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Rubber Is Part Of My Life … It Makes Me Feel Stronger

Hello readers,today we’ve got a special guest with us – A rubber addict from China. Please tell us a little bit about yourself?  How did you get into rubber?

Hi guys, I’m Isaac. I’m a rubber addict from North of China. I get into rubber since I was a kid. I found myself unreasonably into whatever rubber product I can find like medical gloves,rain boots,wet suits,etc,etc…It just comes naturally.  The addiction of rubber was marked in my DNA. 

The story of how did I get inspired into rubber was quite funny:) Who could imagine my desire of rubber was evoked by an episode of cartoon calls“Little runway” from “Tom and Jerry.” In that episode, For catching an escaping seal from the circus, Tom Pretended himself as a seal by wearing an outfit recreated from black car tire to simulate the black, tight, glossy seal skin. That’s the first time I was trigged into the idea of wearing rubber. One day at my 12-year-old, I went to school with a pair of medical gloves on my feet:)))



Wuzhou (CN)

Wow, your story sounds really special. I’m very surprised that “Tom and Jerry” opened the door for you to get into rubber. Who could expect that!What else are you into?

Would it be surprising if I tell you I’m not into BDSM or even having sex wearing rubber, never ever. I just like wearing rubber, I’m purely in love with wearing it. I do like taking photos with rubber gear publicly. I don’t think I’m an exhibitionist, I just like how do I look with rubber on.

Sounds very interesting. Some rubber guy identify themselves as rubber toy, some as gimp, some as drone. But seems you aren’t one of these type. What do you see about yourself?

You are right, I don’t think I can be classified into any types above. I see rubber gear as clothing, It’s a part of my life. Most people taking photos with their clothes on. And so do I:))) I like the texture and shine of rubber since I was a kid. Wearing rubber gives me confidence, I’m not satisfied about myself but wearing rubber helps me to get rid of bad feelings.

How was the first experience of wearing rubber outside?

I’ve taken photos in many different places like coffee shops, bus stations, sight spots, etc. The first time was at 2005, I went to an abandoned build driving my motorcycle. People looked at me a lot, in the beginning it was a little bit wried for me, but after a shoot while I get used to it and I felt a big relief. People were curious about me but none of them were unfriendly to me. After all they were just curious, sometimes they even ask for  photos with me. I felt really good after doing that.

I see you took photos with many different outfits. How many rubber outfits do you have?

Oh I have too much I can’t even count. I love rubber so much that I quit my job as a marketing guy 4 years ago and since then I’m running my own rubber business, which already has been running as my side job for 3 years.  I have a whole room for my rubber gear. I can show you some of my favourites.

They are really good looking on you:)As an owner of rubber shop, you’ve must met a lot of rubber addicts or kinkisters  in your life. Is there any memorable stories to share with our readers?

Oh yes! I do actually have one. It’s not about my customers but I have a story about my muse model. I find him in a gym. He used to be my straight private trainer, but don’t get it wrong, I’m not go to tell an erotic story:) When we met first time in a gym he was not my personal trainer yet. He is hot and good looking, of course I fantasied about him wearing rubber. But I didn’t do any track to hook him on board. He did the first move.

After the Chinese Spring Festival. I found he relocated himself to a gym closer to my house. He agreed to be my private trainer and I added him to my WeChat(Chinese social media). But I blocked him from seeing my photos because all my photos are about rubber. I didn’t want to cause any unnecessary offences to both of us. After 2 or 3 days he asked me about my career, I told him I have an online shop then I showed him my mobile screen background which is a rubber hunk. Surprisingly he liked it. He thought it’s cool and really liked it. I can feel his excitement and real appreciation. I unblocked him from seeing my photos at that night.

Once he commented “he would like to be my model”under my post of video about rubber photo shooting. After few days he asked me again could he wear my rubber. That was really a big moment to me, I never thought it would come true. After receiving an affirmative answer, he was already saying and showing me what poses he would do during the photo shooting. 

At the day, I did a live streaming showing the whole process to my audiences. He was very confidence to show him to publics which again a big surprise to me. I still remember the moan he did when I zipped up the rubber suit on him. It made me really horny. I thought he just liked to wear rubber to play cool but he actually likes it. He couldn’t wait anymore to make poses and he even picked up some masks to make the look even more complete like he is so familiar with it. After wearing the mask he performed much hard to my audiences. He is a natural rubber addict like me:)

The story is really fascinating! It’s such a nice talk with you Isaac. Hope to meet you again.

Slave Pu
Slave Pu
Hey, I'm slave pu, a young kinkster from Shanghai. I studied fasion design in Europe where i met MasterMarc for the first time. Since then I'm playing around and having fun living my kinky side of life.

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