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I love being treated as a toy, drone, slave, femboy or something else the person I’m playing with finds exciting

How long have you already been living out your kinky side, and how did you come to that?

Gosh – well I guess I’ve been dipping my toes into the kinky world for around 9 years now. It began with just wanting to try the odd little kinky thing here or there – to it now becoming a significant part of my life and identity. Though I guess the interest was always there. In fact the first porn vid I remember cumming to was a restrained scally guy being forced to suck a daddy dick. It blew my 14 year old mind! The fact he had to take it, the resistance, the bondage – and then seeing how much he loved and savoured the cock in his mouth.



United Kingdom

I derive pleasure from seeing who I’m playing with really getting off on me being in that role or wearing a specific outfit.

My first experience didn’t start until my last year of university. I started seeing a guy for vanilla fun but he began to disclose to me what else he was into. He was pretty experienced: fisting, water sports, bondage, group stuff even scat. I found it pretty exhilarating and horny as fuck hearing some of the scenarios he’d been involved in and I just knew I was going to have to try some of it too. So we started out with some light bondage, roleplay and he introduced me to anal play. (I was a total top during this time but he started opening me up and it felt so dam good!)

What’s especially important for you there?

It’s always been a great way of meeting and growing closer to new people. I love all the different I intricacies and finding out what gets people going – even if I’m not into it. It’s pretty fascinating really. I just have to indulge some of my kinks frequently or I just become horned as hell being unable to think of anything other than being tied up/in rubber/being spat on… you get the picture.

Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

Anal play is also a pretty big interest of mine. I’m starting to take some fairly larger toys and hope to be pushing my boundaries even further. Feeling full and knowing my hole is stretching and becoming looser just feels amazing – especially getting my loose hole fucked after. I also enjoy playing with other loose holes shoving toys and my fists in there too.

Oooh big question. I guess my interests are continuously evolving as time goes on. One of my biggest likes is roleplay. I really get a thrill stepping out of my ‘normal’ self for a while and indulging my submissive character. Being treated as a toy, drone, slave, femboy or something else the person I’m playing with finds exciting. I derive pleasure from seeing who I’m playing with really getting off on me being in that role or wearing a specific outfit.

While it’s super fun roleplay can’t be too rigid either. In play things go wrong, or something funny happens and we have a giggle or maybe just need a breather. You can’t take it too seriously! It’s got to feel organic and not be enforced too hard as that can stifle the fun.

I’ve also always loved seeing chastity devices on guys and after a bit of experimenting I found a cage that works fairly well for me. So I’ve done a few locks ups here and there which just sends my submissive side into overdrive and makes me far more compliant. I love it!

Hands! I have a hand fetish too which doesn’t seem that common but just stick ‘em in my mouth and I’ll happily spend a good long while on my knees worshipping them.

Oh a HANDS FETISH …. about this you have to tell us more!

Yeaaaah it’s always been there, even before I started looking at porn. Just always been drawn to them and find them cute or attractive on guys. Works pretty similar to foot fetish (I also like feet a bit too) so love to worship, suck on fingers or even better have them shoved roughly into my mouth to make me gag. Even better if you’re getting railed too ! Luckily hands feature a lot during sex anyhow.

Let’s talk about role play: What is the special attraction of it?

Hmm. Roleplay is broad and there are a lot of elements to it. It can be a bit of escapism, transformation, humiliation – people can interpret it in their own way. It can be really fun dressing up in something a guy finds super hot and it’s pretty satisfying knowing how much they enjoy it. Wearing something humiliating and accompanying verbal degradation can really put you in that submissive headspace.

Seems for you the role is not important as you aren’t into the role you play but it is important to you to please the top. Am I right?

For sure pleasing the one who’s in charge is very important but that’s not to say I don’t enjoy certain roles more than others. I enjoy anything with a good power imbalance and the sub faces getting used – and like I said anything with a bit humiliation feels amazing too. The satisfaction I get from pleasing the Dom/top’s need reinforces myself transformed into that role. It’s exciting to play that sexual role/object for a while – great escape normal life for a few hours too.

What kind of guys do you like?

I find the most important thing with guys is ensuring we have enough mutual interests to begin with. If I find your into then same sort of things its certainly going to peak my interest. Trust has to be there too!

What I find physically attractive can be pretty varied and not necessarily folded neatly into one box. I always look for the face first. I find bodies aren‘t necessarily that important – i can find skinny, muscled and chubby all pretty attractive. Scallys, skinheads, geeky guys, twinks can all give me a raging hard on. I also may perhaps have a slightly unhealthy obsession with ginger guys (kissed by fire!). I think deep down I’m still looking for a nurturing and patient Dom I can explore my boundaries with a bit more.

What was your hottest experience yet?

I don’t think I have one in particular that’s been the hottest; a few that do stand out. One guy I met a few years back just had an incredible ability to get into my head. We chatted for a good while before meeting and he just had a way of getting me to open up which is not something I generally find easy. I trusted him complicity And we had such an incredible time – I was pushed deep into the subspace and was eager to test my limits and please him. There was a lot of bondage, choking, spanking, humiliation, teasing – and being spitroasted by him and his boyfriend. I also loved licking up every drop of sweat on his body after he got drenched fucking me.

Before lockdown began, I met up with a friend in London and not long after I’d be completely immobilised, tied to his bed with my hole exposed and blindfolded, he asked whether it was cool if he invited a friend round to use me. I was pretty eager and spent the evening getting used by both of them. I really enjoyed the fact I didn’t know anything about this friend until the blindfold came off. (Turned out to be super cute though). I also have a frequent anal play busy who comes visits me 2/3 times a year and we spend the nights pushing each other’s boundaries. He’s an extremely capable bottom and I’ve doubled fisted and foot fucked him. I have real hole envy.

Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

Even though I’ve been dabbling in kink for a while I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. There’s certainly a few things I want try out.

Top of the list is more group stuff which isn’t really going to be realistic until the pandemic is over. I kind of want to try the horse fare market perhaps when I’m feeling a little braver (and super slutty).

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