over and kissed Colin’s ass cheeks, making the group roar with laughter.

“A bit of tongue would have been nice”, Colin chuckled as he pulled up his pants.

Mason groaned.

“Alright, my turn”, Kev chuckled. “Let Mason kiss you on the cock.” He looked up, feigning embarrassment. “Wow. Awkward.” He shrugged his shoulders and pulled down his pants, grabbing his limp dick and holding it up.

Mason stared at it. “Bro”, he mumbled.

“Come on, kiss it!” Kev chuckled.

Mason inhaled deeply and kissed the tip of Kev’s dick. His lips barely touched it.

“Kiss it like you mean it!” Kev chuckled and grabbed Mason by the back of his head, pulling him down.

Mason opened his mouth to protest, only to take in Kev’s cock to the root.

The guys roared with laughter as Mason backed away, grimacing and groaning.

“You’re a good kisser”, Kev laughed, stowing his dick back into his pants. “You’ll make somebody a great husband!”

Mason wiped his mouth, blushing.

“Okay, now”, Kev smiled at his best friend. “Your turn.”

Mason closed his eyes and sighed.

His erection had waned. His erect cock had turned into a drooping piece of meat.

He opened his piece of paper. “Let everybody kick you in the nuts”, he said in a toneless voice.

Kev, Colin, Ben and Zach burst out laughing.

Mason quickly rumpled the piece of paper but before he could throw it away, Kev grabbed it. “Let me see.”

Mason sighed.

“A dozen times!” Kev read, roaring with laughter. “It says, ‘Let everybody kick you in the nuts a dozen times’!”

Mason looked miserable.

“You were going for revenge, huh?” Kev grinned.

Mason sighed. “I was hoping you’d draw it, bro”, he said with a weak grin.

Kev chuckled, shrugging his shoulders. “Bad luck, bro.”

“Yeah”, Mason grimaced. “Bad luck.”

Kev turned to his buddies. “Who wants to crush this bachelor’s chance of having children?” he yelled.

Ben, Colin and Zach hooted and clapped their hands.

“Who wants to ruin his wedding night?” Kev hollered.

His friends roared with approval.

Mason looked like he was about to faint.

“Who wants to make him remember this party forever and ever and ever?” Kev yelled from the top of his lungs.

Ben, Colin and Zach cheered wildly.

“Alright, bachelor”, Kev grinned, patting his best friend on the shoulder. “Say goodbye to your manhood.”

Mason gulped.

“Spread ‘em, bro”, Kev chuckled.

A defeated expression on his face, Mason did as he was told.

One by one, the four muscular studs delivered twelve hard, well-placed kicks to Mason’s ever-swelling nuts, making him grunt and groan, roar and howl, shriek and squeal in agony.

When they were done, Mason was a wreck.

His nuts were ridiculously swollen, filling out his entire sack that was shimmering in all the colors of the rainbow. His cock was beet red and badly bruised, and it was all too clear that it was rendered entirely useless for the night.

Mason was on the ground, cupping his dick and balls, lamenting the sorry state of his manhood.

“Come on, bro”, Kev squatted down next to him. “Let’s go in.” He chuckled. “Can you get it hard?”

Mason let out a miserable groan and started rubbing his limp dick.

His friends watched him, laughing derisively, as Mason tried desperately to jerk off, his naked ass sitting in the parking lot in front of a strip club as hordes of men walked past them, snickering and pointing.

After five minutes of frantic jerking, Mason gave up. He looked at Kev and shook his head.

Kev turned to his buddies and laughed. “Looks like that was the straw that broke the camel’s balls”, he quipped, making his buddies roar with laughter.

“Come on, man”, Kev chuckled and helped his buddy up.

Mason groaned and grimaced as he limped towards the entrance of the strip club, holding on to his best man for support. His battered balls and his limp, floppy cock were hurting like hell.

“Don’t worry”, Kev grinned. “We’ll get you an icepack when we get a lapdance. I hope you’ll enjoy watching us enjoy ourselves…”

Alex Nehling
Alex Nehling
Alex Nehling has been into ballbusting ever since he can remember. He has published hundreds of stories on his website In addition to testicle torture his stories feature themes like wrestling, chastity play, edging and milking, muscle worship, small penis humiliation, oral and anal sex, public humiliation, domination, and many more. In 2017, Alex wrote his first ballbusting stories in his native language and started the German blog in collaboration with another author. In 2018, he has teamed up with fetish porn producer Toby Springs to produce a series of ballbusting video clips. Alex lives and works in Germany.

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