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Serving time as a rubber toy (3)

A report written by LukeRubberPig.


Chapter 3

I was laid on my front over the bench, My body was in full rubber with my ass unzipped and exposed. My ass lifted higher than my body and my limbs shackled to the bench with heavy chains. I was blindfolded and my mouth filled with a ball gag and sealed shut into my rubber hood. My hand were enclosed in mitt gloves and my feet were covered with rubber toe socks. I was waiting anonymous and vulnerable to what ever may happen. My rubber skin was polished to a high sheen, and my hole was shaven to a smooth finish. I struggled to breath through the nose holes and quickly learnt to relax. I felt my butt plug being pulled out of me, and the cool air hitting my open hole. I felt a collar being put around my neck and a harness around my chest.

‘You are ready’ I faintly heard from behind me

Ready for what? I had no idea. I him heard leave, shutting the door behind him. I was left to the darkness of my hood, the silence of the room and the anticipation of my mind. I wiggled my arms to see how much i could move but the shackles held me tight.

After sometime I heard footsteps and the murmur of laughter coming from upstairs. I tried to listen to what they were saying but couldn’t make it out. After a bit of banging and shuffling the voices got closer and louder.

‘My boys are downstairs waiting, wait until you see them’

‘Iv been looking forward to tonight all week’

‘We got plenty of beer?’ was some of what i could roughly hear.

Music started up and played a deep continuous thumping tune, The door to the room suddenly opened and the muffled sounds of voices, music and footsteps flooded in.

‘Woah, Nice!’ i heard and assumed they were talking about me.

‘You were not wrong, theses boys look great’


p style=”text-align: justify;”>I suddenly felt a finger prod deep into my hole and wiggle inside me. I wasn’t expecting it and it took my breath away. I didn’t know what was going to happen as i laid their helpless.
‘I want this one’ said a voice closer to me. I presumed it was the guy with his finger in my rectum. His voice had a northern twang with a wispy tone. He pulled his finger out and gave my buttock a generous smack. I could hear different voices around me moving and disorientating me. I again suddenly felt my hole being played with, with moaning and grunts. Another finger followed, with another filling my hole up. It felt like and endless barrage of fingers forcing their way into me, I had no option but to accept them all. My hole gradually getting wider as i’m being forced open. I bite down on my gag as the pressure builds in my hole until suddenly my ring gives way to the obvious feeling of taking a fist. The wrist taking pressure of my hole but the deep filling fist inside my ass as he explores deep into my gut. He began to thrust his fist inside me and rubbed his fingers against the walls of my ass. I could feel him working my hole deeper and my hole gradually allowing him to. I began to get into the rythem of being fisted before be quickly pulled out his arm from the depths of my ass. My entire body felt hollow as i was left gaping open. I wasnt left much time to catch my breath before i felt another fist making its way into my ass. This fist felt more slender and quickly glided to the same depths as before. He punched his way in and out, diving deep each time, taking my breath away. My hole began to numb and i quickly lost all feeling. I made an attempt to clench my sphincter but with no luck. I began to feel separated from my body as my ass was being explored deeper. I could feel the rocking of my body and the full feeling inside but nothing else. I felt amazing, a warming buzz filled my body. I was being used and i loved it. I hadn’t a clue who the men were but i was glad my hole was satisfying them. The music, laughter and voices all merged into one sound as my body was being used. I felt like i was in a trance, or like id been drugged, but the feeling made time disappear and the pleasure more intense. I really didn’t know what the men were doing to me, but the more they did it the more intense it became as i became high and intoxicated with my outer body experience.

I suddenly woke up to a cold and empty room. Disorientated and unknown to what had happened, i opened my eyes and i could see. I was still laid on the bench but i wasn’t tied up any more. I pulled myself up but immediately fell to the floor as my legs had gone numb from being in the same position. I began to regain feeling to my ass and i reached around and felt my hole. It was gaping and swollen but dripping cum and lube. A smile suddenly stretched across my face in satisfaction. I managed to stand up and stretch out my body. I was still in my rubber skin, but my hands were free. i was wearing a different hood as i could breath and the gag was taken out of my mouth. I looked around the room and saw the bench in front of me. The floor was covered in rubber gloves and various anal toys. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief and tried to rack my memory of what happened. Confused, i walked over to the door and was suddenly pulled back. I turned around and realised i was being held back with a chain attached to my collar and the other side of the room. The chain allowed me to walk around but not to get too close to the door.

‘Hello?’ I called out but to no response. My hole felt tingly and hollow, the room smelt like sweat and piss. My cock began to harden thinking about what could of happened. My body rushed with testosterone and i began to sweat under my rubber skin.

The door suddenly opened, my master stood naked with his rock hard cock pointing to the ceiling. He stared at me and looked deep into my eyes. I froze to the ground scared to move. He walked over towards me suggesting me to bend over. I quickly obliged before i suddenly felt his solid meat enter me all the way in with no force needed. He fucked me hard to create resistance in my sloppy used hole.

‘You’re my slut boy, I own you’ He grunted as he shafted my hole

‘Slut!’ he’d shout at me with an occasional spank across my cheeks.

‘Good boy, Slut!’

I felt his cock erupting his hot jizz deep into my ass, He grunts and moans as he unloads his heavy fluids into me. I could feel his warmth fill me up and ooze out of my already used gaping hole. He pulled out panting to catch his breath, His body glistening in sweat and a relived smile on his face. He got up, walked to the door then left.

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