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Diapers, Watersports, Musk & Sniffing Have Been My First Kinks At The Age Of 16

How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

For a couple years now. I’m 25 and I started to live my kinks at the age of 16 with diapers, watersports, musk, sniffing. How did this happen you wonder? Well I found masturbating quite boring.. so I’ve started to experiment with many things (as mentioned above). That’s how it started.

Later with 21-22 years my interest in fetish started to be more and more various. At the age of 23, when I started to live in my own apartment, my kinky live really began. I was able to do what I want and so I got into more and more kinks. I’ve met some new people who explained the fetish scene to me. That opened a whole new world to me. I’ve started visiting fetish bars and parties. So you can say my fetish life has started with 23 even if I started to explore my dark side much earlier. I’m a proud puppy now and my need of kink is still raising and I love it!

Whats especially important for you there?

That depends of course on the kink you’re doing. If it comes to bondage, ropeplay, electroplay and more, than it is very easy to say what the most important is: TRUST! Even watersports is something I just do with people I know at least for a while. 

I want to smell you, your body musk, your armpits and of course I love your smelly feet and socks.

More harmless fun like Pupplay is something i can also do with random people I don’t know. Of course I have to like the guy. But in general you can say that safety is one of the base of kink play. The involved people have to know what they are doing and you get a better connection if you know the people.

Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

Hehe, that’s a hard question. To be honest it depends of my mood. I am versatile, so I can be top or bottom, that I really don’t mind. And as I’ve told you before I have a lot of fetish preferences. But if you really want to please me, than I would say you have to be into puppy stuff and I want to smell you, your body musk, your armpits and of course I love your smelly feet and socks. That makes me really wild! 🙂

What kind of guys do you like?

That could be boys who are a little smaller than me or guys who are 20+ cm taller. I’m only 171 cm. I like strong guys. Muscles are good but not necessary. Much more important that his body is that he is into foot action and that he knows how to handle me. I also really love skater boys or guys who look like. But the most important, to be honest, is how we match and if we like us.

What was your hottest experience yet?

That’s now really easy to answer, but I have more than one! I was 17 years young as I visited a gay sauna. Uff, this evening has become a real orgy, safe but real hot. I loved to be first in a sling surrounded by 7 guys and afterwards the fun continued in the whirlpool. I’ve got used by many guys and at the same time I’ve get so much blowjobs … it was just great!

The other was at a convention. I visited a room party with several other pups. We started to dance and I have to confess that I really love to dance and it makes me extremely horny. I was dancing with a pup for more than an hour and it has become more and more sexual. 🙂 But than he has had to leave. That really sucked me off. So I’ve spend some little more time at the party before I went to my room. There I was really surprised as I’ve got a text message from the other pup that he would love to continue … 🙂 I think it was 3 or 4 in the morning as we met again and we have been urgently searching for a place in the hotel to get wild. That’s not so easy but we have been lucky to find a huge restroom and we have been surprised as we have seen that we can lock the main door from inside. So here we were, the door was closed and than the my hottest restroom action started. We have been at least for an hour in the restroom in action and sweating like hell. Of course I could tell you even more details, but than this interview would turn into a sexual novel.

Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

I think you can imagine what it has to include. Many many guys with smelly feet and all these feet on me, while I’m blindfolded and with electrostim on my crotch. And than please many many hours of hot and wild action. 

One of my weird dreams I’ve had 6 years ago was to have a full fluorescent body painting (as only guy of course) and than visit a real dark room which is just illuminated by ultraviolet light. So you can imagine what happen if the crowd can just see one of the guys. I think I would have a lot of fun. 

It is funny but I have also another fluorescent fantasy. It seems to be one of my fetish too. 🙂 But this one is a more romantic one. Again an ultraviolet illuminated room with fluorescent paintings at the wall and than having a romantic date in a hot tube with nice cocktails and afterwards a cuddly and soft bed to continue the action. Now you know some of my fantasies and dreams. Who would be up for it?



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