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Fetish Definitions 2: Things you haven’t heard about

Did you know that there is a term for the love of learning? It is called


“sophíā” = wisdom / learning (greek) ; “philia” = love (greek)

Receiving mental (or in rare cases sexual) gratification from gathering knowledge.

Some of you may already have read through our first part of this series that was more educationally oriented. We told you all about the term paraphilia and a few fetishes that are quite common. This time we dwelve more into the unusual minds and kinks that are in this world.

What counts as unusual? Well lets start for example with:


dendro” = tree (greek) ; “philia” = love (greek)

The love for trees or the reveration towards them. (also known as arborphilia)

This term is to be taken literally here. is the greek term for tree, and philia, well you know that by now. It’s not just feeling good around nature, but really feeling a connection towards nature, or some specific place or tree.

There sadly isn’t much material here to be gathered. There are only very few real recorded cases, and as far as we know, no exact scientific studies of such.

There are some though. Psychologist Dr. Mark Griffiths notes a book in his blog which does such. It is called the Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices, by Dr. Brenda Love (fitting name, isn’t it?). In that she cites a study of the lives of an amazonian tribe, the Mehinaku Village. These included the passed down folk tales of a tribesman finding a tree hole, and another making an vaginal ornament out of leaves. Both were apparently so attached that they neglected women, and when the tribe intervened, showed signs of mourning like for a lost wife. The maypole tradition is also mentioned in there.

There’s also a few other examples Griffith listed in his blog. You can find the link to it here.

The attraction can vary apparently. While a few look for a “direct” connection, some do simply feel it entirely platonic. The term treehuggers comes to mind here. And others do just feel arousal around them, or more stimulated.

Where exactly the attraction is oriented varies too. Some do not differentiate between the various tree species, others again do have one towards a specific kind. It also, as written above, isn’t specifically restricted to trees in it’s fullness. There can be attraction towards leafage, or other tree-grown material.

(Curious thought: Natural rubber also is a tree-produced material…)

While there may be some stimulation from porn videos of sex in the wilderness for some of dendrophiles, a good example for bringing closer their wanted feeling of love for the wild may be this music video by Strange Beast depicting of a person creating their lover from plant materials.

If you are not interested in the trees, but more the insects crawling around on there’s a term for that too. It is called


“formica” = Ant (latin) ; “philia” = love (greek)

The sexual interest in being crawled upon or nibbled by insects.

As you can read, this term is a bit off. It is specifically referring to ants. But it has established itself when referring to this fetish. If you want to know the exact term, it would be entomophilia. This interest is a subcategorization of zoohpilia.

There is more documentation on this one. One common form of formicophilia is to enjoy the sensations of insects on one’s skin, and in sexual context, on/in the gentials. The sensations vary depending on the insect being used, such as worms, ants or also slugs and others.

There also is the practice of using insects on another person as a form of punishment in a BDSM context. That can be with the touch of the bugs, like above, or also the stinging used by them, like for example using fireants. Another example could also include the devouringing of such insects, as many are disgusted by them.

Some of these practices are often lightly derived from more serious punishments involving insects used throughout history. I’m not going to mention them here though, as they are all quite gruesome.

As you can gather from the initial term description, there are more specific undercategories of this paraphilia. While formicophillia is the love for ants, there is also arachnophilia, the love for spiders and melissophilia, the love for sexual interactions with bees and wasps.

One such example is again mentioned in Dr. Brenda Love’s book. It was a case of someone using the old practice of medical bee-stinging for sexual sensation and swelling pleasure.

It also is found in adult art, often in combination of either anthrophomorphism and/or egglaying and/or the above bdsm practices.

And yes, there are real pictures for this kind of thing too. But for the sake of the entomophobic people reading this article, I’m merely going to link to a few here:

ATTENTION: The mentioned definitions and stories are by no means tutorials or alike. sadosam and affiliates do not take any liabilities or responsibilities from consequences of your engaged in play. Your sex life is your responsibility. A non-professional general recommendation of the magazin for healthy play however is: Before engaging in any sorts of play with insects, especially venomous ones, please clinically confirm that all participants do not have any sort of allergic reactions to such whatsovever, and make sure they do not have any sorts of potential mental trauma that could result in mental health damaging consequences from the planned play.

Alright, after this a bit strange topic, lets go to something more relaxing. Lets have a massage. If that turns you on btw. you maybe are a Tripsolagnophile.


Becoming sexually aroused or climaxes from massages or related forms of stimulation.

This kink is quite common among tourist places like bangkok or others with lots of massage parlors, and around the gay community. As there are techniques and experts that know exactly what massage movements to make you relaxed and pump up the bloodflow towards your genital region, quite a few have discovered the enjoyment of such practices and get turned on by the thought of experiencing them.

The term includes also other kinds of massages though. Head massages and such also count. Should you become erect during your hairdressers shower or hair treatment, that’s something slightly different though. That’s called


Arousal from the manipulation, such as massaging of one’s skalp or shampooing, of one’s hair.

Are you jerking off while reading this article? Perhaps while eating a sausage sandwich inbetween? Don’t worry, that’s not necessarily a kink (as far as I researched). Though if you were using the sausage differently, that’d be another story. Then you’d engage in


Using a sausage for sexual purposes.

This practice apparently has quite a few cases for it to have it’s own name. It falls under the category of


Arousal through erotic situations involving food.

As food is heavily connected with our senses, it only makes sense that it also often is used in a sexualized manner where we play with these sensations.

This kink is one of the very popular and accepted even among more normal people. The more common name for this term is simply food play.

If you ever played with honey, chocolate, fruits or such things with a partner, you have engaged in it.

Erotically eating a banana, or licking a lollipop in such manner also counts.

Of course there are also more creative ways to do so, with “stiffer” food, or round shapes.

ATTENTION: Again, the mentioned definitions and stories are by no means tutorials or alike. sadosam and affiliates do not take any liabilities or responsibilities from consequences of your engaged-in play. Your sex life is your responsibility.

A non-professional general health recommendation of the magazin for such play however is: Before engaging in any sorts of play with food, especially any inserting kind ones, please clinically confirm that all participants do not have any sort of allergic reactions to the food used (aubergines fall into that category!), whether it has poisonous properties, use condoms over them, avoid the spilling of soft materials so they may not stay inside, and make sure that they are not fully inserted and you have means of removal at all times. Else you will become a hospital story to others (yes we heard some).

Sitophilia is also frequently used in art, both drawn and in photography/videography. There are many depictions where food is put into erotic context, as they are frankly quite easy to get the material for, and to put in such. There are also quite a few companies who eroticize their product in commercials as a marketing technique.

It’s even shown in movies. One very famous example of Sitophilia being used there would be American Pie, where the used item is literally the name of the movie.

There is also a special practice of presenting food on top of a lying down person, and picking it up/eating from them. It comes from Japan and is called


女体盛り, “serve (foods) on the female body”

though it is also often referred to as “body sushi”, due to that dish being the preferred used one for them for this kind of dinner.

Appartently it originated in the samurai era, and was practiced in geisha houses as a form of victory celebration after a won battle. The model would had to lie still and was simply used as a dish, or shell/pan or similar, not touched directly or talked to and was just a means of erotic presentation.

Today the practice is used more widely, not just by geishas, and often with less stricer rules.

At parties, it often is used with shots instead of food. Btw, the japanese have a special version for that too. They pour down sake down sake down a persons body, and let it hold the alcohol in the mound between the persons closed thighs to drink it from there. They call this version wakamezake  (as wakame = seaweed ; and zake for sake). The name comes from their impression that the women’s pubic hair resembles seaweed.

There’s even more practices that fall under the category of food play. In fact, there’s so much that we’ll likely make an entire article for it in the future. But for today, that’s it. We hope you enjoyed this weeks kinky knowledge and we’ll see you again in the next part of this series 😉

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