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Building An Internet Controlled Milking Machine


26 y| xxx cm | xx kg
New York

Kombots on Twitter.

Hi Kombots, today we will talk a little about milking. It seems to be one of your real important kinks so that you have also constructed an internet controlled milking machine. We have really to talk about your tech project but first I would really love to know, why do you love to get milked?

Something about being constantly stimulated to orgasm is incredibly hot, and I also find that the sensations from being milked are great at inducing a submissive headspace.

Can you tell us why to be milked makes you feel submissive?

When a milking session is paired with bondage especially, the barrage of sensations highlights how truly helpless you are, along with being unable to control your own pleasure and the amount of cum you produce only proves to further deepen a submissive headspace for me. And for me, my submissiveness comes out most while not only being bound, but subjected to things that would me end up testing the strength of those bonds, and getting milked definitely does that.

So to be without power is a big turn on for you. Is the ejaculation the end of your submissive site and also the end of the game or do you want also be used after you have shot your load?

After the first load is when the fun starts! The sensitivity during that stage is what enhances the experience. It’s still pleasurable, but the insane sensations definitely add an edge that you can’t get before the first orgasm. If there’s bondage, this is when I would expect it to be tested. So yes, I’d say I would love to continue after the first load. And at least for me, I usually still have more to give.

How important is the edging part of the milking?

Edging can definitely enhance the experience, as well as increase the volume of the load quite a bit. It’s not imperative, but if the time is available, I would absolutely recommend taking it slow and keeping the edge as long as possible between loads, which usually guarantees a nice, long, and productive session.

It seems that the volume of the load has an importance for you. Can you tell us why is it important?

It depends on the context. For scenes and sessions with extraction overtones, the volume can definitely be an element. With the right scene and predicament, it’s a lot of fun to play with minimum quotas, either in volume or in the number of loads.

My personal record is probably about four, more is definitely possible with additional time and well, chastity beforehand would help too.

But now you have really to introduce us your internet controlled milking machine. How does it look and how does it work?

As for the machine itself, the controller is motorized and is paired to a simple Arduino board with wifi capabilities. I’m currently working on putting the components into a project enclosure; at the moment, it’s just a bunch of bare electronics and wire. As for the control interface, I’ve currently put in features including a random mode which randomizes the speed of the milker as well as the amount of time spent at each speed.

I’ve also included a slow ramp up and ramp down function for when you want to dial the speed up or down slowly and smoothly. Lastly, manual functions are of course available. Since the controls are all internet-based, anyone with an internet connection can control this milker, enabling long distance sessions or support for multiple people controlling the milker at one time.

Have you tried it out? Can you tell us, how it was? And what was your motivation to build such a milking machine?

Yep, I got to use it recently at an event with both people that were present and also people that were remote. It was a great experience, and the people who were remote loved having a chance to be part of a scene even if they weren’t physically there. As for motivation to build my controller, after I got the original milker, it worked well, but I always thought there was room to add more functions, especially those related to automation. And as a computer and systems engineer, I definitely had a few ideas of how the original machine could be enhanced and how I could accomplish that.

Unfortunately it’s a bit difficult though, because as it turns out, the wires and nondescript box always trigger the xray screener at airport security!

Oh dear. But the result sure still is awesome and hot. Does the remote feature do make the feeling for yourself different in contrast to direct control by a person nearby?

A little bit. When remote, it’s harder to tell what the next move will be, whereas when the controller is close, you have more hints as to what will come next. 

Do you already have other projects in the back of your mind that might one day be improved?

Haha perhaps. We’ll see. 😉

Were you not a tiny bit scared of tampering with the milking machine? I mean, its not the cheapest to replace if broken and attaches to something that definitely couldn’t be?

A bit, but electronics was part of my formal education and the milker was thankfully pretty straightforward in design so it wasn’t too bad.

I see. Thanks for all your time kombots, And we’ll be hopefully looking forward to seeing more of you and your kinky tuning in the future 😉

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