1985 | 188 cm | 72 kg
Texas (U.S.)

Sometimes I’ll get a ruined orgasm followed shortly by a full one. I Like both!

How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

I started my kink journey 5-7 years ago. I started very slow and in some ways I’m still taking my exploration very slow. One of my earliest experiences was unintentional. I was in a yoga class, on my hands and knees of course ;). The yoga teacher (he was super hot) manually corrected my posture and I got instantly hard. I was confused at the time, and had a little trouble hiding my boner in yoga shorts. But in retrospect, it makes a lot of sense.

Around the same time I also started to be turned on by denial. Ironically the thought of being told I wasn’t allowed to cum would actually made me cum…still does. It was a natural transition from there to chastity, bondage, and other forms of submission.

If you talk about “other forms of submission” what do you mean exactly?

I was talking about things like acts of service, both domestic and sexual. Also, giving up control generally, like following commands, letting him choose my outfits, etc. I also like to be trained.

Domination & controle

Sounds that you’re more than just a sub guy. Do you see yourself as slave?

Nah, I’m not really a slave, I still have a lot of autonomy and my bf is very caring and considerate so I’m only giving up control as a fantasy. Also, all of this is in short play scenes.

What is the attraction of giving up control?

I’m a very controlled person in my regular life. I have high emotional walls and show very little vulnerability. It’s nice to be able to let that go. And specifically, it’s really nice to hand that control over to the bf because it also brings us closer together and forges a strong bond based in trust. Now, why has is it a sexual thing that turns me on? I’m not totally sure, I sort of stumbled into the sexual part and ran with it. I’m still figuring out that part.

You’ve told us that you get turned on by denial. What makes the denial so interesting to you?

I think it is an extension of the conversation about giving up control above. But in the case of denial, the feeling get stronger over time. The longer the denial goes the more horny I get and the focus of all that horny energy is on the person in control.

Also, there is an element self control. Following through with my denial give me a big since of pride, similar to accomplishing an important goal.

But I think the time factor is also an important thing of the denial as kink. So isn’t that difficult to live in just short play scenes as you have told us that you’re into.

Yeah, very true. There are lots of kinds of denial in my book. But if we’re talking about duration then I break them into these categories. I’ve learned I’m not really into long term denial. After three or four days I loose my excitement about it and it starts to feel routine. It also interrupts my sleep.

Also, the bf really likes my dick and genuinely wants to make me cum so I don’t really practice long term anymore. For a day or two it is still very powerful for me. It totally changes me mood and energy and I get super horny and feel a strong need to cum.

Then there is edging which I think speaks for itself and finally there is the threat of denial. The threat of denial is the most powerful for me. Being told “I’m not going to let you cum” will get me instantly hard. I guess technically it’s not just being told, but the thought of agreeing to it. And if I’m having sex or or jacking and start to think about handing over control of my orgasm it puts me over the edge almost every time. Even typing this out gets me hard.


Ok then let us talk a little about edging and milking. As everybody sees it a little different I’ve to ask you about the differences between a good edging and a good milking?

Yeah, they are def similar and I see them both as forms of cum control. Edging is jacking but you’re not allowed to cum. You can be edged or edge yourself. And milking is jacking where you’re forced to cum weather you want to or not. An in milking you also don’t get a choice if it is a ruined or full orgasm. And in my book you can’t milk yourself, it’s only milking if someone else is doing it.

As for what makes them “good”, I think it mostly about mindset, communication, and connection between the two guys. I’m personally a big fan of verbal play. Dirty talk gets me a good headspace and what’s being said can either put me over the edge or hold me back (in a good way) much more than the physical sensations, although they are important too. Communication is also important in both because the “top” needs to know how close the boy is to their edge

What is a good edging?

Sure, for edging I really like to be restrained. It really hightens the control element. I’m especially fond on the spread eagle position because it gives full access but is still comfortable. And as much as I love gags it’s probably better to be able to talk because knowing how close you are is important. It also a lot of fun to throw some humiliation in because while being edged I do feel pretty pathetic (in a good way) so being belittled a little bit by my predicament is super hot. I also like being rubbed on more than just my dick. Thy taint nipples and hole are also hard wired to my dick so getting aggressive with them is important. Really my skin is sensitive in general so my favorite way to get edged, when I have a choice, is with the bf cuddled up on my side whispering in my ear.


Sounds like you really like to get edged. 🙂 How is it with the milking?

Honestly I think I like milking more. The word is used in lots of ways but I like to be milked as a sub and being told when to cum. My favorite milking is probably pup style. Like when I’ve just been fucked on all fours and the bf leaves me in that position and plugs his load in me with the pup tail. Then he lays on his back so I can rest my chest on his and he has access to my little pup boy dick to thrust against his hand. I like other ways too (sometimes he even rides me to milk me) but this pup way is my fav because of the headspace and the strong connection. It’s usually his encouraging words whispered in my ear that put me over the edge leaving a puddle on a strategically placed towel below 🙂 .

Full and ruined orgasms

What do you think is better for boys like you to get milked with a full or with a ruined orgasm?

That’s tough to answer and really depends on the boy. But for me I prefer full most of the time. I think the build up and the sexual tension but I also like the release. Sometimes I’ll get a ruined orgasm followed shortly by a full one so I guess my official answer is “both” haha

Oh, i tend more to the runied orgasm as I think that the boy should find his satisfaction in satisfying real men. :))) What do you think about my point of view?

Yeah, I definitely see that aspect. And if the sir gets satisfaction from his boy being on edge and horny then the boy gets a lot out of a ruined orgasm as well. In my specific case the bf actually likes to make me cum and how silly, stupid and calm it makes me so we usually both get off. But sometimes I actually ask to not get off depending on my mood, he has overruled that request before because he usually knows what’s actually best for me.

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