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RUBBER – I just do not want to take it off

Our guest today is a real rubber addicted boy from Vietnam. Before we talk about his love for latex I’ve really to ask him about the kinky world of Vietnam. Hi Quang, we can imagine that the kink community in Vietnam is not as big as in other places. Is it difficult to find other kinksters to play with in Vietnam, and where do you find them?

It is difficult to find kinksters here. First rubber is definitely not a common thing here and second it is also the gear price. It is very expensive to buy. Here in Hanoi I just know 3 guys who own a rubber suit. But I’m happy since with twitter and facebook I was able to find other kinksters and I’m having good fun with them. 🙂

Mr. Quan



Why does rubber fascinate you so much, and how did you first come in contact with it?

The first time I found out about rubber was when I was 22 years, it’s was sooo shiny and i just fell in love with that material. After that i searched and collect all information about rubber and about BDSM I could find. In 2018 I got my very own first suit, I really loved the feel when I finally got to wear it. My friend helped me to get inside it and we went out afterwards. I still have a lot of photos of me wearing it outside covered by normal clothes.

How does it feel when you wear rubber?

It’s hard can explain that feeling. Just do not want to take it off. I wear the suit sometimes up to 6 hours and my body so wet and sweaty then, but still, i just love it. I wear rubber inside and cover it up with normal clothes when I go out. And now i wear rubber when i play with my slave, it makes both of us more horny and the play with it becomes a lot more interesting.

What changes for you when you are in rubber?

Rubber is my second skin now. In normal life i’m just a normal guy like everybody else, but when i wear rubber, it almost seems that i change to another person. More sexy, pronounced… and i really love it. I start looking around some people who have the same favorites and interests like me but it’s so hard to find them here. I am very lucky I have found a slave who has the same likes with rubber and I get to play with him.

How often / when do you wear it?

Because i have to work and i am so busy i wear rubber as much as possible: At the weekend, when i am free, when i stay with my slave and I train him,… It’s make me so excited and so horny. We both like the feeling of wearing it just generally, so that we are both happy when we get to do it. Now i plan to buy more rubber gear for us.

How important is it that your play partner is wearing rubber too?

A few years ago, i and my partner only wore latex when we played BDSM. I trained him to be a rubber dog, so that when we play we wear it together. But now if we have changed out of play we wear it too. And some time, he wears it outside under normal clothes.

Does naked sex still attract you? How about when they’re in other gear?

Yes, naked sex still attracts me, I’ve had boyfriend, and he did not like rubber so we still had normal sex. But i like sex with rubber more. When i fuck my rubber dog, i get so excited and more horny. It makes me more comfortable as well. Now I have partner who likes rubber and we wear rubber when we have sex.

What makes playing in rubber so attractive? Are there any particular sexual acts that really turn you on in rubber?

My position is Rubber Master and he will be my Rubber Dog. The two of us will cover ourselves all up in rubber. He always wears a chastity cage, collar and tail. When wearing rubber it makes him more submissive, more excited more horny. And as for play we alway find and do the things that we like in that moment, and find attractive and fitting then.

What is your hottest rubber experience so far? And do you have any fantasies that you have yet to live out?

Both I and my partner always try to collect information about rubber, update ourselves and others on new things on social apps such as facebook or twitter,.. and we alway upload some sexy picture on those apps 😉 We hope and want to share those sexy moments for all the people we know and want to help my province to have and get more people who like rubber the same as us. I expect to have a rubber club in Hanoi once.

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