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When I was like 14 I got bullied hard for being feminine

Hi Jamie, you’re a very young boy, and you see yourself a femboy. In our talks, you’ve told me that you are quite a kinky guy and that you have tried a lot of kinks in your past. When did you realize that you’re into kinks, and what have been your first steps into the kink world?

I first realised I wanted to be a bottom bitch from 16 years old! It sounds odd but I used to have a crush on my bully and I think it all stemmed from there. At 18 I got my first boyfriend and I tried out a few of my kinks with him. I’ve always wanted to try bondage though and I haven’t got the chance yet!




And what have been the first kinks you have tried with him?

He dominated me so often! I was of course a brat to him as most femboy subs tend to be. It started off quite slowly. We tried car sex but it wasn’t for us but as soon as we got in a hotel room it was all green lights. Spanking and ballbusting were the first two things and I did deserve it for being such a bitch to him. After that we fucked and used a vibrator on me quite a lot with him shoving the wand into my butt at one stage. We also tried watersports which was fun but I think that getting peed on is as far as I’ll go; drinking the piss isn’t for me.

We also tried shower sex which was amazing and sex in front of a mirror was the most fun I had! He whispered dirty messages into my ear whilst pulling my hair back and showing me in the mirror how much of a lewd slut I was being. It was a great relationship and only ended because he had to move for work.

I’m quite careful when it comes to meet-ups too as safety is very important in this community

Seems you are really a little bitch boy and that exposure is a big turn on for you. Can you tell us, why do you like this kind of exposure? What is the special attraction of it, pussyboy?

I only like exposure and humiliation as far as it’s legal. I wouldn’t do anything too risky or bad enough that will get me into trouble! I’m a good boy at heart but I do get carried away sometimes 😉

For me it’s very humiliating and I’m a huge fan of showing myself off in front of anyone that likes femboys such as myself! Getting topped is fun but when it’s with someone who you tease over days those boys can get quite rough in manhandling me and the more people that get to witness my submissive nature the better!

Can you tell us what makes you a femboy?

I’d say I have quite a feminine body and many people would agree with me. I also tend to have a more feminine-leaning attitude when it comes to daily life and the dating scene. I’m very aware of my gender and know that I am definitely male, it’s just that I have more characteristics of a female and I think that I feel more comfortable being labelled as a femboy. Being a femboy doesn’t have to have sexual connotations to it. It just so happens that I am a femboy that happens to like the exposure I get from doing this. I initially started because I hated my body and wanted to be more manly but with the support I’ve been getting I learned to embrace my feminine side and have learned to love the way I look! :3

You’ve a sexy body, pussyboy and there are many tops who like boys like you. How have you explored your submissive side? Can you tell what kind of treatment the femboy Jamie wants to have?

I haven’t had much experience other than with my ex but I once sucked off a guy, keeping him on edge for a whole hour and let another guy take my ass, finishing on my back. Other than that I’m a fresh baby ready to explore what the world has for me! The best treatment for me in meet-ups would be loving as I walk through the door to assure me that I am in a safe place. Having a chat is always nice but knowing me it’d soon get lewd. This is when we can have our fun and guys can push me back and have me whatever way they want! I’m open to a lot of things and as long as it ends with you cuddling me I’m ok with it! I adore being petted as I find it very soothing after I’ve been destroyed by a dominant top! I’m quite careful when it comes to meet-ups too as safety is very important in this community and I feel like we should all want to feel safe with who we have sex with. Consent is key too although rape play can be fun if you have a safe word!

Consent is the basic of good SM and it is great that you are careful. Safety has always to be first. But in which direction do you want to develop? What kind of pussyboy do you want to be in two years?

In two years I don’t see myself going on HRT or anything. I’ll work hard to keep the body I have now and hopefully I’ll be in the same place if not with a better mindset down the line! I try to stay healthy and if I can have a cute feminine body whilst I do it that’s a huge bonus! This is just a side hobby for me now and probably will be for the next couple of years to come.

Ok, a good answer, but we still don’t know what other kinks and other sexual activities you’re interested in 🙂

The list is way too long. I’d try anything given the time and equipment.

But I’m sure you have some special things on your bucket list. What has a special attraction to you?

Probably just a night of bondage where multiple guys run a train on me with me powerless to resist. I want to end up a big, cum-filled mess unable to resist the big musky men pounding me. It would be blissful for me and I would enjoy the sexual frustration of not having the ability to touch myself the most. I’ve always wanted to try it.

Hehe, seems that this frustration is something you like. As much as I can see you’re into chastity too. What is the attraction of being in chastity?

Typically when I do chastity I’m doing it for someone else. I like how it feels being pent up and frustrated and as a sub it’s not like I’m going to use my dick much anyway! I have gone into a chastity cage just for photo shoots but I have done chastity for extended periods of time and loved every ball-numbing minute of being hard and frustrated.

What has been the longest time you’ve ever been in chastity. And how was it?

2 weeks is frustratingly long if you don’t have anyone with you to fuck the horniness out of you. I’ve done two weeks whilst being my own key master but could do longer if someone else had the key and was with me the whole time! It’s very fun being in chastity and I think some doms like me more in chastity as it shows my submissive side..

If you had a Master fucking you frequently and using also other qualities of you, then you think pussyboys like you should be locked long term?

It depends on how you want to be treated! I personally would prefer to be free but I would 100% lock myself up for my master if someone ever managed to tame me. I’m not a very monogamist person so it’d be hard serving one master without getting fucked by anyone else.

2 big black guys slapping me about isn’t the worst thing to imagine now

Are you so hard to tame? Btw. Locktober will start soon. Will you also be one of the boys who will be part of this challenge?

I’m very hard to tame unless you treat me like a princess in the streets and a cumrag in the sheets. I will not be taking part in locktober as I will be settling in to a new life and will probably be far too consumed with other topics

Have you never had problems with your fem side?

Recently everyone has been very nice and accepting. However, I grew up in an all boys school and a lot of the guys there were very Christian. When I was like 14 I got bullied hard for being feminine and it was horrible. I hated it to begin with but then I started to get a crush on one of my two bullies and started to accept that I am definitely a sub. I think that’s where my humiliation kink stemmed from too. 2 big black guys slapping me about isn’t the worst thing to imagine now. 😛

Hehe. But I’m sure it wasn’t always easy. What kind of advices do you have for boys in such a situation?

I know I’m not quite a role model you’d hope your children to look up to but if I could give anyone advice I’d say just be you because with the internet you’ll always find more people like you.

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