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Slave to a Younger Master (13)

Spring Break (Part 2)

I fell asleep after Sam took me for a run. I thought of Sam as I fell asleep. Sam wasn’t as gorgeous as my regular Master, but he was very sexy. I thought of his tanned skin as the muscles moved under it. He had a great ass and I knew I would be tasting it soon. Sam also had curly blond hair, and the sexiest smile I had ever seen. I felt my dick getting hard thinking of Sam and his sexy smile. I was tired and I fell asleep.

I rough kick to the balls woke me up. I was surprised. I opened my eyes and saw Tim standing over me. He was only wearing some swimming trunks. “Lazy faggot, I’m hungry get me some breakfast.”

“Yes, Master.” I said over my pain. I crawled and looked over the food. “What would Master like?” Tim gave me his orders and I began to make his breakfast. Tim sat at on a chair and watched me.

After a few minutes, Tim said “Get over here, bitch, I have to piss.”

“Yes, Master.” I said, and crawled over to him. Tim pulled his big cock out and dropped it into my mouth. He instantly began to piss hard and fast. It was bitter as it hit the back of my throat, but I swallowed it all. When Tim had finished, I licked the last few drops off his cock.

“Get back to work, shithead.” Tim said to me, kicking me in the balls again.

“Yes, Master.” I went back to making his breakfast. Just as I was serving, Sam and Master came down. They were only in swimming trunks too, and ordered breakfast, then sat down and began to talk to Tim. I worked on breakfast as was ignored by my Masters.

A few minutes later, Rick came down. He was buck-naked. Rick’s huge soft cock swayed back and forth. My mouth and ass twitched thinking of his huge cock up my ass and down my mouth. There was something wonderful about being fucked by a huge cock, and I wanted more.

Master Jack said “Tell the shithead what you want for breakfast, when he’s done, you can bust his ass again.”

“I almost busted him in two last night, and I’m ready for more. Get moving, faggot!”

“Yes, Master.” I said, but my Masters were already back to ignoring me. Rick barked his breakfast order at me, and I got working on it as well.

When I had finished cooking and had served my Masters,  Rick pulled my head to his cock. I took the hardening monster down and began to suck. Without warning, Rick began to piss in my mouth. I had to struggle to keep it from spilling out. I could hear Rick laughing over me. Rick’s cock was huge, and the stream of piss he sent into my mouth was huge as well. I managed to get it all down, and moved directly into sucking Rick. I sucked the last bit of piss out of him and began to work on getting pre-cum.

Rick slapped the side of my head. “Hurry up cuntface, I want to cum now.” I couldn’t speak with his huge cock in my mouth so I worked harder on my sucking. Rick did want to cum, so it wasn’t long before he came in my mouth, I swallowed it all, and worked to clean his cock up. As I finished, Master Jack pulled me over, and I got another shot of breakfast in the form of Master Jack’s cum down my throat. I was sent down to put up beach chairs when my Masters ate.

When I got back, I heard Tim say “Now, I’m going to make the faggot his breakfast.” I was surprised at this, why would Tim do something for me? I didn’t have to wait long to see that it was no favor. Tim poured Cheerios into the dog bowl on the floor. Then he pulled out his cock and pissed into it. “I’ve pissed in his Cheerios. OK, bitch, eat it up then thank me for doing this.”

“Yes, Master.” I crawled to the bowl and put my face in it. I could see the cheerios swimming in the piss. I could smell the piss in the bowl. The cheerios were getting soggy as the piss soaked into them. I extended my tongue and lapped some of it up, pulling the cheerios into my mouth and began to chew. The taste of piss filled my mouth. The piss changed the taste of the cheerios and make the whole thing a bad thing to taste. I choked it down. I lapped more up and choked that down as well. My Masters howled with laughter.

While I was eating, one of the men took a fork and began to poke my balls with it. When I jumped, Tim said “Don’t stop, keep eating.” The fork found my balls, the track between my balls and asshole, and my ass cheeks. My balls jumped and moved at the pokes from the fork. I heard my Masters laughing at me. I finished my breakfast and licked the bowl clean. I knew I would have to do it, so I did it before I was ordered to.  “Thank you for my breakfast, Master Tim.” I said as I had been ordered. My Masters laughed.

“Hey, lets fuck the boy and then head out swimming.” Master Jack said. The men all agreed. Tim grabbed me cruelly by the cock and balls and pulled me into the living room. Tim tossed me so that I was bent over the back of the sofa, my face towards the seat. Tim began to shove his cock up my ass. Tim rutted into me roughly and hard. His hips hit me hard and shoved me into the back of the sofa. Tim was bound to cum quickly up me.

“Hurry up, Tim.” One of the men said.

“I’m trying.” Tim said, grunting. He fucked me harder. Tim came into me, and pulled out. Rick replaced him, his huge giant cock ramming into me, big and fast. I writhed in pain, but Rick’s strong hands kept my hips under control and continued to ram into me. Rick came pretty quick too, and Sam took his place. Sam was smaller in the cock department than Rick, but I was getting sore, so Sam’s cock was hard to take. Sam slammed into me as hard and fast as the other two men.  Sam came in me, and Master Jack took over. Master Jack also slammed into me, I was being used like a cheap whore, one after the other slammed into me with their big cocks. My asshole hurt and felt raw. Master Jack came in me and pulled out.

I breathed hard and fast, curling together in reaction to the hardest fucking I’d been given.

Rick announced he was running to his room for his shorts and my Masters looked at their used slave.

“Little fag.” Said Tim.

“Boy.” Said Master Jack.

“Yes, Master.” I said, falling to my knees.

“We’re going to have fun. You need to get to work. And here.” Master showed me a family radio. “If we want your sorry ass, we’ll call on this. Keep it with you.”

“Yes, Master.”

The men headed out, Rick following seconds later with a slap to my ass. I started on cleaning up, doing the dishes, making the beds, all that. It didn’t take me too long since the men hadn’t had much time to mess things up. When I was finished, I headed down to the beach. My Masters were surfing the waves. I knelt by the beach chairs and waited their pleasure. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I saw Master Jack smile at me when he saw me get on my knees and wait. I guessed I had done good.

Tim came out of the water at one point, after I had been kneeling quite some time. The walked up the beach, looked at me and ordered “Get over here and rim me.” He turned back to watch the other men.

“Yes, Master.” I said and moved to stick my face up his ass. I pulled his shorts down some and began to stick my tongue up his asshole. I licked the puckered hole and teased it with my tongue. I tasted the salt water over the now fainter taste of his ass. I had to work to get my tongue up into his ass and then tasted his shit as well. I felt the salt water on my face off his ass and worked to get my tongue further and further up his ass. I moved my tongue, changing its shape to work all the better. I tried to get my whole face into his asscrack and my whole tongue into this asshole so he wouldn’t punish me for being lax. I felt the kinky hairs surrounding his ass scrape on my tongue and the wrinkles of his ass on my tongue. My nose was filled with the smell of his ass, the seawater on him, and just a bit of the shit I could taste. Finally, I felt Tim move and a huge fart broke out, deep, loud and foul. I almost sputtered and pulled out, but I knew that would get me punished, so I dug in even deeper. Tim farted again, this time a slider, longer and just as foul. I gulped the farts down like they were the breath of life.

Tim suddenly pushed his ass back, knocking me on my ass. “That’s enough bitch.” Tim said, laughing and running back to the water, pulling his shorts back up. I got to kneeling again and watched, nothing but an object.

I watched for a few hours, every so often on of my Masters would come up for a blowjob or a fuck. One of the men would come out of the water and have me blow them, rim them, or just fuck me. Sometimes they pissed in my mouth. It’s amazing how much cum is inside a teen man’s balls. I’d been fucked big right after breakfast, and now I was getting the men off at least once an hour. Once an hour for them, once an hour for each of them. They might sit on the beach chair and have me blow them that way, or stand up watching their friends. I was on both feet and bent over to be fucked by Tim, and Sam took me into the water.

Sam’s fucking me was my favorite that morning. He took me into the waves and slid his dick up into my waiting asshole. As he pumped into and out, the waves of the ocean rose and fell around me. Sam was behind me, and he pinched my tits, had me suck his fingers and pulled cruelly on my balls, he pinched my ass hard and big. Sam came inside of me, and we were both breathing deep. Sam had a wicked smile on his face when he pulled his huge, deflating cock out of my abused ass. I was wondering if my ass would ever be fully closed again, when the salt water ran up my asshole and burned. I yelped and shook. Sam laughed at me. Then Sam ordered me to fetch his shorts (he’d left them on the beach so he wouldn’t lose them while fucking me), and then had me dive under water to put them back on him. When I was finished, Sam’s hands forced my face to rub up on his crotch before he allowed me to surface.

The men got hungry, and I was sent for lunch. As I walked to the house, I heard from behind me “Run, bitch.” I broke into a run and heard laughter behind me.

I made a bunch of sandwiches and put them on a tray with four beers and returned to the beach. I served my Masters. They had me hold the tray like a servant while they ate, every so often waving me over to serve them again. When they were finally done, I was ordered to fetch a new round of beer. When I returned, Master Jack said to his friends “You know, you’re not supposed to go back into the water for an hour after you eat. Cocksucker, fetch me a stick.”

“Yes, Master.” I went back and found a stick, I brought it to my Master. Master took it and looked it over for a second. His friends watched as he weighed it, whipped it in the air, then cracked it on my thighs.

“This’ll do. Fetch, asswipe.” Master threw the stick I ran to fetch it, picking it up and bring it back to Master.  Master held out his hand, and I gently gave him the stick. “I didn’t say you could use your hands.” Master said. I froze, looking at his face. This time, Master didn’t look mad, more mischievous. Stick your thumbs in your ears and leave them there.” I obeyed “Now, fetch.” I ran after the stick, got to it, bent down, and picked it up with my mouth. I got sand in my mouth. I sputtered, losing some of the sand. I brought the stick back to Master. I looked ridiculous, the men were laughing at me. Master threw the stick again, and ordered “Now wiggle your fingers.” I began to wiggle my fingers back and forth, and I headed to fetch the stick with my mouth, getting more sand. I looked like a fool. I knew I was doing this for my Masters’ amusement, so I kept it up.

Rick held his hand out for the stick and I gave it to him. “Now,” said Rick “stick your right thumb up your ass from the back.” I did as ordered. “Now, your left pointer finger goes between your legs and into your ass.” That was harder, I had to bend real funny to obey, but I did. “Fetch, bitch.” Rick threw the stick and I had to get it. It was hard moving with my fingers up my ass like this, but I managed to do it. I fell down trying to get the stick in my mouth, and had to struggle to get back up. Tim had me stay in that position, but ordered me to shout as loud as I could “I’m a cocksucking bitch.” While I fetched. When I stopped after getting the stick, Tim sent me to do it again and to still shout. I could only mumble the words out, but it made the men laugh.

My Masters really enjoyed this game. I was sent to fetch the stick in all
sorts of ways:
Crawling on my belly,
Backwards on my knees,
One finger up my nose, the other jacking my little dick,
One finger up my ass, the other hand squeezing my balls,
Both thumbs in my mouth, using my elbows to pick up the stick,
Pinching my tits, using my asscrack to pick up the stick,
Using only my feet to move the stick,

The last one was when Tim threw the stick and ordered me to bring it back with my dick. If anything besides my dick touched it, Tim said he’d cut my dick off and feed it to the sharks, then make me blow the sharks. I said “Yes, Master.” And went over to the stick. I got my dick hard and got on my hands and knees over the stick. I put my hands and knees out wide, and moved my hips down so my dick was in contact with the stick. I used my dick as a stick against the stick to slowly move it to my Masters. It was hard. I has tired from all the sucking and fucking I’d had over the morning, and this game of Fetch had worn me out. Plus, since my dick by far the smallest of the five, I had to really bend down to get my dick in contact with the stick. My work wasn’t easy at all. I was sexually exhausted, so my dick didn’t really want to be hard, and pushing on the stick in the sand was not comfortable. Rubbing sand on your cockhead is not fun and that also made my dick want to go down. But I flexed my dick muscles and got the stick to slowly move towards my Masters. They laughed at me, and I continued to work. After a long time, I go the stick to Tim’s feet.

“Go ahead, pick it up – dick only.” Tim said. I looked up at Tim in shock and wonder, how was I going to do that? The men were laughing at me some more.

“Aww, what’s the matter, you got a little dick and it doesn’t even know any tricks?” Tim leered at me. “Fine, cuntface.” Tim sounded mad. He jumped up, grabbed me and had me bent over in a second. Tim picked up the stick and shoved it up my ass. “Keep it up with your ass then.” Tim laughed and my Masters headed for the beach. I stayed bent over with the stick in my ass, some reward for all my hard work. I felt like a fool bent over and with a stick up my ass. But my dick went down, and I could sort of rest for a bit. My Masters were enjoying themselves in the ocean.

After a while, the position got tiring, but I had to stay in it. The sun beat down on me. Finally, Master and Tim came up. “Time to fuck.” Announced Master. Master stuck his dick in my mouth and I automatically began to suck. I tasted the salt water on his huge, beautiful cock. I was so happy to be sucking my Master again, that I put extra work into it. Meanwhile, Tim had gone around to my ass and pulled the stick out. Tim slapped my ass a few times, getting it red, then fed his big cock up my ass. Now I was getting it from both ends. My dick was rising some since I was sucking Master, but I didn’t get fully hard. My mouth was a little dry, so I had to work to bring up some spit for Master’s lubrication. Tim had entered my ass dry, and I felt every inch of his rock-solid cock as it forced up my ass. Tim’s hands had gripped my hips and were forcing me back and forth according to his wishes.

Master’s hands were gently on my head. I looked up at Master. His head was thrown back as he took my service of his cock as was his due. Master was just enjoying his cocksucking. Out of doors, on the beach, the wind in his longish hair, the sun on his lovely face. Truly a god, no wonder I worshipped him. Tim gripped harder and I head him grunt as he continued to force is long cock up my abused ass. I was again a sextoy, and object. Each acted like the other wasn’t there, taking me as the fucktoy of their pleasure alone. I gashed to breath around Master’s cock and to deal the pain in my used ass.

Tim came first, with almost a bark as he shot deep in me. I was still amazed he could still cum, considering how much he had already shot into me. After a few deep breaths, he pulled out, slapped my ass and said “Good fuck, bitch.” Tim walked back to the ocean, and Master kept fucking my face. I concentrated more and more on sucking his huge dick.

I fell on my knees before my god and continued sucking his massive cock. This is what I had always wanted in life, to worship and obey my Master, to suck him. The scene was great, Master, his perfect body carved and tanned, glowing in the sun, and me kneeling before him sucking his dick, forever his slave. As hard as the past two days had been, hell, as hard as my entire slavehood had been, this made it worthwhile, knowing I was Master’s property working to get him off.

With a glorious roar Master came in my mouth, shooting his manly cum all over my tongue and down my throat. Gently, I cleaned him up, getting the last bits of cum and sweat off his softening but still massive cock and his buoyant balls. I was breathing heavy as I finished my work, and I was so tired I was looking down at Master’s perfect feet.

“Boy.” Master said.

“Yes, Master.” I looked up at my Master’s beautiful face.

“I expect a lot of you, I know. I want you to do a lot of hard work. Are you still willing to be my slave?”

“O yes, Master, more than anything I want to be your slave.”

“You need to keep working hard. If you make it through this week, I’ll keep you for a long time.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.”

“Get up to the house. Put on your dogcollar and kneel in a corner. Do not make dinner. Wait there for further orders.”

“Yes, Master.” I rose to go. Master tussled my hair and slapped my ass as I turned to get back into the house. I obeyed, buckling my collar on and kneeing in a corner of the living room. As I looked at the blank corner, I wondered why I was doing this, humiliating myself by obeying a mere boy. I mean, I was putting myself through all this shit for what? Why was I doing this to myself? I knew why. I had to admit I liked it. As hard as it was, as painful and humiliating, I liked being a slave. Master had made me a cockslave, his cockslave. I had wanted it, really wanted a Master to obey, but Master had showed me that I had to put his wishes above mine. Master made me do things, not the safe little things I thought I wanted, but the hard things he wanted to show me that he was in control. I had to admit to myself that as much as I hated a lot of the pain, and the humiliation, I wanted Master’s cock more. I wanted him to be happy with me. I promised myself that I would work even harder for Master, to make Master happy with me. To prove to Master I was his slave and that he was everything to me.

“Four beers, faggot.” Came a command from the radio. I fetched four beers down to the waiting men. I served and was dismissed. I returned to my corner. A few minutes later I heard Master’s voice over the radio “Get down here cunt, run.” I ran down to Master.  “Bend over.” Master ordered. I bent over. Master delivered one good, strong slap to my ass and said “Back, run.” I ran back, knowing I was doing this for their amusement.

It was getting on in the day, and I was called down every so often for one reason or another: to fetch beer, to get fucked or blow them. Sometimes just to be sent back. Finally, I heard the men returning. “We fucked him last, why don’t you two have a go?” Master said.

“Fucking great.” Said Sam. He and Rick forced me to the sofa on my hands and knees, and got going. Sam slipped up my ass. I felt his large hard cock forcing open my ass, shoving up my canal like it was his personal plaything. I guess it was. Rick slowly pulled is massive, long cock out of his swimtrunks and slapped my face with it. Rick’s cock was so big that I could really feel the contact, his dick had some real weight, and the slapping was like getting hit with a big sausage. Pre-cum started to leak out of his massive tool and that sharpened the impact. Rick’s monster grew and lengthened.

“Look at it, you little shit.” Rick said “You’re going to swallow the whole thing down. I’m going to shove it in to the pubes. You had better be ready.” Slap, slap. “I’m dick slapping you, you little whore. You’re just a worthless fucking cunt. Get on this.” Rick said, forcing his still growing dick down my throat. I had been working to relax my throat. Rick liked to be deep-throated, and I knew I couldn’t disappoint him, or I’d get punished.

Rick’s cock was so big I’m sure he couldn’t shove it down most whoreboy’s throats. I had taken it first upside down, and that taught me how to get it all in. It was still a real chore, and Rick was not gentle. I barely had time to breath as his cock forced past my tongue and down my waiting throat.

As this inhuman monster sized cock shoved into me, I felt Sam begin to slap my ass. Sam was lazily thrusting deep into my ass, and his huge cock was spreading me wide. In addition to this, he was slapping my asscheeks hard. Slap, slap, slap. Sam took careful aim and delivered a hard blow ever few seconds. Sometimes he hit one cheek for a while, then the other, sometimes he would alternate between the two. Sam was putting strength behind his slaps, his beautiful tanned muscles powering the pain on my ass. Sam hit harder and harder, turning my ass red and sore. I took the fucking on both ends to please my Masters, and they used me like a cheap whore. When they were done, they came in me. Sam finished first, leaving Rick’s monster cock to abuse me further. When Rick was done and I’d cleaned him off, Rick shoved me to the floor.

“Heel, doggie.” Sam ordered. I followed Sam outside and Sam repeated the hosing down he’d given me this morning.

When we go back in, my Masters were lazing around the living room. They were all dressed in shorts and shirts. I had to admit it was an inspiring sight, four sexy, masculine men, and me their sextoy. It was hot knowing I was going be getting it all week from these hot guys. “Here, bitch.” Master handed me money. “Pizza’ll be here soon. You pay for it. There’s just enough, so you’re going to have to come up with a tip.”

“Yes, Master.” I’d be blowing the pizza guy, I knew it. Master snapped his fingers, and pointed to my corner. I knelt there, hearing the laughs of my Masters at my little degradation.

The men talked some, I was the subject of a lot if it, my adventures as a slave being amusing. But is was the talk of friends. The doorbell rang. “Go on boy.” Master said.

I got up and opened the door, prepared to be humiliated. Outside was the pizza guy, young and hot. Dark hair, a little unkempt, but a great body under his clothes. He looked at me first in shock, then he took in the scene and gave a bit of a laugh. “Lose a bet?” he said.

“No Sir. I’m a slave.” I said.

“Shit. You got money for these, or do you have to go get it?”

“Here is your money, Sir.” I handed him the money and he gave me the pizzas.

The pizza guy had got a view of my Masters. “Keeping him in his place?” he said.

“He’s learning.” Tim said.

“Sir,” I said, this was hard to do, and I was humiliated “my I suck you for your tip? I want to show you how much I appreciate what you’ve done for my Masters.”

“Sure boy.” He began to undo his shorts.

“Sir, may I give my Masters their pizza first?” I said.

“Sure boy.”

I carried the pizzas over to my Masters and opened the boxes on the coffee table. They reached for slices and I returned to the pizza guy, kneeling. He had his dick out. It was good sized, and I moved my mouth to it. My Masters were watching me work for their supper. I took the big dick into my mouth and began to suck.

“No waiting, just go to it. Shit, I like this.” The pizza guy said. The man had a good dick on him, long and thick, and I worked to make him cum. I worked his cock deeper and deeper into my throat and he pumped his hips back and forth. I moved my hands up and grabbed his tight, bubble butt. I could hear my Masters discussing my technique behind me as I worked on this stranger. His cock shoved in and out of my mouth and his big balls hit my chin. It didn’t take this stud long to cum, and I swallowed it all. As I cleaned him up, he said “You are being well trained. If you guys need any more pizza, be sure to ask for me.” With that he left, leaving me kneeling by the door.

As my Masters ate, they tossed the crusts around the room. A minute or two after the pizza guy left I was ordered to get beer and I served them. Master said. “I haven’t forgotten you have to eat too, boy. I want you to collect the crusts and put them all here.” Master indicated a spot on the floor. “But I want you to amuse us as well. Crab walk to collect them and use your buttcrack.”

“Yes, Master.” I got in to crab walk position, my hands behind me and I forced myself up. I crabwalked to a crust and lowered myself to it. I opened my ass crack and tried to get it between my ass cheeks. It wasn’t easy. I had to work to get it in. My Masters were laughing at me the whole time. This was just another game for them, getting to watch me do one stupid thing after another, all just to entertain them.

My dick and balls moved back and forth as I crabwalked around the room, and it was hard work. I could only get one crust at a time, and they were all over the place, with new ones being thrown every so often. It was hard work to lower myself to the crust and hard work to keep it in my crack to deliver it to the spot. This was so degrading, doing this, and knowing it was only to amuse my Masters, but I did it, knowing I was the slave and I had to obey.

Once I passed the chair Tim was sitting in, and he reached down and roughly grabbed my tit, twisting and pulling my nipple hard. I grimaced in the pain. “Take it faggot, take it.” Tim said. Twisting harder.

“Yes, Master, thank you, Master.” I said.

Finally Tim let go, and I went on, the marks of his fingers on my tit. By the time my Masters finished eating, and I got the last crust, I was exhausted. Master let me turn over and eat like a dog, with no hands. I chewed and chewed, glad for the food. A little into it my mouth was starting to get dry. “If you need a drink, you can crawl to the kitchen to your water bowl.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.” I crawled to the kitchen and drank, then crawled back. I went back to eating. Master took some mercy on me, and gave me a few real pieces of pizza, and said I didn’t have to eat all the crusts. I did have to “bury” what I didn’t eat. Master instructed me to move one crust at a time, in my mouth, to a lower cabinet in the kitchen. I obeyed, crawling back and forth several times. As I was “burying” the rest of my dinner, the men talked about what they wanted to do for the evening. Rick knew of a club, so they decided to got to that for a while. As the men got ready to go, Master told me to clean up, then leash myself to the hook in the kitchen.

My Masters headed out, and I was left with chores and private humiliation. This was my life as a slave. I followed orders, and after I was leashed in the kitchen, I fell asleep on my mat. Hours later the men returned. It was late, I don’t know the time. As I heard them come in, I rose to my knees, ready to obey whatever order they had. The men came into the kitchen. “Little shit’s ready for more.” Tim said. It was dark, I felt myself being lifted up and carried to the kitchen table. I was roughly arranged on the table like a piece of meat, and I heard zippers opening. I was on my back, and Sam pushed my head down, his big and growing cock aimed at my mouth. I opened to let him in and he just shoved in. I was going to be gang fucked again, long and hard by four cum-filled young studs with only their own pleasure on their mind.

To be continued …

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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