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Pup Jackson’s Chastity Outlook

Many people’s chastity experiences can differ, for me chastity is about the control and denial of being able to get off. Others do it because they have the mindset that their Sir or Dom in some way own their cock and it is not up to them to decided what they do with it. Here is my point of view and experience with chastity, but like I always say kink is what you make of it and there aren’t any rules that go along with it.

Pup Jackson


Washington (U.S.)

Chastity was one of the first kinks I ever tried when I got into Pup play. It started off with me ordering cheap cages off of amazon but could never last Long as the fit was never right. Figuring that out was a huge beginners challenge. I probably ordered five cheap cages before I met Pup Cosmo that had a Holy trainer that he locked on me and I was able to successfully wear for extended periods of time. The journey still continues on finding devices that work long term, but for now the holy trainer in my opinion is the way to go.

My 100 days in chastity, yes 100 days in chastity. When people hear that they tend to ask me did you actually do that? Yes I went 100 days in chastity, however being in chastity doesn’t always mean you are locked in a cage. During that 100 days I did have breaks from the cage it self but during those times I’m still chaste and not allowed to touch myself or edge. Another question I get a lot is how did you do it, were you just a horny mess the whole time? The answer to that is yes, I was horny a lot and ready to be used more often than when I’m not, you learn to get pleasure from your ass and pleasing your Sir or in my case, my Alpha Pup Nano.

During these times I am able to take a lot more, such as being in bondage for longer periods of time, and taking a cock better. Nothing is better than having a locked cock and taking a nice cock in the ass while you are helpless to touch yours. The 100 days in chastity was an interesting experience because the longest I had gone before that was 30 days. Jumping for 30 to 100 was a huge jump, it came with a bit more responsibility. About every 2-3 weeks I needed to milk my prostate which was something new that I had never done before. Milking was an interesting experience while locked, it was hard to do and when I was finished it wasn’t an orgasm and was left even more horny than when I started which meant I wanted more and more.

I throughly enjoy chastity, giving up the control to someone and being denied an orgasm. My ultimate goal one day would be to go a full year being locked in chastity. I’ve had friends who have locked up for a year and told me about it making me a little jealous that I haven’t accomplished that yet. If I was to lock up for a year though I would need someone local who knew how to torment and tease a boy for a whole year while locked up.

Now how long shall I go on my next time???




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