Another kinky moment by Mister X (Text bei Salve Sev).


Ohhh”. Lazlo couldn’t stop moaning. His ass was convulsing in pleasure as his master’s fingers grinded up and down his prostate.
He felt like in heaven after one month in chastity. His cock was constantly leaking precum everywhere on the floor.

His master pushed hard on his prostate.

“Ahh. aaaahhng”. Lazlo felt the grip of his masters other hand around his cock thighten. “Uuuhh”. He had to be careful not to cum. He knew what would happen if he did. And he had no desire to stay in chastity for half a year.

Suddenly he felt how he was being pushed up. By his cock and ass. His legs started to loose contact with the floor. His body automatically wanted to start to clench his ass, but he forced himself to relax.

Shivers of both pain and pleasure were sent from his back to his brain and down again from the pressure of the hand against his tailbone.  And the rest of his lower body pushed his cock down through his masters hand hard.

He gave a small yelp: “Aaahhaa”. His cock was leaking so much precum that it looked like it was peeing. His lower body was heeved on his masters lap. “I told you, you shouldn’t make such a mess on the floor. You’ll know what you get for that, right?”

“Yes Sir. I am sorry Sir”.Lazlo knew exactly what he would get, and obediently raised his ass a bit for what would come…

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