Another kinky moment by Mister X.


They were a contrasting pair: Brogan and Majesty. Majesty pranced proudly without the need of a leash to keep him at heel, his coat shining in the afternoon sun. Brogan skulked by his Master’s side, shivering with nerves, his back coated in sweat.

Passers by noticed the pair and clicked pictures or commented to one another.

Brogan was ashamed at his behavior at the door and the red hand print that shone out on his backside displayed what means were necessary to get him moving. He had balked and tug at his lead, horrified at the prospect of going outside with his Master.

Puppy play was indoors only, wasn’t it? And now here he was, groveling at his grinning Master’s side through a public park full of gawking onlookers. Would it never end? Would they never get home?

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