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I Belong To My Boyfriend AND To My Master

MasterMarc: Some days ago, our readers have had the possibility to read your review about one of the Fetish Week London events. You’ve visited the event with your boyfriend, who is a kinkster too, but I know that you have also a Master. This constellation sounds interesting, and we have to talk about, but first you should tell us a little about yourself. For how long are you into kinks and what have been your first steps?

Corium101: Hey! To be honest, I’ve never really been vanilla! Since I first started having sex, I’ve never found vanilla play intense enough to enjoy. I always seek some sort of power dynamic, and that has been key to my relationships since then. I first experimented with bondage, and then branched out into buying leather gear, and later rubber. It wasn’t until I moved to London that I started exploring the Fetish scene and socialising with other kinksters. But also, exploring different types of relationship and polyamory. It’s been brilliant fun, and I love developing and exploring. Since moving to London, I’ve begun to socialise on the leather scene, which I do with my Master (KinkyGuyKent) and I often go out in gear with my boyfriend (AndyRed) in gear on the London or Birmingham scenes. This has improved my confidence and kinkiness massively!

Corium 101

United Kingdom

Both Andy and Sir are very possessive.

MasterMarc: It is mostly the moment guys are moving away from home, they start to live their kinks. And I’m sure your desires and needs developed during the time you’re living away from home. Can you tell us, what your needs have been in the beginnings and how they have developed?

Corium101: Absolutely. Having my own space in my flat, and the confidence to meet new kinksters regularly helped me developed a lot when I moved to London. I can meet who I want, and do what I want to without fear, which is excellent. Also, I can be far less secretive about my kinks, and express myself as I wish. I often go to Fetish events in full gear, and strut through London shamelessly, without running into family members. But by far my biggest development since moving to London is my change in view of relationships. I no longer feel compelled to adhere to heteronormative relationship templates… hence my boyfriend and my Master. It’s all rather fun

MasterMarc: Hehe, I know what you mean. 🙂 Btw. with who are you longer together, your boyfriend or your master?

Corium101: Been with my boyfriend 5 months, and my Master 2 months 🙂

MasterMarc: So both are more or less fresh relationships. Ok in dog years it is a lot and in gay years even more. 🙂 And how does it work at the moment?

Corium101: It works fairly well at the moment. Both my Master and my boyfriend don’t live in London, so Andy and I will visit eachother at the weekends. Or I’ll pop down to Canterbury to visit Sir and his husband. My Master and I also have a “regular” weekend together, the first in every month, where we go to the Leather Social together as a Master/Boi couple. It’s working very well at the moment, it’s very easy to spilt the time. However, work can often interfere (I’m a freelance musician and performer in my other life), and both Andy and Sir have high intensity jobs.

MasterMarc: You have to share your time, but the others have to share YOU. Was that never a problem?

Corium101: Well… it has its moments! Both Andy and Sir are very possessive. So when they’ve got me, neither of them want to let go 🙂 . Which can be very fun, but also a bit tense sometimes. Splitting time between my Master and my Boyfriend can be tricky. The collar (which I wear full time) has been something for us all to get used to. But ultimately we all love it…! We’re planning a BBQ together in August, with Sir, Andy, Sir’s Husband and another of Sir’s subs. Wonder who’ll be serving the drinks….

MasterMarc: How important is for you your submissive side? Is it just a sexual thing or is it more? Can you describe us your needs?

Corium101: Submitting is something I’ve grown to need an awful lot recently. Which is why my Master and I are such a good match. It’s more than just sexual, with my Master. I recently spent a week as his houseboi, which involved a lot of domestic service, as well as sexual. We have protocols for what I do in the morning, when he returns home from work, and before bed. It’s great fun.

I guess I need to feel like I’m satisfying my Master whenever I can. That could be taking a flogging, or serving him a fresh glass of wine as he arrives home from work.

MasterMarc: Are you also in your relationship with your boyfriend submissive?

Corium101: I tend to sub in the bedroom for him, if I bottom. But usually I top him, and sometimes I can be quite Dom. We play in gear a lot, but we don’t have defined roles as either top/bottom or sub/Dom. Which is fun. We can go where the mood takes us!

MasterMarc: That sounds great. Aren’t you missing the dominance when you’re not with your master?

Corium101: I miss the headspace. But I also need to be out of the headspace in order to work and socialise with my non-kinky friends. So I can only sustain intense kink headspace for a few days, before having to return to the more vanilla world. Hopefully one day we’ll find a balance between the two, which is a bit more even. Plus, our regular friends are fully aware of the nature of our relationship yet… so we’ve got to be a little more vanilla for them. But sometimes I’m just desperate to be pinned down by my throat, and have my ass destroyed.

MasterMarc: Hehe. Seems you’re a born pussyboy. But on the other side I have to ask you if you don’t miss the romantic feelings you have with your boyfriend if you’re spending time with your master?

Corium101: Absolutely not, my Master is incredibly loving and romantic too. There’s plenty of candlelit dinners, chilling out in the bath and socialising with friends with my Master or my boyfriend. They’re similar in that respect. It’s just, when I’m with my Master, I am always fully submitted to him. But we are incredibly special kinksters. And in order to create a truly REAL sub/Dom dynamic, it has to be just as intense outside of the bedroom as inside. Otherwise it’s just roleplay, right?

MasterMarc: You’re right. 🙂 But that shows me, that you would be open for more, to go further. Could you imagine to become a slave in life?

Corium101: I would love to. But I’m not sure it would work practically. We’d need a big house with room for a lot of guys… but hey…. stranger things have happened. It’s certainly a fantasy my Master and I would love to live out. But for the moment, it’s just a fantasy.

MasterMarc: You never know what the future brings. Fantasies can become goals and goals can become reality.

Corium101: Absolutely. Check back with us in a year’s time, and hopefully we’ll be a lot closer to making that a reality.

MasterMarc: But now I have really to ask Andy, the boyfriend of Corium101, how it is to share his boyfriend frequently with someone he knows, that there is a romantic feeling too, even if it has other qualities?

AndyRed1992: It’s been quite the emotional roller coaster over the last couple of months, but things have progressed and are settling down with time. Coming into my relationship with Greg, I considered myself to be monogamous but polysexual – I.e. being romantically in love with my boyfriend, but being able to form sexual relationships with others at the same time. So when Greg and his dom first started chatting and meeting up, I viewed things as being just sexual, with a level of friendship involved which was nothing out of the ordinary.

When it was clear that deeper feelings were developing on both sides that challenged my views on relationships and emotions. Would it make me view my relationship with Greg any differently, or would I feel threatened by someone else having romantic feelings for him too? In all honesty, at first I did feel threatened by their relationship, but I think that can be attributed to a couple of fears and insecurities of my own, but those feelings have ebbed away over time. In an open relationship there needs to be a level of selflessness where you put your partner’s desires above your own to begin with, as long as its not to your own detriment. So in this case it was clear to me that Greg’s dom made him happy and cared about him. Whilst that might of made me uncomfortable at first, since getting to know him better (he’s an awesome guy) and observing how they interact in reality rather than at a distance, I’ve become far more comfortable with their relationship. I didn’t expect it to happen but a result of their relationship with each other has brought Greg and I closer – which is priceless.

MasterMarc: The BDSM stuff is something new for you. Do you have a feeling of not having enough experiences or not being able to satisfy the needs of your boyfriend?

AndyRed1992No not at all! When you’re in an open relationship you play with others because they can give you different experiences. For example, you may want to top or bottom with a particular kind of guy etc, and I don’t see this as being any different. I can satisfy the vast majority of Greg’s needs, and for the desires he has that I can’t fulfil there’s his Dom or other guys for that. I think that if you expect one person to be able to fulfil all your needs and desires all the time, you’re limiting the breadth of your sexual experience. We’ve all got our strengths so why not share that and learn from what we all have to offer each other.

MasterMarc: Now it’s time to talk to Corium’s Master. What is differet between owning a boy you know he is just yours and owning a boy who has a boyfriend, I think a relationship you don’t want to destroy?

KinkyguyKent: I don’t think there is a huge difference actually. I own Corium just as fully as if he didn’t have a boyfriend. All it means is that Andy and I communicate really openly and clearly at every stage to make sure that we are both comfortable.

MasterMarc: Are there some restrictions you have because of Andy, or do you give yourself some restrictions just because of the situation?

KinkyguyKent: Hmmm that’s a tricky one. I try to make a point of not being restricted – that would ruin the sub/dom headspace, and I’ve been in that situation before. I guess because Andy is such a kinkster it’s not really an issue! And where there have been issues in the past we have learnt from them. Ultimately I think that he understands that Corium wants and needs My domination and so doesn’t get in the way of that. But I’m very conscious to keep in touch with him and communicate openly so that there are no surprises.

MasterMarc: I know that what you’re having is more than a triangle relationship. Can you explain us, what exactly is the constellation you’re in and how do you handle it?

KinkyguyKent: Haha hold on to your hat! I am Master and Owner to Corium101, who has a boyfriend, and to , who’s in a civil partnership. I am also married to EntenteKinkiale. So there are 6 people implicated, although only 5 who are active members of our group.

In terms of how we handle it, it’s all about open and honest communication – we have a WhatsApp group that is very active! (EntenteKinkiale often complains about the 100+ notifications he gets!) We also communicate directly with one-another rather than talking about what someone has said behind their back. It’s all about total honesty and transparency, which in turn leads to trust.

MasterMarc: Yes that’s true, even if you’re just two. Today it isn’t up to me to end the interview. Sometimes also slaves have the right to speak the closing words.

Corium101: I guess what the whole situation boils down to is trust. The reason our arrangement works so well is that we all trust each-other inherently. And that brings us such freedom to do what feels right for ourselves. I’d advise anyone who wants to pursue a similar arrangement to spend time on the groundwork. Any relationship (but especially those with a power dynamic) require so much work out of the bedroom to succeed. It’s not all whips and chains – although they are very fun. It’s all down to a connection between two people. And that transcends all the Recon tribes and Grindr filters.

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