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Rubber Toy, Gimp & Drone – What Are The Differences?

The world of technical terms is a world you can lose yourself totally. Even more in Fetish and SM as you get bombed with a lot of different terms, people are creating their own terms and most of them gets defined differently by everyone. As I’ve told many times on KINKFINITY there are no standards in Fetish and SM beside the mutual agreement.

Today we want to immerse ourselves into the shiny world of rubber and latex subs. Most of them look great in their skintight suits and with their hoods and masks they don’t seem to be really human beings anymore but more real sexual toys. It is really nice to play with them, but if you ask them what they see themselves as, you get confused. Some are Rubber Toys, other Latex Playthings, others Gimps and others again Drones. But what is the difference between those alter egos? I think it is time to ask different people how they would define the differences between the terms they use.

One of the best known rubber pups and drones in the UK & Europe is Bolt. You’ll find this tall guy in full rubber at most of the major events, even at some in the US too. Hey Bolt. What is the fascination of rubber for you and which of the three terms fits you the best?

Pup Bolt on Twitter

It really depends on how I feel, or what/ whoever I am playing … I’d also say that I’m very very submissive, so I’m happy to fit into whatever role whoever I’m playing with wants me in. But there are obvious practicalities. It’s harder to be a true rubber toy at an event like Folsom!

Hehe, I can imagine. Seems that Folsom will be a drone time for you. But now I’m sure you can give us your definitions now.

Rubber Toy: Silent, obedient, entirely submissive, probably kept mostly in bondage, played with and tormented for the amusement and entertainment of its owner, displayed, stored when not being used. Always covered in rubber, perhaps using rubber that changes/modifies the human form. Basically like a toy – picked up and played with at its owner’s whim. It silently accepts whatever is done to it.

Rubber Gimp: Much like the above, but it may exist only for torment or torture and fucking. It may also be stored or kept in bondage for periods of time. It may also be made to serve its owner (or whoever it’s owner tells it to obey) domestically or otherwise, so it needs to be able to move when doing so. It accepts whatever is done to it, and does whatever it is told.

Rubber Drone: Less about bondage and being ‘used’. More about obedience and ‘display’. Possibly less submissive and subservient than a toy or gimp. A drone is more public. It may be put in bondage and have its mind ‘wiped’ and ‘reprogrammed’ to ensure obedience.

Now it is time to ask one of the real gear freaks many of you know: Rubngum. We think that a gear-sexual like him has to tell us a lot. Hi Rubngum, I know you don’t like to put yourself in a box … ok, an isolation box would probably be interesting for you … but how would you characterize your rubber-me?

rubngum on Twitter

I am the dream of many Gimps and Drones, which came true. Encased in rubber, I manifest to the RubberTop I want to be.

Hehe, you’re so modest, Rubngum. You organise the gear blast eu events and you design rubber suits. That means that you should understand what others want. So what is in your opinion the difference between a Rubber Toy, a Gimp and a Drone?

Rubber toys want to be used for play by others, completely encased in latex. Also, they can be equipped with extras and complementing fetish products. Rubber toys are bottoms and leave the organization of play to the tops and Masters.

A gimp is somebody who wears a suit,  rubber for me preferably, which has bondage applications, which can be used for tying up the gimp and limit his movement capabilities. You can also give him a gimp hood/mask to enrich or complete the outfit.

Rubber drones want to be controlled, to have their will taken from them. Be encased in rubber, often also connected to relentless machines. Be controlled from afar, attached to cables and tubes, put in bondage. Often, VR or AR find application with them.

Of course, gimps and drones are naturally basically rubber toys.

Oh the playful rubber sub defines the terms by its desires and needs and the gear-sexual more by the used gear and equipment. That makes it even more complicated. Ok, next expert:

I think there aren’t many guys who know the rubber community as well as Michael (Mr. Rubber Europe 2018). So we should ask him for his opinion too. Hey Michael, the rubber scene is very various and you are totally into heavy industrial rubber. The different terms could be a little confusing. So what do you think are the differences between Rubber Toys, Gimps and Drones?

Michi | incased on Facebook

First of all, I’d like to say that we’re here talking about BDSM terms, and the code of conduct “safe, sane and consensual” is always above everything!

Honestly – I don’t have a definition which I could present here as generally valid.

I feel the terms as a kind of statement, how much “human” I want to allow in the fantasy imagination … a toy is definitely a thing, a toy, as the word literally translated already says. In terms of rubber, dressed with more or less rubber, it stands in the foreground as a toy. A Gimp is even a more human being, but it is clearly subordinate, has given up its rights and has to serve the desire and passion of its opponent. Also, here I don’t necessarily see everything wrapped up in rubber or at least still possible in a more human perception. As a drone, there is truly a rubber “thing” in front of me… I can’t identify any more what it is exactly. There is then as much rubber as possible and inclusion, certainly the idea of me with connected.

But with some people it just seemed to me that they liked the sound of the word to be called that way… or thinking of my personal top/master encounters, that they want to call their counterparts that way in particular.

I myself have also been called differently: rubberslave (as the most used), but also as gimp or object. For me personally, it is the choice of my opposite as what he wants to see and call me…. and I follow his desires and passion and accept it :O)

Oh that sounds more like there is no real difference in-between and that it depends more or less just on the kinkster and as what he wants to see and call himself. At least we know now, that toys are made to play with. That is really a fucking new perception. Mummy, why haven’t you told me that??

Ok probably an external view could help to clarify a little the definitions. JamesBondageSX is a leather Master but if you follow his twitter, you can see that he plays as longer as more with rubber boys. Hey James, what are for you the differences between a Rubber Toy, a Gimp and a Drone?

JamesBondageSX on Twitter

A rubber toy to me is a sub boy wearing *some* rubber, be it catsuit, surf suit or rubber jeans and polo skinhead style. A rubber toy is a dirty, adventurous, open-minded and often cheeky rubber guy who likes to get a bit messy and dirty: verbal, gob, piss, mess etc, who likes being put in his place by his superior.

On the other hand i see a gimp as an obedient and willing sub, who is dressed head to toe in rubber, no flesh visible, literally an anonymous rubber object, there to serve as directed, obeying orders, with holes to be used, always in some form of bondage, and to be stored in bondage when not in use.

There is some crossover here for me with my perception of the rubber drone (though this is an area I have less experience in) who similarly is dressed anonymously in full rubber head to toe but perhaps with some almost slightly military feel to the look with gas mask, harness or breastplate, gauntlets, utility belt, etc. More like a rubber soldier or worker ant. Obeying orders, yes, but “programmed” to know how to serve instinctively. That’s my take on it anyway, feel free to correct me!

Why am I not surprised that a Master sees the differences more or less in the different grades of submission. 🙂

Another rubber lover you know from sadOsam is Whiteout. He’s the guy who is running his vlog with rubber tutorials we present also on sadOsam. So Whiteout, how do you see it with the different terms?

Whiteout on Twitter

Frankly, there isn’t any real difference between the three, and all terms can be used interchangeably. But, I do feel that each term is most appropriate in a certain context.

Rubber toys: On the totem pole of submissive-ness, this is probably the lowest level available. You’re just an object with one purpose, with that purpose most likely being sexual related. Your worth is akin to that of a common dildo. A tool with one purpose, and nothing more. A rubber toy is used when needed, then locked up and left alone until it is needed again.

Drones: This is a level above toys, but still very much in the role of a household object. However, you’re more of a multipurpose object, like a computer or a Swiss army knife. A drone can be re-programmed, commanded, or even hypnotized to perform a specific instruction set. The main objective of a drone is to serve a higher being and to perform instructions without a thought. A drone only accepts inputs, and outputs the intended result. Going off the computer analogy. Much like how a server can be used to remotely control another computer, drones may be programmed to create other drones too. The drone receives pleasure from completing it’s issued task.

Gimps: To me, a gimp is like having an exotic pet. A gimp is a living and loving object, and wants to please its master. Many people may also make comparisons of a gimp to a slave, both share similar commonalities. However, what distinguishes a gimp from a slave is appearance. A gimp should have no defining characteristics. All skin should be covered, and a mask should be worn at all times. Much like how I can’t really distinguish individual dogs in a pack of golden retrievers, since they all look exactly the same, I shouldn’t be able to distinguish any individuality between a group of gimps. As far as cognitive ability goes, a gimp won’t be as mindless as a rubber toy or as submissive as a drone. But it’s still a lesser being to that of its master, alpha, dominant or whatever role the top wants to assume. The gimp just wants to help master in any way it can, and receives pleasure knowing it did a good job.

It seems that also the opinions about the level of submission diverge. But there is something all asked guys said in common: Rubber toys, gimps and drones … they all wear rubber and are submissive. But probably Michael was really right, it is up to you, how you call and see yourself. Probably also your play partners have an influence to that, but as I’ve told you in the introduction: There are no standards in Fetish and SM beside the mutal agreement.

And the most important is that you live your kinks the way you and other involved love to live and that you have fun, a lot of fun. it doesn’t matter if with or without gear and if you wear rubber, whether as toy, gimp or drone.

And if another kinkster is starting to talk with terms you don’t understand, don’t be too shy to ask him what he wants to tell you exactly. As you have seen, even people who I would consider as experts have all their own definitions. Never forget: Communication is very important in kink, but communication is not only to talk, it is understanding: verbal as well as non-verbal.

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