Summer is hot in Spain. Even more if you’re wrapped in plastic film and the Boynapped crew is again in production. For the first time ever they are doing also scenes with a FEMALE TO MALE transgender. Olly Jackson is a cute young man, who has a man’s chest but still a vagina. It seems that it has been a lot of fun to work with him. As sadOsam team we are really curious how the scenes will be and how you as audience will like it. We are quite sure, Olly will have success, or what does the boss Sebastian Kane think?

Sebastian Kane: Making the decision to hire Olly Jackson was the easy part! The real challenge was creating scenes for him that took into account his very unique aesthetic. While Olly is a handsome young man, he comes with a whole new set of rules for the BoyNapped team.

He made us realise how much we rely on… well, erections! Meaning we had to go right back to the drawing board on how we do our scenes. Working on what other parts of the body can turn us on, excite us and ultimately take us to orgasm.

Working with Olly was a real eyeopener for BoyNapped, it was new, interesting to the doms and we decided to take a chance after seeing his work on We totally respect the bravery that Olly has portrayed in making such a huge life decision and we owe him a debt of gratitude for challenging us and awaking our imaginations.

We’re really looking forward to seeing how the scenes we filmed with Olly go down on the site!

Before you get some other news from Spain we will have a look on the videos, which has been published during the last week:

Current Scenes

Alexis Tivoli & Sebastian Kane in

Stealing Cum From The Twink

No boy can stop his cock from cumming when Master Sebastian wants to steal a load. Smooth and slim young Alexis is naked and captive, roped up and ready to the master to use. He starts out asserting his authority like any master would, but it soon becomes more painful with the addition of pinching pegs on the boys naked body, including his balls! Even that can’t stop the pleasure from taking the blindfolded twink over the edge, the stroking and sucking making his cock convulse as semen spews from his dick!

Click here to watch the trailer and more pics.


Joey Valentine & Sean Taylor in

Joey Gets Pounded In The Butt

Joey doesn’t know quite how he ended up on his back like this with his hands tied down, but it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that Sean is on hand to use the boy’s mouth, cock and arse for his own pleasures! Once the boy’s legs are up in the air he has access to that tight little hole, fingering the boy and licking him out, using a long dildo in his chute and then fucking his face! Joey can endure it all, but can he take a hard pounding when Sean slides his long cock into that hole?!

Click here to watch the trailer and more pics.


Ariel Black & Sebastian Kane in

Hanging Like A Piece Of Meat

When Master Sebastian is in a bad mood most of the boys know to get out of his way, unfortunately Ariel was caught out and ended up swinging by his ankles! His naked body is there to be used by the master, mean and aggressive, spanking the boy’s gorgeous little ass, grabbing him by his tender cock and balls and tugging, wrapping him up in plastic and flogging that rump. The master isn’t done with the twink just yet!

Click here to watch the trailer and more pics.

We are back in Spain at the set of Boynapped. Again they have a great team of young kinksters filming for your pleasure. Let’s ask naughty boy Leo Ocean how it is to be back on a Boynapped set and how it is with the boys and the team.

Leo Ocean: It’s like I never left it’s been fun and exciting enjoying every day getting to know models from all parts of Europe. Sebastian has been amazing as has Sean and Manic, the models are so sweet and we have laughed and smiled through it all, I’m so happy to be back on the set of Boynapped.


Seems that they have a lot of fun there. As I have seen this pic I’ve had to ask Dante Lucas if he was getting fucked by Sean or if he was fucking the punching bag. 

Dante Lucas: Filming for BoyNapped has been one of the best porn experiences for me to date. The team are amazing at bringing to life the very best kink fetishes to which BoyNapped is so famously known. I have experienced this first hand by having my ultimate fantasy fulfilled, which was me being tied to a punch bag and fucked senseless! I loved every second of it (so did Sean Taylor) and will live this over and over again in my mind every-time I actually go kick boxing. Thank you BoyNapped!!! Being mummified, spanked and electrocuted were fresh experiences for me I can tell you (I fucking loved it!). The director, models and team are fantastic at their job, a pleasure to film with and, most importantly, an absolute scream on set! The fun filled (and pain inflicting) memories of filming for BoyNapped will be with me forever. I can’t wait to return for more!

But to work for Boynapped can of course also giving some marks and being exhausting. It looks like Max London has had to suffer. 

Max London: I didn’t need to suffer but I decided to push my own limits and see how much I could take. Sebastian was amazing and knew exactly how far he could push me before I hit my limit. The sheer adrenaline rush and euphoria left me completely drained. It was a very transformative and eye opening experience and will be something I look back on as a day that I learned a lot about myself. It was amazing and I would do it again happily.

Before we do a little preview of the scenes Boynapped will present you during the next seven days we have really to ask Sean Taylor, one of the resident tops and collaborators of Boynapped, how the week on set with the boys was.

Sean Taylor: Working with the boys on the BoyNapped set last week was amazing. I got to work with beautiful Irish/Polish boy Johnny Polak again who is an amazingly sexual guy, Max London who has one of the nicest asses ever and big decked Dante Lucas, who has is a HUGE Sean Taylor fan. We even decided to recreate Dante’s favourite scene for him!

And what will be the NEW Boynapped scenes of the next 10 days? Is there any special remarkable scene?

Sean Taylor: New upcoming Boynapped scenes to look out for would be this Friday. It was Johnny Polak’s first scene with me. He was so excited he precum into his moth thoughout most of the scene while I fucked him and going wayyy ahead.

Upcoming Scenes

July 6, 2018

Jhonny Polak & Sean Taylor

July 11, 2018

Ariel Black & Sebastian Kane


July 13, 2018

Xavier Sibley & Caspar Ellis


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