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You Name It And I Like It!

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Pup Sky

1982 | 184 cm | 72 kg

Brussels (BE)


Hello everybody, today I’m talking to adorably sweet kinkster Sky. Ok, Sky, if we look at your timeline, you seem to have tried out many things over time. Can you give us a bit of an overview about yourself? What do you all like and what are your main fetishes?

Hi Seven! Great talking to you too. It’s not easy for me to describe in a few words what i’m into. But i’ll try it anyway. I guess you could define me as an overall gearhead with rubber being my major turn on. But i could easily add wetsuits-mx gear-sneakers-leather to that list. The more gear, the better! 🙂 Besides having a load of fetishes I quickly discovered i was very much into powerplay (getting into that headspace to complelety give up control). In that way bondage is also huge turn on. Immobilisation, gimpyness, objectification … you name it and I like it.

Seems like you could almost win at fetish bingo. XD How did that all start out? When did you realize you like different stuff than “normal” people?

I knew from a very young age I was different. I must have been 12 years old when I was at a ‘surfcamp’ when I found out I kinda liked the feeling of wearing a wetsuit. It was so addictive that I even sneaked into the changing room, late at night, to see/feel/wear that wetsuit again not knowing why at that time. But it definitely triggered my mind…so much I started exploring more. From pvc-gear to icehockey-outfits and finally rubber. Rubber becoming one of my major turn ons. So much that I went to buy my first latex surfsuit at the age of 16. Going into that kinky shop, being completely nervous, but so happy afterwards of owning my first rubber outfit!!

What does it add to the mix when you’re wearing gear to powerplay or bondage instead of just just those things by itself?

For me gear is a way to escape reality (normal life) even more. Not just for the fetish/kick itself gear brings you completely into a whole different mindset. Who doesn’t love the feeling of a good leater or metal collar around your neck. A dick locked away in chastity…. It can be any kind of gear but when it comes to really gearing up: rubber does it for me the most. It encloses your body tightly. It becomes your second skin and it’s already a way of bondage. Also one of the reasons why i love hoods/masks a lot. It’s thrilling to be wearing a puphood, a gasmask, a more gimpy hood or a muzzle.

But there’s one thing that tells the truth about the way you feel (with or without any gear on): THE EYES! Think about puppy eyes, or begging sweet look or giving someone a dominant look and knowing that you’re under control.

How do you usually go about playing? Does it start naturally for you when you meet with a guy or more when you put on your gear, prepared everything and are ready to serve? Whats your playstyle?

Play can start naturally. It all depends on the person you’re meeting up with. It’s all about the chemistry between doms and subs… It happened to me before where I got on my knees just by looking at a guy and vice versa when I was feeling Alpha. But sometimes it’s good fun to just do what you’re told to (and agreed on) without having set a whole scenario up front. Just going with the flow within the limits that you both agreed on. As a sub I love all kinds of play: as a pup or becoming a real rubbergimp.

As an alpha (I don’t consider myself a dom) i can enjoy both roles as well. And on the other hand it can be good fun just to share the fetishlove with friends as well… Generally as a sub I seek/want that controlling feeling. Whether it ‘s a huge play or not. Love getting into deep headspace where you give urself completely to your alpha or dom.

Do you still have fantasies you’d love to make reality once?

One of my hottest experiences was in Berlin. Being a rubbergimp for the weekend. From the moment I walked into the SM-apartment I gave up control and followed whatever I was I told to. I had to strip and leave all normal clothes behind, get myself blindfolded and wait for my dom to come in. Describing all what we did will take way too much lines in this interview but let’s say there was a lot of rubber, bondage and powerplay involved. 🙂 Does that satisfy your question pup?

Hehe I’d love to hear more, but I think we should save that for another interview. Thanks for taking time for us pup, and I hope you’ll have lots more such memories and playtime.

Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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