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PISS is both … dirty and intimate

How long have you already been living out your kinky side, and how did you come to that?

I’d say, I’ve been actively practising my fetishes for around five years. Like most of us, I guess, I began to realize that I have some fetishes in the teenage years, the age when you discover your sexual desires. One of my primary kinks is feet and socks, so being in a school locker room together with my schoolmates and seeing their sweaty bodies, sexy feet definitely made me realize I’ve got at least one fetish. I was always so horny there! Gay porn of course also helped me explore and relate to some of the kinks, such as watersports, assplay, fisting. When I turned twenty, I moved to the capital of my home country and started dating with guys more often, trying out my fetishes a bit, playing submissive and so on. I wouldn’t say there’s a kinky scene in my cold native country, so I couldn’t have as much kinky sex as I wanted to. Around three years ago I travelled to Berlin for the first time and I was fascinated by the fetish community there. Parties, festivals, fetish stores (where I bought my first gear), guys – I felt I could be a part of this community. In 2018 I moved to Amsterdam and met some kinky friends. So it’s always a process in which you explore your and your partners’ bodies, try new things, socialize within the scene, etc.

Alex Rascal



While I was waiting for him to piss on me I had this cool feeling of anticipation, that soon I’ll receive something that I love.

Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

Of course, that’s why I’m on your website, right? I’m mostly submissive, but also like to be dominant sometimes. As I said, my main fetishes are feet, socks, watersports. Piss turns me on a lot. Assplay and fisting (both roles), puppy play, bondage are among my kinks too. Sportswear and rubber are the outfits I like the most.

Let’s talk a little about piss, boy. Do you still remember the first time you’ve realized that piss has a sexual attraction to you?

I cannot recall the exact moments when I realized that I love piss. But I think I discovered this while exploring gay porn on the Internet when I was 15-16, haha. God bless the Internet, thanks to the Web I embraced my fetishes. And then, when I was 20, a guy pissed on me for the first time, I loved it.

Haven’t you done own pissgames with yourself before?

Oh yeah, indeed I have. But it’s way more fun when there’s someone else’s piss.

Of course it is more fun with others. How did it come that the other guy has pissed on you? Did you know that he will do it and can you tell us about the feelings you have had in this moment?

Yes, I knew about it. Me and the guy had a sex date at home and the guy wanted to explore his kinky side. So we discussed what me and him would like to try and piss was on the list of both of us. So we went to the bathroom, I lay in a bathtub and he pissed all over me. While I was waiting for him to piss on me I had this cool feeling of anticipation, that soon I’ll receive something that I love. And of course I felt horny, like everyone does when they do kinky things that they love.

Can you tell us what exactly is the attraction of piss for you?

That’s a difficult question for me, because normally I prefer not to go too deep into why me or someone else is kinky in a certain way. Also, I’m rather picky when it comes to the water sports fetish (as well as foot fetish). I must be really into the guy to play piss games. When there’s such a partner, receiving piss becomes one of the ways to be truly submissive with him. And it’s also the fetish that makes you both dirty and intimate with your partner. I feel that in a certain way I bond with the guy I play with, but only during that specific time while playing. Hope you I answered your question, because, as I said, I don’t reflect on why a certain kink attracts me, I just have fun doing what I like.

Yes it is an intimate thing and I understand that you don’t do that with everybody. But now I’ve really to ask you what kind of guys you’re into?

Difficult to say there’s a certain type of guys I like. I’m into twinky, fit or muscular guys. But my preference also has to do with the feeling, the smell, the attitude, the kinks that we both share and so on. I have dates with different kinds of guys, cannot say they and are of a certain type.

To get pissed is something different than to drink piss. Was it a big step for you and do you remember your fist time drinking piss?

Yes, I think that’s something I discovered later. I tried it for the first time maybe 3 years ago, it was also a sex date at my place with the hot guy who was slightly kinky. He took me to shower, pissed on me and then told me to drink his piss. A little while ago, when I used to go to queer techno parties, a friend of mine sometimes used me as a urinal right on the dance floor, making me drink his piss ‘from the tap’. Fun times. I miss going to raves.

Oh yes the shutdown has really had an impact to our kink life in general. I’m happy that the situation is normalizing step by step. How was it to drink piss for the first time? Haven’t you had problems with the taste and the fact it is warm and salty?

Well, of course, the taste of piss can vary, but it didn’t taste nasty when I tried it for the first time. I enjoyed it.

I love to have human urinals. It is also a deep sign of submission. For others it has also a humiliating side. Would you say that piss games are kind of a humiliation for you?

Yes, there’s certainly a bit of humiliation in piss games for me. But like I already said earlier it has to do rather with submission, when I play with a dominant guy. And in some cases, by the way, it has to do neither with humiliation, nor submission, but with being dirty. Pissing or being pissed on is also fun for me when I don’t play a submissive role but just have dirty sex.

Do you have also other dirty desires?

Feet is a big fetish of mine. Worshipping, licking feet, smelling socks turn me on a lot. And it’s also a very intimate fetish, if I can say it like this. I’m not into scat stuff. I meant a different way of being dirty, like being dirty in your own mind.

If you look back onto all your kink experiences which was hottest one?

Well, every time I do something that I really love is extremely hot for me. When I get to be an obedient puppy with a hot handler, or drink my friends’ piss at techno parties, or sniff and lick a hot guy’s socks and feet – all these moments I experience are equally the hottest. A few years ago a random cute guy sucked me off right in the cabin of a plane. It was a night flight, so other people on board didn’t see us. Not really kinky, but the extremity of that situation was so hot.

Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

Oh, definitely. We all have this kind of fantasies, haven’t we? One of them that comes to my mind right now (there are few of them of course) is to be in a room with several hot guys in sportswear. I will sniff their socks, worship and lick their smelly feet. They will piss on me and make me drink their piss. Then they will fuck me roughly and use me as a cum dump in the end. Last time I was making porn videos with my friends, we did the scenes rather similar to what I’ve just described, haha. But of course in our minds our fantasies are always more powerful and extreme.

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