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Getting Anthony (4)

A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 4

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You both lay there watching the stars and enjoying the closeness of your bodies. No words were needed, as you were so comfortable with each other. You both were nodding off when Anthony gave you a gentle kiss and whispered “We need to get inside or we’ll wake up out here.”

“Yeah.” You whispered back. The two of you got up and walked to the cabin. You had your hand on his ass as you did. It was so firm. Anthony had his arm over your shoulders. In bed, you lay face to face, kissed each other and fell asleep.

When you woke up, you felt Anthony’s arm over your torso. You opened your eyes to discover Anthony had been watching you. “Good Morning.” Anthony’s sexy voice was soft.

“Good Morning.” You reached up and ran your fingers on his cheek.

“I like watching you sleep.” He said.

“Stalker.” You say with a smile. “I like that you stalk me.”

“Always.” Anthony kissed you. “Stay here and I’ll get breakfast going.”

“Sure.” Anthony got up and left, turning to look at you as he left the bedroom.

You lay there until he returned with a tray holding your breakfast. He let you eat while he got between your legs and slowly licked your balls. Could it get any better? Breakfast in bed, served by a hot naked man who took care of your nuts while you ate the breakfast he made. Anthony said he had wanted to take care of everything for your little vacation, and he was certainly delivering. He was an excellent lover, took care of your every need like a servant, stayed naked like a stripper, and obeyed every wish you had like a slave. He even came up with things to do for you, so more like a love-slave than just a slave.

When you finished breakfast, your dick was hard. You moved the tray and he moved up to swallow your cock down in one motion. His throat and tongue worked on it and got it even harder. Anthony pulled his body up, and you enjoyed looking at all his muscles while he pleasured you. You rubbed his shoulder, and this simple motion spurred him on. Such a little thing turned him on so much. You had to drop your hand when he got you so close that you were about to climax. Anthony sensed you were close. You knew each other’s bodies so well, you could tell easily. His mouth pulled cum out of you as you came down his throat.

“Best breakfast in the world, I can’t get enough of how you taste.” Anthony scooched up and held you. “Want to go on a hike today?”

“Sure, that will be fun.” Hiking was one of the hobbies you both shared from before you met. “Let’s get a shower first.”

Tandem showering had become a favorite activity, since you got to see his body all wet and feel him up. Once you dried off, he left you to get dressed while he got things ready in the kitchen. You joined him there, and he had a backpack ready. Anthony wore shoes and socks, but that was all. You didn’t object to that. It would be stupid to ask him to go barefoot. You gave his junk a gentle squeeze as you headed out.

Anthony led, you walking beside him. Nature is beautiful, you could hear birds sing, see the wildlife scamper around. Best off was Anthony au naturale. Frequently you held hands, and you talked about various things. Other hikes you had been on, what you were seeing, so many things. Every so often, you would reach down and fondle his cock and balls. He always responded with a bit more chubbing and sounds that proved he was enjoying it.

There is nothing like a long hike, and it was even better with a hot naked man on it with you. Anthony carried the water, so you could hydrate when you needed to. He was acting like a pack mule. He never complained, and really did work hard to make you happy. Once when you were walking in silence, you thought about how easy it would be to abuse his labors. You could probably get him to do all sorts of things, but that might suck the spark out of everything and result in fewer of the nice surprises. You were enjoying things so much that you knew you wouldn’t start just ordering him around. Why be demanding when he did everything so easily and with such good spirits?

The route you were taking came to a stream, and you walked beside him up the bank for a while. Anthony lead you to a pool with a small waterfall falling into it.

The two of you sat down under a tree and admired the scenery for a few minutes. “Want to take a dip?” Anthony asked?

“With you, of course.” You replied. Anthony just had to kick his shoes off, so he helped you remove your clothes. Hand-in-hand, you waded into the water. It was cool, but not cold. Some depth as well, so you could play around. And you did, splashing around, dunking your heads under water.

Anthony went under and got between your legs, not to suck you, but putting you on his shoulders. It was a surprise, but you figured it out quickly. He was going to stand up with you on him. He did. He was so strong, those muscles lifting you up.

“Like the view?” Anthony asked laughing.

“Yeah. I can see for miles.” That part of the pool was pretty deep, your feet were still in the water. Anthony took a couple of quick moves, obviously fighting to keep his balance, but then slipped. It wasn’t a hard slip, you both just sort of slid down.

Your heads came up out of the water at the same time, and you embraced each other. Anthony kissed you. In a natural water pool, naked with the hottest guy you had ever been with, and wrapped in his arms. It was a dream.

His hand found your cock and balls and played with them while you kissed. Could life get any more perfect? Fantastic body, great personality, and he went all out to do things for you. Guys like this don’t come across every day.

Anthony lead you back to the shore. He pulled you down, then started to unpack the backpack he had lugged all the way here. Cheese, fruit, nuts, cold fried chicken. “When did you make this?” You asked him.

Anthony chuckled. “I woke up well before you did. I had this planned, so I fried up the chicken I’d brought and prepped the rest. Then I got back into bed with you.”

He stuck a grape in your mouth. His fingers brushed against your lips. So sensual and so submissive in one motion. You half closed your eyes. You had so enjoyed this time with Anthony, and it showed no sign of ending. And you didn’t want it to end.

The meal was wonderful after the swim, and you both were naked, enjoying nature with nothing on, and the air all over your skin. When you finished, you and Anthony lay in each other’s arms. You let your hand wander over his great pecs and rippled abs. Your hand went lower and your fingers played with his pubic hair. He had a nice bush, and you amused yourself. He let you, of course. He let you do anything. It has to be teasing for him. You were so close to his cock, but you were moving your fingers just above its base. He could feel you there, in a crotch that had been without covering for days, and you liked him like that, all of him out for you to see, to admire. His dick was getting a bit hard. You knew he loved your touching him. This must be half maddening for him, as you didn’t grab his cock.

Just a bit longer. You could hear just the softest groan escape his lips. Such exquisite torture he was having. You knew how you made him feel and you weren’t taking the leap yet, he needed just a bit more waiting. You ran your fingernail up to his navel. You circled it with your finger. He had to feel so denied. You spread your hand open, laying it on his stomach. You moved it back and forth a bit, then slid down and finally grabbed his dick. Anthony let his breath out loudly.

He got hard so quick. The skin over his cock was silky, the penis hard, making that magical feeling you can only find in a man. And Anthony was such a man. His large cock was throbbing under your hand. You seemed to have more than his cock in your hand. You had his life, and his happiness. You rubbed your thumb over his cockhead, smearing precum, then your thumb swirled around his cockhead. Anthony shivered in pleasure. He was putty in your hands. You reached further and cupped his balls. Such big balls. They really were big. They filled your hand and more. You rolled them around. The skin flowed between the gaps in your fingers. You could feel the testicles inside the nutsack, so large.

You weren’t in a rush, you could enjoy his body, and his really significant equipment. It’s astounding how long you can enjoy just feeling a male body, and the more in shape it is, the better. But nothing compares to being able to feel a man you are genuinely attracted to, one that you have true, deep feelings for. At one time, Anthony was a fantasy, now he’s the man that fucks you better than anyone ever has.

You drew your hands up and down his abs and chest, returning to his pole. So large and hard, covered with the silky skin you loved so much. His hands reached out and felt you as well. This was amazing. Anthony’s hands had a strength that could not be denied. The mere touch of them showed their power. Attached to such great muscles.

You explored each other’s bodies for a bit, before you bent down to gently, teasingly run your tongue over his glans. You felt his fingers twitch as what you did echoed throughout his body. Easily, you just played with it for a bit. You gave little flicks with just the tip of your tongue. Holding his dick with your hand, you could really feel its size, how it was pulsing with blood. He was so turned on, you really enjoyed the reactions you could get from him.

You began to take wider licks at his dickhead. You enjoyed the taste, you had spent a lot of time with his cock, and enjoyed it more and more over time. You began to move your lips down his shaft, taking his manhood in your mouth, moving your head around to give him maximum sensations. Anthony groaned, his hand moving through the hair on your head. Even that was exciting to you. Every touch by him was amazing. You rubbed up and down his thighs, muscles so hard, so well defined.

You were internally proud that you could almost take his entire cock down your throat now. You had been working on that. It was a difficult proposition, but he took you down to the pubes all the time and you wanted to give him as much pleasure as he gave you. He was putty in your hands. Or mouth, as the case may be. The silky skin over his hardness.

“Fuck me now?” You came off his dick just long enough to ask the question.

“Arrghh, yes!” Anthony had to pull his mind together to understand your question. He had been so completely taken in by your sucking. He moved to lick your ass, priming you before he moved his large cock to enter you. Slow at first, letting you really feel every inch.

Marvellous feeling, him going into you. Even after all the time you had been together, it was always wonderful. Anthony pushed until his hips were against your ass cheeks. He grinded in and out, back and forth. You breathed deep, such pleasure. Anthony began to fuck. “Yea, fuck me.” You said. He did, giving you exactly what you wanted.

Anthony had stamina, and you always really got to enjoy what he did to you. “A bit faster.” Mechanically, Anthony did go faster. He always did everything just so you could feel better.

Anthony yelled to the wide outdoors, tossing his head back “I LOVE FUCKING MY BOYFRIEND!”

“I LOVE GETTING FUCKED BY MY BOYFRIEND!” You yelled back. Anthony gave a chuckle. “Now do, fuck me hard, get me off.” That was all he needed. Anthony began to fuck like a man possessed. You could feel him all over your body, his shaft working your prostate. You were super hard, so close, you were so close.

“YESSS!” You yelled as you came all over your chest. That set Anthony to cumming as well, deep in your ass. He left his cock in you a bit before pulling out and licking your cum off of you.

“I love your jizz. I can never get enough.” Anthony said as he licked you clean. When he finished he held you in his arms. You felt so safe there, so comfortable. Your head resting on his sculpted chest, you both dozed.

A slight movement woke you. Anthony was still sleeping. You looked at his handsome face, the face of the man who meant so much to you. Who did so much to make you happy. You cared for him deeply. You wouldn’t have him do so much for you, but he always seemed so involved in doing things for you. Turning him down seemed to hurt him. Offering to help seemed to make him feel inadequate. How could you take away what he loved most in the world?

Anthony’s eyes opened. “Are you stalking me now?”

“I sure am.” You said with a smile, and a kiss. The two of you rose and went back into the water, letting the ripples play over your bodies as you kissed. Refreshed, you decided it was time to hike back.

You dressed. Anthony packed up the lunch things. The hike back was as pleasant as the hike out. You took his hand as you mounted the steps to the cabin. You slumped into a chair. Anthony put the backpack up and went to your feet. He started massaging them, relieving you of the stress the hike had made. After he got the edge off, his mouth got into the act. You had expected that. He took such good care of you.

When he finished, you looked at each other with an air of finality. “We’re going to have to go back home.” Anthony said, leaning his hands on your legs and hugging them with an arm.

“Yeah, you have been wonderful. Thank you so much, you make me so happy.” You reached down and ruffled his hair.

“Thank you. You really enjoyed yourself?”  He looked at you with the puppy dog eyes he got when he so desperately wanted to please you.

“I did. You are amazing.” You kissed, and Anthony packed everything up, leaving you to relax. Once ready, you got in the car. Anthony slid into the driver’s seat naked. As he got started on the road, you moved your hand to fondle his junk.

Anthony stayed naked until you started to get back to civilization. He looked at you “I’m going to have to put some shorts on. I don’t want to get arrested.” He had a chuckle in his voice.

“I get you.” You replied. He pulled the car over, slipped on a pair of shorts. You finished the trip home, since you had work the next day.

To be continued …

Click here to see all published chapters.

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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