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My Doctor Teaches Me a Good Lesson

A report written by slave 437353.


My MASTER really likes to have me used, and HE has worked with other Men to develop a large group of Men who regularly use me for Their pleasure. These Men come from a wide range of backgrounds and interests, but all love to have Their hard Cocks in me.

Two nights ago, i was used by a Man who had never used me before. He fucked me pretty violently, but His Cock was exceptionally large – probably 11 inches long and 7 or 8 around. It was incredibly painful, especially since He used little lube, and by the time He shot His load in me, i was in agony.

Yesterday, my fuckhole was incredibly sore from the night before, and i could not sit down at all. As the day went on, my MASTER started to be concerned about it. Eventually, around 10 PM, HE told me that HE was worried i had been seriously injured, and that the Doctor was going to take me to His office at the Medical Center to examine me.

The Doctor is a Man who i went to for std testing, and He asked me a lot of questions about my sexual activities. i was very honest with Him, and when He examined me He saw both my brand and my slave number tattoo. He was immediately turned on, and after He finished the testing, and found i had no stds, He ordered me to my knees, and i gave Him a blowjob, and then He fucked me.

Since that first time, He has been a frequent use of my fuckhole, and He is a very twisted Man – He likes to have all kinds of things done to me, have me gang banged, and He uses me in front of groups of Men.

So my MASTER emailed the Doctor, and told Him that i was in some distress from being fucked. Last night, He picked me up, and took me over to His office. He did not make me sit, but put me on my hands and knees in the back of the car, and covered me with a blanket. When we got to the Medical Center, it was late – there were not many people around, and the ward we went into was dark. He did not turn on the lights, but He brought me to the same room where i first met Him.  As i stepped through the door, i felt someone else was following me, but i did not look around.

After the door closed, He locked it, then snapped on the lights. There was a male nurse there, who seemed very professional, who assisted Him. The nurse had me strip and put on a hospital gown, and he restrained me on an exam table, As he put me in medical restraints, he said, “it’s very important you don’t move, so this will help keep you still for the doctor.” After restraining me, he asked if i was comfortable, and i said i was. Meanwhile, the Doctor got some tools organized (i could not see Him but heard Him bring up a tray etc) and then He used an anal scope to examine my fuckhole. An anal scope is a glass tube that opens up the fuckhole so the anus can be seen. He examined me, then said, “I see the problem.” He got some implements ready, and then said, “you might feel a little discomfort, so I want to put this in your mouth, to make sure you don’t bite your tongue” and the nurse put a piss-soaked rag in my mouth. as i realized what it was, i looked and saw the nurse had his Cock out, and had obviously just provided the Piss. This was my first indication that this might not be a completely routine exam, but i thought, maybe They were just having a little fun on the side while They examined me.

Then He went back to the anal scope, and did some more things there – i could feel Him probing my ass. Suddenly, He said “take a deep breath” and i felt an unbelievable pain. it was like a light that flashed inside my head, and i was unaware of anything except the pain. i think it must have been some kind of powerful electrical current. i tried to scream, but the rag in my mouth was very right and prevented me. The muscles in my arms legs and back clenched involuntarily, and i could feel the restraints cutting into me. The pain went on and on, and my body was wracked in spasms.

Finally, it stopped, and i felt myself gasping for air. He did something more behind me, then pulled the scope out of my fuckhole. He came around and stood in front of me with the nurse, and They watched me struggle to breathe. He had His Cock in His hand as well, and They were both stroking Themselves, watching me. After what seemed like quite a while, He pulled the rag out of my mouth. i could feel my face was covered with tears – even though i had not been crying, my eyes had been watering.

He grabbed me by the neck, and bent my head back. Then He got down in my face and said, “Now you remember that sensation, next time you feel like whining to your owner about something. Your owner is sick of your bitching, and he wanted your behavior corrected. There will be no more complaining out of you, you fucking cunt.”

He had an evil smile on His face, and He said, “the anus is a remarkable thing, it can take lots of abuse and still function. Check this out”. As soon as He said that, the nurse shoved his Cock deep inside me. my fuckhole spasmed, and the nurse moaned in pleasure, and began pounding me hard, with no regard to my pain. i tried to be quiet as he rode me.  Meanwhile, my Doctor climbed up and sat in front of me, and grabbed my hair to force my mouth on His Cock. i could do nothing to resist either of Them.

Eventually, the nurse shot His load in my fuckhole, the the Doctor quickly moved around and used his cum as lube, and fucked me too. He shot a huge load in me, i could feel Him cumming for what seemed like a couple minutes. Finally, He was done, and both Cocks were put in my face to be cleaned. Then i was released, and told to get dressed. i could not stand, so the nurse brought over a hard wooden chair, and They dropped me roughly into it, saying “here, sit right there”. It was painful to sit, but He looked at me, and i knew He wanted me to hide any suffering, so i was silent, even though the pain was radiating up my spine and down my legs.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. The two of them seemed quite startled, but after making sure my gown was tied, He went and opened the door.  It was someone who sounded like a security guard, asking if everything was okay. He said, “Yes, why do you ask?” and the guard explained that he had noticed there was a light on in the room (it was coming out from under the door), but the lights in the ward were off. The Doctor said, “We are just finishing up with a patient in here. Why were the lights turned off? They were on when we came in.”. The guard said, “I guess someone thought everyone was gone.” The Doctor replied, “Well, we’re just finishing up, we’ll be out of here soon”. The guard said, “Sorry to bother you, I was just checking, have a good night”. After the guard left, the two of them exhaled loudly and laughed and said “that was close!”

Then i dressed and eventually found i could stand and walk. He walked me out of the building to His car, which was parked in the garage (which was mostly empty). i thought He would put me in the car with Him again, but instead He stripped me and had me get in the trunk. He then shoved what felt like a large butt plug in my fuckhole, and slammed the lid. as He drove back, i became aware that the butt plug was in fact the large handle of a very large screwdriver, and i had to be careful not to let it get shoved deep into me as He stopped and started.

the car eventually stopped, and i heard Him get out and walk away. i do not know how long i was in there, but i became aware of voices, and the trunk lid popped open.  The Doctor quickly shoved a long neck funnel in my mouth. My MASTER has a funnel like this – it was designed for filling transmissions with oil, and it has a long neck that can be bent to different shapes. My MASTER uses it to feed me Piss, either His own or when He sometimes has me kneel at the gloryhole, the funnel sticking outside for Men to use. i heard Him step back, and someone stepped up and began Pissing into the funnel. As soon as the Man finished, and i finished gulping down his Piss, another Man did the same thing, and then a third. then the Doctor stepped back and also used the funnel.  When He finished, the lid was slammed, and i heard the four Men laughing and talking. Eventually, He got in the car, and started the engine, and we began driving again.

When we got home, He took me out of the car, walked me down the path, and dumped me in the dirt near the gloryhole. He did not bother to have me dress, but it was late and few people were on the streets.  Once we were in the bushes, He  yanked out the screwdriver, which also was presented to me for cleaning. i could see He was getting hard again, and He pushed me down face first into the mud, and shoved His Cock in me. As He fucked me He said, “if you make one sound, you fucking whore, I’ll shove your face so deep in the mud that you won’t be able to breathe”. i was completely silent as He fucked me painfully. But eventually, He shot another load in me, and then lay on top of me, breathing heavily.  Finally, He yanked His Cock out of my fuckhole, and again put it in my mouth. i was kneeling naked, covered in mud, and sucked His Cock to clean it. After His Cock was clean, He stepped back for a second to look at me, disgusted by the pig He saw before Him. He then said quietly “open your mouth” and He used me as a urinal.  As He shook the last few drops off His Cock into my mouth, He slapped my face with His Cock several times. Then He zipped up His pants and walked away.

i knelt there with my head down, feeling like such a pig, feeling the mud drying and caking on my chest, stomach and face. Suddenly i heard my MASTER say, “Did we learn something tonight?” The gloryhole in the side of the house is made from a board that covers a window, and He had the gloryhole pushed open, and was leaning out of the window, where He had obviously witnessed the final stage of my humiliation. HE brought me inside, and cleaned me off in the bathtub, using cold water and a hard bristle brush, as HE usually does. As HE did so, HE said, “I hope you’ve learned a lesson from this” and i said “yes SIR!”. HE said, “I were very displeased with your whining yesterday, slut.  Don’t you EVER complain to any Man who uses you, ever again, understand?” i said “yes SIR!”.

Then He brought me upstairs to the closet where i often sleep, and where there is a small desk with my computer on it. Generally, when allowed to use my computer, there is no chair, and i kneel in front of it. But this time, HE put a hard wooden chair in there. HE said, “now sit down and write up what happened. Make sure you send me a copy of what you write. Then come to the bed and lick my Balls until I am hard, and then climb on me and ride my Cock, you fucking whore”.

As i type this, the door to the closet is open, so i know HE was watching to make sure i sit fully on my ass, and that i do not complain. i now can hear HIM breathing deeply in HIS sleep. HE sounds very comfortable and contented, and i assume HE feels happy that HIS slave is again in line.

So now, i must go ride HIS Cock. It is the fourth load of Cum i will take, and i already have six loads of Piss in my stomach. i have no doubt that i will drink HIS morning Piss, making seven loads. HE has not given me any food since breakfast yesterday, so my stomach was quite empty before this evening. With all the Piss, i feel quite full.

The chair where i am sitting is very uncomfortable, and my fuckhole is in pain, but i will make no complaints. i will serve HIM well. i am happy HE knows how to treat a slave, and that HE has found Men who have similar mindsets. Despite the fact that i am no longer a young slave, i am used by Men pretty much every night, and the Men who use me are generally very pleased. i know enough to please Them, because if i do not, HE will make sure i am punished, and HE can be quite sadistic. Between HIM and the Doctor, i think i will never misbehave again. But i am sure i will be punished in more and more creative ways. Which is appropriate for a slave whore like me. My service makes HIM happy, and the Men who use me happy, and that makes me happy


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