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A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 6

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Things were even better since you had been assured Anthony was doing all of this on his own volition. You had a level of comfort that you hadn’t permitted yourself before. And the phenomenal sex had improved, as if that were even possible. Anthony had seemed to pick up on your greater ease and seemed happier than you had known him before.

One day you got home from work before Anthony, not that was unusual one way or the other. Picking up the mail, you saw he had gotten a package. You put it on the counter for him, changed and went to read a book. Some time later you heard him arrive and strip down. You heard him find and open the package. Then Anthony came into the room you were in, naked and carrying something.

As Anthony came up to you and kneeled down between your legs you put your book aside. One of his hands moved up and down your thigh. “You know I love the challenges you give me to do.” He said, looking you in the eyes.

“Do you really?” You were a bit surprised, he always went for your challenges, but none were easy either physically or mentally.

“Yeah, I love to prove what I’m willing to do for you.” Anthony planted a quick kiss on your lips.

“You are so amazing.” You say back to him.

“So I have been thinking of what I can do to let you challenge me and really enjoy it. I want you to be able to challenge me all the time, I hope you will really have fun.”

“OK.”  You respond, wondering what he had in mind.

“So I got you this.” Anthony shows you the box. “It goes in my ass and you can trigger it to vibrate at different levels anytime you want. It should be fun for you to see me squirm or try to keep my shit together. It has a remote.”

“Damn, man. Are you sure you want to do this?” You ask him.

“You bet, it will be amazing. You will have more control over my body than before. You should really enjoy it.” Anthony was looking at you with a face that plainly read that he really wanted you to do this. You found it unbelievable, Anthony was willing to get vibreated on your whim and he had come up with this on his own – even buying the vibrator and getting on his knees asking you to use it on him.

“I can’t turn you down man. But it’s just so weird.” You looked at the remote. Easy, on/off switch and a dial for intensity.

“But think of the challenge for me, any time you want. Hell, we can set up signals if you want something and summon me with it.” Anthony had his puppydog eyes, the ones he got when he was trying to do something for you. But this time he was looking to see if he had also done something to please you. Strange combination, but you knew how to read him.

“OK man, we can do this.” You said to him, blown away by his dedication.

“I love you so much.” Anthony’s face broke into an expression of pure joy and he kissed you. Well, if he wanted to do this, you’d go along. He sure did seem to be all for it.

When he broke the kiss, Anthony was smiling. He took the vibrator and staying on his knees between your legs, put it into his ass. Watching his expressions, you decided not a lot had ever gone in there before. Not really surprising.  Anthony was the model of a top, from the big dick, great body, hairy chest, and his ability to fuck. Contrasted against that was his desire to do anything, literally anything, for his lover.

He had it in, staying on his knees, he had a hand on each of your legs and was looking expectantly at you. You kept your eyes locked on his as you ran your fingers over the remote. You adjusted the dial and hit the switch.

You could hear the little motor, and saw his eyes light up as he felt it. But he stayed pretty still. You were sure he would get better at that real soon. You moved the dial. Down, it seems. So you let it stay there a moment and the spun it up. Anthony’s hands moved up and down on your legs. “It really is not what I expected.” Anthony admitted to you.

“Bite off more than you can chew?” You asked, cocking your eyebrow up as you edged it up a bit.

“No, I can take it, it’s just different.” Anthony moved his hands towards your crotch, and started to open your pants. You let him. It had never gone wrong when Anthony started for your dick. This time was no different. Anthony had freed your cock and started to suck it. You moved the dial up a bit. Anthony responded by sucking harder. You moved it a bit higher, and he sucked harder. You lessened as intensity, he sucked a bit softer. It was like having a remote control for his mouth. You thought it was a little funny.

You moved the dial up and down for a while, and Anthony adjusted his sucking to what you were signaling to his ass. It was like a game with his stamina. Not only his sucking, he had proven he could suck you for amazingly long times. But his ability to deal with the vibrations in his ass. Really the only way he reacted was adjusting his sucking. You adjusted the dial every so often. After he had been bobbing up and down on your pole for a while, you started to move the dial more quickly.  Anthony responded just like he was a robot. You were impressed how he managed to keep changing pace depending on how much current you sent to the plug in his ass.

And he was doing more than just going up and down. His tongue worked harder as he got more vibes. You were leaving the dial up high now, and could tell it was almost at its peak. You pushed it to the max, and Anthony went to town on your dick. Skill won out and you plastered the inside of his throat with cum.

You took a moment to catch your breath before realizing you should lower the intensity of the vibrator. “That was fucking great!” Anthony seemed seriously proud of his performance. Well, he had a right to be.

“Damn straight.” You were still getting your breath back.

“Nah, straight’s can’t suck like that.” Anthony gave a laugh, and you joined him.

“I’ve got to make dinner.” He gave you a kiss and got up.

“Going to leave that in?” You asked him.

“Wouldn’t me much of a challenge if I took it out, now would it?”

“I guess not.”

Anthony headed for the kitchen and you returned to your book. You messed with the remote, switching it off and on, up and down. Listening carefully to be sure he wasn’t doing anything that could be dangerous, you turned it all the way up, popped it on and let it go for a few seconds. You were sure you heard him say “Oh fuck.” So he could be broken.

Dinner was good, and you played with your new toy though it and the rest of the evening. At some point you lay your hand on Anthony’s ass to feel how intense it was. Turns out, it’s a pretty powerful vibrator. There was a good motor in that small package. The attention did keep his dick harder than usual.

You both headed to bed, and Anthony was rimming you before your fucking. You had absent-mindly brought the remote in with you, so when he lined up to put his massive cock in your hole you grabbed it. He slid his boner home and you turned on the device. He gave a little shiver and looked down at you with a wicked grin. “We’re both going to get it in the ass at the same time, is that is?” He said.

“Sure.” Speaking was never your strong suit when he was fucking you. And he really fucked you good. Your legs over him, he lay down on you, leveraging his long dick. You turned up the remote and he thrust faster, pulling up a bit. You turned it down, and he slowed. Just like his sucking, it was like being able to control his hips. Anthony would fuck you until you came, giving you every ounce of pleasure he could. He hairy chest moving over you, his eyes longing to please you. Desperate to make you happy. He really didn’t have to work anywhere near as hard has he did for you, but you knew it was what he wanted.

You varied the speed of the vibrator, and therefore his fucking, for a while before you turned it all the way up and just lay there to take the pounding. You could hear the vibrator going off, feel the oddness it put in his thrusts. Not just the in and out, but the strange movements the feeling in his ass made him make. He was twisting almost like he was trying to dislodge a bee, and it gave you sensations that were completely indescribable. You could see his hips and legs moving in weird ways as he struggled to fuck me while his ass was torn up by the vibrator. As strong as it was going, he must have just wanted to pull it out. But he didn’t think of himself, but how to give you the best fucking he could. He was struggling, but his determination was beyond belief.

It wasn’t just the fucking by his magnificent cock, but the effort he was putting into it such a turn on, you couldn’t hold back and shot your cum. Anthony came just after you did, then reached down to lick your jizz up, making noises that he was really enjoying the taste. It took you a few minutes to catch your breath and turn off the vibrator. Anthony didn’t make any indication that he wouldn’t have put up with it all night, but he did let out a sigh as it stopped. “That thing has some horsepower.” He said.

“You can take it out, I can’t imagine you wanting to sleep with that thing.” You said to him, as he reached to pull it out of his ass. He set it to charge and crawled into bed with you, wrapping his arms around you. You loved that. You felt so safe, so secure, so loved.

You did eventually marry Anthony. You never asked him, but you were sure that during the vows you heard him say “and obey”, in a very soft voice.


This may wrap up the story of you and Anthony. It’s possible I’ll think of something new, but always remember how good it feels to be in his strong arms, and how devoted he is to you.

To be continued …

Click here to see all published chapters.

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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