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NaughtyPupp: I don’t want to hide my desires

A “My Fetish Life” interview with Naughtypupp (18).

FI-MFL-160421-naughtypup NaughtyPupp aka TwinkPupp

Puppy/Sub/Vers Bottom


5 ft 4 / 163cm

120 lbs / 54 kg



sadOsam: How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

NaughtyPupp: Im not really sure how I became kinky. It was just something that just grew on me. What I really liked doing was showing off on Omegle. I always thought it was hot to have a stranger watch me jack off and play with my hole. As far as being kinky with a partner, I hadn’t had much experience but I’m young and have plenty of time to explore the kinky world.

sadOsam: Whats especially important for you there?

NaughtyPupp: Oh yeah. Plenty. I say the most important thing is Pup Play, Master & Slave and BDSM and of course trust and chemistry is important too. Safety is also very important as well, I never play with anyone I don’t know and I never meet with anyone until I know them a lot better, I’m really over cautious but it’s for my own safety.

sadOsam: Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

NaughtyPupp: So as stated before my favorite fetishes are Pup Play, Master & Slave and BDSM, but there’s many more things that I like such as Spankings, Edging, Rim jobs, Sexting, Exhibitionism, and Roleplaying.

Tho I haven’t even begun to even satisfy my kinky side, I’m still learning a lot more about various fetishes, some appeal more to me then others but some I will never try like chastity, blood, scat, piss, feet, extreme pain that leave permanent marks on my body~anything super gross and super weird to a degree is outta the equation and despite these. I’ll try anything once to see if it like it, I’m very open minded and can’t wait to explore more one day.

sadOsam: What kind of guys do you like?

NaughtyPupp: I’m bisexual so I’m into both girls and boys, but I lean slightly more to guys. I really love Twinks, I think they are the absolute cutest! 18-25 is my limit, I love boys who are young, cute and adorable, I feel I get along better with these type of guys cause there are more open minded, kinky, playful and are more likely into my fetishes, which is always something I look for in a partner, I don’t want to hide my desires from them, I would love to share them and hope that my partner teaches me some new things as well. You don’t have to be a Twink boy or super cute or sexy to get my attention, I’m really friendly and I love making friends with just about everyone.

You can find me on Kik, Twitter and Recon all by searching TwinkPupp cause I use that for like everything. You can always email me at or at And if haven’t you should also be following me on Tumblr which is NaughtyPupp so yea add me on all these things and message me cause I love talking and making new friends and I’m super bored a lot of the time, so message me and make my days better!! I’ll be waiting for you! ^-^

sadOsam: What was your hottest experience until now?

NaughtyPupp: Considering the fact I’m only 18, I haven’t done much, I’ve had a few friends with benefits in the past, I’ve had & given hand jobs, blow jobs, rim jobs, I’ve been spanked a few times too, and I’ve even fucked one of my best friends before he moved to a different state, but I have yet to be fucked and I’m waiting for the perfect BF/Master. I don’t want to rush things with anyone, I want my first time to be a moment in life I will never forget, hopefully it happens one day!

sadOsam: Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

NaughtyPupp: Well, for starters I would love to have actual pup gear~the tail, paws, leather suit, collar and hood. I would love to have a BF/Master and a couple of friends with benefits that I can explore and play with too! I would love to have a lot more toys as well~like dildos, tails, anal beads, butt plugs, cock rings, cock pumps, cuffs, gags, vibrators, floggers, whips and any other toys I might have missed! I can’t wait to make dreams a reality, it’s going to a long time but one day I will achieve them!!!


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