1991 | 166 cm | 72 kg

South West (UK)

Hey there readers, I’m here today with kinky mind Piglet. Introduce yourself dear, what do you all like and what are you into?



South West
United Kingdom

I’ve gone by a few different names/handles since I entered the world of kink at 18. These days I go by Piglet, but I am not going to object to being called a whore or a slut. 

The name “Piglet” was coined by one of my kinky friends, due to my desire for humiliation while looking cute.

So how did that all start out for you? When did you first notice you were into kink and got to try things out.

My “awakening” was probably as far back as 10 when I realized that I really enjoyed imagining myself on the show “Get Your Own Back” while in the bath and pouring water over my head.

Over time that turned into the fetishes I know now I have, gunge and humiliation.

My diaper fetish is rooted in the pleasant sensation I get from having padding between my thighs.

My sissy fetish grew from exploring plastic pants with my diapers, I brought some cute frilly ones and they made me feel pretty and I had a strong desire to properly dress up, leading to my full-blow sissy fetish that I have today.

How did things develop for you and are they now?

After military school I moved on to university where I was properly unsupervised for the first time in my life. I made the conscious decision to try as many kinks as I could to help me understand myself better. At 18 I joined a porn studio and took part in my first kink scene on BoyNapped which led to me making new kinky friends across the UK.

I continued my mantra of always trying new experiences and had many great scenes with amazing guys and girls.

I have been lucky enough to meet a huge number of incredible kinky friends

and they have made my life so much more exciting.

What does humiliation give you when you feel it? And are there any prerequisites for you? Where do you draw the borders?

The warm fuzzy feeling when someone you know cares about you gives you a long meaningful hug is the same feeling I get when someone humiliates me, it’s a lovely feeling of belonging combined with the satisfaction that they are enjoying making me do humiliating things.

I run hot and cold with my libido, on a ‘cold’ day humiliation is the last thing that I would want so being in the right headspace is especially important to me.

I find that roleplay really helps me get into that right headspace and really enjoy the scene.

I really enjoy roleplay and it features extremely heavily in my humiliation scenes where I can.

I generally don’t approve of kinky people trying to engage general public into their scenes when the social contact doesn’t permit it, you haven’t asked for their permission and it feels rude to force your play on them.

Going further into the sub kinks, sissification.

What makes it such a strong drive for you? What heats you up there?

For me sissification is split neatly down the middle, “Prissy” Sissies and “Bimbo” Sissies. Aspects of sissy play such as chastity or crossdressing is integral to both. “Prissy” for me is all about looking cute and innocent and scenes involving this are typically focused on transformation from a boy into a girl and training to suck dick and get fucked.

“Bimbo” play for me starts already dressed as a girl and scenes focus on humiliation and objectification as well as playing out being a sex service for anyone who wants it.

Both “Prissy” and “Bimbo” scenes do different and equally amazing things for me.

But the common thread between both is losing control and feeling pretty.

How much do you like to connect your kinks? Is there anything you like to keep separate, or do you enjoy it all more together? And how much are they interwoven with sex or the lack thereof?

I do like to combine my kinks as I find the sum is sometimes better than the parts. However, finding a partner willing to enjoy them all with me can be challenging. Some combinations, e.g. Watersports and Rubber, are much easier do verses something like Sissification and Diapers.

I am much more of an oral-orientated person, I do enjoy fucking but I would much rather have my throat fucked than my ass. Maybe it’s the choking or the copious amounts of drool I make but I get into a really strong headspace from giving oral that I rarely get through just buttsex.

Haha same. For me, its also giving more of a headspace as it got much more of a serving aspect. You really gotta put in effort and have selfcontrol to give pleasure and serve, whereas anal is more of a reward with feeling pleasure 😉 Anyways, thank you for taking time for an interview Piglet, and I hope you got many more fun combos to try out in your future.